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As my husband and I have written in prior submissions, we really began to explore and enjoy our sex life as we got into our mid-to-late 30s. After enjoying threesomes and my first bisexual experience we continued our exploration of a more erotic lifestyle. We kept expanding our horizons. This is one story of our horizons being expanded.

One afternoon I was home from work and thought I would check our email and look at some adult sites to see if any friends were online. I noticed that a video had been downloaded, so I took a peek. It was a series of videos my husband Jay had downloaded with different footjobs. I was intrigued. I had read about footjobs but had never given one and wasn’t sure I even knew anyone who was into them. Well, it seemed there was at least one person… my husband.

I was more and more interested in this as I watched the videos. It made me thing that my husband loving me to wear stockings and heels may be a factor in this new fetish of his. I decided to have some fun with this concept. I called and got in for a pedicure. When Jay got home from work he called my cell. I was still getting my tootsies pampered so I told him I was getting a pedicure and buying myself a present after.

He called me back 10 minutes later, just as the pedi was finishing, and begged to know what I was buying myself. I just laughed and told him he would have to wait and find out. He kept calling me, so I just sent him to voicemail. Eventually he sent me a pic of kemalpaşa escort his hard cock and said that he hoped this would influence my purchase. I sent back, “LOL!”

I stopped at my favorite shoe store and bought a new pair of heels. Black with silver studs on them and 4 inch silver heels. They have a bit of a kinky look to them.

When I got home I changed into the shoes before walking into the house. I came in and smiled at him. His eyes immediately recognized the new shoes. I could see the crotch of his pants stretch a bit as his cock hardened more. I strutted past him and asked if he liked them. I walked into the living room and sat on our leather sofa. He followed me, but I motioned for him to stop and told him to kneel when he was close to me. I extended one leg and rubbed his hardness through his pants with the sole of the shoe. I could feel his cock expand as it got harder and harder. I thought I’d have some fun and tried to trace the outline of his erection with the tip of the shoe’s heel. Jay’s eyes closed and he moaned a bit. I asked Jay to pull out his cock. I love my husband’s cock. It is average size, but he can last a long time – which I love. I poked at his cock and tender balls with the heel of the one shoe. I then pressed the shaft against his abdomen and squeezed it there with the sole of my shoe. Jay groaned and moaned about how good it felt. Jay’s cock was dripping precum, so I used the heel of the shoe konak escort to wipe some of it up. I then slipped the shoe off and licked the heel clean, teasing my man. This was the first glimpse he had of my newly pedicured feet. His eyes opened wide and he grinned. I put my soft, bare foot on his cock and began rubbing. I slipped off the other shoe and then began rubbing both sides of this cock with my bare feet with the sexily painted toenails. Jay was not long lasting this time, I stroked his cock for a few minutes before his cock exploded on my feet, coating my feet and ankles in hot cum. I giggled and smiled as I told him what I saw on the video. I then told him that he had another surprise coming, from another video I had seen.

I took one of the sexy shoes and smeared his hot cum all over it. I then began to lick the cum off my shoe. When I got to the heel I licked it and sucked it like it was a lovely little four inch dick. I then moved the shoe to my crotch and I slowly and carefully slid the heel into my pussy. Once it was in I began moving slowly, carefully, and before long was fucking my pussy with a high-heeled shoe. It didn’t take long for me to notice his cock hardening and I exploded in my own orgasm.

After my orgasm subsided, Jay fucked me good in the missionary position and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day we talked about how erotic it was the night before. We decided it would be a good night kuşadası escort for us to go out and see if maybe we could find a new playmate.

Early that evening we were getting ready to go out. Jay had me wear a revealing dress with stockings and the new heels. I could tell he was aroused so I knelt down and started sucking his cock before he got his pants on. I worked is cock masterfully with my lips and tongue before I felt him ready to blow his load. I grabbed one of the sexy stilettos and stroked his cock off into the shoe. I then squeezed out as many drops as I could into the second shoe. I then stepped into the two shoes, smiling as I felt his cum squish between my stocking-clad toes.

Jay’s eyes were big as saucers and he grinned. I knew it aroused him and it kept him hard all night. I kept teasing him with my feet and heels. He was rock hard the entire evening. I finally gave him a little relief on the way home, jacking him while he drove, but I wouldn’t let him cum. When we got home I led him into the house, to the living room, pulling him by his hard cock. When in the living room I made him lie on the floor while I sat on the sofa. I batted his cock back and forth with my feet. I then squished his cock between my studded high heeled feet before stroking him in a lovely footjob. It didn’t take too long before I saw his eyes roll back in his head and felt his abdomen tighten before a volcanic eruption of cum literally shot out of his cock. It must have shot a couple feet into the air before splattering down on him, the carpet, and my feet and shoes. Being the cum slut that I am, I slipped off the shoes and licked them clean of his cum.

As we drifted off to sleep I asked him if he would buy me shoes for my birthday and Christmas. Of course, he readily agreed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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