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[Although this story can be read on its own, you will enjoy it more if you read the preceding chapters, especially the first chapter. If you are offended by bodily functions, spanking, or caning and the like, please read no further. All characters are 18 or over.]


Joan received a phone call from the family’s lawyer, Mary Ann. The lawyer informed her that she needed to come by to discuss a matter with her. Joan told her that now was fine. Mary Ann said she would leave her office for the family home now.

Mary Ann was in her early 40s and had advised the family when Joan’s mother, Jennifer, had been in charge. She had a submissive nature and had been disciplined by Jennifer and now was subject to being disciplined by her daughter Joan. Although Joan was only 24, she had been left in charge of the house and the family by Jennifer in her will.

This responsibility included managing the house and supervising the staff. Jennifer had assembled the family every Friday evening and considered the reports of staff and family in deciding who needed to be disciplined. She would then impose discipline at her discretion.

Four family members lived in the house: Jill, 32; Ken, 30; Emil, 28; and Joan herself, 24. Each now had a friend or partner living with them there, not necessarily on a full-time basis. Jill had her friend Clarice, 28, as well as Frank, 30, sometimes both at the same time. Ken was affianced to Andrea, who was 28, and had been designated as Joan’s deputy, empowered to perform Joan’s role as director in Joan’s absence. Emily had a new friend, Grant, who was her same age, and Joan had recently invited Steve, 28, to live with her.

The rules provided that family members (and friends, with the approval of both the member and Joan) lived free of charge in the house but were subject to Joan’s direction of the house and her disciplining. So far, no one seemed willing to leave because of these requirements.

Joan was petite but highly motivated, which had led to her success in her work. She had assumed her mother’s role at home with relative ease. She had also been active sexually for some time, and within the house, with Emily as well as Ken and Andrea. Now she was involved in a relationship with Steve, who marveled at the amazing situation into which he had entered.

Joan had decided to end the weekly meetings and instead would call a meeting on occasion when there was something to discuss. She would advise those for whom she had decided that discipline was necessary to see her privately in her suite by appointment. This had already occurred with Jill, who had seemed to object to the change in the regular meeting and voiced her reservations. She had been disciplined by Joan with Steve present in Joan’s rooms.

The head housekeeper, Petra, an experienced woman in her 40s, reported to Joan, and oversaw the staff, many of whom had served the family for years. Petra gathered information from them about misbehavior by family members as well as staff and passed this on to Joan. This was known to everyone, who did not bother to question it. Petra also was subject to being disciplined by Joan.

Mary Ann arrived and was shown to Joan’s suite by a junior staff member, Rachel, who knocked on the door of the suite and said, “Miss Joan, I have Miss Mary Ann here to see you.”

A voice responded from inside, “Tell her to come in and that is all, Rachel.”

Rachel opened the door to allow Mary Ann to enter and quickly closed it behind her. She knew that Joan’s statement indicated that the staff member’s presence was neither desired nor permitted.

“It’s good to see you, Mary Ann,” Joan began. “Let’s get started.”

Mary Ann had been surprised to have been escorted to Joan’s rooms. Usually their meetings occurred in the downstairs drawing room and she wondered what Joan had in mind today.

“I telephoned because there’s a matter on which I need to get your position,” she responded.

Joan remained silent so the lawyer continued her explanation.

“I was contacted by a cousin of yours, an Amanda Dawson, who said that she and her mother expected a bequest from Jennifer’s will,” Mary Ann said. “I told her I would discuss this with you and get back to her. She sounded somewhat desperate, as if she or her mother was in great need.”

“I know her,” Joan answered sharply. “She is a despicable little leech and my mother despised her mother, Carol. Let her know that she’s getting nothing. I’m sure my mother’s will was clear in omitting any mention of them.”

“Are you sure that it might not make sense to pay them a very modest amount to make this go away?” Mary Ann asked. “I’m just saying this now so that if we end up litigating, when costs could be significant, you will be aware of that prospect.”

“Mary Ann, you’re retained to handle these little rip-off attempts,” Joan snapped. “I want these hustlers to know right off that we can’t be blackmailed or anything like that. So, do whatever you need to do to make sivas escort her go away…without a nickel.”

Mary Ann was trembling, despite her normal self-confidence. She had previously subjected herself to Joan’s dominance, but she was surprised by how stridently the younger woman could make her position known.

“I certainly will deal with it,” Mary Ann responded, “and she will be informed in no uncertain terms that she’s getting nothing.”

“Good,” Joan said without much expression. “Anything else? Now you know how to deal with future requests like this one. I’m going to rely on you to ascertain which ones you may really need to fly by me.”

Mary Ann did now understand that she would be very careful in giving anyone an idea that they might get anything from Joan or the family.

“I’m sorry, Joan,” she replied. “I’m glad we had this conversation because now I’m quite clear on what I need to do in these situations. I’m sorry that you had to be bothered. But I do need to tell you about something else that I’ve picked up.”

Joan looked her in the eye.

“Of course, please go ahead,” she said quietly.

“Your two sisters have been consulting a lawyer,” she said calmly. “One of my associates happened to see them in an office building down the street. Don’t worry, they don’t know her, but she recognized them from having done some work for me on your account. She watched the elevator signal and they got off on the floor of a firm I know well. There’s no other tenant on that floor so they clearly were going to see someone there.”

“Do we know who they might have been going to see there?” Joan asked.

“Probably,” Mary Ann replied. “There’s a well-known estates lawyer in that firm and I would be very surprised if it wasn’t her that they were going to see.”

“Mary Ann, if you hadn’t done such a good job for us for so long, I might have doubts,” Joan answered, “but I do have confidence in you. Is there a way you can follow up on this?”

“Not right away,” Mary Ann answered. “I unfortunately have no reason to call this lawyer. And if I just cold call her, she’ll realize immediately that someone knows they came to see her because she will know that I have represented your family for some time.”

“I appreciate your telling me this,” Joan said now, “because this is exactly what I want. I don’t care if you haven’t had the opportunity or time to follow up. I do want to be apprised of anything like this at the earliest time. So, thank you. If you learn more, I know you will let me know. I also hope you will convey my appreciation to your associate. Do let her know that I will remember her heads-up behavior.”

“I certainly will,” Mary Ann said. “I feel that your sisters may be checking to see if there is any way they may be able to challenge the set-up in your family provided for by your mother’s will. I can tell you that while anything can be challenged, I feel the instruments were carefully and correctly drawn up and will withstand any challenge.”

“That’s good,” Joan said, “and I do assume you are also ready for a dose of discipline if I’m not mistaken. For the record, we might say that you are being punished for not blowing off the cousin when you were first contacted.”

“Yes, Miss Joan,” Mary Ann said in deferential tones, adopting the more formal show of respect, “I do appreciate that I have this need for that, and I thank you for determining that this is a time for it.”

“Very well, then,” Joan said curtly. “You will lift your dress to your waist and keep it there. Then lower those panties to your ankles.”

Mary Ann remained surprised by how efficiently dominant Joan was. The lawyer thought that Joan might even be a stronger domme than her mother had been. It was hard for her to understand this side of her own personality, because in general, she was assertive, if not aggressive, in her legal practice.

She had only raised the prospect of litigation costs so that she would not be a target for criticism if major expenses resulted in a matter. So, she quickly lifted her stylish shirt-front and rolled it to stay above her waist and pulled her white silky panties down to her ankles. Now her nicely trimmed dark bush was on full display, as were her smooth bottom cheeks and attractive legs, all beneath sheer stockings clipped to a white garter belt, and her burgundy pumps.

Joan looked at Mary Ann and felt good about this situation. Mary Ann had checked with her before acting definitively on the request, but this would make her remember to start right out with a strong offense. She liked seeing the formally dressed business lawyer first show her panties and then pull them down as if she were a schoolgirl.

Joan then sat herself on a comfortable armless chair and beckoned Mary Ann to lay across her skirted lap. The lawyer managed to step over to position herself to lie across Joan’s lap, although the panties at her ankles made her movement more challenging.

Once çorum escort she was positioned on Joan’s lap, Joan patted the pleasantly rounded cheeks and ran her finger down between Mary Ann’s legs, pressing slightly into her hairy split.

“Hmm,” Joan commented, “this little girl is obviously excited about the spanking she’s going to get on her botty. Are you always this wet?”

“Usually I am before a spanking or just when I think about being punished,” Mary Ann answered, amazed at how easily Joan asserted control over her.

For her part, Joan realized that this scene, especially Mary Ann’s lifting her skirt to display her panties, had aroused Joan as well. She felt plenty of dampness in her own panties and was sorry she had not thought to wear a pantyliner in them.

Joan poked her finger gently into Mary Ann’s little puckered anal opening and the lawyer flinched slightly at the intrusion.

“Have you been fucked in the ass?” Joan asked in a very matter-of-fact way, as if she were asking Mary Ann if she liked cream in her tea.

“No, Miss Joan,” Mary Ann said in a bit of a whimper, because the question—and any answer she gave—did embarrass her.

“Are you afraid of a big cock in your shit chute?” Joan continued, purposely using what she knew what be regarded as crude terms to increase the humiliation.

“I don’t think I’m afraid, Miss Joan,” Mary Ann said a tad hesitantly, “but I don’t really look to do something I expect would be uncomfortable. You do know that I’m married, and I can tell you that I have a decent sex life.”

“You may need to experience a nice big dong in your hiney hole,” Joan went on, as Mary Ann mentally tried to preserve her calm exterior while she felt trepidation rising about the possible invasion of her rectum.

“But first, let’s spank you,” Joan said pleasantly. She began spanking Mary Ann’s bottom cheeks alternately, increasing both the tempo and the strength of the spanks as she proceeded. Joan had put on her spanking glove, as she found that she liked to be able to spank without tiring or straining her own hand.

After about 50 spanks or so, Mary Ann began to moan and let out little cries.

“You’re crying because you were naughty,” Joan lectured her, “and naughty girls do need to be spanked.” She took off her spanking glove and felt Mary Ann’s pussy lips again and probed inside with her index finger.

“Ooh, you are really wet, you naughty thing!” Joan exclaimed. She pushed two fingers into Mary Ann’s sopping vagina and then used the wetness to push into her tight little anal rosette. Then she reached for a modest-width butt plug and slowly inserted it into Mary Ann’s bottom.

To the lawyer, the insertion made her think of a long and annoying tampon being pushed into her anal canal. Unlike the vaginal spot where a tampon would remain in space without being felt, however, Mary Ann felt the pressure of the intrusive plug. Finally, it had gone all the way in, and the diamond-studded end of the plug rested right outside Mary Ann’s anal ring.

“Stand up and pull up your panties,” Joan ordered. “You’re going to serve me to prepare you for your anal initiation.”

Joan leaned back on her chair, pulled her short skirt up, and spread her legs lewdly. Her petite frame displayed her nice torso well and Mary Ann walked over, got down on her knees and pressed her face between Joan’s spread legs, and began to kiss and then lick her pussy. Joan had plenty of hair on her mons and down on her outer lips and right through to her anus.

Mary Ann now licked inside the inner lips and enjoyed the strong taste of Joan’s quim. She knew that Joan was very sexually active and enjoyed spending time in bed with both men and women. There was a distinct male smell emanating from Joan’s vagina, and Mary Ann assumed Joan had been fucking a man not long before the lawyer had arrived at the house.

She tried to get her tongue as deep into Joan’s hole as she could. Joan responded by moaning and moving her bottom around from the stimulation Mary Ann was providing to her whole sex and now especially to her clit. Soon she experienced a series of orgasms and then told Mary Ann she could get up and go lie on the bed.

Mary Ann did what she was ordered to do, and then Joan motioned for her to pull her dress up again. When she was on her back, Joan came over and pulled her panties down again. She had Mary Ann lift her legs up, raising her bottom slightly so Joan could reach the diamond end of the plug and slowly pull it out of Mary Ann’s bottom hole.

Relieved at the withdrawal of the plug, Mary Ann sighed. Joan, however, kept Mary Ann’s legs in the air and Mary Ann wondered if she was being put in what she knew as the diaper position to be caned or struck on her bottom and upper thighs. Joan, however, had different ideas.

She flipped her own skirt up and reached for a large two-pronged dildo. She slowly pushed one end into Mary Ann’s now-loosened denizli escort anal opening, allowing the lawyer to get used to the dildo’s presence in her virgin ass, and then moved herself up toward Mary Ann so she could impale her own quim onto the other end of the massive dildo.

This double insertion allowed Joan to fuck Mary Ann in the ass. This was definitely a new experience for the lawyer and once the renewed pain in her anus started to diminish, she was turned on by this. She did enjoy it when her husband fucked her in her vagina but neither she nor he had shown any interest in doing it anally.

However, the dildo and the plug which had preceded it in her bottom had stirred up her insides so that she now felt pressure of a different kind when the dildo managed to reach the tip of what Mary Ann knew was a bowel movement which would need soon to be excreted.

Joan was enjoying her own self-stimulation from the dildo in her pussy and Mary Ann waited until her domme had climaxed. Then she spoke up in a soft voice.

“Miss Joan, I think this has made me need to go,” she said in a very embarrassed plea. “I need to poop.” Just saying the childish word made her go as red in her face as Joan’s spanking had turned her bottom crimson.

Joan was enjoying her orgasm and rather than being annoyed, she savored both Mary Ann’s embarrassing pleading and the likelihood that the lawyer would soon pass a log from her asshole.

She carefully drew the dildo from her vagina and then withdrew the other end quite slowly from Mary Ann’s rectum. Mary Ann felt relieved but immediately showed the panic she was experiencing on her face as she realized that once the dildo was out, her bowel movement was starting to move down her anal canal.

“Miss Joan, it’s starting to come down,” she exclaimed. “Please allow me to go to the bathroom so I don’t have an accident here.” Joan could see that she was close to bursting into tears.

“There’s a toilet seat over there,” Joan pointed to her special seat on four metal legs. “It has a bowl under it. Sit on that and do your business.”

“You mean I have to go right here?” Mary Ann asked, incredulously at the shame she would endure moving her bowels in front of her client who was her domme as well.

“If you don’t want to use it, it will be your responsibility if you lose control here,” Joan said sternly.

Mary Ann realized that while she had to use the seat or risk having a disgusting accident on the floor, she was being humiliated by Joan. Although she resented this, a part of her craved it. She had been turned on by both the spanking and the dildo in her ass.

She managed to walk slowly over to the toilet seat, squat and pull her panties down yet again, and then sit on the seat over the bowl. As she spread her cheeks sitting on the toilet seat, she let out some farts that indicated she was about to shit.

“Ooh,” she said in a high-pitched voice. “Oh, Joan, Miss Joan, I’m sorry, it’s coming out, oh my God, I’m pooping here right in front of you. I’m so ashamed.”

Joan then heard Mary Ann releasing some pee after she had finished excreting her bowel movement. After it was clear she had finished and she was taking some tissue from the roll Joan had on a stand next to the seat, she wiped a couple of times and put the soiled toilet paper in the bowl beneath her.

Joan now came over, said she should stand up, and when she did, gave her a big hug and kissed her on her lips. She then reached down and helped Mary Ann, who was overcome by varying emotions, to pull up her white silky panties. The lawyer then let her dress down and except for her tear-streaked face, looked the model of a modern professional woman.

“Are you all right now?” Joan asked Mary Ann.

“Yes, I’m fine,” Mary Ann said, recovering her cool. “You know that I have a need for that, so I should thank you. It’s just that…well, let me quite clear about it. No one has seen me move my bowels since I was a child. So, there’s some psychological baggage there, all mine, of course.”

“Do you like being spanked?” Joan asked, quite sincerely.

“No, I don’t, but there’s a part of me that needs to be embarrassed and punished that way,” Mary Ann answered. “I assume you don’t have that.”

“No,” Joan said, “I don’t. I hated being spanked by my mother. And I was furious when she inspected my panties and found stains and punished me for that. I think I had the strongest personality of the four of us, so that’s why Mom picked me to be in charge. It was as if she were punishing herself, and that never happened, so far as I know. I mean, she didn’t submit to anyone.”

“May I ask what you intend to do, if anything, about your sisters?” Mary Ann asked. “This is of course a tricky situation.”

“I intend to get Emily in here pronto and see what I can get out of her,” Joan responded. “I know it’s taking a chance that she may resist me totally, but I don’t think she will. Perhaps I can have you wait in the next room while I speak with her and then we can confer. I don’t want her to know you are here.”

“That’s fine,” Mary Ann said. She leaned down and picked up the bowl and took that with her.

Joan then opened the door to her spacious dressing room and told Mary Ann to stay there until Joan came and got her.

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