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It has been quite a while since the last submission in this series, but now I am happy to present the third part of House-Sitting With a Homosexual. Eric and Daniel’s homosexual experiences continue as they enjoy the brief time they have together. I hope you enjoy the story.


Daniel’s stirring woke me as his warm body brushed against mine. My eyes fluttered open and I saw the pale light of dawn spilling in between the window shades.

My alarm had not yet sounded so it must be earlier than 6:30. I noticed throughout the night that Daniel tended to toss and turn in his sleep but despite that he was a heavy sleeper. Daniel slept lying on his side facing me with his hands tucked between his cheek and the pillow. His eyes were shut and his face bore a slight smile. I watched his hairy chest rise and fall as he slumbered.

I could scarcely believe there was a naked man lying in bed next to me. Just a few days ago, the thought of sleeping with someone of the same gender had been a mere fantasy. But improbably, the opportunity to have sex with a man had presented itself. I took that opportunity despite having to cheat on a girlfriend who had shown me nothing but love and devotion. I regretted nothing. Daniel gave me something that a woman could never provide. I still planned on being with Elena for a long time. Maybe even the rest of my life. Wouldn’t it be for the best to expend all frivolity before marriage so I wouldn’t be tempted to result to adultery? If I had to experiment with a man, isn’t it better that I did it with her best friend? Someone she knew and trusted? These were the thoughts I used to try and justify my infidelity.

Daniel’s body felt soft and warm next to mine. I scooted my body closer so I could feel the bare skin of his leg touching mine. I held my hand out and rested it on Daniel’s thigh. It still felt strange to feel legs with long, curly hair on them as I stroked Daniel’s lithe body. Just because it felt strange doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it, though. As I ran my hand up and down Daniel’s thigh, he started to wake up. Daniel stretched his arms and yawned. His brown hair was too short to look rumpled by a night sleeping Elena’s pillows.

“It’s not time to get up yet, is it?” Daniel asked. He still hadn’t opened your eyes.

“Not yet,” I answered.

Daniel’s eyes opened and he noticed I was gazing at his body beneath the blankets. His flaccid penis curled over his thigh and his wrinkled, hairy scrotum hung down between his legs.

Daniel asked, “Whatcha doin?”

“Just staring at your sexy body while you sleep,” I answered.

Daniel smiled and said, “Aww. I’m not sure whether to think that is sweet or creepy.”

“You are just very handsome,” I told him. Daniel looked straight at me with his vibrant blue eyes and we gazed at each other for a moment.

Without breaking the gaze, my hand moved down between Daniel’s thighs. He groaned quietly as I cupped his scrotum in the palm of my hand. I had felt my own testicles several times of course, but it was an entirely different experience touching the testes of another man. They felt so hard and so soft at the same time as I played with them. I loved the reaction I got out of Daniel as I worked his balls between my fingers until I saw him getting hard again. Daniel closed his eyes as his mouth hung open in pleasure while I continued massaging his balls. Daniel shuddered and moaned as my hand moved up his scrotum to grip his cock. Daniel sighed and closed his eyes again as I played with his dick. As I stroked his penis with my fingers, I could feel the blood rushing to Daniel’s member. It felt amazing to hold his cock as it hardened in my grip. When I could feel his penis was fully erect, I ducked my head under the covers and put my mouth near his dick.

I stuck my tongue out and began licking up and down his shaft as I held tightly it in my hand. An “Ahhh…” noise escaped from Daniel’s lips as I kissed and licked the sides of his penis. I started licking at the base of his shaft and slowly ran my tongue up his entire length. Once my tongue reached his tip I spread my lips apart and engulfed the head of his penis in my mouth.

“Ohhh,” Daniel moaned. “Now this is how I need to be woken up every day.”

I smiled and kissed the tiny hole at the head of his dick before putting my mouth back on his cock. I sucked on his member and slowly pulled it deeper and deeper into my mouth. Daniel put his hand on my head and caressed my shaggy hair as I blew him. His hand pushed down gently on the back of my head to aid my sucking. Daniel moaned and made other noises of pleasure as I gained much needed experience in pleasing a man’s dick. I thought I did pretty well for having only given my first blowjob three days ago, but I knew I still had a lot to learn.

I felt Daniel’s cock pulsating in my mouth, and I was a bit surprised he was finishing this soon. He must be more excited than usual this morning. Daniel trembled and made a croaking noise as he ejaculated into my eager mouth. He pushed my head down keçiören escort on his cock and I tried to suck it as deep into my mouth as possible as he climaxed. I could taste Daniel’s sticky cum as it shot into my mouth. Daniel’s semen tasted more delicious every time the salty, slightly bitter flavor coated my tongue. I swallowed his load greedily.

I gently kissed Daniel’s on his legs, crotch, and stomach as he recovered from his climax. “Someday you are going to have to explain to me how you can suck dick so good on just your second try,” Daniel said.

“I just want to please you,” I replied after I licked his balls.

“Oh, you definitely do,” Daniel said. “In fact, you can please me right now by rolling over and letting me swallow that nice, big dick of yours.”

He didn’t have to ask twice. I rolled onto my back and allowed Daniel to nestle his head between my legs. I was shocked he actually wanted to suck me. I hadn’t showered since yesterday evening and since then my cock had been buried deep inside of Daniel’s ass. He had to realize my penis was absolutely filthy. But he didn’t seem to mind as he grabbed my cock and began sucking on the tip of it. My dick stood erect already due to the excitement of giving my gay lover an early-morning blowjob. Daniel didn’t tease and play the way I did when handling a cock. Once Daniel had a dick in his grasp he immediately wanted to fill his mouth with it. Daniel’s mouth engulfed my large cock and he sucked it with conviction, clearly loving the feeling of a penis sliding in and out of his mouth. Daniel had a true talent for cocksucking as he was able to take almost the entire length of my shaft in his mouth and throat without gagging. If Daniel found the taste of my cock unpleasant, he gave no indication.

Little sighs and moans escaped my lips as Daniel’s mouth worked its way up and down my shaft. I put a hand on his head and stroked his hair as he sucked me off. I wanted him to know how much I enjoyed being with him.

“Oh, Daniel…” I sighed as he began deep-throating my cock. The usage of his first name seemed to make him even more excited and he took me even deeper down his throat. “You are amazing at this.”

Daniel slowly pulled his mouth off my cock and I groaned deeply as he sucked on every inch of my shaft as it exited his mouth. After I saw the head of my penis exit his mouth Daniel looked up at me with a smile. Daniel said, “Well, you set the bar pretty high, Eric.” He ran his tongue over the hole at the tip of my cock and wrapped his lips tightly around my cock but then had another idea. “Why don’t you turn over?” Daniel suggested.

“What for?” I inquired.

“Do it, cocksucker,” Daniel ordered. I loved the way he just took command. “It’ll be a surprise.”

I shrugged and replied, “Whatever you want.” I rolled over onto my stomach. Daniel shocked me by spanking me on the meatiest portion of my left asscheek. He slapped me hard; his hand surely left a giant red mark on my ass. Daniel smacked my other buttock equally hard. Never in my life would I have thought I would receive a spanking from another man. Or that I would enjoy it this much. Daniel took ahold of my hips and pulled my bottom up into the air. I loved the way he just took control and wasted no time getting to the end result instead of engaging in foreplay. Daniel put his hands on my buttocks and spread them wide apart. He could see everything as my ass was spread open for him.

“Eric, did you know you have a sexy little asshole?” Daniel asked me. I could feel his hot breath on my backside and I shivered in anticipation of what he might do next.

I gasped as I felt Daniel’s warm, wet tongue slither over my asshole. His tongue swirled around the hairy rim of my anus before the tip pointed straight at the opening of my ass. I soon experienced the miraculous feeling of a tongue entering my asshole. I felt nerve endings over my entire body pop as Daniel’s tongue played with one of the most sensitive areas of my body. I could feel the stubble on his cheeks and upper lip scratching against my behind as he tried to stick his tongue even further inside my anus. The way Daniel wrapped his lips around the rim of my anus and used his tongue to eat out my asshole felt heavenly.

Daniel stopped rimming me long enough to gasp, “Oh my God, your ass is fucking perfect,” before he returned to feasting upon my butthole. He kept my ass spread open with one hand between my cheeks while his other hand crept down between my thighs to cup my balls. He massaged my testicles as his tongue continued working its way in and out of my asshole. I felt pleasure mounting throughout my body as the stimulation of my anus and testes in tandem combined to create an even greater sensation. I could tell the pleasure would soon overwhelm me and achieve its climax, but I didn’t want this feeling to end yet. I tried to hold my orgasm in, but Daniel exacerbated the issue by moving his hand from my balls to my cock. He jerked my cock furiously as sincan otele gelen escort his tongue flicked across my anus. Finally I couldn’t take it any more.

I groaned and cried out in ecstasy as ejaculate shot out of the opening of my penis. My sticky white semen spurted out all over Daniel’s hand as he grasped my cock. My body shook as it experienced overwhelming pleasure and I felt my anus opening and closing as it clenched around Daniel’s tongue. As I came, Daniel tried to stick his entire tongue inside my ass. He must have had half his tongue wiggling inside of my rectum

Just as I feared, as soon as my climax ended Daniel removed his tongue from my asshole. After pulling his tongue out, he gave my anus one last kiss and a lick before backing away. I turned over and flopped down onto the bed. Daniel and I stared at each other hungrily. Once again Daniel had taken me beyond the boundaries of my sexual borders. How many life-changing experiences would I have with this man?

“Daniel, that was incredible,” I said.

“Thanks,” Daniel replied. “I tried my best.”

“Have you done that before?” I asked.

“Just once,” Daniel answered. “I thought you might like it.”

“I definitely did. So I have to ask. How did it taste?”

“Like ass,” Daniel said with a grin. “But that’s never bothered me.”

Daniel and I were startled by a loud buzzing emanating from the alarm clock on the nightstand next to the bed. I rolled over and slammed my hand down on the snooze button. I rolled back over and looked at Daniel.

“Fuck. I have to be to work in an hour,” I lamented.

“That’s disappointing,” Daniel said as his face fell. “And still have so much to learn about each other.”

“Is there that much left? I would say I know you pretty well both inside and out by now,” I joked.

Daniel laid on top of me and wrapped his arms around me. He said, “I need you so badly, Eric.”

I sighed and relished the warmth of his body on mine and the sensation of his flaccid penis rubbing against my own deflating member. Daniel leaned down and kissed me on the mouth. I returned the kiss without a care for where his mouth had just been. I placed my arms Daniel’s lower back and shoulder blade while we kissed.

“I don’t want to go,” I said suddenly. “I don’t want to leave you.”

“So don’t,” Daniel replied. “Call in sick.”

Daniel’s naked body rubbing against mine was getting me excited again. “Fine,” I said. “I’ll skip work.”

I walked to the living room where I had discarded my pants yesterday evening and grabbed my phone out of one of the pockets. I went back into Elena’s room and sat on my knees on the bed as I made a quick call to my supervisor. I tried explaining to him how sick and awful I felt, but in the middle of the conversation Daniel started playing with my cock. I struggled to maintain my composure as my boss explained that absences were inexcusable and he would only tolerate so many days of missed work. Daniel brought my cock to his mouth and licked it like a Popsicle as I attempted to offer excuses to my supervisor. I moaned involuntarily after a particularly long, wet lick of my penis. I assumed that my boss didn’t hear, and if he did hopefully he wouldn’t know what was going on.

Once I finally got off the phone Daniel immediately ceased teasing me. He stood up bare-assed naked in the bedroom and declared, “Time for a cigarette!” I regretted having to watch him cover his sexy body while dressing but knew it wouldn’t be long before his naked flesh was again joined with mine. After we both were dressed, we went outside for a quick smoke and then came back inside where I made us breakfast. I’m not a particularly adept cook, but I could at least make scrambled eggs and bacon

I couldn’t help staring at Daniel while we ate at the kitchen table together. He looked so cute absentmindedly munching on his toast that I started having dirty thoughts spring up again. I couldn’t help myself. I hurriedly finished my breakfast and crouched under the table between Daniel’s legs. While Daniel finished his meal, I undid the button and zipper of his jeans. I pulled his cock out from between the fly of his briefs and began sucking on it. Daniel tried to ignore me and eat his meal as casually as possible but I could hear him sigh and begin breathing deeply as I tried deep-throating his cock. While nowhere near as good at blowjobs as Daniel was, I thought I did a decent job of swallowing a cock. He put his hand underneath the table and rested it on my head as my mouth bobbed up and down on his rock-hard dick. With his free hand Daniel continued eating his toast. It wasn’t long before Daniel grunted while his cock spurted cum right down my throat.

The rest of the day proceeded in a pretty similar manner. I found an extra toothbrush in an unopened box in the back of the medicine cabinet that Daniel could use to freshen up a little bit. Daniel not only had the flavor of my cum lingering in his mouth, he could also cebeci escort probably still taste the bittersweet flavors of both our asses as well. Except the times we stepped outside for a cigarette, Daniel and I only ever wore our underwear or went completely nude. We spent most of the day getting high in the basement and watching TV while teasing each other. Whenever we walked by each other on the way to the bathroom or kitchen we would slap the other on the ass or grab each other’s crotches. This type of fooling around inevitably led to our cock’s inside each other’s mouths on a few more occasions. I came in his mouth once more but in another instance he asked me to jerk off right on his face. Daniel had acted disgusted when I ejaculated prematurely on his face a few nights ago, but he told me he actually felt extremely turned on by my cum covering his face.

In the late afternoon, Daniel and I sat on the basement couch in nothing but our boxers. We just finished smoking another bowl and were in the middle of watching a movie. Without warning, Daniel paused the movie and pounced on top of me. He laid kisses all over my neck, shoulders, and chest. I put my hands on both sides of Daniel’s face and pulled his lips to mine. After we started making out and were feeling more comfortable, my hands creeped down Daniel’s body until I grabbed his ass. We moaned in unison as our cocks rubbed together through our underwear. I reached my hand underneath the front of his boxers to feel his soft, warm dick. I couldn’t believe that after all the times I made him cum this last day that he could still get hard, but the proof stiffened between my fingers.

Daniel took my hand off his cock and removed it from inside his underwear. Daniel pulled his boxers down but they caught on his penis so that his long cock flopped up and down. I was hungry for his waving dick and couldn’t wait to eat it. Daniel leaned back to pull my boxers down off my legs so we could both be naked. What act would we be engaging in this time? I could barely contain my excitement. Daniel had introduced me to so many new experiences in the last few days. I wondered if Daniel would let me fuck him again, but he hadn’t given any indication yet that he wanted me inside him.

My mind was in a haze due to the influence of marijuana and my world turned surreal as Daniel reversed the position of his body and sat on all fours with his cock hanging right above my face. I had an up-close view of his scrotum and taint and could see his asshole peeking out between his asscheeks. It was amazing how quickly my view of the male body had changed. Only a few days ago I probably would have found the prospect of another guy’s junk in my face disgusting. But this wasn’t just any other guy. This was my Daniel, and his beautiful cock and sexy ass were inches away from my eager mouth.

Daniel’s own mouth was positioned only a few inches away from my cock. Our bodies were proportioned just right so that we didn’t have to strain our necks in order for our mouths to reach each other’s penises. Daniel brought his mouth down and sucked on my cock as he lowered his pelvis so the tip of his penis brushed against my lips. I was going to sixty-nine with a man for the first time in my life.

Daniel blew me at the same time I brought my mouth slowly upwards to take the length of his shaft in my mouth. I wrapped my arms around the back of his waist and used his body to pull myself up to swallow his manhood. It felt incredible to have Daniel’s cock in my mouth the same time that he sucked on mine. We both had to take each other’s dicks out of our mouths periodically to moan in pleasure.

“This is so fucking good,” I said as I held Daniel’s cock to my mouth like a microphone.

The increased sensations provided by the ample portion of THC we imbibed made the sixty-nine feel even more amazing. I already had a body high from the copious amount of pot we smoked, so the feeling of my cock in Daniel’s mouth was unbelievable. His mouth and tongue were warm and wet upon me and the longer he worked the more of me Daniel was able to take in his mouth. I tried to keep up, but whenever I tried to insert Daniel’s full length in my mouth I choked and gagged on his long cock.

Instead of trying to suck Daniel’s cock as well as he did mine, I decided on a different tactic. I took my mouth off Daniel’s cock and began licking upwards on the back of his penis toward his testicles. When my mouth reached his balls I opened my lips to take them in my mouth. Daniel had shaved his scrotum recently, but I could still feel the bristles of his testicular hair scratching my tongue and inside my mouth. His testicle felt soft but firm against my tongue. I moved my hands back to grasp his buttocks as I ran my tongue further upward to lick between his scrotum and anus. Daniel groaned with pleasure as my tongue teased his taint. I smelled Daniel’s sweat, dried cum, and the natural fragrance of his anus all mixed together. The combination was intoxicating. I continued tormenting Daniel for a while by licking tantalizingly close to his asshole. I could tell he couldn’t take it any more when he gently bit down onto my cock and nibbled on my tip. This was my signal to place the tip of my tongue right on his waiting asshole. I had never given a rimjob before, not even to my girlfriend. I didn’t want to disappoint Daniel and showed no hesitation before sticking my tongue into his asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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