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~ This is my first attempt at a proper BDSM-themed story, so I can’t promise complete realism ~

A single droplet of water slid down Lauren’s naked back onto the steel handcuffs tied behind her. She shuddered as her Master dragged the solitary ice cube across her skin. Goosebumps covered her body as she sat as still and silently as possible. Lauren knew if she made too much noise or moved around too much her punishment would be extended. If this had been a normal spanking or whipping she would probably have wriggled around a bit just to taunt her Master into hitting her just that much harder. But this was the first time he was using ice on her and it was really painful.

By this point several ice packs had been tied to and laid upon her naked body. Two had been strapped to her legs, and one around her stomach. The cold felt likes knives on her skin, but she just sat there and shivered briefly as Master trailed the ice cube he was holding up the top of her back and then off of her skin. Just as she breathed a small sigh of relief at the removal of the ice, a sharp gasp escaped her lips as two fresh cubes were pressed against her nipples. Her Master had moved around in front of her, and smiled down at her as he held the cubes against her breasts. Lauren bit her lip in an effort to contain any noise, but the cold was getting almost too much to bear on her poor nipples.

Just as she was about to cry out the cubes were removed, and Lauren let out another longer sigh.

“Well done little one” growled the deep voice of her Master. Before she could respond however he bent down and took her left breast into his mouth, sucking on it briefly before giving the nipple a gentle nibble. She shut her eyes, revelling in the pleasure-pain that was completely out of her hands, in part because they were tied behind her back. Her Master then completed the same action with her other breast and she felt the teeth marks he’d made long after his mouth had left her skin.

With the removal of the ice cubes, the Master decided that Lauren had had enough punishment for now. He slowly undid the bindings on the ice packs, removing them from her skin and placing them in a nearby bucket with the remaining ice cubes. Once they were all removed he briefly put his hands on each part of her body that had received prolonged exposure to the ice packs, warming up her skin slightly with the heat from his hands. He then moved around behind her and unlocked xslot the cuffs around her wrists.

The Master took Lauren’s hand as she rose to her feet, pulling her face to his so that their lips met. Her tongue entered his mouth first, hungrily searching out his own. For about a minute he allowed this to continue as their tongues wrestled one another, each trying to force it’s way into the other’s mouth. Just as her Master was about to pull away, Lauren bit his lower lip, gently tugging on it with her teeth.

With a devilish grin and a throaty growl he grabbed her shoulders and moved her so that their lips were no longer within kissing distance. “On your knees,” he commanded “now”. Lauren obediently dropped to the floor without pause for thought. As her face reached his crotch he pulled off his underwear. His hard cock sprung out, slapping Lauren in the face in the process. The Master grabbed the base of his shaft before speaking again. “Open wide little one” he said. As soon as she obeyed he slid most of his seven inches straight into her mouth. She gagged for a second or two before regaining control.

Once he had assessed that Lauren had enough control over her gag reflex, he pulled almost all the way out, grabbed a handful of her hair in his fist, and then started fucking her face like a jack-hammer. Lauren was sinking further and further into her sub space, feeling herself completely giving in to her Master’s control. From the look on her face the Master would have guessed that she was enjoying his cock in her mouth almost as much as he was.

After a few minutes the Master felt himself getting close, and slowly reduced his pace before pulling out. “Good girl” he growled. He then gave Lauren a swift slap round the face to bring her back to her fully conscious state, as well as reminding her who was in charge. “Now,” he said, gripping her chin between his thumb and index finger “get on the bed, on all fours and keep your legs apart”.

Lauren began to comply as soon as her face was released from her Master’s grip. turning around to get up onto the bed. As she crawled forwards into position, she couldn’t help but wiggling her naked bottom in the air. She knew that small motion would encourage him further to leave nice dark bruises all across her rear. Since she was facing away from where her Master now stood, she could only listen to know when he had moved up onto the bed behind her. She xslot Giriş felt his strong hard slide across the skin of her neck as he grabbed a handful of her hair. Lauren’s head was then pulled sharply back as her Master tugged on her hair. Next thing she knew, he had shoved his hard cock all the way into her now dripping wet pussy.

She could feel his throbbing member filling her up, and she rocked back on her knees in an attempt to make it go in even further. With that, she felt a sharp tug on her hair, and her head was yanked backwards once more. “Remember, you are not the one in control here” he intoned in a warning voice. “You’re on your knees so that I am in control.”

“And I,” he slapped her arse with his free hand so hard that it made a loud cracking sound. “Will use you,” he spanked her again “however,” *SMACK* “I see fit”. With every stroke Lauren let out a moan that was a mixture of pleasure and pain. Each loud smack was alternated with several thrusts in and out of her pussy. It seemed to be that somehow every single slap to her now burning hot behind struck in the exact same place. After a few minutes of this, Lauren began whimpering softly, flinching as the sound of her Master’s hand whipping through the air preceded another stinging blow to her sore cheek.

“Please!” came the sudden cry, just as the Master raised his arm for what was probably the fiftieth time. He lowered his right arm back to his side, still keeping a firm grip on his handful of Lauren’s hair with his left. He made sure as well to keep his cock buried as far into her pussy as it would go, grinning deeply.

“What was that little one?” he asked casually, as if they were just having a perfectly normal conversation and he simply hadn’t heard her. A single tear rolled down Lauren’s face as she replied.

“No more spanking, please” she replied, with a slight quiver in her voice.

“No more spanking please, what?” asked her Master. Before she could answer, the Master used his now free hand to reach between her legs and started massaging her clit. Lauren moaned loudly.

“No more spanking please, Sir” she said slowly, each word coming out slower than the last due to the wonderful sensations of her Master’s fingers on her clit.

“Well now,” began her Master, massaging more slowly and deliberately. “You’ve been a naughty girl, Lauren. And naughty girls get punished.” Through his own words he could still xslot Güncel Giriş clearly hear the soft moans his young slave was making. “So I think,” he said as he focused on an area that seemed to be creating the loudest noises “you will suffer through your punishment until I say it’s over”. With that, he increased the pace of the clit massaging until Lauren let out her loudest moan yet and he felt a shudder run down the length of her body. Keeping his cock firmly planted inside her, he then removed his massaging hand, placing the handful of Lauren’s hair into it and leaving his left hand free. Looking down, he saw that her right cheek had a bright pink mark in the approximate shape of his own hand. Grinning at this thought, and making a mental note to take a photo afterwards. He then swapped his hands around from their previous position. Now Lauren’s head was being pulled back by her hair with his right hand, as he raised his left to begin spanking her other cheek.

Tears flowed freely down Lauren’s face now, as the continued loud smacks cracked across her other arse cheek. She bit her lower lip to contain as much of her own strangled sobs as she could. Sore as she was, she could still feel the flush in her skin as she revelled in the lack of control, not to mention the large cock slamming into her dripping wet pussy. Another minute or so of hard spanking and her left cheek was as white hot with pain as the right one. Just as she didn’t think she could take any more powerful sensations of any kind she felt her Master’s pace increase. A few seconds later and she felt the warm gush of his juices filling her up, this in turn pushing her over the edge. She felt her vaginal muscles tense, squeezing around the still-hard cock still inside her. One final loud smack reverberated around the room as they both came to a shuddering halt.

“Good girl” her Master growled again, as he released his handful of her hair and slowly pulled out of her. He then flopped down on the bed next to her, pulling her down on top of him into a warm embrace. Reaching across to the bedside table he grabbed himself a tissue, using it to wipe Lauren’s eyes clean of tears. He then gave her a long kiss on the lips, and one on the forehead, before settling into a relaxed cuddling position. As for Lauren, she was grinning warmly, despite the fact moments before she had had tears dripping all down her face. As she brought her hands down by her sides she managed to brush against her Master’s cock. It was still semi-hard and oozing a little bit of cum out of the end. She almost subconsciously began stroking along it’s length.

“Now now, little one” grinned her Master, without opening his eyes. “Don’t go starting what you can’t finish”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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