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Mona called me and hinted at wanting to make another large purchase of weed. Inasmuch as Jiggs and I were looking for someone to help supplement the buys Norman was making, which while decent, didn’t allow us to live the more comfortable lifestyles we wanted, I agreed to meet her at a parking lot two blocks from the restaurant Mona worked at.

I arrived early and checked the site out. Unless the cops were videoing from a great distance, it was a secure location. I had no weed on me, nor would I be accepting any money from Mona. We would talk about things in general, with the actual subject buried in the conversation.

Mona arrived on time and hopped into my car. She wore a pair of tight shorts that showed her ass to great advantage.

“Sorry kiddo, I have to frisk you to see if you’re wearing a wire,” I told her.

Mona laughed and said, “That’s why I’m wearing so little, you dirty old man.”

I laughed along with her as my hand delved into the peasant blouse she wore, squirmed my hand into each cup of her bra, teased the nipples until they hardened and then asked her to open her shorts.

She knelt on the front seat, reached behind her and opened the button then pulled down the zipper and shimmied out of the tight shorts.

I took note of the g-string thong and with a broad smile, pulled it to the side and ran a finger into her pussy, found nothing unusual and then sent my middle finger into her ass.

“It’s always fun meeting you, Ned,” she giggled as I swatted her on the ass and told her to get dressed.

“So, how much can you pay for?”

“My friends want to buy around $4500 this time.” This was a significant buy for Jiggs and me.

“Who are these friends, Mona? No, forget that I asked. I don’t want to know them or them knowing me. I trust you’re keeping my name out of this?”

“So far, yeah. But they keep after me to tell them. They say they want to know where their monies going.”

“Don’t tell ’em, Mona. They don’t need to know. If they persist I won’t sell you any. That’s the way it’s gonna be, understand?”


“All right, leave the money in the cemetery down the street. Take the right path to the first mausoleum. There’s a planter outside the entrance, tilt it back and put the money under it. The pots waiting there for you; and that’s where you leave the money.”

“I… I don’t have it with me!” she said sounding frightened.

“Do you need to make a call?”

“Um, yeah… they didn’t think you’d have it with you so…”

“And of course they don’t pay in advance.”

“Yeah, that’s….”

“Shut up, Mona.”


“Are you up for a fuck?”

“What? I told you I’ve got a boyfriend, Ned.”

“So what? I’ve got one too. He doesn’t mind if I fuck you, why should yours?”

The fact that I meant my business partner and not a lover went over her head as I’d intended.

She was unable to counter my statement, and having sampled my cock on several prior occasions, no reason to turn down a perfectly reasonable romp in the sack with me.

“You really expect me to go over to your place and fuck you?”

“Yes,” I said.

“You men are such shits,” she said as if she’d proved a point.

“You want to fuck or not?” I asked her more tersely than I wanted to.

She looked back at me, “Yes,” she said, biting her lower lip. “Can I follow you to your place?”

“No,” I said and started the engine. “We’ll come back for your car later.”

“”Have you seen my mother lately?”

“No, but I’ve got a new blend of shit for you to try if you want.”

“Um, yeah, sounds really good, Ned.”

Fifteen minutes later Mona flashed me a fake smile as she held the lighter in front of her face to torch the bong. She gave it a deep suck and looked at me coldly, as if evaluating my worth as a human being.

“So what do you want to do?” I asked.

“I don’t know. What do you want to do?” Mona took another hit off my bong. Her hair was hanging down over her face. She made no move to move it aside and I watched as one strand got scorched and curled up at the end. I waited until a little streamer of smoke rose up before swatting it aside and making sure it had not caught fire.

“Huh?” she said dully, not bothering to open her eyes and obviously unaware of the near calamity she’d almost caused. She took another drag then handed the bong over. She exhaled slowly, turning to sit on the edge of the bed, her body stiff.

As I lightly stroked her back, she lurched towards me, as if wanting to snuggle close, but had stopped herself.

“Your mom seeing anyone?”

“Some guy from Daytona; he told her he races motorcycles and she wants him to take her for a fast ride.”

I laughed. “I’ll bet.”

Mona laughed. “She is a horny bitch isn’t she? Um, I think she’s got a date with him this Saturday.”

I sucked in a deep lung full as she slumped into me. I wrapped an arm around her shoulders and licked her salty neck. She trembled so I licked her again. She made a very soft sigh.

“You Büyükesat Escort know, I really liked you, Ned.”

“Meaning you don’t anymore?”

“Oh… well, after you boffed my mother and all….”

“You knew damn well what was going to happen when you both came by. I’m sure you and Janice discussed me in great detail then got drunk and came over to fuck me silly.”

She appeared taken aback at my words. I knew then that I was right about them talking about me the way women do.

She made that soft little sigh again. “I do like you. I really do.”


“But you’re so much older than me.”

“True enough, but I’m not asking you to marry me.” I blew some smoke behind her head then sucked in a big mouthful of her neck.

“You leaving your mark on me, Ned?” There was a quaver in her voice. She sounded hungry for something. I thought I knew what it was and placed her left hand on my rising dick.

“OH!” There was that sigh again.

The roach was all but done. I put it out, no sense in burning a hole in the couch or carpet. Besides, I had plenty more if needed.

“Carl… he’s my boy friend. Well, he’s nice and all, but ….”

“He can’t cut it in the sack?”

“Um, yeah. It’s like he lacks your….”


“I don’t cum with him, Ned. With you…”

“I aim to please. You and your mom must have touched on that.”

“Um, yeah….”

“Lose the bra, Mona.”

“…kay,” she replied softly. She did that beguiling feminine thing and reached behind her back and unclasped the bra without even having to go under the peasant blouse.

“You need some love in your life.”

“Hard to find in this town.”

“I don’t have any trouble.”

“I mean love, not fucking.”

“So did I. I love all my women, otherwise I couldn’t fuck them. No, let me try again. If I don’t feel that there is something special about a woman, I avoid them completely. There’s no point in using someone for a masturbation toy.”

“So what’s special about me?”

“Youth, a certain vibrancy, you have a body to die for. Plus you’ve got nice ways about you, and you can fuck up a storm.”

That seemed to satisfy her for the time being, and so I cupped her firm breast in one hand; it was still under her blouse, and I didn’t bother taking it out. The nipples hardened under my tutelage and she twisted her head around and raised her mouth to mine. I slid fingers down her shorts to find her slick crease.

“I want a good fuck, Ned. I just want sex.”

I started to lower my face to her twat, but she recoiled from me, and said, “No, I want you in me,” her eyes were pleading.

I grinned at her, probably looking like the stoned dope I am. “We’ll get there, Mona, but I have to have a little taste first.”

She climbed up the bed over me, tossed her blouse on the floor and worked the shorts off, kicking them away where they got hung up on a bedpost. Then she was dangling those tits in my face. She had smallish tits, not really small, but nothing like her mother’s big bazzooms. But her nipples were eminently suckable. I love her tits, and I told her so.

“Yeah the guys like them,” she purred contentedly. But they don’t treat ’em the way you do.”

“What do they do, Mona?”

“They just like grabbing them or rubbing their dicks on them. Some guys even like to jerk off all over them, which I’ve never fucking understood.”

“Didn’t I cum on them?”

“Yeah, but that was when I was blowin’ you. You gave me a what’cha call it?’

“A pearl necklace.”

“Yeah… I kinda liked that.”

I gave her tits a little push and they swung in front of my face like the pendulum on a clock. I let my mouth capture a nipple; sucking on it while I teased the other breast, and then reversed course, taking the other nipple and working it over while listening to Mona purr contentedly.

Eventually, I had enough and slid down to her pussy.

“Oh… Ned!”

We’ve both got a good buzz going, and I know Mona loves to be eaten, (what woman doesn’t?) and I moved in on her, imagining that I’m this huge tongue, nothing but tongue, hovering in the air over Mona, licking and tongue fucking her. She groaned and said, “Not too many fingers, please.”

I obliged her, keeping it to two fingers. She began a constant moaning and squirming. I concentrated on her clit, licking, sucking, even nipping at it while fingering her squishy cunt.

Sensing her pending climax, I went at her with greater intensity. Mona came seconds later, squawking and lifting up from me then shoving herself back down on me, and then lifting off again. That’s what she does when she comes; it’s like she can’t decide what to do. But I’m used to it. As long as she gets off, I don’t care. I kept my fingers inside her while waiting for her to calm down.

“Feel better?” I asked.

“Yeah, you?”

“I’m good. I’ll be better soon enough.”

Mona laughed at that. Then, in her assertive way, she reached Elvankent Escort between her legs and took my rigid cock in hand and guided it to, but not into, her. Still behind her, almost passive, my erection was between her legs, and she was purred happily as she rubbed it in a slow, circular motion against her clitoris.

When I shifted position slightly in an obvious effort to slide myself into her, Mona pushed my dick away, and whispered, “Uh-uh. Not there; I want you here, in my ass.” So saying, she placed the head of my cock right in the middle of her anus then rubbed it back and forth across the diminutive opening. At first, I thought she was teasing me.

“Are you serious?” I asked, somewhat skeptically.

“Just do it. I’d loved it when you did it the last time. I… I’ve been hoping to feel you back there again,” she said softly. She rubbed the head of my dick over her pussy lips a few more times.

“Mmm, Ned, I want it deep inside my ass.”

My cock was already so wet from being rubbed between her wet pussy that it broke the sphinctoral plane with surprisingly little effort. She grunted as my dick ruptured through the barrier, then hissed between her teeth.

“Slowly, honey,” she said, “Work it in slowly.” She shifted her hips slightly to accommodate the unaccustomed presence of my dick inside her ass. “Am I hurting you?”

“A little,” she replied, punctuated by a gasp of breath. “But oh, it feels so fucking big!” I squeezed her breasts hard, flattening them against her chest then kissed the nape of her neck.

“I don’t believe how tight you are!”

“Are you in all the way?” she gasped. “I feel like I’ve been split in two!”

“Just a little more.” I pressed my cock forward, then felt it being tightened like a vise by her sphincter muscle. I seemed to gain ground only by easing back slightly and then pushing forward. She grunted and moaned a few more times before I finally pressed my wiry pubic hairs into her lower ass.

“How’s that?” I whispered.

“Fucking unbelievable! Don’t move for a few seconds; give me time to adjust to it.”

I remained motionless in her; playing with her tits and kissing her. She seemed to enjoy the hell out of my kisses during this time. I knew it had to have hurt. I’m not huge – Jiggs is huge — I felt that special heat emanating from her rectal walls as her anus contracted against me as she tested the elasticity of her anal muscles.

“You keep doing that and I’m going to cum pretty fast,” I whispered in her ear.

My words alarmed her. “Oh, no… can you hold off, please?”

“I’ll try.”

“C’mon, Ned… you only put it in there! You haven’t really fucked me yet. Can you hold off?”

“I’ll try. I can’t tell you how good it feels!” “The pain is subsiding,” she said. “Give it just a few more seconds and you can start moving in and out a bit.”

“I’ll come for sure, then,” I told her.

“No you won’t. If you do, I’ll never let you do this again!”

Talk about your motivational speeches. She got my undivided attention with those words. I coaxed my dick into calming down.

My reward for holding off? Pure ecstasy! With the pain all but gone, Mona began moving her buttocks in a slow, circular pattern, while my ensconced cock, a prisoner inside her, obediently followed. Somewhere along the line I began to slowly piston her, using my hips and thighs for power. The dual phenomenon of our syncopated rhythm sent the both of us to a high we had never before known.

Mona was beside herself, having discovered an animalistic instinct she never knew she had, and, with the discovery, she developed a far different attitude toward our bedside manner. Outside of a few “dirty” words like “fuck” or “suck”, said in the heat of passion to titillate me, she had never been one to be vocal about her needs — until now!

“OH! Fuck that big ass!”

A statement she would vehemently deny later. No surprise there. I’ve never met a woman who would admit to having a big ass.

“Give it to me! Oh, my ass! I love it in my ass! Oh, Ned, it feels so good!” she screeched. “Just shove it in me! Make it hurt! Fuck my assssssssss!”

Her immodest exclamations drove me to a new frenzy. I started pumping her like a madman, driving my cock in and out of her beautiful, tight ass with complete abandon. She grunted, she groaned, she bucked her ass against my abdomen, snorting rather than breathing, trying to pull me even further into the dark abyss.

My hands on her breasts were no longer gentle. If she wanted to feel hurt, I was more than happy to oblige. I took her turgid nipples between the thumbs and forefingers of each of my hands and squeezed the nubbins sharply, painfully. It was this final, almost desperate gesture that seemed to do the trick. “I’m cumming!” she wailed. “Oh, my God…I’m cumming! YESSSSSSS!”

Just as her anal contractions gripped my cock, I let loose too, filling her with spurt after spurt from my deeply sheathed cock. It was, without Beşevler Escort a doubt, one of the best fucks I had had in long time, and I hoped she felt the same way.

We came down slowly. I didn’t withdraw from her. I just let the old guy fall asleep inside the dark hole, feeling every once in a while a tiny anal contraction that only served to remind me of what we had just done. Finally, my limp member fell out, on its own, sliding onto the inside of her inner right thigh, still wet from my spending.

Mona turned her body completely around until we were belly to belly, chest to chest. She wrapped her arms around my back and held me. She pressed her loins into mine, our pubic hairs mingling.

“That was great,” she whispered sexily.

I smiled. “I’m glad I held off, like you asked.” “I had no idea I could get that turned on back there. I guess I’m what you call anal-erotic.”

I laughed. “Would you really have denied me the pleasure if I had come earlier?”

She laughed also. “You’ll never know, will you?”

“Probably not,” I said and kissed her. Mona’s tongue went right for my tonsils. She ground her abdomen into me slowly, sensuously, creating that familiar stirring in my dick that had disappeared inside her wonderfully tight derriere.

I think she felt me growing, or at least sensed it, because she slipped her hand between our clasped bodies and quickly located my semi-erect dick. Her tongue searched every nook and cranny inside my eager mouth as she slowly stroked me back to hardness.

“Don’t you ever quit?” I asked, breaking the passionate kiss.

“Not when I know I can get another great fuck out of you,” she giggled.

I smiled, then moved my hands to her buttocks, feeling the ass that I had just fucked, and squeezed the globes between my fingers, prying them apart, exposing her anus to the uncaring sheets on the bed.

“What are you doing back there?”

“I’m back in business, are you?” I replied, searching for her anal button with my middle finger and, upon finding it, pressing inward slightly, not penetrating her, but letting her know that I was eager to play back there again. She laughed and sounded a lot like her mother had the first time we’d gone at it.

She squeezed my cock tightly, then released it, before working her hand toward the head and squeezing it once more.

I pushed a finger into her asshole.

She was slowly masturbating my cock now, alternating the squeezing with up and down movements of her hand. “I don’t ever remember it rising so quickly again,” she whispered.

“Mmmm, yeah, but let’s hold off on that for a while.

“Got something else in mind, you dirty old man?”

“As a matter of fact I do. Would you like me to give you a rim job?”

It seemed that an electrical charge ran through her at that moment. She shuddered then nodded her head affirmatively.

“Kneel on the floor. Rest the top of your body on the cushion of the arm chair.”

Mona moved to a kneeling position at the right side of the arm chair and leaning forward, rested her chest on the cushion with the side of her head on her forearm.

“Like this?”

“Perfect, Mona, perfect.” My cock was now throbbing, and I had to force myself to continue, but I wanted to fuck her then and there, yet didn’t.

I placed my palms over each of her twin hemispheres and gently squeezed the pure white flesh. “Mmm, that feels good,” Mona whispered huskily.

I planted a soft kiss on her upper left buttock while sensuously running my fingernails all over Mona’s ass, raising tiny goose- bumps across the alabaster surface.

She hissed loudly, between her teeth. “Oh, God that’s…that’s fuckin’ awesome!”

“Isn’t it?” I said running my fingertips in a straight line inside the crack of Mona’s buttocks, all the way down to the anal region. I took care not to touch her recently plowed asshole.

I was every ounce of sexual excitement from my all too willing victim before pouncing. Mona’s breathing was becoming more labored as I played along her ass crack. Then, using my thumbs for leverage, I pried apart the two halves of the split pumpkin, exposing the pink, round anal button that I had only recently filled with my cock.

“I’ve felt less exposed at my gynecologist’s” she said in a shaky voice. “When are….”

“Relax,” I whispered.

“Are you really going to lick me off?”

“Wait and see,” I said. No sense in giving away my secrets in advance.

“Now, I want you to stretch out on the floor.”

She did so, making a lovely picture with her cute, curved ass and tightly closed legs. She was perpendicular to the chair, her head almost touching its base.

I kind of squatted over Mona’s naked back, placing my knees on either side of her ribs. Mona’s tits swayed from side to side with even the slightest of movements; her nipples were darker now, and fully erect.

“Open your legs!” I said, urging her on by applying pressure with my hands upon her delicate, supple flesh. Mona obligingly opened up, in doing so, her cuntal lips parted stickily, exposing the soft pinkness of her slit.

Her vaginal entrance was quite moist, providing ample evidence that the anticipation of her sexual activities with me were a real turn on. “Raise your ass up!” Mona obliged once more, poking the hemispheres upward, providing a prominent display of smooth, white flesh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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