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Jake walked back to the living and was happy to see Alice in her second position, on the knees with her arms crossed behind her back. She was waiting in front of the leather sofa chair where Jake would sit. Jake walked up behind her as he noticed all the toys laid out on the coffee table. He bends over and grabs her long black ponytail and lightly yanks her head back. Alice grunts in pain of having her hair pulled.

“You seemed to have put out quite a buffet for me sissy.” He said talking in her ear.

“Yes master I wasn’t sure what you would want to use on me so I just grabbed a little of everything.” She answered while still having her ponytail pulled.

“I’m impressed, but you laid out so many things I just don’t know where to start.” Jake said releasing her hair and looking over the toys.

“I figure first let’s get you bound.” Jake said grabbing the bundles of rope.

He used the loops in Alice’s leather cuffs on her wrists to bind them together. Next he bound her elbows together. He then picks up the ring gag.

“Open.” He says ordering her.

She opens her mouth and he puts the ring gag in and secures it behind her head. He then grabs the chain leash and sits down in the chair.

“Come here bitch.” He said gesturing with one finger.

She comes closer to him crawling on her knees while trying to keep her balance with her arms tied behind her back. Jake snaps the chain leash onto her collar. With one finger he then feels her lips. Alice begins to slowly drool with her mouth being held open by the ring gag.

“It’s time you put this mouth of yours to work sissy.” Jake said as he stops feeling her lips and begins feeling her tongue with his thumb.

“If one thing you had to offer to please someone it sure as shit wouldn’t be that dicklette of yours. No it would have to be this mouth. I really do enjoy seeing you suck my dick, watching you gag and choke on my cock, just the thought has got me hard right now.” He said while playing with her tongue.

“Would you like to suck my cock sissy?” He asks while he stops playing Ataşehir Esmer Escort her with tongue and grabs her chin. Alice shakes her head “Yes” several times. Jake pulls tighter on the leash and brings her closer to his crotch.

“Let me hear you beg bitch, beg to suck my cock.” He says while pulling the leash.

“Please may I suck your cock master. Pretty please.” She begged Jake, but with the ring gag in her mouth most of it couldn’t be understood. She mostly drooled and moved her tongue when talking, but Jake merely smiled, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his large erection, the sight of such a large cock made Alice’s tiny penis grow in her chastity cage and starts to leak precum.

“Well then get to work slut.” He orders her yanking the chain to his cock.

Alice slowly puts Jake’s large cock in her mouth and begins to go all the way down to his balls. She begins to increase speed as she bobs her head up and down getting saliva and drool all over his dick. Jake not finding enough enjoyment in her speed grabs her ponytail and forces her all the way down to his balls and keeps her there for several seconds. She gags and chokes as she fights to breathe as his cock goes into her throat.

“Hold it bitch.” Jake orders her as he hold her head down.

He then pulls her head up and Alice coughs and gasps for air. Jake grins at seeing her gasping. He gives her a few seconds and then forces her head back down. He would repeat this several times, making her choke on his penis, he would wait until she started to cough, gag, and her eyes water and would then bring her up for a few seconds of air and then repeat. Alice is so turned on by this her little dick hurts from pushing against her cage.

Jake then guided her into a more slower, deliberate rhythm of going half way down on his cock. He then lets go of her hair. Alice continues the same motion of sucking her masters thick erection.

“Alice i’m going to cum soon, for now I want you to keep this same momentum, while you are looking at me, and when I cum you swallow every Ataşehir Eve Gelen Escort last drop or you will be punished severely, understood?” He asked. Knowing she couldn’t answer he grinned as she looked up into his eyes with her lovely dark brown eyes as she sucks his dick.

He could feel the pressure building inside him as she continued with the blowjob. Jake felt very close to cumming so he grabbed her head and held it still halfway at the shaft. Realizing he was seconds from cumming and wanting it to be even more pleasurable for him, Alice begins licking the head of his cock. The licking sent Jake over the edge causing him to groan and shoot a hot, salty load of cum straight into Alice’s mouth and down her throat. After draining any remaining cum in her mouth he pulls her head back, happy to see she did swallow all of his jizz.

Jake removes her gag as Alice gasps for air. He then puts his cock back in his 5.11’s and zips them up. “Good girl.” He says caressing her cheek.

“Thank you for cumming in my mouth master.” Alice says smiling.

“You are most certainly welcome sissy.” Jake says smiling back. He then goes behind her and unties her.

“On your feet Alice.” He orders her as he is done taking off her ropes binding her wrists and arms. Alice quickly hops to her feet in her standard first position. He then takes off her leash and puts it in one of his many pockets. Jake then grabs the small black controller and sits back down in the chair.

“Do you know what this is Alice?” He asks holding up the controller.

“The controller to my buttplug master.” She answers looking at it quickly then looks straight forward.

“Yes and you do know why I like it.” He said chuckling and hit one of the buttons on the controller.

Just then the large buttplug in Alice’s ass begins to slowly vibrate. Alice staggers a bit at the surprise vibrating and tries to maintain her composure.

“Not only does it give pleasure, but pain.” Jake stated smirking hitting another button. The plug then stopped vibrating and Ataşehir Evi Olan Escort began to give a slight jolt of electric pain in her ass. While it wasn’t that painful, feeling almost like the equivalent of a joybuzzer in her ass, it still caused her to yelp in pain. The shock would come once every three seconds or so.

“Now sissy I would like you to make me dinner.” Jake said turning the shocker off and the vibrator back on.

“What would you like master?” She asked trying to remained disciplined as the vibrating buttplug was pushed right against her prostate causing immense amounts of pleasure.

“I would like to start off with a salad with that organic produce you bought at the farmer’s market last week, next I would like some garlic bread, then for the main course i’ll have spaghetti with sauce, and to top it all off i’ll have a bottle of red wine.” He told Alice.

“No dessert master?” She asks still attempting to keep her composure with the vibrator going in her ass.

“I think i’ll have you for dessert sissy.” Jake said smiling.

“Yes master.” She answered blushing.

“Well here is what is going to happen my pet. I am going to get the rest of my gear out of the truck, then i’m going to take a shower, and get dressed in something better. So when I come back their should be at least a salad on the table waiting for me. If not you will receive quite the punishment.” Jake explained standing up.

“Also i’m taking the controller with me and setting it to random. So it could vibrate lightly for only a few seconds or shock you badly for minutes.” He said setting putting the controller on random and putting it in his pocket.

“Yes master.” Alice said gasping as the buttplug went from a light vibration to a very fast and hard vibrating.

“Well you better get to work bitch.” Jake said smacking her ass hard. The smack with the buttplug made her almost cum right there.

“Yes my master dinner will be ready before you are finished.” She replied and then dashed to the kitchen, her high heels clicking on the floor.

Jake smirked as he walked to the front door and before he opened it he yelled. “Also if you cum from the vibrating you will be in a world of hurt when I get back.”

Alice gulped as she tried to focus and right before she could grab the vegetables out of the fridge a painful shock in her ass made her yelp in pain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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