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I finish my day exhausted, having not slept in over 24 hours. The thought of my couch crosses my mind as the realization hits me about where I have to go now. Matthew had told me to walk the dog day and night, and that there would be lots to do outside tonight. As I left, I passed through the gate and Ashley ran out to stop me.

“Hey little bitch” she says out loud as I am approaching. “Matt says that you will give me a lift to his place. Pull over ahead and wait a few minutes, I will be right out” Without even waiting for a response, she walks back to her booth, looking at her phone, waving at the cars as they exit. It strikes me as how beautiful this girl is, how I would have loved to have a girlfriend like her when I was younger. I await patiently as the last of the cars leave and she locks the gate.

The ride over, I am treated to complete silence from Ashley. I attempt to break the silence with a “How was your day?” She is texting on her phone and completely ignores me. I am amazed but she doesn’t even flinch when I am talking, almost like I am not even there. When we arrive, she hops out and runs in the house ahead of me.

When I enter, I find Matthew in the kitchen, talking with Ashley. Then they are making out, and I stand off in the corner watching. I hear footsteps coming down the stairs, and I turn to see the woman from the beach. The statuesque woman brushes past me and towards where Matt is kissing Ashley. My instinct tells me that there would be some kind of confrontation here, but that is not what happens. The woman stands patiently as Ashley breaks off the embrace. Matthew whispers something in Ashley’s ear, and she heads over to the couch, texting away. The woman then embraces Matthew and now they are making out. I watch for several minutes until goodbyes are said, and the woman heads out the door.

Matthew turns his gaze to me.

“Why are you your clothes still on, Simone?” He asks coldly. I start removing my clothes and he continues.

“Go and walk the dog, then all the stuff you need is outside in the yard shed.” He notices my pink panties that I am wearing but doesn’t acknowledge them. He walks over to the couch and gets comfortable with Ashley. Within moments they are going at it on the couch. I exit through the garage with the dog.

The walk is gruelling, as I am passed by a group of high school kids who are jeering and laughing at me as I pass. The comments are all nasty, but I find this sense of humiliation making me overwhelmingly horny, to the point where I can’t control it. My adana escort cock rises to full hardness, only prompting more comments coming from the rowdy teens.

The rest of the night is even more gruelling. The yard is expansive, and without the use of a lawnmower, the work is tedious. When I am done, I look at the time and it is 3 am.

I walk inside quietly and find Ashley asleep on the couch. Matthew is nowhere in sight. I walk in silence for a few minutes, and without a sound anywhere, I creep upstairs. I find Matthew’s bedroom open, and no one in it. For some reason I find myself inching my way inside. It is the size of my whole main floor, with mirrored ceilings and a fountain. I look around a bit more and see the large walk in closet, loaded with expensive suits and clothes. I feel tired and go to turn around to go back downstairs but get stopped at the door by Matthew, standing naked in all his glory. He is looking me up and down, leaned up against the door frame. I am utterly entranced by the sight of his body and his cock, my mouth hung open.

“What is little bitch doing here?” He asks in a tough but calm tone. “Looking for some cock?” He asks, a large grin creeping across his face.

“I…uh…um, was hoping…um, that I, uh, I mean…” My words are not coming out, I am struggling away to explain myself as he interrupts.

He reached out and grabs me by the shoulders and pushes me towards the bed. His strength is evident, I feel my body seem to buckle as he holds me, his large hands like a vice on my shoulders. He throws me on the bed and climbs up. As I try to turn over I feel him grab my panties and rip them off of me. His hand grasps the side of my throat, and he turns me over with ease. I am on my back now and my instinct tells me to fight back. I try to get up but he holds me down. I flail my arms around but he manages to grab both of my wrists with one hand. I feel his weight crushing my thighs as his leg crosses over to strattle me. Then…helpless. As my attempts to escape trail off and I become motionless, he uses his free hand to position his cock against my ass. I feel the enormous head of it pressing up on me. I try to struggle one last time but am rendered helpless.

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” He asks grinning from ear to ear. “Tell me it is what you wanted or I won’t give it to you.” He whispers in my ear with his deepest, sexiest voice. I feel my eyes rolling in the back of my head. I am bombarded by a feeling of utter torment, and the eskişehir escort only way out is for him to fuck me”

“Yes” I say quietly.

“What?” he replied quickly. “Didn’t hear you Simone.”

I gather myself and reply back.

“Yes, please fuck me” I hear myself say. “Please, I don’t just want it…I fucking need it, please give it to me. I am yours forever, I will do anything for you, please, please, please give this to me, I love you and need you inside me.” My voice is the epidemy of pure desperation as I plea.

He looks me in the eyes and I feel him go inside me, filling me up instantly. It is excruciatingly painful, so much so that I cry out. But he moves slowly and smoothly at first, and with each stroke, I feel less and less. Even with the pain I can sense a gentleness about him. I wonder if this is how all the girls must feel when he is inside them. About a minute in it starts to feel really good. Then a minute after that it feels like ecstasy. I find myself grinding with him now. I feel the flow of our connection and, as he starts to pound me harder, I feel the most intense sensation I have ever felt. My body seems to go numb but completely tingly all over. I feel everything shake. The bed, the ground, the walls, the entire world. I start to go into contortions. All of a sudden I shoot a load out all over the his stomach, making his abs glisten in the moonlight.

He continues pounding, and about 10 minutes later, he flips me over. Then I am on all fours and he is fucking me with everything he has. I find the sensations happening again, my cock beginning to throb, and I go into contortions. I blow another load of cum all over the bed. My whole world is spinning now and I m now literally floating on a cloud. Still he keeps pounding away and moments later the same thing happens again. Cum shoots from my cock like it has never shot before. I feel every inch of my body seize up as I explode. I am just starting to catch my breath when the feeling comes again, for a fourth time. I can feel myself emptying out all over the bed again. I am shaking and screaming and, by this point, all I can see is black. I hear him a few minutes later as he cries out and shoots his load deep inside me. I feel his cum hit me like a wave, drenching my insides with a warmth and wetness, a feeling so utterly satisfying, that I could never truly explain it. He pulls out and lays on the bed beside me.

“Clean up bitch” he says as I am still shaking and trying to figure out what had sakarya escort just happened to me. I gather myself and I proceed to lick all of the cum off his stomach and cock, making sure none of it was left on him. He goes to the bathroom and I proceed to change the sheets on his bed. He returns and I stop to admire his naked body as he shuffles onto the fresh sheets. Laying on his stomach, I start to gawk at his thick and muscular legs. My eyes drift up to his ass and once again I am entranced. My cock starts to get hard again.

“This s can’t be happening” I think to myself, when I hear him grunt.

“Massage little bitch. Now!” His voice soft and sexy.

“Yes, of course.” I reply.

I give him a thorough full body rubdown, making sure to take my time and admire that gorgeous ass of his. I want him to be completely satisfied so After the massage I gently move my fingertips along his body in a feathering motion. He moans and I sense that he is enjoying this now. I then kiss his neck in a few spots, then my tongue starts slowly licking every inch of him. I start at his neck and move to his broad shoulders. Then down his left side of his back…up his left arm…across his shoulders. Then down his right arm…up his right back. My tongue explores down over his ass, then down one leg and up the other. All the while his moans are becoming more increasing and his breathing is getting deeper. My tongue continues up to his ass and I spend some time exploring the beauty of its curves. I find I am drawn closer and closer to his asshole, and my tongue is now darting in and out, side to side. Licking deeper each time, I can feel Matthews large cock growing to attention.

I am sure to use one of my hands to slightly tease and tickle the bottom of his penis, right near where his thick shaft meets his immense head. My tongue works its way down to that spot and I start teasing. I find that I am able to maneuver my body so I can put him in my mouth. It is only a few moments before he releases inside my mouth again. This time I make sure to swallow every drop and not take it out until he is done. I remember when Matthew had once told me that every drop is precious. I now know what he meant. After being deprived of his cum for a couple days, I feel like it is a necessity to survive. The taste of his cum is sweeter than anything I have ever tasted and I lay there licking and sucking and slurping on it until Well after he is asleep. I struggle…but force my mouth to release this amazing specimen. It takes even more will to get up, looking over this beautiful man’s naked body.

I turn and tiptoe downstairs to my clothes by the couch.

I make sure to dress quietly, as not to wake Ashley. Moments later I am in the car heading home for the weekend…tired and sore, with a misplaced feeling of satisfaction starting to take hold.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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