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LegBoy was nearing the end of his rope in this little situation, and soon it would be time to finish him off…but probably not in the way he was expecting!

But he has been a good little LegBoy, hasn’t he! He’s allowed me to seduce him and tantalize him with my sexy legs and high heels, and he has obediently begged and pleaded for my charms while I teased and denied him.

He has been made to kiss and lick my high heels, and then he was allowed to caress and massage my sexy legs. And he did that after being stripped completely naked, with his cock and balls tied up with a nice, silky pair of white pantyhose.

The end of one leg of the pantyhose was wrapped around his testicles, and the other end was encircled around the base of his cock…he simply loved the sensation and symbolism of this, having his helpless male genitalia become ensnared and captured by an overwhelmingly seductive and powerful cock teaser like me!

And he simply adored the way the leash was used to lead him around the room and make him beg me to let him kiss my ass! Of course, he was NOT allowed that reward…yet…

My round, curvy ass had been the main focus for a while now, now that he had properly taken care of my high heels and tended to each and every inch of my sexy legs. I strutted around in front of him, wiggling my ass in his face, making him beg for it, and I tugged on his balls as he rubbed his hands all up and down my sexy legs and slutty spike heeled shoes…

And then, LegBoy was made to kneel in front of me and play with himself while I had him pay even more attention to my legs. He gave me a proper leg massage, and I delighted in teasing and denying him with my high heels some more as well. But then it was time to proceed with the rest of tonight’s activities!

“Stand up, LegBoy! Now turn around and face away from me. There, that’s it. Now, put your hands behind your back…I have a little surprise for you!”


I slipped the handcuffs onto his wrists very slowly, but the feel of the cold metal instantly asserted its inescapable power over him. He could feel them restraining his movements as he tried to pull his wrists apart a little and he realized that they were being held captive.

And then I reached between his legs and tugged on his testicle-leash a little, gently asserting myself and whispering in his ear “Now you are MINE! All right then LegBoy – now turn back around and face me.”

He obeyed, and a feeling of sheer vulnerability washed over him, the realization of being so helpless and vulnerable causing a heightened sense of arousal inside him. His erect cock bounced around before me, and I reached out and stroked it a little, allowing it to slide slowly between two of my fingers. “Please, Mistress!” he moaned, “Please, please, let me kiss your ass!”

“Awwww, poor LegBoy!” I said sweetly as I tickled the very tip of his cock with my nails, and I pulled the silky white panties to one side and tucked his throbbing erection back inside them, letting them snap back over it, leaving it sticking up inside them like a flagpole. “Is that what you want? Does LegBoy want to kiss my ass??”

He nodded his head up and down frantically as I stroked the underside of his erection using the tips of my slutty fingernails, gently moving them up and down over the silky material.

The sensation of my sharp fingertips stroking the smooth fabric on his engorged prick caused tingles of pleasure to coarse through his body, and he began trembling, unable to fight the feelings of arousal.

Suddenly, a spot of pre-cum appeared through the silky panties, and I noticed it and scolded him, “Oh no, what do we have here?” I focused the attention of my fingernails on the top of the underside of his cockshaft, right below the head, and I used each of my four fingernails (except my thumb-nail) of one hand to draw little circles around that particularly sensitive spot, one Escort Bayan nail after the other…very slowly!

His body convulsed at the overwhelming pleasure, and he involuntarily tried to pull away, but I simply tugged on the leash around his cock and balls, keeping him close and preventing his escape while I used my nails to hunt down his cock, continuing to tend to it just the way I wanted…

And I then gently increased the speed of the circling of my nails on the top of the underside of his erection, using two nails at the same time, and this caused him to writhe around as the stimulation took over his senses. As I continued the erotic titillation, he simply couldn’t control himself as the sensation of being stimulated like that drove him absolutely wild with arousal.

He futilely try to withdraw from the insanely erotic stimulation again, pulling his body back a little to escape the situation, but I just came after him with my nails and continued the exquisite torment, once again stroking them up and down the cockshaft.

“Where are you going baby?” I said with a blend of accusation and sweetness in my voice, “Don’t you want me to tease you like this? I know you love it, sweetie, so why are you trying to escape me?”

“I… I…I don’t know, M-M-Mistress, I can’t help it, that feels sooo goood! Oh god, I can’t stand it, please don’t stop!”

“If you don’t want me to stop, then why are you running away, you naughty boy? Now stay still, honey, and let Kitty take care of you!”

I continued the relentless fingernail cock teasing, and the spot of pre-cum started to grow on the tip of his dick, beginning to seep right through the shiny white material of his sissy panties.

“Oh, look! I think LegBoy’s cock has sprung a leak! Is that what’s happening, hmmm? Do you have a leaky little cock?”

He couldn’t speak as I continued to torment him with each of my long, shiny red fingernails, drawing little circles around the top of his cockshaft some more, then using an up and down motion over an inch or so of it with all four nails at once, right under his cockhead. I watched his reaction to this, and his eyes rolled up into his head as his body twitched, the mind-blowing teasing bringing him closer and closer to orgasm…

My long red fingernails then moved up slowly over the cockhead and focused on it for a moment, titillating it all over with more soft little teasing touches. I continued to tend to his cockhead for a minute, and then I tugged on his testicle leash repeatedly as I began dragging my fingernails down the entire length of his cock, over and over.

The spot of pre-cum got even bigger as more fluid oozed out of the top of his cock, and I started dragging my nails all the way down to his balls, lifting them off, starting at the top again, over and over and over. And each time I did it, I moved them a little slower, until they were just moving down his erection at a snail’s pace.

“Oooo,” I cooed breathily, “ooo baaaaby, I bet that feels sooo gooood!!”

My other hand continued to pull on the leash, making a little round-and-round motion so that his testes moved in a circle, and then I lifted up the leash, holding the end of it up in front of his face as I started bouncing them up and down.

“You know what, LegBoy?” I said as I continued the wildly sensual fingernail teasing, “I think we have discovered another little secret about you, haven’t we? LegBoy has a fetish for my sexy fingernails, doesn’t he? Is that true? Do you like these long, shiny sexy red fingernails of mine, hmmmm?? You do love them, don’t you! Tell me!!”

“Y-Y-Yes, Mistress, I do!! I LOVE your sexy red fingernails, I love it when you tease me this way with them!”

“That’s right baby, I know you do, I can tell! And you know what else? I bet I could make you CUM for me, whenever I want, just by teasing you like this with my long, sexy, shiny, red fingernails, couldn’t I?”

“Yes, Bayan Escort yes, YES!! You can make me cum anytime you want! Oh yes Mistress, PLEASE, do it, PLEASE! I can’t help it, your fingernails are so sexy, so slutty, please, please, PLEASE make me CUM with your sexy nails, PLEASE!!”

I watched and listened to his desperate, heightened begging, quite proud of myself for working up into such a lather.

“Awwww, poooor baaaaby, begging his Mistress to make him cum! Listen to you, sweetie, being such a nice little beg-boy! I suppose you have earned a little reward, so just you wait a little longer, just a little while longer, and we’ll play another little game or two and then…maybe THEN I will give you a nice treat, okay?”

“Yes…YES!” he panted as he nodded frantically.

He was simply going out of his mind by now, and I was not doing anything to help him, not one little thing! In fact, it was deliciously obvious that I was doing everything I could to continue to tantalize and titillate him, further ensnaring him in my web of arousal, and keeping him completely under my spell so I could toy with him to my heart’s content!

And right at that moment, he was just about to cum…that was clear…but things weren’t going to be that easy, as he was certainly aware by now!

I am an expert at bringing submissive males right to the edge of ecstasy and knowing when they’re just about ready to explode, and then leaving them there right instead of bringing them over the edge. Or one could say that I “keep” them there, so to speak…

And like any other typical male, I easily sensed his impending orgasm, since I could see his cock pulsing and throbbing inside his pretty girlie panties, and I noticed his balls pulling up closer to his body.

But instead of making him cum, which I could do with ridiculous ease at this point, I decided to shift his attention back to my ass, and have a little more fun with him before finishing him off for the night.

I stood up and matter-of-factly turned away from him, bending over slightly so that my sweet ass was right in his face. I shifted my weight from side to side, showing off my sexy ass and demanding that he keep begging.

“Beg to kiss my ass!”

He burst out in an absolutely shameless display of sheer sexual arousal and intense desire, pleading and wailing, almost crying as he obeyed my kinky command.

“Oh, god, I can’t stand it! Please Mistress, PLEASE, let me kiss it, PLEASE! I’ll do anything, please, anything you want, anything you say, just please let me have it!”

“Oh, so now you want to have my ass? I thought you wanted to cum? Silly boy, you don’t want that anymore???” I said tauntingly, rolling my eyes and serving up an absolutely confusing choice of one or the other. “Which is it? Kiss my ass or cum?”

He was caught off guard by this wicked choice, and he couldn’t think straight as his sexual arousal completely blocked his brain from functioning. He simply continued to beg me, for nothing, for something, for anything, anything to relieve this cruel torment of arousal/denial therapy that I was so expertly dishing out.

I allowed him to continue begging for what seemed like an eternity, not saying a word for a minute or two and continuing to show off my curvy ass for him, bouncing it around, wiggling it, rotating it forward so he could see the ridge of my pussy lips underneath my leopard panties. He stayed right where he was, knowing that I had not approved his request as of yet, knowing that the only way to get what he wanted was to wait for me to grant his desperate desires.

Finally I looked back at him as I backed up toward him so that my ass was right in front of his face. I held still as I said “All right then, now come and get it, you little AssKisser!”

He bent forward, trying to kiss one of my ass cheeks which was mere inches away from his eyes, but I stood up just a little straighter as Escort I laughed wickedly, causing my ass to move forward an inch or two, just enough to deny him.

“C’mon, baby, it’s right here! Don’t you wanna kiss my ass?” I said with a taunting giggle, bending forward again so that it was even closer to him. But he was off balance now, and if he leaned forward any more, with his hands still cuffed behind his back, he would simply fall on his face!

I knew he wasn’t going to let himself tip over forward like that, so he instead started to wiggle forward on his knees, realizing exactly how helpless his physical situation was. With him on his knees with his hands behind his back, it was extremely difficult for him to move anywhere, and this was definitely going to be used against him.

I tugged on the leash attached to his genitals again, using that taunting tone in my voice that was starting to become deliciously familiar to him as I said, “What’s wrong, my little AssKisser? I told you to come and get my ass, you’ve been begging for it, now I’m gonna let you have it, so what are you waiting for? Now do what I say, come here and kiss my ass, slaveboy, right now! NOW!!”

He tried to obey, moving slowly toward it, but it was immediately obvious that there was little chance he would be able to come kiss my ass the way I was ordering him. I cackled knowingly as I simply took a couple of steps forward, and he waddled toward me, taking seemingly forever just to move a few inches closer to his goal. Again I just stepped forward a little, looking back at him and tugging on the testicle leash, tormenting him with my sweet ass, bending forward to present it to him again, so close and yet so far!

He was the perfect sight of sexual frustration, his erect cock still leaking pre-cum inside his little sissy panties, his testicles tied up on a leash around my finger and his hands in bondage behind his back. And the best part was the way he was begging me to kiss my ass as I rejected him! Over and over he pleaded with me to let him have it, but I was having way too much fun denying him, so easily and so effortlessly.

The whole situation was so diabolical and cruel, and I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the futility of his pathetic attempts to wiggle forward to kiss my ass.

“Awwww, pooor little AssKisser!” I said, cruelly taunting him some more, “He can’t have my sexy ass after all, can he? I guess you doesn’t want it, I mean, it’s right here and you aren’t kissing it! Now what do I have to do to make you kiss my ass? It’s right in front of you, and I keep telling you to come and get it, but you can’t, so I guess we’ll just have to take it away now and play some other little game…”

The defeated look on his face was priceless as my wicked little mind-fuck simply short-circuited his brain, and he just stayed still as I stood him up and led him around the room some more by his balls, showing off the sexy ass that he was being denied.

And then, I moved over to the bed and sat down. I stuck my legs straight up the air, completely straight, and kept them together. “Come here!” I ordered him, and he mindlessly complied. My high heels were right in front of his face, and I bossily said, “Lick my heels, slave!”

He began slurping and slobbering all over my sexy spike heels, running his tongue all up and down them, and I gleefully lifted them backwards after a little while, pulling them out of his reach. Instead of going after them, he just stayed completely still, being completely broken at this point and drained of even an ounce of will to come after them.

I sensed this and took pity on him, giving them back to him and saying sweetly, “Awww, I can tell my baby just can’t take any more wicked little teasing games, can he! Okay then, there you go, slaveboy, lick those high heels…I think it’s just about time for your little reward!”

With that, he started kissing and licking the stilettos again, and I reached out with my fingers and began teasing his cock again through the silky panties with the shiny red fingernails of one hand. My other hand started tugging gently on his testicles some more, and I said quietly, “Would slaveboy like to cum now?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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