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*All parties are over the age of 18, story features gay incest, pissing, and diaper play.*

The alarm blared to life, announcing 7am. James moaned and rolled over to hit the button that would make the terrible noise stop. He stretched out, popping the stiffness out of his joints and causing a crinkling noise. He looked down and smiled at the adult diaper that clung to his morning wood.


Diapers had been his main kink for quite some time now. He had come across an obscure porn video, with a little twink like him, diapered and getting fucked by an older man. It had taken about three strokes for him to cum in his pants as he watched the screen.

Most of his next paycheck went to his new fetish. He went to the Walmart a few towns over, at about 1am, looking like he was gonna rob the place, hat with the brim pulled low, sunglasses, and hood up. He went through the self checkout with all the things he needed, a pack of adult diapers, talcum powder and butt cream, lube and the largest cucumber he could find.

James pulled into the driveway with his headlights off and left his shopping bags under his bedroom window. The house was dark, but he knew his dad was probably up waiting for him. He could count on one hand the number of times he had successfully snuck in past the colonel. His dad had been raising him by himself for a while, so James got the military treatment, up early to run before school, ROTC throughout high school, ‘Yes sir’ and ‘No sir.’ This treatment had continued when he started college, he had hoped he might have let up a bit, but he was wrong.

He closed the door slowly, letting the latch settle into place. He heard the TV on in the den, he tiptoed past on the way down the hall. The colonel was asleep in his armchair in nothing but his boxers. James paused for a moment, taking in the muscular arms, salt and pepper hair, and noticeable bulge. James’s dick jumped in his pants, then he thought of his goodies waiting for him outside, smiled, and hurried quietly to his room.

He opened the window and retrieved his bags and got to work. He stripped and opened the pack of adult diapers, taking one out and unfolding it. The noise it made was amazing. He closed his bathroom door, so that his full length mirror reflected the bed. He watched himself settle onto the diaper, shivering as his skin made contact. He pulled his knees up to his chest and watched himself rub the diaper cream into his ass cheeks. He lowered his feet back to the floor, opened tire escort the powder and sprinkled some on his dick.

James rubbed the white powder into his cock, thrusting his hips to fuck his hand, but then removed them and stared up at the ceiling, willing his brain to wander so his dick would deflate a bit. He focused on his breathing and felt some of the blood leave his length. He reached between his legs and grabbed the front of the diaper and quickly taped it into place.

It was so fluffy and comfortable. He brought his feet up to the edge of the bed and looked at himself in the mirror. His already shapely ass looked amazing with the diapers extra bulk, his package, now to its full size again, stretched against the material which was already damp with his precum.

Henry jerked out of his dream, confused for a moment. He sat up in his recliner and watched a few seconds of the overly perky women in the infomercial on the tv. He found the remote and clicked it off and listened. The house seemed quiet. There wasn’t a clock in the den, but it felt late. He walked over to the window and pulled aside the curtain. James’s pickup sat in the driveway, the whole block was still.

He let the curtain fall and turned around, starting down the hallway but was stopped by the line of light on the wall. James must have left his light on. He walked over to the door, pushing it open slightly so he could reach his hand in and turn off the light. He glanced at James’s bed, expecting to see the form of his sleeping son.

Instead he saw a little weirdo faggot, rubbing himself through an adult diaper while sucking off a cucumber. James was gagging as he pushed the cucumber farther and farther into his throat, spit running down his face. Henry’s face turned red and his blood started to boil. What had happened to his son to make him such a kinky little fucker?

He was about to move and put a stop to this madness, when James pulled the cucumber out with a *Pop!*

“Oh, daddy!” What the fuck did he just say?

James took the bottle of lube and covered his hand, moving his hand around his leg and into the back of his diaper. Henry could see the boys cock jump as he started to finger his own asshole.

“Yes daddy, get me ready for your big, giant cock!” The colonel had seen some gay shit in the army, but nothing like this. James took his hand out, added some more lube, and started to give the cucumber a handjob. Soon he was pulling his torbalı escort diaper aside and Henry could see his little pucker hole for a moment, before James was pressing the cucumber against it.

“Oh god, daddy! I love the feeling of you filling my fuck hole.” He pushed it in slowly, letting his body adjust.

That fucking faggot! Henry thought, but realized he was one to talk, as his hand gently moved up and down the bulge in his pants as he listened to his son pretend to fuck him. He took his eyes off the beautiful sight in front of him for a moment to pull down his boxers, letting his hardness free, and taking a moment to play with his precum. He was paying too much attention to his cock to notice James’s quick glance towards the hallway. He had hoped ALL his fantasies would come true tonight, and it seemed like they might.

James pushed the cucumber in deeper, groaning louder, hoping the colonel wouldn’t be able to resist, “Oh yeah daddy! Fuck me raw. Use your little bitch. Make me cum!” Henry pushed the door open, trying to get a better look, and made a small grunt as his hand ran over his sensitive tip.

James figured this was his chance. “Dad!” He let go of the cucumber and watched his father’s eyes follow it, from where it slowly slid out of his hole and onto the hardwood. Henry paused for a moment, then stepped forward, letting his boxers fall. James moved his diaper to hide his now gaping hole, and scooted away from his dad, faking fear.

Henry grabbed his ankle and dragged his ass back across the bed. James put his hands up to block his face, Henry grabbed his wrists and pushed them down on the mattress while climbing on top of him, a knee between the diapered boys’ thighs. Henry moved his knee up, pushing it against the boys hard-on.

“So, you’re a little faggot, huh?” He moved his knee in a circle against the throbbing cock. “A kinky little fucker?” He brought his knee up into his balls, causing the twink to cry out.

“I’m sorry colonel! I’m sorry I’m such a freak!”

Henry held both of James’s wrists in his left hand, and moved his right to the boy’s throat, lightly squeezing the sides. The boy’s eyes got big as they looked from his hand to his eyes. Henry felt something warm against his knee.

Henry let go of his throat and moved his hand to the back of his head, and grabbed a handful of hair, forcing James head back.

Henry leaned forward and whispered into his ear,”Did you just urla escort piss yourself?” The colonel pulled the hair as he removed his hand, and moved his hand to the front of James’s diaper, which now hung with the weight of his piss. “You’re gonna wish you hadn’t done that.”

Henry flipped his son over, smacked his ass hard, and pushed the diaper aside. He lined himself up with James’s waiting hole and plunged in.

“Oh daddy! I’m sorry daddy!”

Henry pulled all but his tip out, then went back in fast, hitting James’s prostate and causing the young man to release a delicious moan.

“Your ass is going to be sorry tomorrow, cause I’m gonna pound it as much as I want. Got it? It’s mine. I don’t need your weird ass making its way around town and people finding out you’re a little freak.”

“Yes daddy! My ass is yours! Fill your son’s ass!”

Henry grabbed the back of James’s neck and forced his face down into the mattress, he didn’t want to hear another word. He just focused on the little shit beneath him, as he sped up and finished, pumping his seed into the boy, as he let his own go into his diaper.


James shook his head, forcing himself out of his daydream. He checked the clock and jumped up. He ran to the kitchen, his wet diaper sagging as he set the coffee pot. His bare feet padded quietly down the hallway. He let himself into daddy’s room and had just settled into position when his 7:30am alarm went off.

James was settled on his knees, hands reaching back and holding his ankles, his morning wood forcing the wet material of his diaper forward. The colonel stretched and stood.

“Morning bitch.”

“Good Morning Sir.” The colonel signaled, and James moved his hands to pull his diaper out away from his waist. James only had to wait for a moment before the yellow stream became steady, running down his chest and abs, and filling his diaper even more, giving James the warm feeling he loved. The last few drops came out and Henry grabbed his hair and forced him forward. He hungrily cleaned the piss from his slit, then started working his cock, waiting for his morning load.

He messaged his balls, waiting for the juice that made him. It came, warm and thick into his throat and he swallowed it easily.

“Now finish yourself, slut.”

“Yes Sir.” James crawled to his father and mounted his leg and started humping. This humiliating release was all he was allowed until the colonel fucked him that night after work.

He looked up at his father as he rode his leg, his dick slipping around in both their piss and his pre-cum. He heard his dad taking pictures on his phone, so he bit his lip and looked into the camera, then let his mouth fall open as he came in his diaper, while moaning, “Thank you daddddddddy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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