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Edited by Angel Love


“It’s a very dry white Rhine wine!” Amanda said as she laid her backpack on the back seat of the Volvo.

“Ah yes! My favorite and what, may I ask, possessed you to bring it with you?” Ron inquired. “I mean it’s just a picnic.”

“Hmmmm.” she said with a smile. “Secret okay?”

Ron knew she wouldn’t divulge her motives and he secretly didn’t want her to. After all, the mystery of this lady stimulated him in ways he’d never before experienced. The anticipation and wonder of what the day would hold began a build up of lust in him, much more than direct foreplay could.

“So you’re not telling?” he said with his head cocked in her direction.

“Nope!” she said softly. “Patience!”

Knowing her ability to keep things to herself, Ron shifted the Volvo into gear and the two drove quietly down the dirt road that led from Amanda’s home to a more secluded rendezvous on her one hundred and forty five acres. As the car bumped and bounced along the uneven road, towering trees full of plush, green foliage loomed as if to engulf any who ventured their way.

The property Amanda had inherited came totally as a surprise, when her grams and gramps passed away. Besides the immense real estate, she also inherited some 5.4 million dollars, some in cash but most in stocks and bonds. She would never have to work again unless she wanted to. Her former life of scraping just to get by was now a thing of the past and she knew now that she could relax, enjoy life as she wanted, and pursue her passions as she desired.

Amanda would most likely work again but only as she wished and completely on her own terms. This pleased Ron, her former lawyer for he understood her former condition and how much she needed the emotional and physical rest. And of course, now that he wasn’t her lawyer in a professional capacity, he also enjoyed the time he spent with this lovely redhead. She was, in his mind, a beautiful red rose, not one to be picked but one to be adored.

About a mile into the woods, she told him to pull into the clearing to the left. The Volvo lumbered over the uneven, dirt ruts till he parked it on a stretch of green grass. There, they climbed out and Amanda started to unload the picnic delights from the back seat. Ron looked around to locate the best place for the blanket. Midst the soft, green pallet of green hue, he spread the thick blanket while she began to set the woven food basket near the top of the blanket. The trees behind would be there background of romantic enjoyment, as the huge, plush Oaks gazed down upon them in complete approval.

“And what may I do for you, Ron?” Amanda started to ask but decided to treasure that question in her heart.

Now sitting cross legged on the blanket, Ron saw his new love in a different light. Her beautiful, red hair cascaded down the contours of her face in winning contrast to her milky, white skin. Her full breasts were aching to be held or maybe it was just that he ached to hold them. They had only dated for a short time but Ron knew well the sensuality of this wonderful woman, her charm, her appeal, and the willingness to open her heart to him. She was indeed beautiful, not merely outwardly but also inwardly, the latter a trait that Ron secretly longed for.

In the clearing that bright, sunny day, she wore a deep green outfit of shorts and a top that formed well to her luscious body. Her milky white legs beckoned him in a way that he’d not previously known a woman could do. Even her feet were sexy as the leather straps of her sandals parted her delicious toes.

“Is she trying to seduce me?” Ron pondered as his lovely, red rose sat calmly midst the backdrop of greens and browns. “My God, this lady is unbelievably gorgeous!” he thought to himself.

When Amanda pulled the various food items from the basket, she too wondered what her man was thinking. His face was still but she thought she had detected a not so subtle hint of desire in his eyes. Indeed, she would explore this, draw it from him with her charms, and fully allow him to love her as he pleased. Ron was, after all, her first true love since her horrible divorce two years before.

“I wonder what he’s thinking right now?” she pondered. “Will he even like the dessert I’m planning?”

The two sat eating their sandwiches, chips, pickles, and drinks. Few words were offered but what transpired basmane escort turned out to be quite an intercourse of ideas, thoughts, and questions, the kind of give and take that married couples share after being together for many years. From time to time, she would lay her head to one side allowing her firey hair to dangle helplessly but invitingly.

Ron responded to her flirting favorably as any man might but his playful response came in a multitude of smiles and approving stares. So enamored by her, he found himself often without the words to speak. He wanted to tell her how beautiful she was yet somehow, a smile or gaze said it all. Indeed, he sensed that she knew his thoughts and feelings.

Then when the main course was finished, he asked what the special dessert was. Amanda giggled at his curiosity but told him he’d have to wait, for the appointed time and place was yet to be revealed.

“So is my secret driving you crazy, Ron?” she said with a smile. “Wanna l’il hint?”

At the lunge of his hand to take hers, she knew it was driving him mad with desire. She then pulled the bottle of Rhine wine from her backpack to tease him, knowing all the while he had no idea of what she had planned. Then, as if she’d never meant to tease him at all, she laid the bottle aside and asked him if he’d enjoyed the picnic lunch.

“Great!” he said while his eyes displayed his passions for her.

Then cupping her dainty hand into his strong but controlled grasp, she said, “Wanna go for a walk Ron?”

He nodded his head then stood to escort her to his side. As he did, he slid his arm around her waist and gently pulled her close. She held the wine bottle with one hand but for some reason, he never noticed for his thoughts were far from sipping his favorite vintage. In like fashion, Amanda slid her arm around him and the two walked steadily, slowly, and silently into the thick trees that lined the narrow forest path.

After the two meandered along for what seemed like an eternity, their path led them to a babbling brook that Ron had only to that point heard. Its cacophony of sounds echoed in the forest as a faint reminder of true peace and a calm that was sure to enchant two lovers to heights of passionate fulfillment.

Then breaking the calm, Amanda whispered, “Its time for dessert, baby doll.”

Immediately, Ron responded by pulling her into his arms and kissing her. His passions had been building the entire time so he wasted no time in playfully driving his tongue in and out of her lips. In overwhelming approval, she wrapped her arms around his neck, mashing her 40-Ds passionately into his chest. Their tongues darted in mutual play as their breathing increased and in response to the softness of her melons, Ron quickly felt the stiffness begin to form in his shorts.

Then after kissing and holding each other for several minutes, Amanda sighed and moaned. Ron’s hands slid downward to fondle the rounded lobes of Amanda’s butt causing her to break the kiss and cry out in passionate tone.

“Oh Baby!” she cried. “Its time for dessert, Honey!”

“You better believe it is, Mandy!” he said in lustful tone. “I’m gonna take you every way I can!”

But the redhead immediately pulled away from his licking tongue and his fondling hands.

“What the hell?” he exclaimed but she lifted her index finger to her mouth and shushed him. “Mandy don’t do this to me!”

But she shook her head no. Then kicking her sandals off, she began to strip herself till she was completely naked in front of him. Ron stepped toward her but again she shook her head no and backed away. Confused and annoyed by her actions yet more stimulated by her delicious body, he decided to peal his own clothes off in hopes that his nakedness would fully dictate the main event.

Ron’s arms and legs flew into a flurry of frantic activity. One sneaker went left while the other bounced right. Unsnapped, unzipped, his shorts and boxers came down where his legs and feet did a dance like movement to free themselves from their captors. When he stood erect, his cock bounced aimlessly in the air, searching frantically for its intended target. Then grabbing his t-shirt, he yanked it upward to free himself of the last piece that hindered his nudity.

And when he finally pulled the shirt over his head and flung it to the side, bayındır escort his cock almost exploded at what he saw. No more than eight feet in front of him, his hot redhead lie against a very large stone, some three feet high. Her head and shoulders were positioned on the ground with her back firmly pressed against the rock. Her legs were parted and jutted outward leaving her gorgeous, ass staring skyward. Her firey red pubic fir was a forest in and of itself and though covered, her labial folds were easily accessible to whomever or whatever might seek to enter.

“My God, Mandy!” Ron said in lust filled passion. “You are the hottest babe in the universe!”

“Want some dessert, Ron?” she sensuously said then her voice melted into a cat like purr.

“Damn you’re sexy and I want you now!” he exclaimed.

“Its time for dessert, lover!” she said with a slight exhale of breath. “Open that wine bottle and make me your goblet!”

“Whaaaat!” he said in complete surprise.

Ron couldn’t lunge fast enough for the bottle. His hard rod bounced uncontrollably as he grabbed it, removed its cork, and ran over to where his waiting cup posed. He found her pinching her rock, hard nipples and squeezing her breasts invitingly while her legs flailed sensuously in the air.

“Pour some wine in your goblet lover!” she said with a sexy voice.

Obediently, he stood over her and lowered the bottles neck to pour the vintage onto her sex. Droplets splattered onto her thick mat of pussy hair only to then soak down into her thirsty cuntal flower. Then he pulled the bottle back and allowed the dry Rhine wine to pour its liquid down onto her waiting to be sucked mounds. .

In response, Amanda squealed at the sensations. She licked her lips and then finger tips of the fruit of the vine. At one point while Ron watched in total lust, she reached up and plunged a finger into her forest of fir and drove it deep inside her pussy. Midst the flow of wine and her natural juices, her hand coated quickly with the mingled wetness. Then she pulled her finger from her hungry beaver and lifted it upward so Ron could taste the vintage.

As he hungrily lashed his tongue all over her wet hand, he also placed the wine bottle’s head directly at the entrance to her red, hot cunt.

Then he heard her cry, “Make me your goblet!”

In a single movement, he tipped the bottle over and plunged its neck deep inside the firey furnace of Amanda’s waiting pussy. She screamed in joyous response as the length of the neck easily invaded her tunnel, the flow of Rhine wine filling it’s goblet to the full.

Ron was still licking her fingers of the mingled flow and it pleased her to no end to hear the slurping of his mouth and tongue. But in a matter of moments, his instinct would take over and she knew then that she was about to get eaten like she’d never had been before. Indeed, he wanted to fuck his babe but his dessert was to be enjoyed orally, as he tasted and drank freely from his goblet.

From her position, Ron’s cock was bouncing wildly along with his ball sack. She pulled her fingers from his sucking lips and reached upward to prod his sack with her fingernails. As she did, he moaned deeply and began to pump the neck of the bottle up and down into her now drenched cunt.

Then in animal like passion, Ron pulled the bottle neck from Amanda’s fir and threw it aside. What wine remained splattered downward to again coat her big, round breasts. Then passionately and hungrily he bent over to eat his babe to a cum soaked high. He drove his tongue deep into her pussy and she responded with spasming delight.

“Drink the wine from my goblet, lover!” she demanded. “Lick it, suck it, taste it, but drink to your heart’s content!”

By that time, Ron’s hands were wrapped firmly around her ass cheeks as his face was hungrily devouring her cuntal mound. His tongue lashed at her clit then drove deep inside his goblet. The taste of womanly fluids mingled with his favorite wine sent him into a rage of hot lust that almost ended up in him trying to get his entire head inside.

“Drink it baby! Get it all!” she screamed then her passions reached the edge of the orgasmic cliff.

With his tongue fully plunging down into her pussy, Ron suddenly heard her cry in orgasmic thrills. Her legs flailed wildly, her pussy lips clenched bayraklı escort his tongue like a vice, her finger tips pinched her buds passionately, and her sounds echoed through the trees. So intense was her climax that she yelled his name mixed with inaudible tones that he couldn’t comprehend but his cock reacted to.

“Aieieiei! Iaeieaiei! Aeieiei! Oeiaeieaeo! Oieiaieaeiaie! Aiea!” she squealed over and over till he left her breathless in spent pleasure.

By then, Ron was so ready to shoot his hot load in his red hot babe that he pulled his tongue from it’s spasming vice and growled, “I’m gonna fuck you Mandy!”

Amanda exhaled her aftermath of pleasure not knowing what he might do next. He wasted no time in reaching down and lifting her up to her feet. And when he saw her fluids drain down her legs, he immediately dropped to his knees and began to drink the last of his wine from his hairy pussy goblet. Her clit was still sensitive for she begged him to eat her once again. Now the taste of new cum wine covered his tongue, lips, and face as he wrapped his lips around her fir covered nub and began to suck wildly.

Within minutes, she screamed her climactic passions again. He drank the dry wine vintage from his willing goblet, savoring every drop. And when she could feel pleasure no more, he stood and drove his tongue into her agape mouth. She cleaned it off with her tongue but then lightly bit the end of his, signaling she wanted more.

Ron’s cock was ready to explode and this time, she wouldn’t say no. He led her quickly to the rock, made her bend over it and plant her palms firmly on its surface then he stuck the pre cummed head of his ready to blow rod up to her already fucked flower. Without warning, he grunted while he rammed his shaft deep into her tight, spasming pussy.

“O-o-o-o-oh Baby!” she moaned as his rod opened her pussy to its fullest. “Oooooooooooh, you’re so big, baby!”

Since he was close to cumming, he left his dick deep in her firey, hot cunt. She spasmed on it several times then he started the strokes he had wanted to give her since before lunch. In and out he plunged his eight inch rod, each time filling her cunt to the fullest. His dark brown dick fir mingled in kind with her red hot mat only to pull free when he arched backward to piston his cock out to plunge it in again. Faster and faster Ron pumped till he heard his lover’s cries again.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she pleaded.

And her moaning sent Ron over the edge. His rod spasmed in her slurping pussy and he grunted deep moans as his cum shot deep into his goblet. Spurt after spurt of steaming hot load filled the redhead’s deep cup. Then breathlessly, Ron pulled his flaccid rod out only to stagger backwards.

“Amanda! That was so great!” he barely got the words out.

“And how was the dessert?” she asked, as she moved to seat herself on the rock. “Did you like the wine?”

Still panting hard, he stepped forward and said, “Best wine! I ever! Tasted!”

“Now clean!” he said.

“Yes sir?” she interrupted. “May I do something else for you?”

“Clean me up!” he said lovingly.

Amanda immediately reached and took his spent shaft into her hand. She licked the head of its vintage and tasted his salty cum. She then opened her mouth and sucked the soft shaft inside to enjoy its taste. Then after pulling it from her lips, she lightly licked his balls till she’d cleaned every delicious drop of mingled cum off his manhood. When finished, Ron pulled her to him and kissed her once again. Her breasts pressed lovingly into his bare chest just exactly where they should have and he wrapped his arms snuggly around her giving her a few love pats on her sexy bottom.

The sun’s warm beams scattered through the trees while Ron and Amanda held one another. He didn’t want to let her go nor did she want him to. She loved the closeness of the aftermath of their sex. He loved it too but relished more the softness and voluptuousness of this gorgeous lady who was spent and naked in his arms. He had indeed drunk from his goblet. The sun, the nearby brook, and the entire forest had approvingly been their voyeurs.

And eventually they dressed and walked lazily along the forest path till they came back to the picnic area near the car. They gathered all belongings, put them in the back seat, and then drove back to Amanda’s home.

Hours later as they sat on the porch swing holding hands, Amanda said softly, “Ron. There are many places on my property where I want you to drink from your goblet.”

“Wine?” he said in anticipation.

Softly, as she laid her head against his shoulder, she whispered, “A cellar full!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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