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Anna Louise

The installments of Juicy Lucy’s story: Don’t Bother Me!; Juicy Lucy; Juicy Lucy’s Barbecue; Juicy Lucy Gets Her Way; Juicy Lucy Heads South; Juicy Lucy Hosts a Party


The flag outside stood almost straight out in the February North Wind that blew near Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Two women in their early 50’s dawdled over a day’s end cup of coffee: both were chubby and had long grey hair that flowed far over their shoulders and down the back. Neither could be called lovely except in the most subjective way, and neither had been called that by a man in their lives. The truck stop dining room was empty of other customers in the lull between the over the road trucker supper rush and the midnight drunk’s bedlam. A tired waitress warmed up their coffee and sauntered out of sight; a sullen cook in a dirty white cap and unshaven scowl glared at them briefly before disappearing.

“I swear, Lucy, that boy is gonna be the death of me,” the dark complected woman with thick, dark, bushy eyebrows began after a long silence. “There was a time when the name of DeLafonte was worth something in this town. Now, I’m hoping the little shit won’t get some poor little girl knocked up and make me take care of the little brats.”

“Don’t worry ’bout that, Henri,” Lucy Lewis replied. “He ain’t had a date for almost a year, and the local gals steer clear of him. Third rate bullies get no respect anywhere.” She took a pull from her cracked mug and set it down in front of her. “He whines about his donkey dick getting no action, but the girls think he’s too big an asshole. You got nothing ta worry about. Even the dumb girls is scared of him.”

Henrietta DeLafonte swirled her coffee in her cup before taking a sip. “I guess. He only got dates in High School, when he was on the football team, but second string linemen who don’t like the weight room too much and flunk outta soon get nowheres.” It was 9:30PM, and a late running trucker with balding, long locks sat at the counter, his feet rocking frantically on his ankles waiting for service. “Lucy, didya ever have a boyfriend?”

A quick stab of pain passed Lucy’s face. She looked out the window at the lights traveling I-55 for a few moments before responding quietly. “Yeah. Frankie. He knew what I liked, made me feel like a woman. But he was a piece o’ shit, and I had to get rid of him. Coupla years ago. Couldn’t even stay in the town anymore, just couldn’t face the house I lived in any more, that’s why I came down here to Ste. Gen. Had ta get away.”

“Any kids?”

“Hell, no. Frankie came along too late for that. Nobody before that, nobody even close.”

A loud snort was her reply. “Yer lucky. Francis DeLafonte sweet talked his way inta my pants, but he only married me when I got knocked up. Eighteen months later, and the bastard’s beating me up ’cause the baby won’t stop crying and I hadta clobber the creep with a tire iron. Got off on self defense, ’cause everybody else in town hated the bastard worse than me, and damned if the little brat turns out a wimpy copy of his daddy.”

Lucy took a sip of her coffee and looked out the window at the flag rippling in the wind. “He don’t do nothing to you, does he?”

Henri smiled sweetly. “I keep the little peckerwood on a short leash. ‘Course, it’s easy since he’s been throwed out of every bar 50 miles round here. Don’t let him drink at home, and beat the shit outta him ev’ry time he comes home drunk. He try to act big, but he’s a goddam wimp.” The trucker’s impatience overcame him and he started smacking the counter and shouting to get service. “He ever give ya trouble?”

“Naw,” Lucy said as the waitress came out to take the trucker’s order. “I keep the big bastard moving all the time. Toss him a bone, a little overtime now and then ta keep him int’rested. Chew him out when he gets too friendly with a woman customer, don’t want ta lose the business. He snarls sometimes, but he comes back for more.”

His mother chuckled. “Miracle he keeps this job. You’re good for him, Lucy. If you was younger, you could marry him.”

They both laughed out loud and long enough that the trucker and the waitress stared at them in disbelief. The February wind flapped the flag; the trucks rumbled by on the Interstate, swaying in the breeze.

The next morning saw Lucy Lewis at the counter of her convenience store in Ste. Genevieve. She was stuck at the counter alone because the normally scheduled workers had both called in sick, and Billy Delafonte was working through a long list of tasks. Billy was taller than average: once bulging muscles in his arms and stomach had given way to fat, and his poorly shaven face testified to recurrent outbreaks of acne. His mother cut his hair short but unevenly, and his blue eyes looked on the verge of tears most of the time. His head bobbed as he approached the counter and spoke to his boss: “Miz Lewis, I’m done with sweepin’ the floor. Can I go on break now?”

“Yeah, ten minutes, that’s it. Then ya can restock shelves in the cooler.” On his way out, the broom bursa eskort bayan clattered in a corner and the cigarette was already in his mouth before he hit the door.

It was gloomy outside although the wind of the night before had let up. Traffic was light on the street outside the store, and a nondescript Ford pulled up to park just beyond Lucy’s line of sight. She looked at the clock, trying to figure out when Billy was due back, when the door flung open and a masked man ran up to the counter holding a pistol. “Hands up, lady. Give me the money.”

Her lower lip started to wobble uncontrollably, and her voice quavered as she answered him. “We’ve only got fifty in the drawer. Just like any other store like this.”

He looked back over his shoulder, and waggled his weapon at her. “Okay, okay. You can open the safe, then.”

“No, I cain’t. I’ll give ya what I got, but that’s it.”

“Hurry up, then” the figure growled and Lucy started to paw at the money in the drawer with trembling hands. He came up closer and shoved the barrel of the gun into her face, the barrel an inch from her mouth. “Hurry up, you stupid cow.”

A blur came from the back, and hit the robber like a linebacker blindsiding a quarterback. The gun flew to the floor after clattering off the counter and the masked man sighed as the force of the tackle sent him directly into the doorpost, where he was knocked cold as his head contacted the metal a foot above the floor. Billy punched the prone figure a couple of times and kicked him in the groin before standing over him, glaring.

It took Lucy several moments before she could lift the phone and punch 911, while Billy loomed angrily over the figure. After summoning the cops, she called everyone else who worked at the store so they could take the rest of the morning shift. When she was finished giving her statement to the officer and the ambulance took the would-be felon away, she sat in her office drinking coffee to let the tension leave her body.

Billy came in about fifteen minutes after things got back to normal. “Ya all right, Miz Lewis?”


“You was really brave there, Miz Lewis. You was giving him what he wanted, it weren’t your fault he shoved the gun in yer face.”


“And he was a pretty stupid son-of-a-bitch, trying to rob us in the middle of the day. We got signs saying how much’s in the drawers.”

“No. I don’t know what to say, Billy. You saved my life.”

He scuffed the ground with his shoe, and looked down. “Aw shucks, Miz Lewis. Wouldn’t let nobody hurt ya. Ya been good to me. Ain’t worked longer for nobody else.”

The door chimed as someone entered, and they heard the voice of the first assistant manager as she greeted the customer. Lucy shook her head and looked at him, taking in the look of genuine concern and affection on his face as she would the sighting of a rare bird or a shooting star. A thought crossed her mind: “Shut the door and lock it, Billy.”

“Huh?” He was bewildered for a moment, then did as she asked. “What?”

“I gotta do something ta thank you for saving my life. Come over here.”


Billy didn’t resist as she pulled him close, looking up at his eyes as she unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants and underwear. His penis flopped out, an incredibly long, thin worm hanging far down his thigh with a pair of tiny, soft fuzzy dice hanging behind it. She stroked the shaft a couple of times, and smiled up at him, her eyes shining. “I know just the thing. You’ll like this.” Kissing up and down his shaft and wandering to his thigh, she brought the moistening end to her lips and sucked it in, working it with her tongue.

“Miz Lewis. What are ya doing? Huh? Gawd, that feels so good, damn, damn, dayumn. Nobody ever done that to me before. Shit, O Gawd, dayumn. Oh, oh, oh my gawyud. Nobody ever played with my balls like that, nobody, O Gawyud, sheeyiyut. I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it. It feels so damn good, oh, oh, oh, oh. Miz Lewis, why are ya doin’ this?”

She let the end slip out of her mouth for a moment, while she stroked his shaft and kissed his skin. “I wanna say thank you for saving my life, Billy. I’m gonna make ya feel good. Hasn’t anybody ever give ya a blow job before?”

He shook his head so hard his jaw almost rattled. “Nope. Saw it in the pornos, but never. . .”

“Well, just enjoy it, Billy. May be the only one you ever get. Just keep your mouth shut so the whole store doesn’t hear about it.” His knees rattled as she took him in her mouth again, working her tongue fast over the delicate helmet at the end of his dick before sucking as much of his long, thin rod down her throat as she could.

His balance teetered, and his eyes started to roll up into his head. “My Gawd, Miz Lewis, my Gawyud!” he said in a frantic whisper. “If ya keep this up, I’m gonna cum. Oh, oh, oh, oh, I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it, Miz Lewis. I’m gonna cum in yer mouth.”

She let him go, jerking his long red bursa merkez escort cock frantically smiled: “Cum in my mouth, Billy, gimme your big sweet load. Give it to me.”

“Oh. . .my. . .my. . .my. . .Gawd. . .Gawd. . .dayuyuyuyuyuyuyum!” He arched his back as his seed flew into her mouth; she sucked hard on him, the white liquid creeping out of the corners of her mouth as she sought to drain every drop from his cock. His knees buckled with every new pulsation, and she kept her lip lock on him, going with him up and down, swallowing frantically. With a hard thump, he hit the wall nearest him as he expelled the last shot and fell out from between her lips with a pop.

For several moments, she ran her hand over her face, collected every stray strand trailing from her mouth and licking it from her index finger while he panted and caught his breath, his pants still down to the floor and his penis wilting. After she finished, she looked at him in his bewilderment and chuckled. “Okay Billy, it’s over. You saved my life and I thanked you. Get back ta work.” Abruptly, he pulled up his pants, zipped up and lurched out the door.

It was a week later when the two women met at the truck stop for coffee. The flag still flapped in the wind, and snow piled deeply all around from a blizzard the day before. It was the evening lull once again, and this time no one else was in the place except the mousy blond waitress and the surly cook. “I dunno how ya done that, Lucy. You give him too much that day, and you’re paying the price.”

“It’s been a long time, Henri,” Lucy said, swirling the light brown liquid in her mug. “It seemed like the right thing ta do.”

“He behave hisself after day?” Henri inquired, looking deeply into her friend’s eyes.

Lucy shrugged. “He gives me a little more attitude, he gives me dirty looks. Sometime when he thinks I’m not looking, he smiles like he’ll get it again. Work’s been shit since that day.”

The women sipped their coffee and listened to the wind whistle through the cracks in the restaurant. “So what’ja want with my Billy? Ready to fire him and say good riddance? Or do ya wanna do it again? You want him to be yer toy?”

A sharp shake of the head came in reply. “Yeah, in some ways, he’s got potential. No, can’t trust him anymore than that bastard Frankie. He’s mean enough to do what I’d like, but he’d leave me with nothing first chance I give him.”

Henri played with her ponytail a few moments and thought. “You still got that basement apartment in yer house?”


“Okay, here’s what ya do. You let him play with you downstairs, lock the door upstairs. You put in a chain for him ta wear, you keep him on that short leash. When it’s over an’ you’re safe, you let him go.”

She shook her head. “I like some pretty kinky stuff. Whips and clamps and candles.”

Henri whistled. “Shit, I thought only I was into that stuff. Ya know, we can have some fun without him, if that’s what ya like. You interested?”

“Naw, tried it once, wasn’t the same. Nothing personal, Henri, I just don’t run that program.” She took another sip of coffee, shaking her head when the waitress offered a warm up, waiting until the server was at a safe distance before continuing. “Gotta be a man, strong bastard. Frankie turned me on it one day, but after I had ta let him go, couldn’t trust nobody.”

Henri scratched her head, reached up and unleashed her long, salt and pepper hair, before retying it. “If we think hard enough, we can make it happen. He probably not want his momma in the room. We come up with something. “

“What do I do about the little creep now?” Lucy said, shaking her head. “He’s gonna get fired in a couple months if he don’t shape up. If I fire him, then I got no chance at, at, at. . .”

“Ya want the donkey dick?” Lucy smiled to herself and took a sip of coffee, licking her lips broadly. “Okay, we get it for ya. Better you than some stupid little girl who’ll fall for him sooner or later and suffer the same fate we did. Listen, he’s like a mean dog: ya beat the shit outta him when he gets outta hand, then he minds ya. Ya remind him now and then, he minds ya. It’s psychological.”

A look of enlightenment crossed Lucy’s face. “I know just what to do.”

The next day was still slow going; the sun had come out but the roads were still awful and little traffic moved. The assistance manager was running late, but Billy had arrived on time for the first time that week, and pitched in immediately to shovel the parking lot clear. Lucy watched him as he worked, his ragged breaths sending great clouds of steam, as she contemplated her course of action. His hard effort made her plan easier, and she rehearsed her words and actions in her mind carefully. Her help came in around dawn, releasing her need to be at the counter, and fifteen minutes later Billy bustled in with his labor completed. “Billy,” she began, “Can I see ya in the office?”

“Yeah. Be right there after a cigarette.”

She bursa sınırsız escort bayan waggled her eyebrows and winked at him. “You can smoke afterward if ya want.”

A huge grin broke over his face, and the associate manager, an obese young man in his mid 20’s with short black hair and paired diamond earrings, gave her a disbelieving look. She led Billy to the back while a customer came in to occupy the counter man’s attention. When the door what shut, he pushed her down into the chair and rasped in a low, harsh voice: “Why did you make me wait so long, dammit? I bust my ass for you every day and the least you could do is give me a little head now and then to make it worthwhile. Suck me, bitch, now!”

Trembling hands took longer than necessary to undo the belt and unzip the fly, and his long pecker sprang out, hitting her in the forehead. Flecks of foam appeared at the corners of his mouth and his breathing grew ragged as he rasped quietly. “Do it, do it now! Get that long dick in your mouth, you old hag!”

His sudden violence took her by surprise and she feebly began to lick and suck the end of his shaft. After a few seconds timid stimulation, he grabbed her ears and began to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth, plumbing as far in as he could go. She kicked into a higher gear, and he relented with the improved efforts. In the back of her mind, she was glad he didn’t give her a chance to take her dentures out: it would make things easier. She reached forward with her right hand to tease his tiny testicles, and was rewarded with some animal grunts. Spitting him out, she said: “You gotta stay quiet if you want this to go on. Buzz would love to get us both fired.” She pulled a piece of dried meat out of the drawer of her desk and said: “Bite down on this and don’t make too much noise.”

He thrust the meat between his lips and pulled her head back to his crotch. She resumed her licking and sucking, getting some pre-cum in response, and very shortly it seemed as though he was going to bust his nuts. Picking up her pace, she worked to make him orgasm quickly while part of her mind calmly prepared for the moment.

The gush of liquid filled her mouth to overflowing, and her hand balled into a fist, beating his balls three times hard while the goo pulsed with each blow. A muffled scream of agony escaped, and she clamped down on his dick with her teeth to keep him upright. Punching him in the nutsack three more times, then gasping it tightly in her fist, she spat his dick out and leaned over to spit his sperm into the wastebasket next to her desk, wiping her face clean with a Kleenex.

It took a moment for his eyes to clear, and she glared at him and said in a low, icy voice” “All right, Billy boy, that was a lesson. I’m older and smarter than you are, so don’t think you’re ever gonna be in charge. I can make you feel good or I can make you suffer.” Reaching down, she pulled the dried meat from his mouth abruptly, making him suck in his breath in ragged gasps.

A look of horror crossed his face and he glared in disbelief at her. “Yeah, I understand,” he said at last.

Her free hand pointed at his face like a teacher reprimanding her class. “From now on, I don’t want shit from you around here. You do what I tell you, when I tell you, and you’ll get the raise and the fringe benefits. Fuck with me, and you’ll be fucked over worse than you’ve been now. You’ll wish I’d just fired you.” A long slow nod was her reply. “In fact, I’ll give ya a way to get even, but we don’t need to go into that right now. I’m a friend of your momma’s, so you think you can take me out, you’re wrong.” A wince crossed his face. “Yeah, that’s right. You do the wrong thing with me, and both of us will be on your ass, definitely her. Ya ready for that?” A slow shake of terror took his head back and forth in a negative response. “Ya want more blow jobs without the ball buster, you behave. But you better be smart and pay attention, cause I can do it again when you least expect it.”

Billy slid to the floor and laid there several moments while Lucy did some paperwork, cupping his aching privates and looking at her in a combination of terror and fascination. The monitor up front showed all quiet, and Buzz had moved away from the counter to dust the shelves. Finishing for the moment, Lucy spun to face Billy and looked at him kindly. “Stand up.” He did so and she fondled his balls, inspecting them and the chewed shaft. “I think you’ll live, lover. Will be a bit tender for a while, but you’ll function again, won’t you?” She planted a few tender kisses on his damaged meat, and smiled. “I see your recovery is better than I expected. Maybe you like some pain with your pleasure.”

He was horrified that his dick was reviving, and a tingle went up his spine as she touched his bruised nuts. “Poor baby, it’s only business. I only want to hurt you when you piss me off.” She licked the gummy leftover goo from his cock and felt it tremble as she tickled his corona with her tongue. “You’re pretty young, maybe you can cum again soon. But we’d better not play here anymore. We’ll work something else out.” She sucked his shaft into his mouth again for several moments, then kissed her way down the shaft to gently lick his testicles. “I’ll let you know when you get this action again. Now pull your pants up and get back to work.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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