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Rachelle returned from her duty of handing the other slave back to her Master. I was sitting in my chair, reclining and enjoying the warmth of the room and another glass of red wine. As she entered she moved her gaze to the floor and came to kneel before me. I could see the flush in her cheeks, and the struggle she had to keep her breathing steady. She knew it was her turn to enjoy our time together, and her excitement was palpable. True to her training, she knelt with her shoulders back, her spine straight, head and eyes downward. Her breasts were thrust forward, mine for the tasting. And in the most intimate aspect of her submission to me her thighs were splayed wide, giving my eyes and my hands complete and unimpeded access to here nether-lips.

But for what I now desired to do I needed even more access to her luscious sex than I had now. I instructed Rachelle to rise and to pull another chair over to face mine, the edges of the seats apart by only a foot. She complied swiftly, and sighed quietly with lust as I told her to sit now in the chair with her knees up and out, her feet up on the arms of the chair, and her buttocks forward to the very edge of the seat. And so now Rachelle sat before me, her knees high and pushing into her soft breasts, her pussy so widely and lewdly open before me, and her tight little asshole completely accessible to me. I told her to keep her gaze fixed on her sex, so she could see all that was about to happen.

My cock stirred despite my recent orgasm, just from the beautiful display of complete submission that Rachelle offered me. Her body was so completely open to me, and her heart was entwined with mine in our mutual desires and pleasures. I sat in my own chair, with Rachelle inches from my touch. And as she watched I brought my hand slowly closer and closer to the gaping lips of her pussy. I loved the sound of her indrawn breath as she saw and felt the back of my index finger made contact with her full outer labia. I slowly caressed the back of my finger up and down her outer lips, allowing my skin to tickle hers. And when I began to see her juices trickle from inside her and down the Ataşehir escort bayan taut skin between pussy and anus I changed my stroke to glide up from the lowest part of her open sex, over her inner lips which were swollen and lush with her desire. I could feel the slick juices of her cunt coating the back of my finger. The briefest graze I gave to her protruding clitoris and I watched her shudder from her head to her toes with this sudden pleasure. I removed my finger and lifted it to my lips, my tongue flicking out to taste the salty sweetness of my slave’s need.

My finger was now wet with my saliva as I lowered it again to my slave’s willing sex. I placed the tip of my finger at the entrance of her steamy cunt and began to wiggle it forward slowly, burying the length of my finger in her saturated canal millimetere by millimetre. Rachelle groaned, and her pussy tightened around my finger as her pleasure grew. I watched her face as she watched my finger. I saw her teeth biting softly on her lower lip and the soft blush of building tension in her cheeks as my finger invaded deeper into her, piercing into her body. Her nectar was flooding out of her cunt and over my finger, slowly trickling down between her buttocks to moisturise her asshole. My finger reached as far in as it could reach and I began to swirl it inside of her, caressing her cervix with my fingertip. With slow leisure I added another finger to her depths, filling her a little more, and expanding her. And then as I felt her orgasm grow I began to massage the front wall of her vagina with my penetrating fingers and at the same time I brought my thumb up to stroke softly against her clitoris. Her breath became ragged as I masturbated her thus, strumming her hardened pearl as I stroked the inflamed walls of her cunt.

And then she came. A silent scream of pleasure parted her lips as the jolts of liquid electrical lust coursed through her body. Her voluptuous body heaved as she desperately tried to stay conscious as her pleasure overtook her. I continued to stroke her through her cumming, as her fluids now poured over my hand and her Escort Ataşehir pussy gripped my fingers deep inside.

As she relaxed I bid her look up at my face, and as she did so I slipped one finger from her damp vaginal depths and swiftly brought it to her anus. I felt the tight wrinkle with my fingertip for the briefest moment before forcing it in, piercing through her anal sphincter and deep into her rectum at the same time as I thrust my other finger back inside her cunt. This sudden invasion took her by surprise, and her body stiffened again in the sudden release of a second orgasm. Her chest heaved and her asshole clamped down so tightly on my finger as this second and more ~~~~~ful cumming overwhelmed her. I fucked her twin orifices through the length of her orgasm, drawing out the waves of pleasure as long as possible.

When she was done and her breathing began to slowly settle I gradually pulled both fingers out of her body. Her pussy let my finger go smoothly, but her asshole gripped it tightly before letting it part, and as the very tip of my finger slipped from her anus the sphincter spasmed, kissing my fingertip goodbye.

I gazed at Rachelle, who was slowly recovering her composure. Her chest was flushed with sexual energy, and I smiled as I saw that she was ready to continue. I stood and pushed my chair backward and away, and knelt before my still-open slut. My cock was by now fully erect, eager to replace my fingers inside Rachelle’s body. I leant forward, offering my fingers to her mouth as my pelvis came forward and I teased the entrance of her cunt with the turgid head of my cock. As Rachelle’s mouth opened to accept my fingers I leant further forward, slowly penetrating her pussy, delighting in the wet heat of her vagina and the soft kiss of her labia against my shaft as I went deeper and deeper into her.

Rachelle’s tongue began to swirl over my fingers, licking them clean of her tastes as I impaled her fully on my length. I moved back, withdrawing just as slowly as I had entered, savouring the caress of her cunt around my erection. And when only the head remained inside Ataşehir Rus Escort her I thrust forward suddenly, piercing her swiftly and she yelped with pleasure. I set up a rhythm, which she matched with thrusts of her own, both of us working to fill her as far as possible with my hard cock and then release me back to her entrance to aim and fuck into her again. Our groans were guttural as we fucked.

The pace quickened as we neared our orgasms, and my balls tightened. I knew I was close, and as I felt the twinges that heralded my impending eruption I told Rachelle to pee. I gazed down at her now as she relaxed from her movements, leaving me to continue thrusting into her. And then I felt it, the hot liquid caress of her urine flowing down my shaft and over my balls, dripping from there onto the chair and floor beneath us. The sudden sensation of wet warmth over my scrotum was the final touch in this masterful coupling and my cock erupted my viscous sperm deep into Rachelle’s canal, plastering her cervix with my seed as her pee continued to flow over my cock and balls and lower belly. I dropped one hand beneath us, to scrape a fingertip over Rachelle’s puckered asshole and set off her orgasm as well, and so we came together.

As I softened I pulled myself out of Rachelle’s body, and sat back in my chair. My cum flowed from Rachelle’s vagina as she caught her breath and then knelt before me with a towel. With tender care she licked my belly and my cock and my balls clean of pee and sperm, and then gently towelled me dry.

And then having cleaned me I allowed her the time to clean herself. Rachelle had been taught that my cum was sacred, and each drop to be savoured. She relished the taste of me, and so now she resumed her seat before me and parted her thighs wide. I watched her bring her fingers to the dripping slit of her pussy and scoop up the syrupy mixture of my cum and hers, and then bring it to her lips. She licked and then sucked her fingers clean and then returned her fingers to her gaping pussy, entering herself, thrusting her fingers into her channel to stroke out of her sex the combined juices of our coupling. Again she drank this fluid off her fingers. Several more times she repeated this, and I delighted in watching her perform this ceremony. When she was done she gently towelled dry her sex, and then knelt before me once more. I smiled down at her, my lust and hers finally spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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