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After our private celebration of Julie’s 20th birthday, I felt relieved that now we both were enjoying sex. Aside from me “popping her cherry”, Julies discomfort had also been from me being too rushed and not allowing her to become accustomed to having my penis inside of her. I realized that if I slowed down and let her warm up, she became a hot little machine who loved to fuck! This also prolonged my pleasure so, “Duh, we both win!” I was still excited about finding another pair of Julie’s panties under my pillow and they joined my collection.

Saturday morning I got up late and foraged in the fridge for breakfast, as per usual, my mother had spent the night at her man friend’s house. I showered and got dressed in preparation for the barbeque. It had frosted overnight and this would most likely be the end of outdoor gatherings for the season. I arrived at Julie’s home shortly after noon and Julie linked her arm into mine and paraded me around to meet some more of her family and say hello to the ones that I already knew. I was so proud to be by her side, to me she was the prettiest girl in the world and I just couldn’t get enough of her. It was cool and she was dressed in jeans and a sweat shirt, obviously her preferred clothing for cool weather. My horny mind immediately wondered what color underwear had on and also how I could get her alone long enough to find out.

We joined a group who were tossing a football around in the large back yard, passing it, running to catch long ones etc, all of what I considered nonsense. I’m not a football fan, but when in Rome…

The food was ready and we all lined up for a really great menu. Steaks, burgers, dogs, salads, beers, the works. Everyone was talking loud and eating with both hands, pausing only to drink the ice cold beer and wine. I guess there were soft drinks but Julie and I each had a beer. After we finished up the food it was time for desert. Her mother came out with a monstrous chocolate cake with 20 candles on it. We all sang Happy Birthday, Julie made her wish and blew out the candles. I leaned over and kissed her on her lips and hugged her close for a brief moment. The crowd cheered and someone yelled “Hey, you two, get a room!” I caught Julies Mom and Dad looking at each other with “that look” that only said “Our little Girl is grown up” I think that also saw a tear in her father’s eye. If he only knew what we had done last night, I’m sure that he would have been crying!

We had cake, visited with friends and family and as the sun began to drift downward, Julie took my hand, “Let’s take a walk down to the lake”, she offered. I didn’t need to be asked twice, I had been dying to get Julie alone for hours and here was my chance. We walked hand in hand down the road discussing the party and some of the people that I had met during the day.

Shortly we turned down the path görükle escort to the lake. The sun still glowed on the trees, many were changing color in the New England autumn and it was quite a beautiful sight. I took Julie into my arms, we embraced and began kissing. We sat on the grass in front of a large glacial boulder and resumed making out. I slipped my hand up under her sweat shirt, feeling the soft skin of her belly and up her rib cage searching for one of her breasts. I was rewarded by the feel of her silky bra and the swell of her warm round breasts. Julie snuggled up to me as my fingers found her lace covered nipple, gently rolling it through the cup of her bra. I felt it begin to swell and it was hard to resist pulling her sweat shirt off so I could suck on it.

“You had better behave” she warned me, “we got caught the last time we tried this outdoors!”

I thought that I was busted but I kept my hand on her breast and Julie made no effort to remove it.

“Did you find the present that I left for you last night? Or did you leave it for your mother to find?” she asked.

Wanting to play her a little, I asked “What present?”

“My panties, you moron!” she shot back, pulling my hand off of her breast, pushing me down on my back and rolling over on top of me.

She began kissing me, slid her leg between mine, one thigh against my rapidly hardening cock and her crotch grinding against my hip. “Don’t you remember what we did last night?”

I laughed at her, “How could I forget? Some chick left her panties under my pillow, I was so turned on that I wanted to wank a load into them!”

“You are such an asshole, just for that I won’t show you what my underwear looks like today!”

“Please, please, please!” I begged

“Alright”, she teased as she slowly began raising up the lower half of her soft sweat shirt, gradually exposing her slim waist, flat belly, and rib cage.

She paused for dramatic effect and asked “Are you sure that you want to see my bra? I think that I may have titty hard-ons!”

“Come on, I’ll suffer through the pain, just let me see!” Then, taking an agonizingly long time, she revealed her pinkish-flesh colored bra. Indeed, she had titty hard-ons, her erect nipples poking out through the satin and lace cups of her bra. I was becoming expert a recognizing Maidenform Sweet Nothings and this was yet another new color in her growing wardrobe of lingerie.

“That’s all for today” she announced, pulling her shirt back down. “It’s rude to be away from my party for too long!”

I’m sitting there with a rock hard boner after that little tease show and now she wants to go back to the party. Pointing to my problem I asked “What am I supposed to do with this?”

“I guess that you will have to wait till you get home” she replied, planting a wet kiss on my eskort bayan lips. “I heard that some chick left her panties under your pillow. Matter of fact, I heard that she did something like that more than once.” She winked at me and stood up, offering her hand. “Let’s go, before they send out a search party.”

We played grab ass as we hurried up the woods path back to the road. As we emerged from the forest she announced “I have some good news!”

“What’s that?” I asked, “You got us a hotel room?”

“Come on, be serious. I’m going to be working days now, they’re going to train me in department management.”

“Wow, my girlfriend is the manager of the lingerie department at Penny’s! That has a nice ring to it” Getting serious again, I added “We will be able to see more of each other now. I miss you so much during the week.”

“I’m looking forward to that too”, she replied. “I want to make sure that some other chick isn’t giving you her panties!”

The sun had set as we rejoined the party and someone had lit a fire. Many guests were sitting around it drinking and still talking loudly as we walked up to the crowd.

Julies Mom came over and asked “Did you two have a nice walk?”

I answered, “Yes, the trees are turning in the swamps and along the water. It won’t be long before peak foliage.”

Her Mom sighed wistfully and said “Time flies, my Julie is almost all grown up now, and did you hear the news?”

“Sure did”, I joked, “Now she’s going to be management and I’m still labor, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fraternize with her anymore.”

We all chuckled and popped open another beer. Julie and I made the rounds, visiting with various groups as gradually people began saying goodnight and leaving. As the last few hard core partiers left, I was getting the eye from Julies Dad and I figured that it was time to leave. Julie walked with me to my truck and we stood in the darkness saying goodnight.

I whispered “I guess that there will be no nookie tonight”, gently fondling her right breast as we kissed.

“Afraid not!” Julie answered, “Although it sounds nice. Last night was fantastic, I think that we are learning!”

I quipped “I think that we should practice at every opportunity!”

“Good night Lover Boy” she answered as she straightened out her sweat shirt and walked up to the house.

I drove home, and once I arrived, I was too wide awake and horny to sleep, so I lay there in bed thinking about Julie. I kept remembering the sight of her firm breasts and how her nipples pushed out the silky cups of her bra. I could even still feel the silkiness of her bra as I had caressed her breasts while we were sitting by the Lake. I thought about Julies hint that I do something with the panties that she had given me. It was apparent that she knew what altıparmak escort I would be doing with her panties and she also seemed to be encouraging me to use them for masturbation.

My cock was straining against my underwear, just dying for relief so I retrieved my stash of Julie’s panties that were hidden in the closet. I lay there running the satin fabric through my hands and examining every detail of their construction, from the silky fabric to the beautiful lace, to the stitching, to the way that the elastic gathered up the satin around the waistband and leg openings. Something about this never ceased to turn me on, I just loved the way that the evenly patterned wrinkles looked and felt as I ran them through my fingertips.

By now I had a raging boner, I held the previous night’s pair up to my face and inhaled deeply, taking in the lingering scent of Julie’s pussy. My mind flashed back to eating that pussy and the incredible blow job that she had given me. I thought back to the vision of Julie riding my cock, her light blue half-slip bunched up around her waist, her garter belt framing her panties, her panties pushed aside as my cock slid in and out of her wet pussy, her nipples poking out the lace of her bra. I could feel the layers of satin as I held the cheeks of her ass, guiding her up and down on my rock hard penis. I could feel the satin of her slip brushing against my balls as my cock was buried in her tight, wet pussy.

I began fanaticizing that she was here with me now. In my mind we had snuck back to her room from the lake and she was slowly removing her clothes. First her sweatshirt, revealing her flesh colored bra. Her nipples had swollen up and were poking through the satin. I reached up and caressed her firm breasts, my eager hands gliding over the satin cups of her bra, rubbing across her nipples and making Julie sigh in anticipation. I leaned up and took one perky nipple into my mouth, gently sucking it through her bra.

Julie moved away just long enough to remove her pants and then pull mine down as well, tossing both pairs aside. She now was in her bra and matching panties and she did a little turn so that I could get a good look at her gorgeous body.

My fantasy was merging with reality as I envisioned her handing me last night’s panties and holding them up to my face, allowing me a good whiff of their feminine scent. “Hold these!” she said and then she reached under her pillow and retrieved the other two pairs that I had, one pink and one white.

I imagined her wrapping the two pairs of panties around my cock, slowly stroking myself with one hand while holding the third pair up to my nose and mouth. I was sucking on and licking the blue pair as I masturbated with the white and pink ones. Between the aroma and silky feel of three pairs of satin panties, the mental images of last night’s lovemaking and tonight’s sexual fantasy, it wasn’t long before I felt the rush of an orgasm approaching. A few more strokes and I came, moaning Julies name and emptying my nuts into her silky underwear. After I caught my breath, I drifted off to sleep, dreaming of Julie, and her panties!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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