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We are “older” adults and had only met a couple of times after our first coffee date. There was that certain spark of attraction, actually that ever elusive sexual spark, that we all look for. I had responded to the “what else do you do” question by saying that I like to write erotica. And shoot guns at the range. Her response was very interesting; “well, a guy that likes guns and writes erotica can’t be all bad.”

We had gone to the range and enjoyed an hour of shooting. Later she wrote me about a dream she had that involved some very heavy sexual components. Gave me a bit of a hard on, actually.

We then talked on the phone and I related a bit about myself including the panty fetish part. She told me she didn’t wear panties and asked what I liked about panties and the size. I told her I sometimes like to wear panties. She made no comment except she could never fit in a size 7. She didn’t know what size, but she had very large hips and bottom so they must be a very big size. I mentally pictured myself in those very large panties, my rigid hard on poking a tent and feeling the soft silky panties rubbing the head of my penis. My balls resting in the crotch where her pussy had been. I thought about that for a while, but since the whole thing seemed to stop at our last conversation I put it out of my mind. She had expressed some reticence to Bostancı escort actual physical contact so I figured nothing was ever going to happen. That was the end of that.

Until today, that is, when I sat down to write an erotic adventure. I thought of her again and her large panties. And me wearing them in front of her. When one spends a lot of time in front of their computer jerking off one becomes rather self centered and one sided sexually. My scenario goes something like this.

We meet at my house, sit around talking and eventually get to the sex part. Talking about what we like and imagine. She likes to suck cock and every man likes that. I like to eat pussy and most women I know like that. She asks me about my panty fetish, when did it start and how. I have no real idea of when or how, it just is. I tell her I like to masturbate in front of a woman while wearing the panties and she asks if I’d like to wear the panties she has on. She wore them just for me. She stands up and takers her jeans down exposing her ecru panties that show a little bit of pubic hair just outside the confines of the crotch. She spreads her legs so I can see the flat area between her legs and the crease of her vagina.

“Do you want to put these on?”, she asks with just a hint of a dare. “I know you do. Take you pants off” she says to Anadolu Yakası Escort me and I do, now standing half naked in front of her my semi hard cock beginning to get harder.

“Do you want my panties? Oh, I can tell you do. Do you want to jack off in my panties for me?”

I get a bit harder as she slip her panties over her feet and holds them in front of her for me to see, turning them around so that the gusset is facing me, the slight dampness of her sex visible evidence of her vagina.

“Start playing with your dick. Show me what you do.”

I am sitting in front of her slowly stroking my cock, rubbing the remnants of foreskin just behind the head.

“Do you want to sniff the gusset? Do you want to wrap this gusset around your dick and cum in my panties? Is that what you want to do you dirty little boy?”

She tosses the panties’ to me and commands me to put them on. I step into the panties and feel the soft silky fabric against my legs as I pull them up. They are large and I swim in them, having to hold them closed as they are too big to fit tight and would fall off if I don’t. My rigid penis is tenting the front and my balls are resting against the damp gusset giving me an additional thrill. I watch her as she rubs her clit, a slight moan coming from her mouth as she says, “you’re a dirty little Kadıköy Escort boy, jerking in your mommies panties. Do you like to watch me rub my self, you dirty little pervert?”

I am getting close to cumming. I don’t want it to end, which it will as soon as I cum. I know my desire will disappear, yet I can’t hold off much longer. I slow my actions, delaying the inevitable for just a little bit. Enjoying the sexual tension of my body, enjoying the sharing and slight humiliation of being talked to like I am being scolded. For whatever reason it seems to add to the excitement of the whole scenario.

“Are you going to cum in mommies panty gusset? I want you to do that so I can wear you sticky cum next to my pussy. That way I can get another thrill later.”

The words only add to the feeling of extreme sexual tension.

“Take them down. Wrap that gusset around you cock and spurt your cum in that pussy cover. Do it now!”

I pull the panties down, step out of them and bring them to my nose.

“That’s it. Smell that juice. You like that, I know. It makes you horney. Now wrap that gusset around your cock and spurt.”

I wrap the gusset with the wet part under my cock, the wettest part just behind the head against the foreskin. I hold it for just a second as I begin to cum. My body shudders, my legs begin to go limp as I sit down on the edge of the chair, breathing hard as my cum fills the gusset. I sit back, relaxing against the support of the chair, enjoying the aftermath of a most delightful sexual release and fantasy fulfilled.

“I am so happy to that I made my dirty little pervert happy?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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