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This adventure took place last year; I am 20 from Pune.

When I was first introduced to porn I found older women to be my main attraction. There was something about having sex with a woman who was fully developed and had plenty of experience that turned me on like nothing else. My dream of being with a milf or cougar made interacting with girls my age extremely boring. I still found girls my age attractive but never really tried to get a steady girlfriend. I was still a virgin so I think the fact of having sex with another virgin made me nervous.

During the year I had been to many parties; most of them took place at a friends house whose parents were out of town. I usually knew everyone there expect when a few out of town people showed up. The parties were always fun either way. One night in particular, my friend Gaurav called me and said his parents were gone for the night and that he was having a few of our friends over to drink.

Gauravs mother, Nayana, was drop-dead gorgeous. She was an energetic lady who always wore tight sexy clothes. I always enjoyed opportunities for seeing her at her place. She would bend over to pick up some thing, giving me a good look at her cleavage as well as her amazing ass. Nayana had straight blonde hair, beautiful black eyes, and the face of an angel. She was about 5’2. She had amazing breasts, around 38B. I would easily describe her body as perfect. I sometimes fantasized about her at home while I masturbated.

When Gaurav invited me over to his house, I jumped at the chance. I arrived at the party on time and there were a few other people there. A couple of my friends as well as two girls from the grade below me were already getting started. We all just sat around and had a few drinks talking about school and making jokes.

Later that night people started to head home. Around 11pm, Nayana arrived back home from a party she and her husband went to. As Nayana walked into the kitchen I was again mesmerized by her loveliness. She was wearing a very sexy black sari. The blouse she had worn was low cut so I could see her cleavage perfectly. Nayana said hello to the few of us still in the kitchen and I snapped out of my gaze and responded with a hello back to her. She and her husband had been attending a close friends anniversary party and her husband had stayed behind to play cards.

Nayana was not the type of mom who got upset when her son had friends over drinking even if they were under age. She spent a few minutes making small talk with us before saying she was tired and was going to get ready for bed. At that point I asked Gaurav if I could spend the night since I didnt think driving home would be a good idea after having quite a bit to drink. Gaurav was fine with that and we headed to his room.

Gauravs room was across the hall from Nayanas room. As we walked to his room sneaked a peek in her room as the door was left slightly open. As I looked inside I could not believe my eyes, there in the bedroom was Nayana taking off her black sari that she had worn that night. She was facing the other way so I could only see the backside of her, but as she slid the petticoat down her body I saw her amazing ass. She was wearing a very sexy black lacy thong that added to my enjoyment. I had always wondered if she wore thongs or not and now I knew. As I stood there, starting to get hard, Gaurav called me to come into his room. I could not get that picture out of my mind. My friends mom whom I had masturbated over many times just gave me a look at her ass. I wished that I could have just stood there and watched her continue to undress. I couldnt imagine what she was going to take off next.

Gaurav had a bathroom connected to his room and he was going to take a shower. He told me I could take a shower in his parents room that was down the hall. I found the bathroom down the hall and entered and shut the door behind me. I turned on the shower, took off my clothes and stepped under the warm, pulsing stream of water. As I was showering I thought I had bursa otele gelen eskort heard the door open but didnt think much about it. As it turned out Nayana didnt know that I was taking a shower and she opened the door and walked right into the bathroom.

While I was in the shower I was thinking about the image o fNayanas ass that I had witnessed. The picture in my mind was making me very hard and I lathered up my dick and started stroking it to thoughts about me fucking her crazy. (I had started masturbating right around the time I thought I heard the door open.) A few minutes later I heard another noise. This time it was the door closing and I then I knew someone had been in the room with me as I took my shower. I quickly turned off the water, got out of the shower and dried myself off. I knew it must have been Nayana since I could still here the shower going in Gauravs bathroom.

As I dried off I kept wondering if Nayana had seen me stroking my dick in her shower. The thought of her seeing me stroking my dick turned me on but also made me very nervous. Wouldnt she have said something if she saw me or did she just think it was a natural activity? I tried to keep the thoughts out of my mind and to relax. As I went to grab my clothes from the floor I noticed a laundry basket sitting in one corner. Curious, I inspected it and inside were various articles of clothing belonging to Nayana and her husband. I searched through the basket until I found one of Nayanas thongs. This one was red and very sexy. I couldnt help but lift it up to my nose and take a sniff. The aroma immediately caught my attention as I was overwhelmed by the smell of her pussy juice. The odor gave me another instant erection.

I wanted to take her thong home with me and smell it every night as I masturbated to the idea of fucking her. I didnt want to stick it in my pocket because I thought it might be visible. I decided I would just wear it until tomorrow so no one would see it. Once I put the thong on I realized this wouldnt work because my stiff dick wouldnt stay inside the thong; my cock stuck out the side. I tried to find a solution. I decided to masturbate so that my erection would go away and I could fit my dick inside the thong. As I masturbated wearing Nayanas thong on I heard the door start to open again.

In walked Nayana and immediately stared down and saw me stroking my massive erection. She yelled out, “What the hell are you doing?”

My body froze in shock not knowing what to do or say.

“Why are you wearing my underwear?” she asked.

All I could say is that I was sorry and I picked up my clothes and ran to Gaurav’s room.

When I got in Gaurav’s room he had just gotten out of the shower. “Whats wrong with you?” he asked since I looked like I had just seen a ghost. I was holding my clothes so that he could not see that I was wearing his mothers underwear.

“Nothing, you just scared me” I said. I couldnt let Gaurav find out his mom just caught me masturbating in his own house. That would be so embarrassing.

Gaurav said he was getting pretty tired and wanted to go to bed. He had a single bed so I was going to sleep on the floor that night. He lay in his bed and was soon asleep. I removed the red thong and put on my boxers, jeans, and shirt and lay down on the floor on a blanket. After about twenty minutes of trying to fall asleep, I was still wide awake. I couldnt stop thinking about what happened in the bathroom. I kept wondering whether Nayana was very mad at me. She probably hated me and wanted me out of her house.

That wasnt the only thing I was thinking about. She hadnt pursued me into Gauravs room, yelling and screaming at me. I sort of wondered if she kind of liked what she saw. Obviously, she now realized that I found her attractive. Why else would I be wearing her underwear and masturbating in her bathroom?

After another ten minutes of lying on the floor and fantasizing about Nayana, I heard Gauravs bursa eve gelen escort bayan door open slowly. Of course, it was Nayana; she walked over to me and asked if I was still awake. I said yes and she told me to get up and follow her. I got up off the floor not understanding what was happening. I followed her into her room and she sat on her bed. She was wearing a white bathrobe that came down to her knees when she sat.

Come sit next to me”, she said.

I walked over and sat next to her on her bed.

“We need to talk about what happened tonight. Why were you in my bathroom, wearing my own underwear and masturbating in them?”

It was too late to make up a lie so I decided to tell her the truth no matter how embarrassed it would make me feel.

“The truth is Nayana, I find you very attractive, I always have, and when I was taking a shower in your bathroom I couldnt stop thinking about you and how beautiful you are. I couldnt absorb the fact that you would be sleeping right across the hall from me. When I saw your underwear in the laundry basket I couldnt resist it; just grabbed a hold of me. I wanted to take your thong home with me but I didnt want you or Gaurav to find out so I was going to wear it. When I put it on I got an erection, as you clearly saw, and I had to masturbate to make it go away. I am very sorry you had to see that and I will leave right now if you want me to.”

“Dont be silly, I wouldnt make you go home just because of that. In fact, now that I know the truth I find it quite flattering. Its not every day a young man tells you youre beautiful. I rarely hear it from my own husband. The part I dont understand is why you would want to take my dirty underwear home with you.

“Youre right Nayana that does sound strange but the truth is Im still a virgin. I have always been attracted to older women because I dont find the girls around my own age appealing. I always worry about having sex for the first time with someone who isnt experienced. When I masturbate I usually picture myself with an older woman. Most of the time I picture myself with you. You are one the most beautiful women I have ever seen and by taking your underwear home with me it would be like a part of you is there with me.”

“Now I understand, but you shouldnt have to take a girls’ underwear in order to masturbate. You really should get yourself a girlfriend. Youre good looking enough for any girl, but there is nothing wrong if you find older women attractive too. When I was your age I found older guys attractive. Now that Im older I always enjoy checking you boys out when youre at the gym lifting weights.”

“Are you serious Nayana? I always check you out when I come here.”

“I understand how you might be afraid of having sex with an inexperienced person. Thats not how a persons virginity should be taken. How would you like it if I showed you how its done so you wont be nervous the next time?”

“Oh Nayana that would be amazing!”

Nayana moved closer to me, our lips met and we explored each others mouths with our tongues. She pulled my T-Shirt over my head and ran her hands over my toned body. She licked my chest up and down, flicking at my nipples with her tongue. She moved up and our mouths met again. She worked my zipper as we kissed as she slid a hand inside my pants. She grabbed the shaft of my hard dick and began stroking it. She then stood up and slid off her robe revealing her naked body. I couldnt believe what was happening.

Nayana started sliding my pants down my legs, then completely off. She grabbed the waistband of my boxers and slowly slid them down letting my 7 inches long 2.5-inch hard dick spring free.

“Its even bigger than I thought,” she exclaimed. She pushed me back on the bed and grabbed my cock with both hands. She leaned forward and began licking the shaft of my cock, flicking her tongue over the head before she engulfed my entire dick. Taking her mouth off of my cock for a minute, bayan eskort bursa Nayana swirled her tongue around the head before swallowing the entire thing again. She demonstrated that she was very good at blowjobs; she even played with my balls at the same time. I knew I wouldnt last long so I told her I was about to cum and she stopped sucking and began pumping my cock with her hand until I erupted all over my stomach and chest.

We traded spots on the bed. “I want you to fuck me!” she said.

I pulled her to the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide. Sat on the floor and stared fingering and licking her yummy pussy.. She was moaning aaahhh Raaajjjj YESSSS COMEEE EEEAAAATTTT MEEEEE. She had an orgasm after 10 mins of licking and fingering, I dod not stop but continued my act. She then told me to fuck her hard I then came on my knee and moved my cock towards her slick, smooth opening. She guided me in as I penetrated her with my head and could barely go any further.. I was surprised by her tightness.

I pushed forward slowly, inching deeper into her tight pussy. After getting about 4 inches in I began to withdraw and fucked her gently. Nayanas pussy was like a glove, her walls sucking me back in every time I pulled out to the opening. I could feel her pussy loosening slightly. I continued sliding just over half my cock in and out of her enjoying the sensation of fulfilling a lifelong dream. I thought of all the times I masturbated and realized how much I had underestimated how fantastic it would feel.

I climbed onto the bed on my knees with her legs wrapped around my hips. I slid my cock back inside her dripping entrance and pushed with all I had. My full 7 inches long 2.5-inch hard dick slid straight into her and her eyes rolled back in her head. I put my hands on her tits pinning her to the bed and I began to fuck her properly.

“Keep fucking me!! Ooohhh! OOOHHH! Dont stop fucking me!” Nayana screamed. Youre going to make me FUCKING CUM AGAIN!!

I really wanted to enjoy this so I started making slower longer strokes now, feeling the cum trying to escape from my balls.I could tell she was close as her back arched off the bed and I picked up the pace, filling her with my cock over and over again. I couldnt hold off any longer and warned Nayana that I was going to blow.

“Keep going baby!” she yelled.

I drove my cock into her and felt the stream of cum emptying from my balls into her pussy. My knees were buckling and Nayanas legs held me up. I felt her convulse beneath me.

After lying still for a together for a couple of minutes I rolled onto my back. “That was amazing, thank you so much Nayana!”

I assumed the excitement was over but then after a while, Nayana asked if I was interested in trying anal. I didnt know much about anal sex and I figured I better not pass up the opportunity to learn since Ive heard most girls dont like it. She told me to just do what I did before then she got on her hands and knees on the bed and turned around. Her beautiful ass was now facing me and my cock was beginning to get hard again.

“Shove that nice dick in my ass!” she said as she used her saliva to lubricate her hole. She used her hands to spread her ass and I guided my cock towards her hole. She inhaled deeply as I pushed through. I was very gentle at first because she was moaning like crazy but she told me to keep going.

I could feel her expanding as I explored deeper and deeper into her asshole. I held onto her waist tightly as slowly pulled my dick out then rammed back into her ass. She screamed in enjoyment. My balls made a wet slapping sound as they banged against her pussy while I fucked her ass.

The fucking was starting to get very intense now. I was able to last a lot longer since I had just shot my load a few minutes ago. Her ass clenched around my cock. I could tell she was getting weak. Her hands no longer supported he body; she was now on her elbows. After a few more minutes I couldnt hold back any longer. I began pulling out and my dick made a pop sound is it came out. I shot my load instantly. Five large streams of cum came from my dick and landed all over her back.

Nayana and I were exhausted as we lay on her bed and held each other tightly. She fell asleep in my arms and I slept soon after. That was the end of the most amazing night in my life and it is one I will never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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