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Back in the 60s and 70s, there were businesses that sold merchandise that you wouldn’t find in your local K-Mart. Items like incense, black-light posters and bootleg records, along with paraphernalia that was used in conjunction with herbs that created illegal smiles.

It was during a rainy day that I ducked inside one of these places, mostly to get out of the weather, and it turned out to be a very entertaining afternoon.


The scent of patchouli…

hit me as soon as I walked in the door of the Magic Moon. The store was down the street from Woolworth’s, and I was not in a particularly pleasant mood after having a bit of a “discussion” with Becky at the lunch counter.

The discussion had centered around Becky’s old “boyfriend”, the 50-something dude who had been Becky’s only male companion before I had arrived on the scene, and who had apparently used his power over her to win back her affections.

This Roger character had convinced Becky that I was only interested in her so I could indulge my fetish and not interested in Becky’s soul and her mind, or in helping her become an intellectual like he had been. How did this guy find out about what I liked and what we had been doing? Becky had told him.

I had gotten pissed off about that, not because it was true in a way, but I resented our business being shared with this predator who had seduced her back in her mid-teens, and knew damn well that he was no more interested in her mind than I was.

So after that meeting, I was walking down the avenue, trying to cool off while reconciling myself with the fact that Becky was on the verge of breaking up with me. Too bad, because it was really good while it had lasted.

When the drizzle turned into a steady rain, I ducked into the head shop, planning on browsing through their collection of bootleg albums until the rain let up. The place was almost deserted, with only a couple of customers at the back counter, talking to the girl behind it.

I happened to glance up just as the clerk was putting on a bit of a product demonstration, and what a demonstration it was. The young lady had taken something from behind the counter and wet it while explaining the virtues of this product.

Then, she calmly raised her arm and with long and slow strokes, proceeded to rub this thing into her armpit. I immediately forgot about the Doors bootleg album I had been contemplating and moved over to where I could get a better view.

Apparently the demonstration had been effective, since after watching the clerk the couple had purchased one of these items. It had worked on me as well, because after watching her myself I had an erection along with a desire to get a presentation of my own, so after the couple had left I engaged the woman in conversation.

The girl’s name was Sienna, and she was a very tall and willowy redhead with long curly hair. She was wearing a paisley dress with spaghetti straps on her very slender shoulders; the kind of dress that you couldn’t wear a bra with, so it afforded a nice view of her low-hanging breasts.

While they were nice, I wasn’t particularly interested in her tits, however, and when she asked me if she could help me, I didn’t have to pretend to be interested in her merchandise because I definitely was.

“I came in at the end of your demonstration,” I said. “What was that you sold that couple?”

“The crystal?” the girl soon to be known to me düzce escort as Sienna asked. “That’s a deodorant. It’s all natural.”


“Yeah man,” Sienna said. “You know how like deodorants are full of chemicals? Stuff like aluminum and other weird shit, man. It’s not good for you.”

“Actually, I was thinking more about my girlfriend,” I admitted.

“Commercial deodorants are even more dangerous for girls, man,” Sienna explained. “These antiperspirants that block your pores and stop you from sweating? That’s unnatural. We sweat for a reason. Girls that shave their pits and then spray these chemicals into their skin? That’s not safe.”

“My girlfriend doesn’t shave,” I said.

“Far out. Neither do I,” Sienna said, as I well knew. “The crystal works on everybody. Dudes too. Doesn’t matter if you’re hairy or not. These things come from the Far East.”

“How does it work,” I asked, and Sienna was more than happy to explain it again to me despite my interest being quite different in scope than her previous customers had been.

“You wet it,” Sienna said, holding up the rock, which she explained was her own personal one. “Didn’t want you to think you wouldn’t get a fresh one if you bought it. Then you just slide it through your armpit like this.”

“I see,” I said, watching intensely as Sienna raised her slender arm, exposing her unshaven armpit to me like she had done for the couple before me.

Sienna wasn’t anywhere near as well-endowed in the hair department as Becky, or even Carol had been. In fact, Sienna had only a thin strip of hair in the center of her underarm, but the hairs were incredibly long. The burnt orange hairs extended up the inside of her arm, almost reaching the tattoo she had around her bicep. and reaching down her side, as far as her loose fitting dress revealed.

Watching the rock in action was driving me crazy, and it was a symbol of the era that not only was I getting to watch something like this in a relatively public area, but that Sienna was so completely uninhibited that she thought nothing of doing it. Not something you’ll likely see at the Macy’s cosmetic counter in your local mall.


“Far out!” I declared enthusiastically. “How about the smell?”

“No odor at all, man. Here.”

I would have much preferred to smell the product’s effect on Sienna herself, but I dutifully sniffed the rock, which was pretty much scentless, before handing it back to her.

“And this works all day?”

“I keep one in my purse,” Sienna told me. “And like a couple of times during the day I just give myself a swipe or two, and that keeps me fresh. If you’re into phony smells or anything, this ain’t for you man. All this does is absorb and neutralize odors.”

“That’s perfect,” I said. “And there’s no taste involved either?”

“Taste?” Sienna asked, confused at my question.

“Yeah, I mean my girlfriend likes me to lick her armpits,” I explained. “And I really love doing it, but if she’s put on deodorant the taste of it is really nasty. It burns my tongue.”

“That’s the chemicals!” Sienna said excitedly, clearly thrilled at the thought of making another convert, but not offering to let me give her armpits a taste test just yet.

I bought a couple of the rocks, which were cheap and according to Sienna, lasted “like forever, man,” and also bought the Doors Live at the Whisky bootleg edirne escort album.

After I paid for the stuff, we had a long conversation at the register. I got into an explanation of what was going on with my girlfriend and me, and how maybe the crystal would be a peace offering of sorts, and to my surprise Sienna not only listened but consoled me and offered advice.

The conversation went on for the hour or so the store remained open, and because of the rain we weren’t interrupted by customers. During our talk I discovered that Sienna was at least 10 years older than me, and was the manager of the place, which her old man owned.

Old man, as in boyfriend. Learning this brought me down – not the age part but the fact that she was attached. They even lived in an apartment in the back of the store, which I thought was pretty cool.

Her old man was the sound and light man for Snake, a local band who was doing a little tour of the region. The tour was a bunch of guys in two VW vans, not the tractor trailer caravans that a major group would use, but the idea sounded exciting to me, even if it didn’t amuse Sienna, who expressed a sense of loneliness as well as a suspicion that her old man would be balling other girls while on the road.

“Time to close,” Sienna said, the clock having just passed 6, and I realized that Becky was now done at work and already on the way to her middle-aged mentor for her spiritual fulfillment.

“Oh, sorry I talked your ear off so long,” I said.

“No, you were cool man. Business was dead anyway, and you helped pass the time,” Sienna said, walking me to the door and flipping the OPEN sign to CLOSED before clicking off the lights.

“I’ll let you know how the crystal works out,” I told her. “If I get the chance to use it.”

“It’s been a couple of hours,” Sienna said, turning the knob of the lock and leaning her back against the door. “Want to see how good it works on me?”


The lewd grin…

Sienna wore while looking at me left no doubt as to what she meant and what she wanted. With a slowness that made the wait excruciating, Sienna raised her arms high until her hands were clutching the top of the door frame

I couldn’t wait, moving my face to her exposed left armpit, letting my tongue slide along the same path as the crystal rock had before, Sienna’s armpit hair was incredibly fine and soft in texture, and I had to run my tongue against the grain to actually feel it.

Sienna moaned, grabbing the back of my head with her other hand and drawing my face tightly to her, not that I needed the encouragement. I could taste her fresh perspiration, and the pheromone-laden nectar only made me feel more like an animal than I already did.

“Ooh, that feels outta sight!” Sienna exclaimed as I took some of the incredibly long hairs between my lips and pulled them outwards gently before pasting them to her skin with the flat of my tongue.

“Oh man!” Sienna gasped when she lowered her hand from the back of my head and felt around for my cock, which was straining the front of my jeans. “Wanna ball me?”

The answer to that was obvious, and after she mumbled something about going into the back, we headed in that direction, although the way I was tearing and clawing at her made it a tough journey.

We got as far as the curtain which separated the store from the living area, and when we elazığ escort reached a table just on the other side I leaned Sienna back onto it, pulling her paisley dress up over her hips and dropping to my knees.

She wasn’t wearing panties and as my face swooped down between her legs I could see that Sienna’s pussy was very hairy, with the burnt orange hair not dense but spread wide and far, spilling onto her inner thighs and down the crack of her ass. She tasted very musky, and she was wet before my tongue got there but I made her a lot wetter.

She was grinding my face into her pussy while I licked at her clitoris, undoing my jeans as I did, and when I could wait no longer I jumped to my feet and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her pussy lips before pushing it in.

My cock might have lost a little girth in recent months, likely worn out from doing a lot of work inside of Becky, but the thickness was still there even if the length was nothing special, and Sienna groaned loudly as I sank into her.

She got used to it fast though, because soon she was fully impaled on it, bouncing up and down on my bent thighs as we screwed while we were standing there, with me cupping Sienna’s ass while my face was buried under her arm.

She came first, with me following right after, and while it wasn’t pretty and didn’t last long it was really good, and apparently was what we both needed.

We ended up in her bed eventually, and the second time lasted a lot longer. Our clothes had finally come off, allowing me to explore her body. Her breasts were small and drooped quite a bit, giving her something we used to call banana boobs. The result of not ever wearing a bra, I assumed, but they felt quite nice in my palms as I squished them around roughly.

After that, I intended to leave, but Sienna started licking my cock so that ended that idea. Unlike Carol and Becky, Sienna was able to take more than the head of my cock into her mouth. In fact, soon Sienna’s lips were sliding down the shaft of my cock until her mouth was almost at the base of it.

This was a new experience for me, and it felt so good that I was unable to make it last as long as I wanted to.

“That’s cool,” Sienna told me after she had made me cum. “My jaw was starting to ache anyway.”

That was the only time I was with Sienna like that, although I stopped there from time to time to shop and chat. It had just been a casual physical relationship, the kind that happened a lot in that era, although this was the first time I had experienced anything like the “free love” that everybody else seemed to be enjoying.

As for the crystal rock deodorant, my consumer review was that is was okay, but if you happen to sweat like a horse you would have to use it often during the day or else you would smell nasty. The smell and taste of fresh sweat does not bother me, and actually turned me on from time to time, but I’ve found that it doesn’t age like fine wine, and the resulting body odor does nothing positive for me, although some do like that kind of thing. To each his or her own, I say.

I did give one of the crystals to Becky, and even managed to show her how to use it, which led to us having sex one last time. I knew in my heart it was our finale, and as we parted I wished her nothing but the best with her and Roger. My wishes didn’t help, because he got her pregnant a year later. He then apparently dumped her, leaving her a single mother at 19, and probably went on to mentor another teenage girl who was as naive as Becky was.


Thanks for all the positive feedback. Please don’t be shy. If you have something to say about my stories, please leave feedback, positive or negative as well as any constructive criticism.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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