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Big Dicks


As she drove to the next house Jessica smiled. Out of the corner of her eye she could see “what’s her name” stealing glances at her. Jessica was used to men fawning over her. And she had met some women in college who ogled her. But even so it was still a bit new for her. She hoped the girl could keep her mind on the job she wanted to get a huge house to host parties at. She also loved swimming so a pool was a necessity too.

Jessica was half paying attention to Rachel as she thought about all the fabulous parties she would have… ah it was good to be Jessica. Rachel was talking about something about the history of the house, she sure did babble on Jessica thought. Turning into the new place she saw that this one was much better.

It was a huge building larger then its neighbors. There were *two* pools one Olympic sized pool in the front and a smaller one in the back that had patio furniture all around it. The lawn looked immaculate and she instantly fell in love with the place.

It’s beautiful just like me.

Stepping out of the car she took her $15,000 purse with her, custom made with her name Jessica written over the fancy brand label she looked around well pleased. “Now this is what I’m talking about Rebecca.” The agent looked as if she was ready to say something but instead started the tour of the place.

The girl started her tour and blathered on about the architecture and the design… sounded like her History professor’s lectures. Interestingly enough just like her History professor the girl kept looking at her feet.

I had so much fun with poor professor, why not have a little more fun with a girl?

She looked at Rachel and smiled.


She was in the middle of talking about the elegant design of the door ways when she noticed Jessica staring at her. She again felt awkward and uncomfortable. To have that woman with her perfect lips and her sexy eyes look at her…

NO get a hold of yourself girl you are not interested in woman. You are not interested in women. Ignore it stay focused, you are a professional now!

“I’m sorry Miss Jessica did you have a question?”

“Yes I did, I wanted to know what you think of them?”

Suddenly wary Rachel saw the predatory anticipation in her client’s eyes. She backed up a step and steadied herself. “I’m sorry Miss Jessica, what do I think of what?”

Jessica smile grew broader, “I’m talking about what you have been staring at all day… my feet.”

Her face was on fire. It was crimson with shame. With her reaction so obvious she couldn’t even plausibly deny it. She stuttered and stammered trying to think of an appropriate response. “I… I… uh Miss Jessica I mean to say I…” Bring her hand to her chest she could feel her racing heart and she took a deep breath trying to calm down.

“Miss Jessica I was admiring your toe ring it is a very exquisite piece of jewelry, I deeply apologize if I have offended you in some way.”

Rachel caught the flash of Jessica’s diamond bracelet. And then she felt her hard slap on her cheek. Clutching her face she stepped back form the sharp blow and looked up at her client bewilderingly.

“That was for lying to me,” she pointed at her with a perfectly manicured finger.

She hit me! She actually hit me!

Jessica continued speaking as Rachel still stared at her in shock. She never expected to be struck by a client as a real estate agent! Jessica said, “Don’t lie to me again. You did mention you liked my toe ring; each diamond set in there is worth thousands of dollars. Do you want a closer look?”

YES! I want to get right next to it and kiss and worship… NO STOP IT. I Escort Bayan am not a lesbian I am not!

“Miss Jessica I don’t think that would be appropriates I-I’m here to show you the house a-and if we can continue to do so…” She was pleading for her to just let the matter drop so she could move on and not have to deal with these conflicting desires welling in her loins. As she trailed off she looked at Jessica.

Jessica was smiling.


Jessica was smiling because this was just too much fun. Jessica always loved using her body to make others uncomfortable and despite seeing how terribly awkward her agent was she was going to keep pushing it. Striding forward confidently, Rachel backed up until her back was against the wall.

“When a client asks you some questions, you should be a good little agent and answer them for her.” Jessica lowered her voice to a soft seductive tone, “So tell me, what do you think of my feet?” As Jessica’s eyes bored into Rachel she felt an exciting thrill of power as Rachel’s lip trembled.

Rachel’s voice was very tiny when she said, “Y-Your feet are beautiful Miss J-Jessica.” Jessica tilted her head slightly, “What was that Reba? You’ll have to speak louder.” Anguish was written on Rachel’s face as clearly as a neon sign. Obviously struggling with herself she spoke up louder, “I like your feet Miss Jessica!”

OMG she actually has tears in her eyes. Haha.

Still in a low seductive whisper Jessica pressed on, “A lot of men love my feet, but you are a woman aren’t you? Why do you like my feet?” Rachel closed her eyes and Jessica switched to a harsher tone. “Look at your client when they talk to you, I am not paying you to be disrespectful.” Seeing her open her silent tear filled eyes again Jessica switched back to her seductive tone, “Good girl, now tell me why do you like my feet?”

Rachel whimpered, “Please don’t make me say it Miss Jessica.”

Oh I’m going to make you do way more then say it!

Switching to the mocking girly tone she used to tease he old professor she said, “Aww is someone embarrassed? Is little miss real estate girl in that dark closet? Are you a wittle lezzy slut?”

Rachel was shaking her head no in denial. Jessica smiled. Her voice changed swiftly to a harsher tone “Oh now none of that you stupid dyke. I told you not to lie to me.” With those words she grabbed the smaller woman’s blonde hair and yanked her head back and let loose a hard slap that echoed in the room. Rachel stumbled to the floor and Jessica said, “You are on your second strike. Lie to me again and I’ll find a new agent and let your parent company know that you sexually harassed me.” Seeing the fear in the little blonde’s eyes gave Jessica an erotic sadistic joy.


Rachel couldn’t believe what was happening. Her cheek throbbed from those two harsh slaps, the woman before her was a paragon of beauty but she was strong too! She couldn’t believe that in just an hour or two she had been “outed” by this bitch. And she was such a bitch too, not getting her name right, striking her TWICE, and humiliating her. But she was also the most gorgeous bitch she had ever seen.

She is so hot it hurts to look at her; I need her so badly…

Despite her immense attraction to her Rachel felt a huge spike of fear go through her. This woman could ruin her before she even started out. She needed this sale she was at her financial limit. Worse if she told her parent company… they would cut her and she might even be blacklisted from working in the market! Feeling a fresh wave of despair creep over her she shook it off and started to raise up off of the ground. As she was Bayan Escort getting to her knees Jessica said, “That’s far enough I like you right there.”

Rachel couldn’t believe her brazenness. She needed to salvage this situation right away. “Miss Jessica I apologize for lying to you, I promise you it won’t happen again. I know you really like this house and I want to focus on helping you get it. Please can we continue the tour?” Jessica smiled down at her. She switched to the soft whisper that was smooth as velvet, “Oh we can, but not yet. You haven’t answered my question. Are you a lezzy slut?”

God her voice is so sexy…

Not wanting to lose the sale or be slapped again by this Goddess of beauty who literally had her career in her perfect hands, she nodded. Though even that much of an admission brought shame and loathing to her core. She had always been taught that her feelings for other women were wrong. Her father had beaten her the first time she told him about looking at other girls. That was part of the reason she had worked so hard to get away. But still it was deeply ingrained in her that lusting after your own gender was sick and depraved.

But Jessica had no mercy. Still smiling she said, “Not good enough, I want to hear you say it.

No I can’t say it out loud then it would make it true I can’t!

“Please Miss Jessica don’t make me say it. Please lets just continue the tour Miss Jessica I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable… please?” She asked the last bit in a hopeful whisper. Jessica crossed her arms under her ample bosom and smiled.

“Say it.”


Jessica couldn’t help but laugh as Rachel sobbed out her confession, “Yes I’m a lezzy slut yes damn it I am. I love woman I love their breasts, I want to touch them I want to lick their pussies. Yes I am a lesbian.” Seeing this poor pitiful wretch open up about her darkest secrets… oh yes true fun.

And she’s still kneeling!

Returning to her girly voice that she knew drove men, and apparently some women, mad with desire she said, “Now doesn’t that feel good to get that out in the open?” Not waiting for her response Jessica thought of something even more fun. “That was the honesty I wanted to see. I want to remember this moment forever but really I have so much on my mind. Planning my pedicures, manicures, hair styling, shopping, looking for a house… oh its just all so much to remember.”

The agent on the floor looked at her despairingly… wondering where she was going with this train of thought. Jessica smiled.

“I want you to call my cell phone and repeat what you just said on my voice mail. Every word.” Rachel shook her head no, “Miss Jessica I… I can’t. Please if anyone would find out…” Jessica laughed, “What is the matter with you it is the new millennium! I said I don’t like liars, if you refuse to speak your true feelings again you will be living a lie. I don’t work with liars.”

With that Jessica turned away and started to walk to the front door of the home. She knew that Rachel would stop her; people like her were so obvious. “NO!” Rachel scrambled to her feet and jumped in front of the door. “Don’t leave Miss Jessica I’ll say it please, I need this sale so badly. Please collectors call me all the time, I can barely afford the car payments on the Ford Focus, if I don’t sell you a home I’m ruined.”

Low class slut… barely worth my time.

Still though why stop the fun… especially when the point of no return for Rachel was right around the corner. Using a harsh sharp tone she said, “Well I’m waiting, do it.” Rachel quickly fumbled with her phone and dialed Jessica’s number. As they Escort waited for her phone to switch to voice mail Jessica added, “And tell my machine how much you love looking at me.” She repeated every word and also said, “Miss Jessica I can’t take my eyes off of you, your body is perfect in everyway, I need you especially your feet” and then with a sob she finished. Jessica could see she was completely and utterly emotionally spent.



Rachel couldn’t believe what she had done. She had spilled her deepest darkest secret on this virtual stranger’s cell phone inbox! A stranger who had up to this point had nothing but disdain for her. Terror gripped her gut, if Jessica shared that with her boss… No it was too horrible to think. She wouldn’t. She couldn’t.

What have I done?

And by the way Jessica was smiling she knew that Jessica knew what she was thinking. Jessica radiated authority and power. When she inhaled to speak Rachel couldn’t keep her eyes off the swell of that magnificent bosom.

“Earlier I asked you if you wanted a closer look at my toe ring.” Jessica didn’t even say anything more. Just a simple statement. And then a point of her finger was all it took. Rachel knew the dynamic had changed. There was no pretense to asking anymore. Just a simple non-verbal command that she knew she had to obey.

And I want to get a closer look. I want to touch it. To kiss it. To…

She brought herself to the ground her belly touching the floor. It seemed more appropriate that way. In the back of her mind she knew she was ruining her only good work clothes and couldn’t afford any more of them but it got her closer to Jessica’s flawless feet. Just the perfect shade of tanned light brown her feet were perfect. And the toe ring was more expensive than her car! It had tiny quality diamonds imbedded all around it. It humbled her to think that Jessica walked on jewelry more expensive than all the worldly possessions she had to her name.

Jessica delicately kicked off her heels; her bare feet were now on the floor. Rachel’s face hovered less than an inch above them. In the silky smooth seductress voice Jessica said, “You want to touch them don’t you?” Rachel responded in a shaky whisper, “Yess oh yes.” Jessica continued with that unbearably sexy voice, “You want to kiss the tops of my toes, the soles of my feet, you want them so bad.” Rachel was shaking with desire.

“And of course you should want to. I am just plain better then you. It is proper to desire to worship your superiors.” Still keeping the low tone of sexual huntress she continued, “Yes worship that is what you want to do, worship me like some Greek Goddess.” Rachel could barely stop herself from diving in and kissing those feet right now. The diamonds sparkled, her breath came fast, she panted… like a dog.

“But why should I let you? You are so far beneath me socially I don’t think you are even fit to even worship my feet.” Rachel was being degraded and humiliated. But her self esteem had spiraled downward so fast she felt that she deserved it. Who was she really? Some nobody from a white trash abusive family, not a dime to her name, and crawling on the floor hoping against hope for the chance to kiss the feet of a wealthy women who was demeaning her so terribly? Silently she hoped and prayed that Jessica would let her worship her delicate feet.

Please let me kiss them. I just need it I need it so much more then anything…

“But I am a nice girl. I will let you indulge your lezzy desires with my feet. But there is a catch. You have to earn it. If you place your low life white trash lips on my feet, know that I will hurt you with the same feet that you will adore.” Her voice barely audible now, “That’s our little deal between us, if you choose to accept it you may kiss.”

Jessica was already smiling when Rachel planted her first kiss, but definitely not the last, on Jessica’s toes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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