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Chapter 1

In 1974 we moved to The South West and bought a small house with a small in-ground pool in the back yard. The back yard was surrounded by a 6′ high fence. Previously we had made love in a number of different outdoor settings including a lake in Florida. Sex in the water was enjoyable.

I must say that in those days we, along with a lot of other people smoked to excess. These days that is not so, Emma and I both gave it up in 1982.

The first night we were in the house everyone wanted to go swimming and we spent from about 7:30pm to 9:00pm or so in and around the pool with the kids. After the kids went to bed, we sat out on the patio drinking iced tea.

About 10:00pm my wife, Emma, and I went skinny-dipping. We both commented how good it felt. I really liked the water flowing over my cock and balls and around my ass. She also liked the water flowing around her pussy, ass and breasts. Well this made us horny and we ended up really going at it; first in the water then on the top step in the shallow end of the pool. This became a nightly tradition – skinny-dipping that is. And we made love more in the pool than in the bedroom for the rest of the swimming season.

We had some very good friends, Jack and Lucy, whom we met when we lived in Alabama. In the summer of 1977, Jack came to our city for a six week school at a company that was about 15 miles from our house. We told Jack the door was open any time he wanted to spend a few hours at our house in the evening.

The first night he came out (and the kids were in bed) he asked if we went skinny-dipping. We said yes, all the time. He said he brought swim trunks and asked if he would need them, or would we skinny-dip when he was there. I said it was up to Emma and Emma said she saw no reason for us to have to wear swimsuits when Jack was there because nude in the water was so much more comfortable. So it was agreed that when Jack was there suits were not necessary.

One night there was a full moon and Emma was swimming on her back. Jack and I were sitting on the edge of the pool smoking cigarettes (we all smoked back then). Jack noticed how great Emma’s breasts looked buoyed up by the water. He asked if we could turn the pool light on to see better. I said it was OK with me, if it was OK with Emma. She said fine. So I turned the light on and Emma swam on her back for another 5 or 10 minutes. Well, I started to get hard, and as I found out later, so did Jack. I wondered why he put out a cigarette he had just lit and jumped in the water!

So we watched a little more then I turned out the light. I think Emma noticed my hard-on as I got back in the pool and she swam up to me. I was standing with my back leaning against the poolside. She stood in front of me with her back to me and with very little visible motion was rubbing my cock with her ass. Jack was about 4 or 5 feet away and it did not take him long to figure out what she was doing. He said he would like some of that also, and Emma went over to him, stood in front of him and did the same thing with her ass.

She then also started to use her fingers on his balls. After a few minutes she said I needed equal time and came back to me, stood facing me and used both hands on my cock and balls. What a turn on.

She then went under the water, held onto my legs and sucked water into her mouth and blew it out around my cock and balls. She did this until she was out of breath then came up for air. Jack really was not sure what she did. After a minute or so she went under the water again, but this time she started sucking on my cock. I groaned and Jack knew what was going on. When she came back up and caught her breath, Jack said “hey, do I get equal time now?”

Emma said why not and looked at me. I nodded OK so she did the same to Jack. Then I said I wanted to see that with the pool light on. Emma said OK so on went the light. I watched her suck Jack then after a short rest Jack watched her suck me. Then Emma got out of the pool and turned out the light. When she got back in the pool, she sat on one of the steps and said we should sit on each side of her. We did and she took a cock in each hand and started stroking. She stroked for a little while then asked for a cigarette.

Jack got up, got a towel to dry his hands, got the smokes and ashtray. He set them down next to us and as he was getting back in the pool Emma stopped him and sucked his cock for about 30 seconds or so. Then she told me to stand up and she did the same thing to me. We all lit cigarettes, smoked and chatted. After the cigarettes, she told me she wanted to go to her “spot”.

Her spot was a place in the pool where the water was about 3 feet deep and a water return nozzle was in the side of the pool. If you pulled out the nozzle, water would shoot straight out into the pool. By spreading her legs, she could get the water to hit her pussy anywhere she wanted. She pulled the nozzle out and got herself in a position where the water Ataşehir Türbanlı Escort was blowing on her pussy/clit. Then she told me to sit on the side of the pool in front of her. And she gave me one hell of a blowjob.

She then told Jack to sit where I had been and he got equal time. After Jack left, Emma commented that either Jack had not cum in a long time, or that he shoots a lot of semen when he cums, because she could not keep up with it as it spurted into her mouth.

Emma and I spent another hour or so having mad, passionate, fuck-your-brains-out sex. She sucked me hard again; we fucked in several different positions and ended up in what we call the bicycle position (more on that some other time). After we both came, I ate her pussy and gave her two more orgasms. Her pussy tastes great after it had been fucked.

Chapter 2

So now you know the characters and the setting. Lucy (Jack’s wife) came to Arizona to spend about 10 days or so with Jack. She flew in on a Friday and the next night Jack and Lucy came to our house for dinner and swimming. Lucy knew about Jack skinny-dipping with us (but not about the blow-job) and after the kids went to bed, and agreement from all, off came the swim apparel and into the pool we all went.

Jack and Lucy had spent Friday night catching up on all the sex they had missed, but they were both still horny. They started fooling around and then Emma and I started getting aroused watching Jack and Lucy and we started fooling around. There was a lot of fondling of breast, asses, cocks and balls; and a lot of kissing all over from the waist up (we were standing in the shallow part of the pool).

At one point I wanted a cigarette, so I got out, retrieved the cigarettes, lighter and ashtray and sat on the side of the pool. Emma asked for one so I lit one and gave it to her and then lit one for myself. At this point I was more than half hard, and Emma smoked with one hand and subtly played with my cock and balls.

In a little bit, Jack sat up on the poolside next to me, lit 2 cigarettes, and handed one to Lucy. We chatted as we smoked, and shortly after Lucy finished her cigarette, she started to use her tongue on Jack’s cock. The next thing you know she was giving him one hell of a blowjob.

Emma then followed Lucy’s lead and started doing the same to me. This lasted for about an hour. Not steady oral sex, but smoking, chatting, watching each other, and of course oral sex. I have never been so hard and so aroused for so long in my life. All this time Emma was riding the top of my foot and ankle with her pussy. When it got to the point where I wanted to cum so much I could hardly stand it, I asked her what she wanted to do. She said “the bicycle”.

Jack and Lucy asked in unison “What is the bicycle”? So we proceeded to show them.

We went out into the grass and Emma lay down on her back. Then she swung her legs back over her shoulders in a rocking motion so her ass was up off the ground. She then worked her hands up her back so her torso, ass and pussy are pointing up towards the sky. She spread her legs; and I would stand between them and slowly lower my cock into her cunt. If I got positioned correctly, my penis would hit her G-Spot from time to time as I went in and out. We usually only used this position when we were both really excited and were ready to cum. It was a strenuous position for both of us. After we came, I would pull out and she would lie back down, but keep her legs spread apart. And I would get between her legs and eat her wet, dripping pussy. That is what I did this night.

While we were fucking in this position, Jack and Lucy were kneeling next to us, watching (sometimes getting very close to the pussy/cock junction) and were making comments about what they saw. Lucy said this was better than any porn movie, and Jack agreed. Emma’s pussy was full of her cum juices (and mine, I suppose) and I had a feast, and brought her to another climax.

We rested and the four of us smoked and chatted. Lucy said she wanted to try that position and Jack said OK. So Emma and I coached them on how to get into position, etc., touched here and there a little (only legs) and then we watched as Jack and Lucy went at it. And it was better than a porn movie, and a huge turn-on.

Chapter 3

Well, where was I. Oh, yes, both couples had done the “bicycle”. It was now about midnight and we had worked up an appetite. We got some chips and dip, left-over potato salad and other assorted thing we could eat and sat on the grass cross-legged in a circle with the food in the middle. We finished just about everything we brought out. We put what was left of the munchies on the patio table and sat back down and talked and smoked cigarettes.

It was neat being able to look at two pussies, both of which were trimmed somewhat, but by no means bare. As we talked the discussion turned to what we had done for the past two hours and everyone Ataşehir Otele Gelen Escort started getting horny again. It was interesting to see the cunt lips swell and open.

I said something about it looking good enough to eat, and Emma said, “What are you waiting for?”

I loved to eat her when she is laying with her ass just barely over the edge of the pool and I was standing in the pool. It puts my face at just the right level and I could eat pussy for hours (longest has been 2 hrs 45 minutes, but with smoke breaks for both of us). Also in that position, I can push her knees up to her shoulders and spread her legs apart and have complete access to all of it. From where her ass crack starts at the top of her ass cheeks all the way around to the top of the cleft of her pussy. I can really can suck and lick and nibble on her ‘taint’. That is the part between her pussy and her ass. Some time I will tell you why it is called ‘taint’ (of course, you probably already know). And did I eat pussy.

I don’t know exactly what Jack and Lucy were doing other than fucking because I could not see them. Emma could and she was giving me a verbal description (when she could talk).

Jack and Lucy said they should get in a position where I could eat Emma’s pussy and see what they were doing at the same time. They did, with Jack’s feet pointing towards me (he was laying on his back) and Lucy straddled him facing me. I love to see a hard cock going in and out of a pussy and the view here was fantastic. Emma turned her head and said she could see too, and that it was very exciting. It must have been because in about another minute she came like gangbusters. About 3 minutes later she came again. She said that was enough and I stood there watching Jack’s cock pump in and out of Lucy’s cunt.

Emma lit us cigarettes and got in the pool beside me. Jack and Lucy put on quite a show and I was as horny as a 3-peckered billy goat. We got out of the pool and I lay down close to Jack. Emma straddled me and slid my cock into her cunt. Then she sat there and rocked back and forth and Lucy turned around and did the same thing on Jack. We stayed like that, with the girls sitting on our cocks, rocking back and forth for quite some time.

At one point Lucy got off Jack, went and got the cigarettes and ashtray brought them over and laid them in between Jack and me. Then she got on the other side of Jack, knelt down and suggested we watch for a minute or two. She sucked Jack’s cock like there was no tomorrow and even deep-throated him. She could tell he was on the verge of cumming so she stopped and mounted him sliding his cock into her cunt very slowly. At some point in time they really started fucking hard and that made Emma and I want to do the same thing, so we did!! And before long it was orgasm city – it seemed like I shot a gallon of semen into Emma’s cunt (although I know I didn’t). It was a very powerful orgasm, and the others commented theirs were the same way.

When we were somewhat recovered we slipped into the pool and washed away the sweat and juices (the pool had an excellent filtration system). Then we lounged around the pool a bit and Emma suggested I pull the nozzle and sit on the edge of the pool. I did, and she put her pussy in the stream of water. I was not the least bit hard, but her lips and tongue soon took care of that. She sucked and licked and nibbled and tongued and anything you can do with your lips, tongue, mouth and teeth. And I came again. She kept licking my cock – staying away from the head – until it went soft.

Then she said she wanted some help cumming. I asked what kind of help and she said something in her pussy while she moved her clit in and out of the water stream. She said she wanted some of the pool “whips” to fuck her. The pool has some long flexible plastic hoses with nozzles on the ends. Water shoots out of the nozzles and they move around on the bottom of the pool. This keeps the dirt off the bottom and in the water so it can be filtered out.

I got three whips, held them together about 12 inches from the ends and eased them into her pussy. The water was blowing on her clit and pussy lips and she was getting fucked with the 3 whips that had water shooting out of them. Once again she came.

After this she and I sat in lounge chairs on the patio and rested. By this time it was 1:30am. We really had not paid an attention to Jack and Lucy while we were in the pool, but we did once we sat down. They had each cum while we were in the pool cumming and were lying on the grass smoking and stroking each other.

Then Lucy said since we were such gracious hosts and provided such a great environment for fucking they should put on a little show for us. And they did. They fucked in every position imaginable, got up close and Lucy sucked Jack’s cock while Emma and I watched (wasn’t more than a foot away). Then Lucy lay down on the patio between the chairs Emma and I were Ataşehir Ucuz Escort sitting in, swung her legs over her head and proceeded to finger fuck her pussy. WOW!!!

Then they went out in the grass and Jack mounted Lucy and fucked away until he came. It was great to see his cock sliding in and out of Lucy’s cunt. Lucy didn’t come, but said she was very close and so Jack licked and sucked her pussy while Lucy fingered her clit, then she came as well. By this time it was 2:00am so Jack and Lucy thanked us for such an enjoyable evening, got dressed and went back to the hotel.

Part 4

The next weekend was the last one Jack would be in Arizona. He came out Saturday afternoon and we played in the pool with Emma and the kids. Jack said since he had eaten a lot of our food and drank a lot of my beer (although he brought some almost every time he visited) he would like to take us out to dinner. Emma thought that would be a great idea (cause she did not have to cook).

We went to a great Mexican food restaurant and had a wonderful meal. After the kids went to bed it was back in the pool. Shortly Jack realized we were out of beer and left to get some (we really don’t drink that much, we only had 3 bottles in the fridge when he got there that afternoon).

Emma and I have often talked about a threesome and I asked her if she wanted to try it if Jack was willing. It was the perfect opportunity. She thought about it and said yes. When Jack came back and got in the pool, Emma went into the house. I asked Jack if he was willing. He said yes as long as there was no obligation on his and Lucy’s part in the future to do the same for me. I said there was none, and that main thing we should concentrate on was Emma’s pleasure. He agreed. I went to find Emma, and she said she was a little nervous, but very excited. She put my hand on her pussy and it was dripping. She said to give her 20 minutes (if you want to know why 20 minutes, you will have to ask) and then come to the bedroom. She would be waiting on the bed for us.

Jack and I each drank a beer and smoked a cigarette while waiting for the 20 minutes to pass. When it did, we went into the bedroom and Emma was stretched out on the bed waiting for us.

I shut the door and Jack and I lay on each side of her (thank goodness for king sized beds). We started to lightly run our fingers all over the front of her body. You could see her nipples getting hard. When I saw that, I started to kiss her (and boy did she kiss back) and Jack started to kiss, lick and suck on her right breast. Then I started to do the same to her left breast. Jack and I spent time there and then slowly worked our way down her body, kissing and rubbing everything except her pussy. When we got to her toes, we switched sides and then started back up.

This time we did not ignore her pussy. It would have been hard to do because she kept spreading her legs wider and wider apart. Jack and I both slipped a finger into her pussy at the same time, and Emma almost went nuts. That was a very interesting experience. And before too long we each had 2 fingers in her. We finally got a rhythm going where I would push in and Jack would pull out, and visa versa. It did not take long before Emma had her first orgasm.

Then she said “Someone please eat my pussy”. Well, Jack did not hesitate. And while he munched away, I went back up and played with Emma’s breasts. Before long she reached for my cock and “pulled” me up to her face. Then she started sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. After a minute or two, she stopped sucking and had a very powerful orgasm from Jack’s tongue and lips (and I think a finger or two). Then she said she wanted to rest for a few minutes.

We all laid back, smoked a cigarette, and chatted. I told Emma that this session was for her pleasure and satisfaction and she should take charge of the situation and we would do her bidding. She said OK.

In a few minutes she asked both Jack and I how many times we thought we could cum then get hard again that night. I know I could make two or three with no problem, and he felt he would have no problem with three times. She then had us lie on the bed with our asses right on the edge and our feet on the floor. Then she knelt on the floor at the edge of the bed between us and grabbed a cock in each hand. Jack and I were both pretty hard when she started this and we got even harder. She said she wanted us both to cum, but this was going to be a “quickie”.

I asked why and she said, “Shut up – you will see”.

So I shut up. Soon she was blowing one of us and jerking the other at the same time, alternating back as forth between us. She has a very skillful mouth and soon Jack was coming in her mouth. She swallowed his cum, and told him to rest for a minute or two and then worked on me and soon I was cumming in her mouth as well.

She went to her nightstand drawer and got her dildo and a little vibrator and said she would put on a little show for us to get us hard again. She lay on the bed; legs spread wide and used the dildo in her pussy, while she worked the little vibrator in her ass. She was acting like a wanton slut and talking like one too. I never heard or saw her act like this before. Her show worked its magic. Soon we were both hard again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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