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After the last stay with my friend Kathy over 12 months ago, I have long held onto the memories of my experiences with her dirty underwear.

Sitting on her toilet over several days, masturbating with multiple pairs of her discharge-stained underpants remains one of my most exciting and illicit sexual experiences.

I have spent much time since, hoping that it may happen again at some stage and fortunately for me this Christmas, it did — only this time I got just a bit more than I may have bargained for.

My visit this time lasted 4 days and my mind wandered to some filthy yet exhilarating places on the flight over.

Arriving on a Friday evening, I got to spend the weekend with Kathy, going to the markets with her and also travelling to some local wineries for some tastings and good food.

By Monday morning, Kathy was heading back to work and I had managed to withhold my urges for the entire weekend, which I was actually quite proud of.

Within 20 minutes or so of Kathy heading off to work however, I was into it — rummaging around with a vengeance once again for her dirty underwear. Naturally I was looking forward to sampling the undies she had been wearing whilst I had been with her over the weekend and hopefully some which she had been wearing for several days previously.

It didn’t take long for me to find what I was looking for and I then set myself up in her bathroom once again for a very private and sensual masturbation session.

Kathy’s smell was as sweaty as ever as I buried my nose in the crotch panel of the first pair of her off-white frillies. They also had a mild dark stain across them to go with the wonderful aroma.

With handful of 4 different pairs, I set about indulging myself completely over the following half-hour or so.

I made sure I took as long as possible to enjoy the feast as I didn’t want to complete too quickly.

As I unfurled each pair individually, I noticed that 2 of them clearly had some light brown poo stains on the inside — these were the first pair of Kathy’s undies that I had seen stains from her anus and it was very exciting, to say the least.

I sniffed them intimately around where the brown skid marks were as I wrapped my now fully erect manhood in the soft cotton of the other pairs, making sure that the outer stained gusset was fully visible as I rubbed away very slowly and sensually.

The session ended with me draining a series of hot bursts of semen directly into Kathy’s toilet bowl, having indulged numerous fantasies about Kathy and her intimate body parts and also some about her intimate bodily functions.

It was an intense experience – with such direct access to Kathy’s between-leg odour via her dirty undies and also being able to see for myself the stains she had left inside them!

The remainder of the day was an opportunity to hang about at Kathy’s place and enjoy the soiled intimacy of her dirty underwear whilst she was away at work.


Kathy returned from work in time for dinner at which time we both decided to order in some pizza.

We exchanged some brief notes on our day’s activities, which gave me some creative license to avoid discussing what I had REALLY been doing.

I might have liked to believe that it had worked as how could it not??

That at least, was until Kathy offered for us to watch a DVD as she moved towards the television.

What seemed like a reasonable idea passed me by without me even considering anything else in particular.

Kathy then proceeded to flick on the screen and select the AV channel whilst pressing a couple more buttons on the remote.

In less than a minute I froze completely as an unadulterated birds-eye image appeared on the screen in front of me of a semi-naked person in a bathroom sitting on a toilet and clearly involved in a masturbation ritual with items I knew instantly to be women’s underwear.

There was no need to deny that the image was being beamed from Kathy’s bathroom and the semi-naked person was me earlier in the morning.

“So this is what you do when I’m at work is it??” Kathy blurted.

I simply had no response that would make amends.

It was obvious that Kathy had installed some kind of CC camera device in the ceiling of her bathroom.

If this was so, then how had I not seen it?

Perhaps it was in one of the light fittings?

Regardless, I was at a loss and could not really conjure a valid response.

“What the hell is this??” I asked completely on impulse.

“Looks like you’ve been having a very nice time doesn’t it??” Kathy goaded, although the absence of any anger or malice in her voice was quite noticeable.

“I guess so,” I replied, now completely numb with mortification.

“It’s OK,” she continued. “I don’t really mind to be honest. I kind of figured this is what you might be getting up to when you’re staying here with me. I’m kind of flattered actually.”

“Are uşak escort you serious??” I asked with mild contempt.

“MmmHmmm…” Kathy responded. “I really don’t mind — it’s actually a bit of a turn-on to know that you’ve seen something of mine that’s so intimate.”

“If you say so,” I added with more than a little scepticism.

“I was actually going to offer for you a chance to make up for it since you’ve been a bit naughty in my absence.” Kathy conceded.

“OK,” I stumbled along sheepishly. “What exactly did you have in mind?”

“Follow me naughty boy and we’ll see!” Kathy, astonishingly, was now almost flirting with me.

At this, Kathy stood and headed towards the bathroom.

She sat straight on top of the closed toilet seat in front of me with her knees slightly apart and adjusted her black work skirt up just over her knees enough for me to see some of the top of her pale white thigh.

“If you really want to have a look at my intimates,” she said, “then now’s your chance.”

Opening her legs up a bit further, there was now enough of a view that I could just get a glimpse far enough up her skirt to see just a flash of white material between her legs.

“Well come on then, don’t be shy!!!” she offered.

I was now almost at her mercy with a fairly clear view up her skirt to her underwear, so I felt compelled to do as I was told.

Bending down, I parted her knees so that the white panties covering her private triangle were now in FULL view.

“WOW!” I gasped enthusiastically, “that looks pretty good Kathy!!”

“Do you like what you see?” she asked, “Do you want to see more?”

“Please, if you will!!” I spluttered.

Kathy then lent back on the toilet seat, pulling her skirt right up to the top of her thighs and raising her legs in the air.

It was this motion that gave me a close up view of her white cotton panties with little blue and yellow flowers on them and the way they covered her nether regions. I could also see clearly how the cotton material covering her vagina was quite deeply stained a rusty brown colour from the inside.

“WOW Kathy!!” I heaved “You’ve got yourself a bit stained down here today. You don’t mind me seeing you like this??”

“Not at all,” she replied “if this is what you really want to see, here’s the REAL THING!!”

Now not able to resist this obvious invitation, I moved down towards the zone of desire.

“I should warn you, I keep myself fully hairy down here!” she declared.

“PERFECT!” was my utterly honest response.

Without restriction, I carefully moved between Kathy’s legs and directly towards her panty-covered genitals.

I then spent a few minutes carefully pushing my face towards her unwashed crotch.

By the time my nose touched the fabric, I could already detect her strong, musky odour.

It also wasn’t long before I started running my tongue along the impact zone.

“Mmmmmmm. That feels good!!!!” she cooed watching down on me go to work “Why don’t you peel my undies back and lick the inside of them?? Get my flavours in your mouth!!”

And this is just what I did.

As I peeled them to the side I could see the inside of her white undies were clearly stained with beautiful amounts of her pussy discharge. A wonderful coffee-coloured stain covered the entire cotton crotch panel — the product of her vagina’s smelly daily mix — and the top seam of the separate piece of material was wrinkled and violated, probably by hours of direct contact with her moist labia and vaginal opening.

Curly black pubic hair covered her vulva and surrounded her vagina forming a perfect hairy triangle on top of her pubis.

I could also see crusty traces of her discharge around the base of her vaginal opening and perineum as well as some glued in amongst her pubic hair.

And I could smell her feminine odour so strongly now — sweaty, musky and more than just a little fishy with a nice acrid scent of urine.

It was just as I imagined an unwashed, mature woman’s hairy vagina should smell at the end of a busy work day.

“WOW Kathy!!! I just love your odour – it’s so fishy and feminine down here in amongst all your lady bits!!” I gushed. “It’s such a shame you have to keep it all wrapped up inside your undies all day long.”

“I’m so glad you like it!!! It’s not often I get to share my private female secrets like this so openly!! I’d love you to stick your tongue deep in my holey and taste my lady flavours. It would be so nice to have something inside there for a change other than those wretched tampons!!!”

“I’d love to use my tongue as a tampon inside you Kathy!!” I admitted as I now used both my index fingers to pull her beautiful, mature 41-year-old vagina wide apart and stick my tongue inside.

Immediately I saw a small string of white cream across the bright pink opening dangle across in front the van escort lumpy mass of her internal pussy meatus.

I flicked my tongue and caught the creamy lump on its tip, swallowing it slowly.

“YUM!!!” I declared before plunging my tongue deep inside Kathy’s vagina.

My senses peaked as I indulged the feeling of her private pink internal female organ on my tongue — all the lumps and ripples as well as the moisture and flavour — so gamey and fishy it was, having moistened and discharged inside her cotton underpants all day long and now was being spread wide open before me, releasing all the delicious feminine odour that had been building up inside it.

“OHHHHHH GOD!!!” Kathy began to moan helplessly with her legs spread so wide apart and my tongue buried deep inside her hairy, smelly vagina. “That feels SO good!!! Keep moving your tongue in and out of me like that. Taste my fishy cunt!! Lick it! Lick it! That’s it! How do like the taste of my fishy pussy? Spread it wide open for me and stick your tongue inside it. Lick my discharge clean for me. How does it taste?? Nice and fishy?? Mmmmmmmmm. That’s it. Keep licking….”

The moist squeeching noises increased and began to fill the bathroom as my tongue moved in and out of her vagina.

This was as sexual and feminine as I imagined it could possibly be between Kathy’s thick milky thighs.

Her unwashed vaginal odour and taste was simply intoxicating and yet there was more to come.

As I paused after several minutes to catch my breath, I took time to inspect Kathy’s vaginal geometry even further, admiring the shiny, lumpy pink meat inside of her as well as her gaping pink urethra and glistening, erect clitoris which was now poking out from amidst the wrinkled lumps of her clitoral hood. And of course admiring the way it was all framed by her black, curly pubic hair.

I was also savouring the fishy, feminine tastes currently hitting the back of my tongue.

I gave the inside of her stained crotch panel another lengthy suck which seemed to have a similar effect on Kathy as actually sticking my tongue inside her or sucking her clit.

“That’s it darling. Suck my undies just like that! How do like my taste? I’ve been saving it up all day for you!” Kathy rambled.

The discharge flavour inside her undies was definitely gamey but SO sexy and the fact that it was so directly out of her mature vagina was a HUGE turn-on.

Letting her undies flap back into position in amongst her pubic hair, I was encouraged to push her legs further back but the toilet was too uncomfortable for Kathy to get into position.

Instead, Kathy repositioned herself on the bathroom floor and then lifted her legs and held them back as far as she could, giving me full access to her anus.

As I moved down to inspect, I could immediately see how brown and stained the area around her anus was.

It also had some unusual darker and lumpier flaps of skin in amongst the starfish folds.

“I want you to lick me there. Taste me where I poo from you naughty boy!! Taste it for yourself and let me know — I actually just did a big poo at work, just before I left just over an hour ago. Taste me there.” Kathy demanded as she pulled her rippled white buttocks apart and gave me a full viewing of her brown poo opening.

My tongue extended and gently made contact at the base of her vaginal opening and then ran it down across her perineum several times.

I felt Kathy looking down at me once again as I went to work on her dirtier and even more intimate orifice.

“That’s it!!! Lick me there!!” Kathy purred. “Tell me how it tastes you dirty boy!!”

Kathy’s anus definitely looked dirty; in fact, I could see some specks of brown faecal matter around the opening. I guessed that was from her earlier poo.

It made me all the more eager to take advantage of her dirty asshole and begin licking away.

My tongue began swirling around, taking in the unusual contours and lumps of Kathy’s raw anus.

The taste began to filter through after a minute or two and it was very sharp and earthy — much different to the taste of her pussy but with her vagina so close to my nose, her feminine aroma was still hitting me where it counted and it was driving me wild.

“Can you taste me yet??” Kathy enquired.

“I sure can!!” I replied. “I can really taste your poo in my mouth. It tastes amazing Kathy! Did you wipe yourself properly after you went to the toilet earlier because I can really taste it down here? You’ve got a beautiful big brown anus by the way. You’ve left some little specks of poo around here as well. I hope you don’t mind me saying!!”

“Not at all,” she replied. “Keep licking me down there and make sure I’m nice and clean. Make sure all the poo is cleaned away from down there and make sure you get the taste in your mouth. I love how it feels with your tongue wiping me like a piece erzincan escort of toilet paper!!’

And with those words, I completed my tongue cleaning of Kathy’s soiled anus as I managed to bring her to a shuddering orgasm with the assistance of my fingers which found their way deep into her vaginal cavity as she massaged her own clit as my tongue pumped into her anal opening repeatedly, filling my mouth with her stale but sharp faecal flavours along the way.

“God I love the taste of your poo Kathy.” I admitted. “It’s the best taste I’ve ever had. I’d love to watch you go to the toilet sometime — just us in here together and watch you empty yourself into the toilet and wipe your bum clean afterwards.”

“I’d really love to go for you sometime.” Kathy confessed. “It would be so intimate and private. Maybe we can arrange something for the final day of your stay! I’ll make sure I build up lots of pee and poo inside me for all of tomorrow and also get my white undies nice and dirty and smelly for you during the day. How would you like that?”

“I’ll make sure I’m ready, that’s for sure!!” was all I could come up with.


Our sexual bathroom session concluded that night with me priming my massive pre-existing erection and directing it towards Kathy’s still wide-open legs.

With her fishy ripe pinkness beckoning, I guided the head of my penis towards her glistening opening, pulling her dirty, stained knickers aside and slowly sliding it inside of her.

As my penis entered her body, Kathy’s moist feminine warmth enveloped me.

Kathy moaned gently as my manhood found a home within her wet vaginal walls. I watched carefully as my penis slid back out of her, grabbing her wavy brown flaps on the way out and coating my shaft with a generous amount of her shiny pussy moisture.

The next few strokes were equally as slow as I observed the interaction between our excited genitals. I pushed all the way in and paused at the maximum extension as our pubic hair came together in a very intimate exchange.

Slowly, our rhythm increased and Kathy’s steamy feminine odour began to rise up from between her thick thighs and consume our senses. “Can you smell that?” she asked.

“I sure can!!” I replied ecstatically. “It smells incredible Kathy. You really do have such a strong odour down there. I love it!!”

“Keep pumping away please!! I love having your thick thing inside me. It really fills me up down there. I never really have anything down there except tampons so this is really nice!!”

It was good to know that my penis was actually the first thing that had been inside her vagina since her last period. I wanted to think of my shaft acting inside her like a big tampon, sliding in and out, in and out, in and out and collecting all of her fishy internal moisture like an absorbent plug.

It was a very sensual thought to have as our rhythm and moaning increased simultaneously as did the wicked aroma that was continuing to fill the bathroom.

Kathy’s pussy was really starting to squeech as my stroke rate increased, her fanny actually becoming tighter as the motion intensified.

I could feel the orgasm welling up inside me but wanted to pause before coming as I decided to perform the climax from behind.

Kathy obliged by turning around and offering her large rippled buttocks to me as she bent over.

I pulled her underpants down at this point so that the soiled crotch panel was facing up towards me and then guided my wet penis back up inside her only this time, from behind.

From this position, I was easily able to view the coffee-coloured stains inside her undies and was also able to spread her cheeks and expose her wrinkled anus as I pumped away.

Kathy was really moaning heavily now as we neared the magnificent and inevitable conclusion.

Her oversized buttocks wobbled with each hard thrust as my thumb found its way to the surface of her anus and eventually up inside it.

I moved my thumb easily in inside her and her moist rectal walls provided a wonderful but brief playground for my thumb. One thing I knew was that Kathy’s rectum was a totally different environment than her vagina!!

Only a few more minutes of this activity and I was more than ready to unload.

Not knowing whether Kathy was practising birth control or not, I chose to withdraw, even though I wanted totally to deposit deep within her vagina and her anus was not really an option so I automatically grabbed my wet member out of her and jerked a number of steaming, plentiful bursts of semen all over her buttocks whilst continuing to look down at the crotch of her stained knickers and simultaneously thumbing her sweet rectum.

My thumb also withdrew at this point which enabled me to aim the final glob square on the surface of her moist puckered anus.

Not only now was my penis covered in Kathy’s glistening, smelly pussy moisture but I also noticed that my thumb was coated with a cocktail of her rectal fluid and brown smears of her faeces, which I promptly put to my nose and sniffed and then placed in my mouth and tasted.

Being caught by Kathy’s secret camera in her bathroom was surely the most rewarding embarrassment I could have possibly experienced.

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