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It was my senior year of high school and I just knew we were GOING to win Nationals. As captain it was my duty to make sure of that. Everyone on the team was amazing, especially the co-captain Jessie though I hated to admit it (she’s a total BITCH! by the way). We were already great, best in the state, but I wasn’t taking any chances, I was working my girls extra long and extra hard. The team was all for it except of course Jessie, she just kept going on and on about how this was interrupting her fabulous social life and that just because the team was full of losers didn’t mean that her “awesomeness” should suffer (see what I mean total BITCH!). To show good spirit, as captain, I started putting in more hours at the gym. This particular night there was only one person left in the gym and they were leaving as I walked in.

“Perfect!” I excitedly whispered to myself, “This is going to be a great night.”

I had been on the elliptical machine for about 5 minutes and I was already in the zone. I was thoroughly enjoying myself when none other than Jessie decided to show up wearing the exact outfit as I was.

“Great”, I murmured as she walked right up to the machine next to me wearing MY white, scoop neck sports bra and matching white, skintight short shorts.

“Hi Kelly” she started with a fake smile, “I see you were trying to be as hot as me by copying my outfit, well, you ALMOST succeeded” she said with her Wicked Witch of the West laugh.

Irritated, I walked away and to the treadmills.

“Why does everything have to be a competition between us” I thought.

I had always been so nice to her, but she was always so rude, “Gosh! She was just so damn infuriating!”

“Hey Kelly turn and take a look at how your ass is supposed to look in those shorts, Ha!” , she called out after me.

When I turned around she was slowly caressing her ass and slowly gyrating; then she repeated her jeer and she spanked her perfect ass hard for affect.

She had been taunting me all day about my body, she even started calling me “Jelly Belly” and to see that she hadn’t stopped was enraging. At 5’8″ with long legs, a plump ass, slim waist, 33C tits, full lips, waist length jet black hair and olive skin, I was a sight, at least that’s what I’ve been told, but still at 18 it was natural to have had insecurities. But of course Miss 5’10” with legs higher than the Empire State Building, juicy little booty, trim waist, perky 32Ds, pouty lips, beige skin with a slight dusting of freckles and equally long naturally dirty blonde hair, knew nothing of insecurities. I just couldn’t take it anymore, I ran off into the next room, the self defense room. Sitting with my back turned to the door and tears streaming down my cheeks, I sobbed in silence.

Before I even hear footsteps enter the room, I hear “Jelly Kelly, where are you!”

“Oh, there you are Jelly, I’ve been looking for you everywhere”, she says feigning concern.

Walking over she crouches down and hugs me from behind, “What happened to the widdle baby” she says as Eskort she pokes one my cheeks, smearing my tears.

“HA, of course Jelly would find an excuse to stop exercising”, the bitch sneered.

As anger filled up inside me, I couldn’t help but notice Jessie’s firm nipples and soft breasts on my back, I didn’t know why but I like it and without thinking I moved in a little closer; I mean I had to admit she was hot and I could never stop myself from taking little peeks at her peaks in the showers, lucky for me she ALWAYS walked around stork naked showing out that fuckable little body of hers. Jessie was of course too busy taunting and didn’t realize my getting cozy.

When I came back out of my little world, I stood up to leave; Jessie stopped me in my tracks, licked my face and laughed.

“Even your tears taste like pussy you pussy, you won’t even stand up for yourself, and I will never respect you, you punk”, with a smug expression across her face.

No one had ever spoken to me like that before; everyone was always so nice; she caught me completely off guard. As she turned to walk out the door, I was blinded with rage and lust (I didn’t know the last one at the time).

“Listen here bitch!” , I screamed, “Bring that ass right here now.”

Before she could even respond, I had her by her hair and I spun her around and slapped her square across her face, hard.

“Ah!” , she moaned out in pain.

“Oh that hurt?”, “Smacking didn’t hurt when you were smacking your perfect little ass now was it?”

I grabbed her by the sports bra straps and slammed her up against the padded walls before she could respond. I slammed her over and over and over again against the wall while she begged for me to stop. On the last slam the straps of Jessie’s bra broke in my hand and those beautiful, freckled 32Ds popped out and bounced against my hand.

“Mmm”, the wet feeling that instant consumed my lily white shorts was surprising but lovely nonetheless.

Since I was seemingly distracted she tried to run away, I grabbed her by the waistline of her shorts.

“Naughty, Naughty”, I purred and yanked her back up against the wall.

By now what was left of the sports bra was around her hips and nothing was left to cover her breasts. She tried to cover herself with her hands but I wasn’t having that. I grabbed her wrists and held them over her head and had myself some fun. I forcefully began pinching those perky, pinky nipples and rubbed them in between my thumb and index.

“What the hell are you doing Kelly, your straight, this isn’t you”, I thought but I didn’t care at this point, besides hearing the moans Jessie made were better and made me way wetter than any I had heard in the lesbian pornos I frequently masturbated to.

Not knowing what had gotten into me, I threw my hands in the air.

“Fuck it, you only live once”, was all I thought before I gave into my long awaited desires.

With Jessie still moaning, I tore off her wet shorts and ripped bra and tossed it to the side. Since Jessie seemed to like it rough, I was more than happy to oblige. I took my right hand away from her nipple and slid it down her smooth stomach, right down her slit. I replaced my right hand with my mouth, I ran my tongue slowly around her areola a few times before I pulled her little pink nub in and began sucking on it softly at first but then I started getting rougher and rougher turning the slow sucking into fast nibbling. When my hand was right there, I rubbed her outer pussy lips up and down going faster and faster until I heard one faint request.


Knowing she wanted it made me hot and made me torture her a little more. I went inside and started teasing her inner lips, tickling the sides, over and over again, in circles slowly at first but speeding up at each moan. I ran my finger right by her opening and put my thumb in, just the tip and quickly took it out.

“Oh please”, Jessie breathily pleaded.

Finally went around once more and went at the peak and this time I tickled her little pleasure pearl the same way I tickled mine at nights. I rubbed in figure eights, up and down, side to side each movement blending with the next again and again and watched as she moaned loudly in ecstasy. I let go of her hands knowing she wasn’t going anywhere. She immediately started gripping my ass begging me to stop. She was so wet at this point, I could just tell, I slipped my two fingers and started pumping them in her soaking pussy mercilessly while continuing to titillate her clit. Faster and faster and deeper and deeper I went as she clawed on my ass moaning, begging and pleading for me to stop. Hearing her only made me want to make her cum harder and teach her who was boss and who really owned that pussy. Just when she was about to cum, I flicked her nipple with my tongue and massaged her other tit and watched the faces she made. Right when she was right at the brink, I stopped and backed up.

As she tried to catch her breath and was grabbing at my hands trying to get them back on her body I could finish what I started, I placed my finger in her mouth.

“That is how pussy tastes; now lay that sexy ass on the ground.” I licked her face then I smacked her ass knowing the vibrations would drive her wild.

Obediently, Jessie laid on the mat. She watched me, while caressing her breasts, as I took off my bra and soaking shorts. With my legs separate I kneeled over her head; just the mere thought of her eating my pussy got me so much wetter. As I slowly lowered onto her face she grabbed my hips and stuck her tongue in my hot, wet pussy and twirled it. With her free hand she toyed with my clit as if it were a mini joystick.

“Oh yes, oh yes”, “Suck your Captain’s pussy, suck it”, I exclaimed as I grinded against her face, unable to control myself.

She kept going, emphasizing her movements more and more and mixing in some humming. She was a pro and I was cuming quickly.

“I’m cuming, I’m cuming, don’t stop”, I screamed.

Right after I spoke those words, my juices flew out of me like never before, when I look down Jessie’s face was wet and messy. When Jessie finally took her tongue out of me, she got up as and was delaying leaving the room hoping I would call out to her, when she was at the door and had let out her fifth sigh, I giggled to myself.

I laughed out loud finally and said, “We’re not down yet sexy, we still have to hit the showers”, with a wink.

I grabbed her ass and kissed her lips, grinding our pussies into each other, when she got really into it; I stopped her and told her she had to wait until the showers. Hurriedly she raced to the showers; when I finally sauntered down the long hallway, I watched her in the shower section, moaning, trying to finally get off by grinding against her arm. I figured I had punished her enough so I turned on the water. I got the water nice and hot, like the feelings I had deep in my fold. I ran my hand through her hair gently then pulled a handful and started nibbling on her neck as I guided her to shower, once we got in, we got right back to the kissing and touching.

“Uhh this is so hot”, “Suck it, suck my titties”, “Oh yes”, “Uh huh, right there”, “I know you like it when I touch that” “Oh yes, give it to me”, that was all that echoed throughout the bathroom.

Unable to take it anymore, and needing to feel Jessie’s clit on mine, I told her to rest her leg on the handicap bar, I stood in between those mile high legs and put one of mine up and rested it on the same bar( I guess cheerleading really does come in handy in the outside world). We moved in closer and closer until we finally touched, clit to clit; just thinking about this exact moment still gets me moist. We started off slowly but neither of us could take it and proceeded to go faster, I bent my back and gripped her waist and put myself in the perfect position to go faster, and faster I went, faster and faster and when the buildup was right there, I grabbed her and slammed her on the bench in the shower and kept grinding that pussy harder and harder until she could no longer speak words, just grunts and moans.

“Whose pussy is this”, I ask her.

“This is Jessie’s pussy of course”, she says with a sexy little smirk trying to play tough.

Well I didn’t like that answer, I grabbed her tit and I squeezed and rolled that little pink pebble as I grind that pussy more.

“Kelly! Kelly!, this is Kelly’s pussy! Mmmm uhhhh…Kell…owns….puss”, she half moaned half screamed.

“Oh shit”, we both exclaimed as we came.

Afterwards we collapsed on each other. When I finally stood up still in between Jessie’s legs, I bent over and slapped her right in the pussy and let my hand linger.

“This is my pussy and don’t you forget it and if you do”, I slid my middle finger in her still moist fold’, “I’ll remind you the hard way.”

I licked my finger in front of her and walked away. I got my clothes and left the gym. When I got home, I thought about the insane thing I had just done and imagined how school would be tomorrow, more importantly practice, but mostly I just masturbated over the thought of Jessie’s naked body and reveled in the fact that I’d get to touch it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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