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My name is Julia Hanson and I am an agent for a top secret government organization that investigates alien activities. For the most part I spend my time investigating dead ends and UFO hoaxes with my partner Josh Davis. However, a case was about to come across my desk that would change the world forever. It was three weeks ago and as usual I was searching the net to see which UFO claim Josh and I were going to look into next. Just then I noticed a story from of a small-town paper in Nebraska that caught my eye. Three night prior the woods just outside of the town had been bombarded by what the paper called fire rocks from the sky. The local authorities had searched the woods the next day but found nothing but burned trees and brush. I decided to get Josh and look into the matter further. After calling Josh in I got him up to speed on the new case.

“Ok,” I said, “according to the news story the rocks as they call them fell for about ten minutes. However, the locals were unable to find anything out of the ordinary when they looked the next day.”

“That could mean two things,” Josh responded, “for one it could mean that the falling rocks were just pieces from a broken up asteroid and that the pieces are too small to see on the ground, or two, the rocks or whatever have disguised themselves. Either way I think it is worth looking in to..” So Josh and I got clearance from our superiors and were off to Shadyville Nebraska.

It took two days but we finally made it to Shadyville. It was your typical small Midwest town with a population of a couple thousand. We noticed a café on Main Street and decided to grab some food before investigating the woods. When we entered the café it was full of people getting lunch. Josh and I found a small booth in the rear of the place and started scanning the menu. After a few minutes a waitress came along. “Good afternoon,” she said, “what can I get for you?” I took another quick look at the menu and replied.

“I’ll take the chicken club basket, and just water with that will be fine.” The waitress wrote down my order and turned to Josh.

“I think I’ll take the chicken fried steak with a coke.” The waitress wrote it down and walked off. “Hey,” Josh said after she left, “have you noticed that there are a lot of women in here.” I looked around and he was right. Besides Josh and a couple old farts the café was filled up with all women.

“That’s weird,” I said,” usually in a farm town you would expect the opposite. Here is another nugget for you Josh, from what I can tell all of the women are wearing nylons.”

“I know,” Josh replied, “the fact that it is hot out makes that weird. Do you think that it has something to do with the sky fire or that these people are strange?”

“I don’t know,” I answered, “but either way it is interesting.” Our food came and we ate. After Josh paid the check he was about to get up when the waitress accidentally stumbled a little. Josh caught her and in the process his hand landed on her nylon covered leg. At the time I didn’t think anything of it but I soon found out that it was a big deal indeed.

It only took us a few minutes to reach the woods where the fire came down. Meeting us there was the reporter from the local paper who had broken the story. Her name was Jenny Thomas. After parking and getting out of our Suburban, Jenny approached us. “Hello,” she said as she extended out her hand, “I am Jenny Thomas, I am the reporter you called.”

“Nice to meet narlıdere escort you,” I replied as I shook her hand, I noticed that unlike the women in town Jenny had on shorts and no sign of nylon anywhere. “Can I ask you a quick question,” I asked Jenny.

“Sure,” she replied, “anything you want to know, I am an open book.”

“I don’t think this is anything but do you know why all the women in town seem to have nylons on?”

At first Jenny hesitated to answer but then replied,” I am not totally sure, I noticed it the other day when I drove in to get my mail. It sounds crazy but I think it has something to do with the sky fire from the other night.”

“Why do you say that,” I asked.

“No particular reason,” she said, “but before that fire came folks around here had little if any interest in nylons. Especially since it is so hot. I have also noticed that a lot of the men around here have gone missing and no one seems to care. I went to the sheriff office yesterday but instead of him I got his daughter Cammie.”

“Same here,” Josh chimed in, “when I called to inform them of our visit I got here too.” Just after saying that Josh cringed over in pain and suddenly jumped in the Suburban and drove towards town. Before leaving he shot two of Jenny’s car tires out.

“Shit!” I yelled, “what the fuck is going on here! I pulled my gun on Jenny and demanded answers. “I need to know what is going on and I need to know now. You live here, tell me what I want to know.”

“I am sorry,” Jenny said almost in tears, “but I have no clue, all I know is that after the sky fire came all the men vanished and the women started wearing pantyhose.” I lowered my gun and decided that I would need Jenny’s help to retrieve Josh. I tried to contact headquarters on my cell but something was jamming my signal. The same thing was also true with my wireless internet.

“I have phone and net,” Jenny said, “but both have been down since the fire came. I assume that the sheriff office phone is up since your friend said he called before you came.” Instead of walking to town half cocked Jenny and I limped to her wounded car two miles to her place. “I will get my tools and spares from the shed and then we can go to town.”

“You have two spare tires,” I asked.

“I have one in the car and two here but what would have been the point of changing one flat there instead of coming here where It is safer.” I shrugged my shoulders and was about to go help Jenny when my cell rang.

“Hello,” I said, “\who is this?”

“We have your friend here,” a woman’s voice answered, “he wants to show you what you came to see. We have enabled your laptop receive our video feed, we control everything.” I opened my laptop and saw the video. Josh was lying on a bed in between two pantyhose clad women. Outside of the hose they were naked and Josh who seemed to be in a trance type state was sucking on their tits and rubbing up and down their nylon legs. The camera then shifted from josh to a second bed where a woman with hose was approaching one without. The hose clad woman then looked at the camera and spoke. “This will be your fate outsider, and tell Jenny we haven’t forgotten her either.” The hosed woman crawled onto the bed and suddenly a liquid looking substance that matched the color of her pantyhose appeared from her legs and landed on the female prisoner. Instantly the liquid spread across the woman’s lower body and ödemiş escort formed into the hose that encased the other women. The prisoner lay motionless for a moment and then sat up.

“I live to serve,” she said, “I am the hose, long live the Nylonians.” The woman and original hosed woman now began kissing and rubbing against one another. The camera then was shifted back to Josh who was being serviced by two other hosed women. One of them then straddled the entranced man and her alien pantyhose parted to expose her wet pussy. With her sex exposed the woman slid down onto Josh’s engorged manhood. As the hosed woman rode Josh I could hear his screams of ecstasy and though I knew it was wrong I felt a small tingle of pleasure inside of me. The woman who had converted the female prisoner then came in front of the camera.

“I felt the pleasure swell up within you, you will be one of us. Your friend has seen the light, why don’t you come and join him. The woman stepped away from the camera to show Josh. He also was wearing pantyhose that would fully encased his swollen cock forever. He was still pleasing and being pleased by the four hosed women. The camera feed was cut off and I decided to focus on the task at hand. I had expected Jenny to be done with the tire repairs but when I entered the garage nothing had been done. I heard a clang come from a side room and went to investigate with my gun pulled, of course. I entered the room to see Jenny on the floor and a small egg shaped container next to her. The container though very alien looking seemed to resemble a pantyhose container from the store. The egg was open and a dark tan colored liquid was encasing Jenny’s lower body. I should have shot the egg or something but I was in awe as the liquid slowly transformed Jenny’s legs into hose covered beauties. Jenny then sat up and said.

“I live to serve, I am the hose, long live the Nylonians.” She then shot a look at me and before I could react I was out cold. I woke up in a small room tied to a bed with what seemed like very strong nylon bindings. Next to me on the bed was a hose egg like the one that converted Jenny.

“I see you are awake,” a woman said as she came in. As it turned out it was the same woman who had been on camera, the sheriff’s daughter Cammie. The youth had flowing blonde hair and was naked except for the smooth black pantyhose on her shapely legs..

“Normally I would have converted you but I figured since you came all this way to investigate us I would tell you what you want to hear first. The Nylonians are a race of aliens from across the galaxy who actually came here many years ago. They shoot eggs from their ship into a planet and wait for the hose to convert the females that reside there. They are responsible for the invention of nylon and pantyhose. Years ago they came here to invade but something went wrong and the eggs they sent to Earth were duds, well not totally. One egg was found and the substance inside was a key component in the invention of the first ever women’s hosiery. The Nylonians ignored Earth for a while but have decided to give it another try. This time it worked. The substance in the eggs connects with a female host and converts them into a Nylonian slave. After that any woman who has been converted can use her hose to convert others.”

“Where is Josh you bitch,” I yelled.

“Your friend has suffered the fate of all males. First we seduce and entrance seferihisar escort them with the pantyhose. After they are under our control we give them a little fun and encase them in pantyhose. That is how they will be controlled and commanded. We will send them back to their lives for now but at any time they can be instantly entranced by one of us. We can use the males of Earth to serve our invasion and sexual needs.” Cammie then walked over to the bed and kissed me, she then walked away and the egg next to me opened and a white blast of the nylon liquid came onto my legs. Instantly my senses went crazy, as the liquid converted into the alien pantyhose it felt as if a thousand hands were caressing my body. A moan escaped my throat and from there mi will was broken I gave away my human bonds and let the nylon invade my mind. As I writhed on the bed in pleasure Jenny and the waitress from the café crawled onto the bed with me. I saw the nylon retreat away from our pussies just enough to allow access. As if by instinct I waited and Jenny straddled my head. Her nylon encased legs felt orgasmic against my skin and as she lowered her self I could begin to taste her sweet juices. As I indulged my lustful appetite on Jenny’s sex the waitress Maxine buried her face in my exposed mound. Cammie sat in a chair and watched us while she shoved her fingers into herself. My new Nylonian sisters and I spent the rest of the day sending one another to the limits of human pleasure. That night Cammie gathered us and explained her plan to spread the invasion.

“We have taken over this pitiful town and the ones surrounding it,” she began, “Now that we are here and have established control the mother ship can use the transporter to send us more nylon eggs. We will take these eggs and along with our ability to convert females with our own hose we will spread through this world.”

“Mistress,” I said, “how will we do this?”

“Simple,” she replied, “along with this town the mother ship also sent eggs through the sky fire to other small towns across the globe. In each town a mistress egg was also sent. That egg contained the actual life force of a pure Nylonian. In this town the mistress egg took over the female known as Cammie. The rest of you are converts but aside from the human appearance I am a pure Nylonian; but for the time I will be called Mistress Cammie.”

“I understand,” I said, “I live to serve you mistress.”

“Good,” she replied, “now I want you and you friend Josh to take Jenny and Maxine back to your city of Washington. Once there Josh will already be a puppet for you to use but I also want you to convert all of the females that qualify for conversion as well as seduce and enslave to more men to be our obedient puppets. Once you have secured a location to store nylon eggs in Washington we will transport them to you.”

“How will we know witch women qualify,” Jenny asked.

“Now that you are share Nylonian DNA you will automatically be able to pick them out. Women who are under the human age of 18 and over the age 50 will not be converted. From there it will be a matter of physical looks and if the human body will be strong enough for the conversion. The only limit on men to be enslaved will be the same age parameters of the females. Their looks don’t matter. After we have taken the planet over the men and non converts will be either sent to slave markets throughout the galaxy or kept here in camps until they die or are old enough for conversion.”

Cammie then separated the rest of the Shadyville Nylonian converts into groups of three women with some groups live mine taking an enslaved man with. Cammie and a small group stayed in the town to hold that area. The invasion had begun and soon the entire world would know the pleasure of the hose.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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