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Little Caprice

Hi everybody, this is my first story. Hope you all enjoy. 🙂

First off I would like to say that even though this story is in the gay male category, I don’t necessary think you could consider this story gay. Anyway let’s begin…

Let me also state that everything that happened in this story is true. The only things I have changed are the names of the characters.


This story begins on the night of Josh’s 19th birthday. Before I go further, let me introduce you to the characters in the story.

Josh and Nik were best friends from childhood and they practically grew up together. Josh was a year older than Nik. So at the time of Josh’s 19th birthday, Nik was still 18.

So going back 8 years ago when Josh was 19 and Nik was 18 the fun began, but none of them knew it at the time.

One evening Josh’s family was invited to Nik’s house for dinner. Everyone was having a great time. After dinner Josh and Nik had the urge to go to the bathroom to pee at the same time. Now, as mentioned earlier both of them were best friends so they didn’t see it a problem for both of them to go pee together in the same bathroom. Both Josh and Nik were uncircumcised and had seen each other’s dicks before.

So as soon as both of them reached the bathroom, they locked the door and approached the toilet quickly and started peeing. While they were peeing, Josh noticed Nik staring at his dick. Now, Josh being a bit older had a slightly bigger dick than Nik. Since they were both peeing together, bursa escort they were standing next to each other. With a low voice Nik told Josh that he was surprised to see that Josh had grown a bit and asked if he could touch Josh’s dick. Josh immediately agreed and Nik’s hand was on Josh’s dick. So Josh took the opportunity and asked if he could do the same to Nik. Nik said it was alright and so Josh’s hand was also on Nik’s dick. They held each other’s dicks while peeing and both of them enjoyed the feeling of the pee going through their dicks.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and both of them quickly let go of each other’s dicks and zipped up. It was Josh’s mom and she wanted to go in next. Back at the table, both of them decided to have some fun under the table. Nik initiated the first move by slowly unzipping Josh’s shorts and grabbing his dick and playing with it. Josh did the same and now both of them were playing together under the table without anyone knowing. They had to stop abruptly when Nik’s father walked into the dining room. This was the first time they “played” together.

The following weekend, Nik stayed over at Josh’s house. That night the two of them talked about alot of things. Then Nik asked; Josh, do you masturbate? Josh replied yes. Shortly after that Nik asked Josh if he remembers the time when both of them peed together and played together at Nik’s house the previous week and Josh said that he remembered. Nik said that he would like to see Josh’s dick bursa escort again and said that he would show Josh his dick too. So Josh thought about this and told Nik to leave his bed and join him on his bed. So Nik joined Josh in his bed and pulled up the cover. Now both of them were nervous on what to do next.

Since Nik wanted to see Josh’s dick he put his hand inside the waistband of Josh’s pyjama and touched his dick. Neither of them wore underwear while sleeping so it was much easier. Nik pulled Josh’s dick out of his pyjama and ducked under the cover to look at it. When Nik came back up, Josh did the same to Nik. When Josh came back up after looking at Nik’s uncircumcised dick, he had an idea. Josh suggested that they masturbate each other. So the two of them started playing with each other’s foreskins while masturbating. Now, Josh had watched quite a bit of porn and was always curious about blowjobs. He always realized that the girls seemed excited when they were going to give blowjobs. Now, Josh wasn’t by all means gay or even considered himself gay. But, he wanted to see what got the girls so excited about having a dick in their mouth. So, Josh stopped masturbating Nik and told him he would like to try something. Now, both Josh’s and Nik’s dicks were out of their pyjamas, so Josh pulled the cover aside. Nik was wondering what was going to happen next. After thinking about it again, Josh brought his face close to Nik’s dick as if to take a closer look. Once a Josh got bursa eskort close to Nik’s dick he was captivated by the aroma. Josh brought his nose to the tip of Nik’s dick to get a better smell.

Josh could see Nik’s dick glistening with pre cum from their activities a short while ago. Nik’s foreskin was covering his shiny slick head. Josh stuck out his tongue and licked the pre cum from the tip of Nik’s foreskin. Nik shuddered at Josh’s tongue and immediately Josh engulfed Nik’s dick into his mouth. Josh began a steady bobbing motion on Nik’s dick, similar to what he had seen the girls on the videos doing to their partners. Josh enjoyed the feeling of Nik’s dick in his mouth. As Josh continued sucking Nik, Nik’s dick was releasing more pre cum down Josh’s throat.

After a while Josh stopped sucking Nik and he finally removed Nik’s dick from his mouth with a plopping sound. After doing so Josh and Nik both looked at Nik’s dick which was now covered and glistening with Josh’s saliva and Nik’s pre cum. Nik was the first to speak. He said that it was nothing he had ever felt before and it felt awesome. Josh enjoyed himself too and wished this wouldn’t be the last time he would do it. Now Nik said he wanted to try and started sucking Josh. This went on for a while and then Nik stopped. Both of them were excited with their new game and decided they should keep doing this.

While Josh and Nik enjoyed their game, they suddenly began thinking about their girlfriends and what they would say if they found out. Both Josh and Nik decided their girlfriends don’t need to know anything and they should just keep this a secret between the two of them.

End of part 1.

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Part 2 coming up shortly


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