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On the walk to the house we had obviously continued our quite explicit and sexual chat, and at one point my arse was being openly felt up by all three of them at the same time.

Once we were inside Jims lower floor of the house, the action intensified very quickly, and it was time for serious fucking fun!

It started with a deep snogging session for me.

Jim kicked things off, clearly marking his territory. He pulled me close to him, his big, tall frame dwarfed me in his arms. As he kissed me passionately his hands roamed freely around my body. My arse and tits received great attention and eventually his hand worked its way up my skirt, pushing it up he rummaged in my soaking knickers to get a finger up my cunny.

“Fuck, you are sopping you tart!” he said loudly for all to hear.

“Uh huh,” I mumbled as his old tongue found its way back into my mouth.

He kissed me for a few minutes all the time sliding one, then two fingers up my pussy. Pulling my knicks to one side.

Then he broke free and it was Baz’s turn for some snogging. Jim stepped aside and began to undress, all the time watching me being kissed, fondled and groped by his mate.

“That’s it Baz feel the tart up,” he egged him on. “Get a finger up her twat, it’s on fire already.”

Baz was a good kisser.

Long and deep and quite gentle.

His tongue however was a magic wand! It snaked into my mouth and was long, thin and almost pointy. Christ he used it well.

His fingers had first found my wet clit then my hole, then they penetrated me easily. My legs were spread very wide now and as we snogged my skirt was unzipped and fell to the floor, quickly my blouse was almost ripped off me and my bra removed to free my aching tits, my nipples stiff like pins.

I was stood legs spread wide, being fingered by Baz in just my white heels and my white, sodden wet panties.

A married woman of just twenty six, married for less than a year, surrounded by guys old enough to be my grandfathers. Jim sixty six years old, Baz sixty four and Vince also sixty six. Almost two hundred years worth of man groping at me and about to fuck me.

Jim was now stark bollock naked and his big cock was sporting a semi, it hung and swung around as he walked over to the settee to sit down.

“Finger the slut good son,” he urged taking long, deliberate strokes of his cock as he conducted the filthy scene.

Once Baz and I broke off it was Vince who was last for the snog-fest session.

He was much shorter than the other two. Jim was a big man all round. Tall and leaning to fat but powerful. Vince was squat and fat.

I moaned in delight at the kiss and from his hands working my tits, squeezing my nipples and pinching them.

By now my knickers were slid down my legs and off completely.

I was naked save the white, spiked heels which clicked on Jims wooden flooring as I squirmed around from the attention I was receiving.

Baz was now naked too. He sat next to Jim on the settee as Vince frigged me off.

I looked at them both.

God I was so fucking turned on.

After Vince broke loose he also stripped. I kicked my knickers away from my feet and looked at my three naked older lovers.

What a difference in them.

Jim was a big, powerful man and his cock was simply huge. Covered in graying pubes it was one hell of an impressive sight. It was only half mast but towered over the two other guys. He was slowly working his fist up and down his enormous his length as I approached them all.

Baz was as tall, but slim and wiry and his cock, whilst a good length, was thin and gnarly.

Vince was fat, short and squat with a cock that must have been five maybe five and a half inches in length. He looked fully hard. A mass of black thick pubes covered his balls, chest and legs.

“Let me at those cocks!” I said as I got to my knees.

I was now in front of them all as they sat in a line on the settee awaiting my oral stimulation.

“Get it nice and fucking hard for me love,” Jim said to me as he slapped his prick around my cheeks and then onto my lips.

“Uh huh,” I muttered again as the tip of his knob split my lips and entered my mouth.

I licked his knob tip and then spat on his tool. My spit dribbling down his shaft.

“Oh yes, slut!” he uttered at me.

I worked it in my hand and then engulfed it with my mouth the best I could. Half the length was in me, he still wasn’t t hard but was firming up with each slurp and each head bob.

I looked to my side to see Vince wanking and Baz joining in too.

I garbled a deep ‘ummm’ as Jims cock grew again in my mouth.

“Fucking great eh lads?” Jim asked.

“What a fucking find this one is eh? God it’s the best thing Elsie has ever done for me, getting this slut as a tenant.”

Hearing me described this way just made me want it more

I uttered ‘uh huh’ again as I slid my mouth up and down on his cock. My spit leaking down his thick, hard shaft.

“From the moment I saw the sexy bitch walk in with her husband, dressed in one of her tarts length skirts and Anadolu Yakası Olgun Escort tight tops, showing those legs and tits off, I wanted her.”

His talk was making me so wet and also I could see it was making the others cocks even harder.

After a few more loving and deep sucks I slid my mouth off his cock, kissing the tip as I did so.

“Fuck, I love your cock Jim!” I said as I sidled towards Vince and Barry.

“I know you do love!” he cockily said to me in reply.

Barry’s cock was next, it was solid and standing to its full six or seven inches. I sucked on it for a few minutes again spitting all over it, licking it and slobbering like a bitch on heat as I did so.

Jim slowly wanked his long, wet, spit covered shaft as I sucked his friend off commenting on my slutty action.

It was now fat Vince’s turn and I was in for a huge surprise.

I was on all fours, legs spread in my white tarty heels, and Baz had climbed underneath me and had his head right under my cunt. His long, lizard tongue began to flick my clit and lick my pussy lips.

I groaned in pleasure at his tonguing

“Oh fuck yes! Lick it Baz please!” I pleaded

Vince’s small cock was now fully erect but I noticed a bead of pre-cum leaking from the tip.

I licked it up and it was immediately followed by another bead.

“Mmmm delicious!” I said as I licked it up again.

Baz’s tongue was now snaking up my cunt, burying deep up me. He was proving that he knew how to use that long tongue of his to great effect.

“Oh fuck that’s lush!” I exclaimed. “Don’t fucking stop you sod,” I urged.

Vince was still leaking dribbles and then said “Stick a finger up my arse too love,” as I resumed licking his ball sack and arsehole.

“Dirty bugged!” I said to him.

I wasn’t going to disappoint, so I wet my finger with my tongue and slipped one finger up his arse.

He moaned heavily as I then continued to lick his cock and balls. I wasn’t sucking him at all but his cock leaked another bead of pre cum, then another.

“Fucking hell are you spunking already?” Jim snorted.

“No!” Vince shot back at him. “I leak a helluva lot of tatty water first that’s all.”

He wasn’t kidding. In all the fun I have had and all the guys I have had fun with, Vince certainly produced the most pre-cum.

As I licked his balls and short cock shaft, I inserted another finger up his arsehole. His cock reacted, it literally oozed, then flowed thin jizz out of his cockhole. It ran down the sides of his prick, first in beads which I lapped up, but then in rivulets.

“Jesus wept man!” Jim said to him as he watched me licking it up. No sooner had my tongue removed the last drips and trickle than it was replaced with another, and another.

Baz was now really tonguing me for all his worth. His great working on my clit had me fucking gushing, plus the lapping of Vince’s salty, bitter volcanic like eruptions of pre-cum had me close to cumming.

“Your wife must love this!” I said to him in between licks.

“She does love,” he said to me. “That’s it work my arse.” I was to later find out how much he liked his arse worked; courtesy of a strap on cock he brought to another session!

Jim was now stroking quite hard, fisting his cock which was all veiny and almost at full nine inch length.

“That’s it you little bitch lap that fucking cum up. Lap it up!” he shouted at me.

“Oh fucking hell yes!” I screamed as more of Vince’s thin, salty pre-cum ran down his cock and onto his balls.

I was struggling to lap all of the fucking pre-spunk up!

“I’m gonna cum!” I blurted out, then returned my head to Vince and his delicious erupting prick.

Baz picked up his tongue lashing of my cunny and I came off hard, really fucking hard.

I was loving this “Oh fuck yes, yes like that Baz. Oh shit yes,” I wantonly urged them on.

“Make the little slut squirm,” Jim filthy added as he stroked his length up and down, up and down.

My orgasm sent me shaking and my pussy leaked juice. I could hear Baz moaning and slurping at my twat from beneath me. His muffles sounding a delight as my wet cunt must have been splashing and coating his face.

Vince was now stiff, fucking poker solid stiff.

As my orgasm finished, Baz quickly got up and pulled me towards him from behind. I felt his thin prick slap against my lips and then ram up my wet, splayed cunt.

“Oh yes!” I moaned, “Fuck it for me!”

“Fuck her mate, go on fuck her boy,” Jim urged on again.

I now moved from lapping pre-cum from Vince to actually sucking on his short, stubby, but oh so productive cock.

As Baz banged me from behind I sucked hard on his mate. The pushing onto me made me take it all the way in, not hard with his length, but it filled my mouth to the back of my throat.

Jim was now walking around to get better views, wanking his massive old prick slowly and commenting.

Baz kept up a steady pace behind me and then sped up dramatically.

My legs were shaking and my heels clung on for dear life at the Anadolu Yakası Sarışın Escort hard bucking I was getting from this guy I had only met an hour or two earlier!

“Oh shit!” Vince then blurted out.

He began to spunk.

And when I say spunk, I mean spunk!

Jesus fucking Christ, he came and came and came. Not the thin salty stuff he had been dripping like candle wax for the past few minutes. This was thick, white and almost sweet cum.

Due to Baz’s banging I was thrust forward right at the moment of the first spurt into my mouth. This set me gagging a bit and I swallowed some of it but a shitload more leaked out and fell out my mouth. It poured out of me and onto his balls, cock and surrounding pubes.

Still Baz kept fucking me hard.

I couldn’t speak. My mouth was full of both cock and an enormous amount of fluid.

Baz was moaning loudly and Jim was fisting his gorgeous, huge prick. I thought he may explode too but I should have known better. He spat words of encouragement at me.

“Oh yes Anna take that fucking cum. Take it you filthy bitch. I bet Mike can’t fill your mouth like that eh? Jesus Vinny, good lad. Fill our young lassies fucking mouth son.”

He was doing just that!

Baz then began to moan again too.

“I’m gonna spunk up you Anna,” he said to me.

I tried to muffle a ‘Yes please,’ to him but as I did so more thick globs of cum leaked out from my willing mouth. His pounding was sending slaps against my arse and the sound was fantastic. I tried to buck back at him to milk him more from his thin prick.

Vince was finished erupting and I could feel his tool softening in my gob.

I lifted my head off his cock and the last globs gushed from my mouth at the same time.

“Fucking hell! Well done son!”Jim said in astonishment.

“I will cum again don’t worry,” Vince replied. ” I always cum two or three times.”

Now that was music to my ears!

Baz was now emptying his balls right up me, deep up me.

“Fuck me!” I said with cum dripping out my mouth as I spoke. “Fuck me and spunk me Barry!”

I was able to buck back hard at him now he had my full attention.

He grabbed my arse hard and rammed his last spurts up me. I could feel the hot fluid spurting up inside me.

I licked around Vince’s balls and cock to try to clean him up a bit. There was too much and it was all matted in his hair. It was now also smeared all over my face. My lipstick was no longer red but splashed with a thick, sticky white goo.

Baz finished off inside me and slopped his cock out with a plop.

Jim had now taken a seat on one of his dining room chairs which he had pulled over.

“Now get onto this love!” he said patting his prick. Sitting like a king on his throne.

As Baz got up from behind me he helped me get up. My legs were a bit shaky, but about to get even shakier!

“Oh yes!” I said in anticipation looking the size of his fucking massive dong again.

“Come on love ride me he hard,” he said to me as I straddled him, my back facing the other two guys now.

I planted my heels and slid down slowly onto his cock tip.

I was so wet and splayed, with Baz’s cum leaking out of me and sliding down onto Jims prick.

“Gorgeous,” I heard Baz say from behind us.

I lowered myself onto Jims tip and took him part way in. Then I rose and then fell, this time taking him a bit deeper.

“Oh fucking hell yes,” I moaned in sheer delight and wanton ecstasy.

“Go on love show the boys how much you like old Jims cock-stand up you!” Jim assuredly said to me.

I rose and fell again. This time his full length slipped up me. Fucking hell I was full.

My legs were trembling now. Violently trembling.

“Go on Anna take the fucking lot!” Vince and Baz instructed from behind me. I felt them moving ever closer to us as they spoke.

“Get a good look lads. Get a good fucking look at this wee bitch taking my full nine inches. She fucking loves it.” Jim was clearly getting off on this as much as I was.

I was now sliding up and down his full, thick long shaft.

Baz and Vince were right behind us on the floor intently watching me ride their big cocked friend and playing with themselves, enjoying the live show.

“Fucking hell yes, go on Anna love you can take it,” they urged.

I moaned in pleasure as his cock reached depths in me not felt since the last time he had screwed me.

“Oh Jesus Christ yes Jim,” I moaned aloud. “Fuck it, fuck it, do me with your big cock!”

He laughed and smiled at me then sucked on one of my tits before coming up for more.

“Told you she fucking can’t get enough of my prick,” he boasted.

It was true I was an addict now; a cock addict for his massive tool.

“Jesus fucking Christ look at that!” I heard Baz exclaim.

I knew what was happening. I was leaking heavily and mixed in with his spunk that was up me, it would be creaming all over Jims huge prick.

“Tell me lads, tell me?” Jim asked in a cock sure manner.

“The fucking state of Anadolu Yakası Şişman Escort that!” Vince blurted out.

“Oh fuck yes!” I said as I was now creaming heavily and so close to cumming off again.

“Your cock is fucking white mate!” they said almost in unison. I moaned in sheer slut heaven.

To emphasize the point Jim took over.

He grabbed my slim hips and now pulled me up and down, using me like a fucktoy on his enormous cock.

I let him take over, let him dictate the rhythm.

“You close to cumming love? He asked me.

“Yes,” I panted.

“You gonna cream some more on old Jims big cock?”

“Yes, oh fuck yes!” I panted again.

“You’re creaming now aren’t you? Creaming on my prick.”

I replied as he wanted. I was telling them all how much I was loving it, how wet and horny I was.

“The little bitch always creams on old Jims cock. Don’t you love?” he dirtily said.

I agreed. I creamed even thinking about his monster cock!

He then cruelly slipped me right up to the tip of his cock, almost to the point of withdrawing from me completely.

“Tell her what you can see lads. Tell our sexy wee married slut exactly what this looks like.”

Baz leapt in.

“Your cock is almost out of her Jim mate. It’s fucking huge mate. It’s creamy as fuck. It looks like someone has poured a tin of double cream over it! All down your fucking shaft right to your balls where it’s spilling onto. Anna your cunt is so wet love. It’s wide open and god you are just pouring jizz and your fanny batter all over the fucking place!”

I knew it would be like this. I was juicing heavily and close to a massive squirting climax. Baz’s spunk would have been easily reached by Jims prick and his mates cum would now be coating his shaft along with my juice.

“Go on,” Jim urged.

“Its all frothy and pure white, Jesus Anna you are gorgeous love,” Baz continued.

Jim then slammed me back down onto his full length.

“Right up to my balls now eh lads!” he proudly said.

My legs were shaking now, this was some serious fuck by a guy who knew what he was doing.

“Oh Jim, fuck me, please fuck me,” I begged.

Again he raised me up to the very tip of his massive knob.

“You liking this love are you?” He asked, already knowing the answer.

“I love it Jim,” I said. “God you know I love it.” As he slid me back deep onto his pole.

“So what’s happened today then?” he asked me slowing his speed. “How long have you known Vince?”

Panting I tried to answer my old lover. “I just met him…today,” I panted as he again slid me up and down slowly.

“And what has he done since you met him love?” He asked

I was almost breathless, I was panting like a bitch on heat.

“He… Kissed me,” I panted.

“He kissed you, and then what did my mate do too you?” He asked again.

“Oh god Jim he fingered me,” more heavy panting from me.

Jim was now in full control and I knew he was only going to let me properly cum once he was satisfied. Once he had said enough to satisfy his dominance and to rekindle his mates cocks for another go at me.

Then he simply asked me for more details as he continued my pumping up and down, all the while creamy froth leaking from me.

“Then I licked his cock,” I continued in a breathless manner

“Did you like it?” he asked me as I was again plunged all the way down onto his cock.

“Yes..” I panted. “I licked up his..,” I stammered more due to panting. “His, his pre- cum. Oh fucking hell Jim, finish me off please.”

“Did you suck his cock? He asked.

“Yes,” I submissively replied. “I sucked it and he filled my mouth with his thick spunk. Oh fuck Jim..I loved it.” I panted more heavily.

He continued on his direction of my climax like a master of his craft. “And my mate Barry, when did you meet him?” I saw him wink at the other two guys and could hear them heavy breathing.

I panted heavily again, I was so close, so close. But with Jim in control of the amount of time he was fully up me and fucking me I knew I was going to be made to wait.

“Today as well,” I answered again with more heavy panting. “He has kissed me too Jim with his fucking tongue, and fingered me, oh god Jim.”

“And what else tell us love! What kind of wife are you? Tell us!” he smilingly asked.

“I sucked his cock and he licked my cunt. He fucked me Jim. I let your mate fuck me and he spunked up me. I’m a fucking slut Jim. A cock slut. A married..Oh fuck…a Married…oh fucking hell…a Married fucking young slut!”

“Good lass!” he said back to me. “Now you’re getting it!”

“Have you fucked me before Anna? Tell my mates here.”

“Yes Jim, oh yes Jim.”

“Once?” he asked

“No. Oh fuck no, Jim. More please do me more,” I was a hairs breadth from climax.

“How many times!” he asked again more sternly.

“Five!” I said. “You have fucked me five times Jim.”

“Did I cum up you? Did you go back to your husband with my cock load up you?”

“Yes,” I panted.

“Everytime?” he then asked.

“No..Oh god Jim..No sometimes…sometimes You have spunked on me,” I sluttishly answered.

“Where? Where did you let me spunk?” he was loving this.

“Oh shit Jim..You came up me..You spunked on my tits…oh fucking hell. You have spunked all over my face..God..Oh god Jim, I loved it! I was almost passing out from the panting and screwing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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