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I was awake in my bed when they entered the house. I had just awoken from a night of heavy sleep, and was contemplating a trip to the kitchen for food when I heard their voices outside of my door.

“Let’s take our time,” a strange voice said. “We don’t have to be back for a while.”

“I kind of want to get back early,” I recognized this voice as my step dad’s. “I have work to get done.”

“Fine,” the other voice said. They entered the room across from mine, which is my mother’s and his. I heard clothes being removed. I didn’t know what to think.

My first thought was that Marty was cheating on my mother with another woman, but the other voice sounded like a males.

The unfamiliar voice started again, “I needed this.”

I was definitely a males voice. I opened my door silently, and stepped out. I heard the bed squeak as they both sat down. I didn’t want to look, I thought I might get caught.

I heard a drawer open, and a cap pop, and a rubbing sound. There was silence until a pleasure filled sigh was heard. I snuck a peek. Marty was on his knees, on the bed completely naked. I could see his penis that was flopping down toward the bed spread.

The unfamiliar voice turned out to be Marty’s friend from work, who’s name escapes me. He was also nude. He was tan all over, and all of his body hair was shaved off. His penis, legs, arms, chest, ass, face were completely hairless. He was wearing a belly-button ring that hung down a couple of inches.

Marty’s friend, lets just call him ‘the smaller man,’ was completely erect. He walked behind my step dad, and guided himself in.

“Ohhhh, that’s nice,” Marty exhaled. The smaller man let out a girly grunt. They had sex in this position for a few minutes, until my step dad reached back, grabbed the smaller mans thighs, and said, “So have you made any sales this week?”

Marty works as a car salesman for Chevrolet.

“No,” the smaller man panted. “I had one, but he wanted to wait.”

They both panted, and Marty said, moaning throughout, “I had this one

guy. He was about to make a choice, but had to leave.”

The smaller man pulled out, and Marty flipped over. The smaller man took him missionary.

Marty rest his hand on the mans shaved pubic area. Marty moaned, and said, “Let me know, okay?”

“Not yet, man,” the man said looking down. “Here, you can go.”

The man backed away, and they both stood up. The man spoke, “Let’s just do it like this.”

The man pushed his butt out where he stood. Marty came up behind him, and entered him. The man ümraniye escort was facing me. I could see his tan penis rock back-and-forth with each skin-on-skin slap from behind. His belly-button ring rocked side to side.

I was starting to get hard. I am not gay, but I have a thing for shaved pubic areas, and tan people. I thought about catching then in the act. I wanted to walk in, and see what the would do.

The man started talking again, “I need you to remind me to call Jeane.”

For a second, all you could hear was the squishy sound of Marty’s penis penetrating the man. I unzipped my pants, and pulled myself out. I was about the same size as the smaller man, but he was completely shaved, and I only shaved a little bit, and kept a tiny bit.

I started masturbating, and they started talking again, “listen to this,” my step dad said. He held the man by his waist, and moved him to the bed. The man collapsed. Marty continued once he started pumping again, “I was in the break room, and Jonathan start’s asking me about my clients.”

The smaller man pushed himself up, and said, “Jonathan is a faggot.”

Marty laughed, reached over and took hold of the man’s penis, and started tugging. He continued, “I just don’t like that thief.”

The man let out a long moan that ended with, “mhm.”

He moaned under my step dad, and then said, “keep doing that.”

Marty kept pumping his penis in and out, and jerking the man, and said, “mmm you like that.”

The pushed up, and they stood, still connected by Marty’s penis. My step dad kept jerking. They were facing me again. The man reached up, and put his right arm around Marty’s heead. Marty leaned in and kissed the man’s shoulder. The man arched his back, and started breathing heavy. Marty pulled out of the man, and got on his knees.

He put the man in his mouth, and moved his head back and forth. That’s when I came. The man came as well. Marty must’ve swallowed, because I saw no cum.

I tucked my penis back in my pants, and continued watching.

“Do you want to keep going?” The small man asked.

“Let’s go in the shower,” Marty said. I watched them walk to the bathroom. I could see straight in from the doorway. The man grabbed a toothbrush, and brushed his teeth. Marty took the man from behind as the smaller man brushed his teeth.

“I can smell my ass from here,” the man said. The track lights in the bathroom made the man look more tan. He pushed his butt out, and spit.

“Well, let’s shower-“

“No, let’s just get it done here, Em,” the pendik escort man said. Marty pulled the man down on the floor, and took him from behind on all fours. The man still moaned. Marty whispered loudly, “I’m cumming.”

“Cum for me,” the man said, and bounced his butt back-and-forth. Marty orgasmed into the man. A few seconds later, they both stood.

They showered together, and walked out. I had to run back into my room, because they both walked out of the bedroom, and a sat on the couch naked.

“When do we have to be back?” The man asked, touching his penis.

“Not for a while still.”

The man leaned in, and they started making out. I watched from my doorway. I could see then from down the hallway. The man laid back, and Marty straddled him. I took a wild guess, and assumed the man was hard again. Marty’s arm was jerking up and down, and the he positioned himself on top of where his hand just was. I moved closer to get a better look.

They were chatting, and Marty was rocking his hips back-and-forth. A couple of minutes later, Marty was bouncing hard, and instead of moaning softly, he wasn’t making any noise. The man, however, was. He was yelping. Finally marty let out a long, “Ahhhhhhhhh, yes.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh,” the man let out.

The man sat up, and Marty kissed him. The couch was squeaking incredibly loud, and then they both stopped.

Marty got off, and waddled back to his bedroom, and into the bathroom. He wiped himself off, and then walked back out into the living room.

They sat naked on the couch for almost 20 minutes, and then they both entered the bedroom again.

“Hey, where’s Kelly’s panties?” The man asked, smiling.

“Second drawer,” Marty said.

The man pulled a light blue thong out, and slipped it on. With his tan skin, his belly-button ring, and the thong, he looked like a girl. He put his pants back on, and then his dress shirt. He put his tie on, and then his belt. Marty did the same, and they walked back out into the living room. They basically dry humped as the man bent over the couch to grab his keys.

Marty backed away, and they left the house. I masturbated to the images that had burned themselves into my brain a few times. Marty came home from work a few hours later, and said hello. We sat on the couch together, the same one they were having sex on hours earlier.

“When did you get here?” Marty asked me.

“I spent the night last night,” I said. Marty’s heart must’ve dropped. “I’ve been here all day.”

Marty didn’t say anything, bostancı escort and he got up, and went into his room. I followed him. He was removing his shirt.

“What?” He asked.

“I think you know.”

“Listen,” he pulled his shirt off. “What did you see?”

“Almost everything.”

“Well,” he said.

“Well, what?”

“Well, what’s it going to take for you to not tell your mom?” Marty asked. He leaned close, “I’ll do anything.”

“Like what?”

He whispered, and leaned closer, “if you cum quick, then i’ll do anything.”

“Take you’re pants off.”

He undid his pants, and tugged them off. He laid back on the bed, and spread his legs. His crotch was hairless. He still kept pubic hair above his penis.

“Make sure you do it quick,” He said. I pushed my penis head into his asshole. He didn’t moan, but I did.

“So what did you do today?” he whispered to me. I was panting, and couldn’t believe he was having a casual conversation with me. I was looking at his penis. I grabbed it, and said, “I masturbated a lot.”

He laughed, and asked, “want to try another position? Once your mom is home, we’re done.”

I pulled out, and he flipped over. I had to spread his cheeks apart, and I was back in him. I on top of him, and asked, “how many times do you do that with him?”

His voice quivered, “not a lot.”

I was thrusting quickly, and Marty said, “Slow down.”

I grabbed his butt, and squeezed. I had to cum.

“I have to cum,” I whispered. I took too long, and I lost it. “nevermind.”

I pulled out, and I walked to the bathroom, I sat on the lip, and Marty gave me a handjob. I still couldn’t finish.

“Let me try you,” I reached out, and touched his semi-erect penis. “Get harder.”

“Let me sit,” he said. I stood, and he sat. I gave him a handjob, and he didn’t cum. I let go, and straddled him. He was hard, and I tried to put him in. I was too new, and small, and he would go.

“Stand,” I said.

I took him from behind. He put his hands on the sink, and pushed his butt into me. I looked into the mirror, at his penis that was rocking. I didn’t tell him tha I had to cum, I just did it. He sighed when he felt the warmth of my seman.

“Did you go?” He asked.

“yeah,” I said. He turned, and I came out. He wiped himself again, and sat down. He was still hard. I felt bad, and gave him a handjob. Halfway through, I heard my mom open the front door. He started to cum. I got scared and let go. He took over, and I stood up. I washed my hands, pulled my pants up, and walked out.

Marty showerd, and I went in my room. We have only done that once since that time. He sometimes lets me beat off to him when he showers, and he gives me handjobs when my mom grocery shops.

I haven’t seen the smaller man since that day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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