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This is a continuation of my story Jury Duty. At the end of the last story Nicole’s roommate walked in on us in a rather compromising position. This story picks up where the last one left off. Enjoy!


“So, who’s the slut now?” Nicole’s roommate asked.

Nicole swung herself off of me and around to face her roommate. My withering condom covered penis was suddenly in view. I wasn’t much of an exhibitionist. I tried to cover myself up with my hands, glancing at Nicole’s roommate. She was staring at it. I blushed.

“Oh, Alicia,” Nicole said as innocently as she could muster. She was making no effort to hide her nakedness. “I wasn’t expecting you back so early. How was your date?”

“What an ass!” Alicia shouted. “He wouldn’t let me order the lobster, so I ditched him.”

You didn’t have to be psychic to sense the ‘I told you so’ that was coming from Nicole.

“Well, it’s an early night, I guess,” Alicia said, “I’m going to go change. Maybe watch a movie. You’re welcome to join me, if you’re up for it.” Alicia glanced at my crotch again, and then mercifully left the room.

Once Alicia was gone Nicole buried her head in my neck. “I’m sorry about that,” Nicole said. “I was right about her though, wasn’t I?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“So what do you want to do?” Nicole asked.

I glanced at the clock. It was still barely 8pm. With everything that had already happened, it felt like it should have been much later. I thought about maybe just telling Nicole that I was going to leave. Alicia’s arrival kind of ruined the evening. We certainly weren’t going to be able to have any privacy with her around. “Well…” I started to say.

“Please don’t go,” Nicole whispered urgently, and threw her arms around me. “Stay with me.”

I took a deep breath. “I guess we can go watch a movie with Alicia,” I said.

Nicole kissed me on the lips. “Thank you,” she said. “Let’s clean up.”

I climbed out of bed slowly and scooped up my clothes. I crept into the bathroom to clean up. Luckily Alicia wasn’t nearby. I washed up and dressed and found that Nicole had dressed back into her tank top and shorts. She was pulling her hair back into a pony tail. Nicole’s nipples were still clearly visible through her tank top. “What?” She said when she turned and saw me staring at them.

“Nothing,” I said, “It’s just that your nipples are showing through that shirt.”

“Oh,” Nicole said, “No big deal. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Me? No,” I said, “But if we’re going out to the living room…” I trailed off.

“Oh please,” Nicole said, cupping her breasts in her hands, “Alicia has seen these plenty of times.”

I shrugged. Nicole went into the bathroom to clean herself up. I tried to make friends with her cat, who was staring at me impassively from its perch on the dresser. Nicole came back and she took me by the hand and led me into the living room. Alicia was already there. I didn’t get a good sense of what she looked like before, since I was more concerned with covering myself up, but now I gave her the once-over. I got a sense before that she was tall and thin, maybe 5’9. She was dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. Alicia’s breasts were much smaller than Nicole’s, but her nipples were poking through her t-shirt just the same, the air conditioning counteracting the humid summer evening but making it chilly in the apartment. Her shorts only went partway down her thighs and revealed long tanned legs. Alicia had a deceptively innocent face, big blue eyes, a button nose, and pouty lips. If this was still high school I would’ve had a crush on this girl, falling for her pretty face and not being able to see the conniving user behind it. I told myself that I could handle someone like her at this point in my life.

I felt Alicia looking me up and down. I was 5’11 and 160 pounds, skinny but fit with just a bit of a belly. I had wavy brown hair, piercing hazel eyes, a crooked roman nose, and a strong chin. I was 37 but I still passed for 30 easily. I idly wondered if Alicia found me attractive. Nicole and I settled onto the sofa. Alicia was sitting in a recliner at a 90 degree angle from the sofa, facing the TV.

“Sooo…” Alicia said, “Fred is it?”

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Fred, I’m Alicia,” she said. “Tell me about yourself.”

I gave her the short version. 37, divorced with a daughter, paralegal.

“Very well endowed,” Alicia added when I was done. She giggled. I blushed and glanced at Nicole helplessly.

“So what movie do you want to watch?” Nicole said, trying to change the subject.

“Hmm…” Alicia said, and I noticed she was holding the remote control. “Suddenly I’m in the mood for something… raunchy. I hope you guys don’t mind.”

I looked at the TV and saw that Alicia was in the On Demand section, flipping through the Adult Section of the Showtime catalog. I glanced at Nicole. What was this woman up to?

I was hoping that Nicole was going to find a way to steer Alicia away from… well… whatever she was doing. “That’s fine,” Nicole said. I felt her Antalya Escort place a hand on my thigh. I resisted the urge to squirm uneasily.

Alicia settled on a movie, bikini something or other. I had seen a bunch of these movies, similar casts of big-chested women in various situations. There was lots of faux lesbian action in these movies, busty women rubbing up against each other and winking at the camera. I watched movies like this to jerk off. The thought of having to sit there and watch erotica with my girlfriend and a complete stranger and not be able to touch myself made me even more uncomfortable. Alicia turned off all the lights, but you could still see pretty well in the glow of the television, and I knew she would be watching me. It wasn’t like I could slip my hand in my shorts or something. I felt Nicole snuggle up beside me. It wasn’t like she could slip her hand down my shorts without Alicia seeing either.

And then Nicole slid her hand down my shorts. Startled, I fought against the urge to push her away. Did she really not care that Alicia could see? Nicole didn’t even get along with Alicia. Why would she want to put on a show for her? I thought back to the well endowed comment Alicia made. Was she going to try to rub Alicia’s nose in the fact that I was her boyfriend? I wasn’t an exhibitionist, but I was comfortable enough in my sexuality that having somebody watching me wasn’t going to get in the way of my enjoyment, either. And what would Alicia do? Just watch? Join in? Even though Nicole had told me after reading my stories that she wasn’t bi-sexual, she was very sexually open. I started to feel a little surge of excitement. Good lord, was I going to find myself in a threesome?

I glanced at Alicia, and she was looking right at me, smirking. Of course she saw Nicole’s hand in my pants. Nicole’s hand closed around my penis. We just had sex what, fifteen minutes ago? I could feel myself growing hard in her hand. I couldn’t return the favor for Nicole without being really obvious. My right hand would have to cross my body to get to her. My left was draped across her shoulder, and I couldn’t do anything more than reach across to touch her left breast. I brushed my fingers across Nicole’s nipple. Alicia turned her head back to the movie. I felt Nicole’s nipple grow hard under her tank top. Nicole made a little noise and snuggled closer to me.

On the television two of the porn stars, I think it was Evan Stone and Beverly Lynne, were going at it. I felt Nicole start to squirm beside me. “I’m so hot,” Nicole whispered in my ear, “I want you to touch me.” I glanced at Alicia. She was staring at the movie, one hand absently brushing against her chest. I made a show of wriggling the fingers of my left hand, to make it obvious to Nicole that I wasn’t going to be able to reach between her legs. Nicole reached across and took my right hand with her left hand, and pulled it between her legs. I had to turn myself halfway to face her. There was no way to hide what we were doing now. I glanced at Alicia again. She was looking at us now, smirking again. I took a deep breath. There was no turning back now. I burrowed my hand in between Nicole’s legs and found her pussy. I slid my fingers down along her clitoris and pussy lips. Nicole sighed and shifted again, spreading her legs more for better access. Her hand tightened around my cock and she began to stroke me harder.

It went on like that for a while. The three of us sitting there, watching porn. Nicole and I with a hand down each other’s shorts, playing with each other. I heard a noise and glanced at Alicia. She had pushed the recliner all the way back. I could see that she had slid a hand all the way into her shorts. Her other hand was under her shirt, fondling her nipples. There were two women on the screen now, a lithe Asian woman and a busty brunette. They were in a shower with a bottle of chocolate syrup, pouring syrup all over each other’s breasts and rubbing them together. I don’t know if the women enjoyed the sight but I certainly did. My hips jerked involuntarily, my cock spasming in Nicole’s hand.

“Is this making you hot?” Nicole whispered in my ear.

“Yeah,” I whispered back. To my shock Nicole turned and started tugging at my shorts. I peeked at Alicia and she was staring back at me. Nicole pulled my shorts over my erection and down my legs, freeing my cock. She stroked it a few times; making sure that Alicia was getting a good look, and then lowered her head into my lap and her mouth onto my penis.

I grunted and shifted in my seat. I didn’t even know where to look. There was the sexy movie on the television, the cute blonde masturbating in the recliner ten feet away, and my girlfriend giving me a blow job. If not for the fact that I just had sex, I would’ve blown my load right then. Nicole was determined to put on a show. I heard her moan and smack her lips, her head bobbing up and down in my lap. She climbed up onto the sofa, moving into a kneeling position beside me. Her left hand was around the base of my cock; her right hand Antalya Escort Bayan went down between her legs. I heard her moan as she slid her fingers along her pussy lips.

Nicole was definitely giving her best performance. I felt her pause her sucking to stroke and lick my cock, touching the sensitive underside of my circumcised penis. I felt her drool saliva all over it, and then resume her sucking. She deep-throated me, taking all seven inches into her mouth. Nicole made little gurgling and slurping noises that were so sexy they were speeding me along to orgasm.

My orgasm hit me so unexpectedly I didn’t even have time to warn Nicole. I blew my load into her mouth. I heard Nicole gag but she didn’t stop sucking, swallowing every drop. I grunted and bucked my hips as I came. I glanced over at Alicia, only half aware of my surroundings. She was splayed backwards in the recliner, her back arched, her t-shirt pulled up so that I could see her hand fondling her small breasts, her other hand buried in her shorts. She looked over at me and smiled in post-orgasmic bliss. I smiled back at her, dreamily.

Nicole sat up beside me, wiping at her lips. We were all silent for a few minutes. The movie continued to play. I fell into a post-orgasmic stupor, reflecting on my day, getting up at 6am for a 50 minute commute and an 8 hour work day, dinner with Nicole followed by the voyeuristic show that Alicia had unknowingly put on, the strip tease by Nicole and the wild sex we had, being discovered by Alicia, and finally getting a blow job from Nicole while Alicia masturbated in front of a dirty movie. It didn’t get much better than this, I thought. I felt my eyelids grow heavy; the excitement of the day’s events catching up with me.

I barely even heard Alicia when she eventually spoke. “Just think, if you ever did that for Gary, maybe you two would still be together,” she said.

Before her words even registered with me, I heard an inarticulate scream beside me. Nicole shot off of the sofa and attacked Alicia. I snapped back to reality at the sight of Nicole leaping onto the recliner and grabbing at Alicia’s head. Alicia was ready for her, however, and fought back, pushing her back off of her and onto the floor. Alicia leapt off of the recliner and joined Nicole on the floor.

The two women were fighting viciously, arms and legs flailing, slapping and kicking at each other. Hands were grabbing at hair and tearing at each other’s shirts. They were grunting and shrieking. I was fresh off of a great blow job and my second orgasm of the evening, but the sight of the two women fighting still made me instantly hard. But what do I do? My first instinct was to run for the door. Nicole was an interesting person and a great fuck but she obviously had some issues. I didn’t need this kind of drama in my life, not while I was trying to put my life back together after my divorce. I stayed rooted in place, though. I mean, I was actually seeing a real live catfight! Nicole and Alicia were lying side by side now, Alicia using her longer arms and legs to slap and kick at Nicole from a distance that Nicole couldn’t quite reach. Nicole was trying to dodge Alicia’s attacks to get close enough to hit back. Alicia’s t-shirt was torn at the neckline and hung loosely around her. One of Nicole’s breasts had popped free from her tank top, and I could feel my cock throb at the sight of it. On the other hand, I could see marks on their exposed skin where they had hit and scratched each other, and I realized I needed to stop it before they really hurt each other, but arms and legs were flying everywhere. It was going to be dangerous to get too close to them.

Nicole fought her way back to Alicia and flung herself on top of her. She quickly straddled Alicia and grabbed her by the hair, using it to yank Alicia’s head from side to side.

“Ow!” Alicia screamed, “Get off me you bitch!” Alicia got a hand free and started to claw at Nicole’s exposed breast.

“Ugh!” Grunted Nicole, and she slapped Alicia across the face. Nicole reached lower and grabbed Alicia’s t-shirt. She had already managed to tear the material around the collar, now when she pulled on it she was able to tear it more and pull the shirt down and around Alicia’s slim shoulders, trapping her arms. She took advantage of Alicia’s limited movement and pinned her arms beneath her knees.

“Bitch,” Alicia hissed, and began to buck her hips to try to throw Nicole off of her. Nicole held tight though, riding Alicia like a cowgirl.

“Is that the best you can do, bitch?” Nicole said.

“No,” Alicia grunted, and threw her legs into the air, catching Nicole by the head and shoulder, and knocking her sideways. Alicia struggled to her feet, freeing her arms from her t-shirt as she did. It stayed on her, but the collar was so torn and ruined I was expecting it to just fall right off of her. Nicole was lying prone on the floor, slightly dazed, and Alicia started kicking at Nicole’s side with her bare feet.

“Fucking bitch!” Alicia screamed as she landed a kick Escort Antalya on Nicole’s side.

Nicole snapped back to reality, swiping at Alicia’s legs with her own and knocking Alicia right back down on top of her. They were quickly at it again, slapping and kicking at each other, rolling back and forth and trying to gain the upper hand.

Their shorts were starting to ride down their bodies. I could see hips and butt cracks coming into view. Their shirts were riding up, revealing waists and bellies. Nicole’s left breast was still out of her tank top, and she made no effort to conceal it. As more skin came into view, the more aroused I got. I still thought that I needed to put a stop to the fight before somebody really got hurt, but I also realized that it was just as likely the girls would end up topless, or completely naked, and the more clothing that was lost, the more turned on I would get.

Nicole was on top of Alicia again, this time straddling her by her waist, and quickly pulled Alicia’s t-shirt down around her shoulders again. Nicole was ready for Alicia to try to kick up her legs, and deftly dodged Alicia’s attempts to knock her off. Both women were showing signs of fatigue. They were breathing heavily and sweating. The scene was still incredibly sexy though, maybe even more so. Nicole had grabbed hold of Alicia’s hair with her left hand, and was using her right to slap at Alicia’s legs behind her. “Did you fuck him?” Nicole was shouting now. “Did you fuck Gary?”

Alicia glared at Nicole. Nicole reached around with her right hand and slapped her. “I said, did you fuck him?” Nicole shouted.

“Yeah, I fucked him,” Alicia suddenly sneered, “He said I was the best fuck he ever had.”

“You bitch!” Nicole screamed, and reached back and slapped Alicia as hard as she could. The entire apartment complex probably heard that. I idly wondered if concerned neighbors would call the cops or something. I started thinking about making a discreet exit again. Then Nicole grabbed Alicia’s t-shirt with both hands, tearing at it until it ripped down the middle, exposing Alicia’s small breasts. Maybe I could stick around a little longer, I thought to myself.

“Look at these little things!” Nicole said mockingly, “Do you think these compare to my tits?” I was shocked as Nicole pulled her other breast free from her tank top. She cupped her full C cup breasts in her hands. I was expecting Alicia to use this moment to try to break free again, but that big slap took the fight out of her. She glared at Nicole with pure hatred, but she wasn’t trying to get free. The entire left side of her face was red. Alicia made a face like she was getting ready to spit at Nicole.

Nicole noticed it. “Don’t spit at me, bitch,” she said. She covered up Alicia’s face with her left hand. She began slapping at Alicia’s exposed breasts. “Teeny little titties,” Nicole chanted mockingly. Alicia began struggling furiously. “Do you want to know what real titties feel like?” Nicole asked. To my complete shock she lowered herself onto Alicia, her breasts right on Alicia’s face. Nicole pushed her breasts against Alicia’s face. “Kiss them,” Nicole cooed, “Kiss my titties.”

Alicia sensed an opening and with an amazing effort slid herself forward and right out from under Nicole. As she struggled to her feet her ruined t-shirt fell down around her waist. Alicia grabbed it and pulled it over her head. She flung it at Nicole who batted it away. Her small breasts with silver dollar sized nipples swayed with her movement. They were B cups, maybe. Alicia suddenly turned to look at me. It was the first time either of them acknowledged me since the fight began. I decided it was time to get them to stop. I held out my hands and prepared to play peacemaker.

“Look at how hard Fred is,” Alicia suddenly said, gesturing to the bulge in my shorts, “The sight of my tits is turning him on.”

Nicole was sitting on the floor now, out of breath. She made no effort to adjust her tank top to hide her breasts. “He likes big tits,” Nicole said, pushing herself to her feet. She took hold of her breasts in her hands, cupping them and holding them up toward me. I stared at them.

“Nobody wants your fat cow tits,” Alicia said, and made an effort to slap at them. Nicole slapped at her hand, and suddenly they were slapping at each other again. Then they grabbed each other in a mutual bear hug. One of them tripped the other and they fell back to the floor, rolling back and forth and trying to gain the upper hand again.

Nicole eventually landed on top again, grabbing Alicia’s hands and pinning them up above her head. Nicole grinned at Alicia. “Kiss my titties,” Nicole said again, as though the last few minutes had never happened. She lowered herself until she was smothering Alicia again. Alicia bucked and swung her legs in the air, but wasn’t able to unbalance Nicole. Alicia quickly changed tactics and tried to bite at Nicole’s breasts.

“Ow!” Nicole shrieked and pulled away from Alicia. “Bitch,” Nicole spat and slapped Alicia’s face again. Nicole slid backwards until she was straddling Alicia’s waist and grabbed hold of Alicia’s breasts. She squeezed hard. Alicia screamed, her arms and legs flailing in the air, but wasn’t able to shake Nicole loose. Alicia grabbed at Nicole’s arms and tried to pull Nicole’s hands off of her breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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