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After sharing pizza, peeping and an intense session of sexual exploration on my bed, Alison and I had kissed goodnight and drifted back into our workday worlds. The occasional meeting on the elevator ride down to the lots or up to our floor had been punctuated by furtive caresses when others were aboard, and gentle kisses when alone, but nothing more. We were both content to know that what we had shared promised something more, but there seemed no rush – it needed to be as relaxed as before.

The following week sped by, and on Saturday I found myself answering knock on my door in the early evening of what had been a particularly relaxing fall day. Looking through the peephole, I saw no one, just a sign being held in front of the glass:

“Hey, Neighbor! I have an idea – want to know??? Open the door!!!”

My heart raced as I fumbled with the deadbolt and flung open the door to find Ali smiling on the other side, wearing a great looking trench coat with a bag slung over her shoulder. She stepped in and kissed me as the door swung shut. Out kiss lingered, tongues twisting and teasing as her hands slid down and caressed my curves just above the hips. I pulled her tight to me and deepened the kiss, loving the feel of this raven haired woman’s hands on my body, her scent filling my senses. I felt her pull away slightly, and looked to see her smiling into my eyes.

“Not the idea I came to share, but a lovely start, Kat” she whispered in my ear as she pulled me close again, letting her lips caress my earlobe as she spoke. “Would you like to know what my idea is?” I answered by letting my arms slip down around her waist and my hands run over her lovely ass, squeezing each cheek gently and nibbling at her neckline. “I’ll take that as a yes”, she sighed as my teeth grazed over her collarbone.
Se took my hand and led me to the couch, placing the bag she was carrying on my lap. “Open it” she said, and I did.

Inside I found a little black dress, a very nice silk slip, incredible black silk stockings and a new garter belt set. Along with these, my lover had placed two boxes neatly wrapped in red paper with simple notes that read “for later”. I turned and asked what was next, and was rewarded by Ali standing up and slipping out of her trench coat to reveal an outfit matching the one I held in my hands. “We’re going hunting, little rabbit” she purred. A mischievous grin spread over her face as she watched my eyes drink her in. I popped up and ran to the bedroom and changed quickly, then strolled out to face my counterpoint.

Alison is about 5’6”.her Latina heritage was on full display with her light brown skin and deep black hair resting comfortably against the shimmer of her little black dress, as it caressed her curves. Those dark brow eyes şişli escort were alight as I walked out. My dark red hair framed my face and I had applied eye shadow to make my hazel eyes flash green. My smaller frame filled the dress nicely, and my fair skin was a dramatic counterpoint to my lover. We drew ourselves together and shared a deep kiss, letting the silk slip and rustle between us, feeling the warmth of our legs as our thighs touched in our embrace. Parting, Alison threw on her coat and walked toward the door. I found my longest dress coat and joined her, walking arm in arm down the hall toward a new adventure.

The mystery of the hunt was solved as Ali hailed a cab and gave the address of a new club that had opened uptown. On the ride, we enjoyed distracting our cabbie with shared kisses that kept him wide eyed until we arrived. “Let the hunt begin, Kat” Ali said as we slid out of the cab “remember – all’s fair in this game” My heart skipped a beat as I considered the possibilities as we entered. The club was just starting to fill and the music fit the early vibe, slower, jazzier. I knew the beat would be pounding as the evening progressed, but I liked the way things were setting up. Installing ourselves at a small table, we ordered drinks, scouting for possible targets. Several men had watched us enter, and an order of drinks appeared as we finished our first. “Compliments of the gentlemen at the bar, ladies” Our server pointed toward two men who were waiting expectantly for a response. Raising our glasses, we sipped the drinks, shared a quick kiss and turned to look at the guys. There faces looked surprised and disappointed. Ali laughed and waved them over, and I smiled and waved as well.

The guys came over and introduced themselves. Bryce was tall and rangy, with the look of an outdoorsman. Rob was built more like a halfback, smaller but powerful. Both were easy to talk to, and after another round (we bought this time) they asked if we’d like to dance. Alison put her hand out and laid our plan bare to them. They had passed our communications test. “You didn’t even imply anything other than simple interest in us – no overt suggestions or overtures – well done!” The guys asked what test was next. “Dancing” I said quickly “If move well on the dance floor and can keep up, we’ll move on” Bryce wondered aloud where we’d move on to. “Why, Kat’s apartment, of course” was Alison’s quick reply. Suffice it to say, I have never seen two men so intent on their dancing as we hit the floor. I took Bryce by the hand and let him watch me slowly spin and slide in front of him as the music played. I looked over and saw Ali push against Rob and move with him to the beat, and thought hat was a good idea. Bryce’s bulge told me I was right, and the way his breath caught when I ground into him confirmed the diagnosis.

After a few songs, I made eye contact with Alison and we led the guys from the floor, out the door and hailed a cab. Stuffed together in the backseat, we let our hands slip and caress each of the guy’s bulges and smile as they exchanged glances as our hands explored both their laps. Taking them upstairs, we went in my apartment and turned to face them. Alison walked behind me and slipped the straps off my shoulders, letting my dress fall to the floor, leaving me in my short black slip, garters, stockings, and heels. I did the same for her as the guys eyes got even wider and their zippers threatened to explode. Alison spoke: “Simple rules, boys – we’ll do anything as long as you agree to one thing – you’ll anything as well” Enthusiastic nods of two heads and big smiles sealed the deal. Alison grabbed Bryce and I grabbed Rob. Leading them to the couch, we had them lean against the back as we kneeled and released their throbbing cocks from behind those oh so tight zippers. As we stroked the rock hard shafts, Ali and I shared a quick kiss, then quickly went to work on each cock. Licking, teasing, and letting our hands massage the other man’s balls as your mouths engulfed their manhoods…. Our hands sliding to each others’ nipples, tickling and stroking the rock hard flesh beneath our slips… I was ready to explode, if some one had touched my clit I may have died from the sheer pleasure at that point! Relaxing my throat, I buried Rob deep in my mouth, my nose pushing against his abdomen as my hands unbuckled his pants and let them fall. Releasing his cock from my mouth, I looked up and slowly stripped off his boxers and began my assault on his throbbing member again, only now my hands were exploring his ass, causing him to begin thrusting, fucking my mouth and making me even crazier for release. I let my hand slip down between my legs and touched myself as Rob tensed, then released a huge jet of cum down my throat. My scream of pleasure was translated into a pulsing of my throat muscles around his engorged dick that milked another huge shot out of him, with a grunt and groan signaling his satisfaction with our tryst so far. My climax soaked my fingers and rippled through my body as my fingers played on… I held myself with Rob deep in my throat until I steadied. Alison’s ministrations seemed to have been successful as well, as looked over to se her licking Bryce’s cock and balls clean.

We stood up and led the boys to the bathroom and stripped them, while staying in our slips and garters. Cleaning them up, we saw their interest rise again and smiled at each other as we led them to the bed. Changing partners, we each lowered ourselves onto two hungry mouths and rode a pair of talented tongues as we exchanged kisses, feeling tongues explore our slits and dive inside us. Spinning around as the feelings became more intense, Bryce’s cock slipped readily inside me and Rob disappeared into Alison quickly as well. Looking down at the guys, we saw them turn to each other and smile as we rocked and ground ourselves against them, coaxing them to a second orgasm of the evening. Bouncing against Bryce’s nice thick shaft, I felt the response of his hips as he began to tense up and quickly slipped his cock between my ass cheeks, letting him explode all over my back… I love the feeling of a man’s hot cum between my cheeks and across my back…..

Ali let Rob unload deep inside her and milked his orgasm for all it was worth. We rolled between the boys and let them spoon against us as Alison and I shared passionate kisses and caressed each other’s breasts. Ali rolled over and told Bryce to hold tight, and signaled me to join her in the living room. I gave Rob a quick kiss and smile and got up to follow her out. Ali stood with her bag and handed me one of the packages. Opening it, I almost fainted with anticipation. We slipped on our surprises and went back into the bedroom.

“Remember what we said guys, you agreed – anything and everything, right? The twitching in their cocks and lust in their eyes was all we needed as an answer. Ali and I slipped out of our sips… and exposed a pair of nicely shaped 6 inch strap-ons to our prey.
“Roll over, big boys, we want to play” I purred as Ali stroked lube onto my new toy and hers. Bryce eagerly complied and got on all fours, holding his ass high in the air. Rob needed a little convincing, and Ali grabbed his cock as she whispered in his ear. His eyes lit up and he complied as well. We lubed up our man-pussies and fingered them, easing them, stretching more each time. Once they were relaxed, Ali and mounted our studs and slipped our cocks into their waiting holes, slowly fucking them with all the hunger they had fucked us. Pounding against their ass, the strap-ons, massaged our clits, sending both of us deeper into frenzy, driving the dildos deep inside each man’s canal. Groans and moans told us we weren’t the only ones enjoying the play as we climaxed and collapsed onto their backs, still deep inside their asses. Pulling out, I kissed Rob, then Bryce and caressed each guy’s cock lovingly as I let them know how amazing that had been. Alison followed suit, and a four way make out session ensued, with lots of anonymous grouping and shared kissing as we came down from our third sexual high of the night. Rob spoke up and mentioned that the deal was still in play. Alison smiled; I looked over questioningly, then felt the coolness of lubed fingers slipping up against my ass, and shivered in anticipation of what was yet to come as a result of our evening hunt…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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