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Kim trots off to get the man his beer. She finds him slumped on the sofa watching TV.

“Here’s your beer, sir. Is there anything else you need?”

“Yeah, some peace and quiet. My friends will be over soon. I expect you to be wearing something sluttish by the time they get here.”

Kim goes to change. She strips down and opens her wardrobe. She puts on some hold up stockings and check how they look in the mirror. Satisfied, she puts on her shortest skirt. So short that it shows off some thigh above the top of her hold ups. Next she puts on a crop top, followed by some heels. She hopes that underwear will not be required for the rest of the day.

She goes to find the repair man, who is still sat on the couch with his beer. She stands by the door unsure of what to do next, not wanting to interrupt him like she did the last time.

“Well don’t just stand there,” he says without taking his eyes off the TV. “Go and get me another beer.”

Kim walks over to the fridge and gets him his beer. She saunters back in and leans over him suggestively as she hands him the beer.

“Where’s my glass?” he snaps.

Kim totters back to the kitchen in her heels and fetches him a glass. On her way back to him, he crushes his empty can and throws it across the room and on to the floor. He takes the glass out of her hand and starts to pour his next beer.

“Clean that shit up, will you. I don’t want my friends coming to a shit tip. What kind of house are you keeping here anyway, you filthy slattern?”

“Sorry, sir” says Kim as she moves over to pick up the empty can. She bends over at the waist to pick it up, keeping her legs straight as she slowly lowers herself down. Her short skirt rides up over her firm ass, allowing the repair man a glimpse of her beautiful pussy.

He watches her all the way as she walks past him towards the kitchen. Kim can’t help but feel very sexy as she struts past to take the empty can to the bin. Just as she passes him, she hears the other can get crushed and then clank on the floor.

“You missed one.” he sneers.

Kim sashays back over to the other side of the room and picks up the can in the same, sultry way as before. This time running her left hand slowly from her hip, down the back of her leg to her calf. She looks ümraniye escort over her shoulder at him and sees that his eyes are glued to the television. Downcast, she picks up the can and strides into the kitchen whilst being studiously ignored by the repair man.

As Kim gets into the kitchen, the door goes and the repair man is straight up to get answer it. Kim worries that he might answer the door to someone other than his friends. If it is someone she knows at the door, how would she explain the black hunk drinking beer on her sofa while she was dressed up like a whore in heels, hold-ups, a crop top and a skirt that barely conceals the fact she’s not wearing knickers?

Kim sighs with relief as she hears the repair man greet his friends. She edges tentatively into the room to find two more guys, both as black and well built as the repair man, settling themselves down in front of the TV. Instinctively, she goes back into the kitchen to fetch them each a beer.

Striding into the room, Kim approaches the two guys who’ve just arrived and hands them their beers. Introducing herself, she says “Hi, I’m Kim, let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.”

“I told you guys she’ll do anything for some big black cock.” Turning to Kim, he says “Why don’t you go and stand over there and show yourself off to all of us?”

Kim struts into the centre of the room and slowly begins to dance for the three men. She turns her back to them and gyrates her ass at them. She opens her legs into a wide stance and bends over, before dipping her ass down, standing up and turning to face the guys. She grabs her tits and fondles them beneath her tight crop top. Her breasts are full and firm and as when she pushes them together she brings hoots of delight from her audience.

Her nipples have become hard and poke through the fabric of her top as she jiggles her tits for their amusement.

“Take it off.” commands one of the new guys. Kim slowly peels her top off and pulls it over her head.

“The skirt too.” orders the other new guy as Kim casts her top onto the floor.

She edges herself around one hundred and eighty degrees and puts her thumbs into the back of her skirt. She pushes it slowly down over her firm, round bottom and it slides down to the floor. pendik escort Kim bends at the waist to pick it up, showing her beautiful ass and pussy to the guys. She throws the skirt onto the crop top and stands there before the three men, naked but for her hold up stockings and high heels.

“I guess it should give this stupid slut what she needs.” says one of the repair man’s friend whilst standing up. As he walks over to Kim, she can see the huge bulge in the front of his pants. The huge black cock inside straining against the fabric of his pants as it stiffens up.

“As you can see, she’s a real submissive too. We can do whatever we want with her so long as we don’t tell her husband what a slut she is.” goads the repair man.

As Kim strokes her hand over the bulge in the guy’s pants, he says “Nah. If she was a true submissive, she’d already be on her knees in front of me.”

Wanting to show just how eager she is to please, Kim drops straight to her knees in contrition. “I’m sorry sir. Please, will you let me suck on your cock?”

“Now that’s more like it, you cheap whore.” affirms the guy as he rests his can of beer on the top of her head. “Now take that big black cock out of my pants and wrap those lips around it.”

Kim immediately complies and unfastens his pants. She gasps as she sees his large, engorged member in all it’s stiff glory. She fellates him as the repair man’s other friend steps up from the sofa and walks over.

Still holding his can of beer, he unfastens his pants and takes out his huge black dick. It is already fully erect in appreciation of Kim’s strip show. He waves it at Kim’s face, silently demanding she pleasure him. She grabs hold of it and gently strokes it along its length.

“Let’s get this bitch on all fours” says the guy whose cock Kim is sucking. The other guy grabs her shoulder and pulls her down onto her hands and knees. He kneels in front of her and she begins to suck on his dick.

The other guy moves round and kneels behind her. He puts his beer on the floor so he can grab Kim’s ass with both hands and pull her cheeks apart. “Mmmm, that’s a nice ass you’ve got there. You think it’s ready for my big black cock?” He spits on her ass hole and rubs the tip of his dick against it. He pushes against her bostancı escort and his cock slides into her ass.

He picks up his beer and takes a sip. Kim shrieks with shock as he places the cold can down on her naked back, resting it on her as he fucks her ass. Her surprise amuses the three guys, who all laugh at her.

The other guy pushes his cock deeper and deeper into Kim’s throat as he gulps down the last of his beer.

“Just throw it on the floor.” advises the repair man. “Our slut will tidy it all away as soon as we she’s finished cleaning up our dicks with that pretty mouth of hers.”

Reassured, he dumps his empty can on the floor, then uses both hands to grab the hair at either side of Kim’s head and make it into bunches. He holds them outstretched as he fucks her face, thrusting his dick in and out of her open mouth.

The guy fucking Kim’s ass takes his final sip of beer and throws his can on the floor. With both hands now free, he grabs Kim’s hips and, using this extra purchase, he begins to fuck her harder and faster. Kim groans with pleasure around the big black cock in her mouth.

“C’mon man, let’s turn this slut around so I can get a crack at that ass!”

“You heard the man. Turn around and get on your back.” he says as he slips his long cock out of her ass.

Kim does as she’s told and moves round so they can swap ends. As she does so, the two guys quickly remove their clothes and start to dump them in two messy heaps on the floor. Kim lies down and watches them undress silently, keenly anticipating them filling her with their big black dicks once more. The guy who was fucking her ass climbs over her and grabs her tits, lowering his cock in between them. He pushes them around his cock and Kim lifts her head up to lick at the tip of his dick. He starts to fuck her tits and Kim opens her mouth to suck on the tip of his cock whenever he thrusts forward.

Behind him, she feels her ankles being grabbed and her legs lifted up by the guy she was just blowing. He positions himself and soon she feels the tip of his stiff dick pressing into her ass hole.

The other guy grabs her wrists and pins them to the floor above her head. He leans over her and she can see the muscles of his firm abdomen flexing as he starts to fuck her mouth.

With the head of his cock firmly inside her, the guy in her ass lets Kim’s legs drop onto his shoulders as he leans into her and starts to thrust inside her.

Out of the corner of her eye, she sees the repair man stand up and start to undress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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