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The room was sparsely decorated. In each corner a single candle flickered atop an iron stand. A large black cast iron bed adorned the centre, a set of shackles hanging from each post. As usual he had been ordered to stand still and wait. He was naked and his feet were freezing on the floorboards.

He had been waiting far longer than usual and his anxiety was increasing. He knew he had to be punished but this time she must really want to beat him severely. He was very hard, painfully hard, but dared not touch himself for risk of being caught.

His attention turned to the bed. It would be warm but he knew that if he was found even sitting on it he would receive an extra lashing. His legs were numb and he knew he could not stand up very much longer.

At last the heavy wooden door swung open and she entered the room. He saw the loathing on her face and he turned away from her gaze. He heard a sharp crack of leather on leather and flinched. He knew he must now prepare himself for the bitter-sweet agony that was to follow.

She was so beautiful and his heart was racing. She was topless and her tall slender body was adorned with a skimpy black leather mini-skirt and her high black boots. Her long brown hair was wild about her face. In one hand she held her familiar riding crop but in the other was something new. It had a long ribbed handle and from it dangled several knotted leather strands.

He went over to the bed-head and placed his left hand in the shackle that hung from the right-side post. She came over and made sure his wrist was secured. She told him to spread his legs and to bend over. She swung the riding crop through the air. The sound sent panic through his body and made his cock throb. He grasped himself and started to stroke slowly.

She ran the crop over his butt gently. He braced himself and began to pump a little harder. She began to smack him gently. The motion become harder and faster, and when his skin was red all over she began to whip him full force and his body tensed. Each stroke was agony but he watched the action of her arm and admired the beautiful hand that firmly gripped the handle. He pumped himself harder to relieve the pain, careful however not to make himself cum. She saw him watching and aimed some stinging blows at the back of his legs, causing him to crumple to his knees. She kept beating him and told him to stand up again. She changed alsancak escort weapons.

The first stroke of the whip was delivered viciously across his back and he fell to his knees again, shaking. He got to his feet again and pumped himself wildly as she delivered the blows. He counted them mentally… two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one. She stopped. He slowed his stroking, panting, and leant against the bed post. She walked over to him and he caught the sweet smell of her that he loved. She bent over and gently licked the thin lines of blood, smiling.

She told him to lie on the bed. It was warm and the soft silk sheet soothed his back. The first shackle was still attached and now she used the other sets to secure him hand and foot, sprawled on the hard mattress. She was so beautiful and his gazed was fixed on her. He wanted to fuck her so badly. However, he was sure his punishment was set to continue and he was right.

Once she was sure he was restrained properly she held the base of his erect cock and slapped it’s length stiffly with the end of the riding crop until the veins stuck out and it was even harder. She lent over and took him in her mouth, swallowing all of his rock hard shaft and sucked it’s length twice. He writhed with extreme pleasure. She then placed the crop on the bed and got up so that she was standing over him. She held onto the bed-head with her left hand, holding the whip as well. He was looking up her skirt and could see that her lace panties were soaked. She asked him if he liked what he saw and when he nodded and met her eyes she slapped him across the face as hard as she could. She told him to keep looking.

With her right hand she unzipped her skirt and threw it off. He thought to himself how sexy the sight before him was, everything about her was perfect. His heart was pounding and his cock was aching to pound inside her warmth. She removed her panties, revealing her glistening shaved slit, and draped them on his face. He eagerly sucked them before she pried them out of his mouth and threw them out of sight. He wanted to lick her and drink her champagne.

He noticed that her nipples were fully erect. He longed to suck them and pinch them. He thought about all the ways he would ayrancılar escort like to fuck her. She was driving him crazy. He watched her transfer the whip into her right hand so the leather straps brushed his chest. She put the tip of the handle against her wet hole and slid it in easily. He watched fascinated as the ribs flicked her lips as she moved it in and out, in and out. She was moaning. Skillfully she used the length of it to bring herself pleasure.

She withdrew the handle and pushed it into his mouth. He quickly licked off her warm juices before she resumed penetrating herself. She continued feeding him and he lapped up every drop.

She dropped the whip onto the bed and began fingering herself, then lowering herself so that her soft wetness touched his red hot cock she pushed so that the tip entered her. He felt a warmness flow over him like drinking a glass of vodka. She moved her hips up and down so the tip slid in and out. While this was happening she stopped touching herself and kissed him fully and deeply on the mouth for several minutes.

He thrust himself fully inside her and they continued slow fucking for quite a while both savouring the magnificent sensation. They kissed and sucked on each other’s necks and he sucked her hard nipples. She began rubbing her clit on him and forcing him as deeply inside her as possible. She must have found that spot inside her because she had her eyes closed, moaning softly, with a look of concentration on her face. He knew not to move.

She started to slide herself up and down his pole using the motion of her hips again. He loved it when she fucked him. She stopped and unlocked all the shackles. He enjoyed watching her do this especially when she was bent over unlocking the shackles on his feet. She mounted him again and he raised his hips. She began rubbing her clit on him again, thrusting him deep inside her. He put his hands on her boobs and massaged them gently. He maneuvered her stiff nipples between two fingers and squeezed, massaging faster. They both continued, going faster and faster. She was screaming now. He let go of her boobs and grabbed her butt, squeezing hard. She liked that. He held on and helped her with her motion by pulling her on to him. He fingered her butt hole with his right middle finger and she squealed louder and started going crazy. He pushed his finger balçova escort in and started playing around gently. He also started licking her armpits. She was about to explode so he tensed his body further, arching his back, so that she could rub herself on him better.

She came, screaming, and collapsed on top of him. He slid himself very slowly in and out of her dripping hole and ran his fingers over her back gently. He buried his face in her impossibly soft hair, enjoying it’s clean smell, and hugged her.

She rolled off him and crouched on the bed, pulling him up behind her. He entered her from behind and started slapping against her smooth butt. He held onto her tiny waist and admired the shape of her beautiful back. He watched his own cock sliding in and out of her and how her lips grabbed onto his moving shaft. He was feeling very game so he withdrew and placed the tip of his cock against her cute little butt hole. She didn’t resist so he pushed himself inside. She pushed out her chest and thrust her bottom high in the air. He enjoyed the rare sensation of what he was doing to her. She was moaning, which quickly turned into squeals as he rubbed deep inside. She threw him off her and rolled over. He knew it was time to fuck her hard.

He entered her and grabbed onto the bed-head rails. She grabbed onto the rails as well, her hands over her head. He started pounding her. She told him to fuck her hard and fast and he picked up his rhythm. Suddenly he felt a sharp crack on his butt. She had found the crop again and began spurring him on with it, striking hard. He pounded her like crazy making sure to grind her clit with each stroke. She stopped beating him and raised her legs, spreading herself wide. The pounding continued, harder and faster and she was squealing with pleasure again. Sweat glistened on both of them. She felt his cock go even harder and knew he was about to cum. Her squealing was joined by his loud moaning. The bed was rocking and squeaking wildly. He loved fucking her and looked at her beautiful face and into her dark mysterious eyes. He exploded into her, squirting and squirting. She came powerfully at the same time, screaming wildly.

He got off her and lay on his back. She took off her boots and rolled over towards him. She kissed him on the cheek and put her head on his chest. She snuggled close and he held her head gently with one arm and ran his fingers over her back lightly with the other. She raised her head, they kissed and looking lovingly into each other’s eyes, smiling. They hugged tightly and fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

Before drifting off he thought, smiling to himself, that he wouldn’t mind her using her new whip again, sometime soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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