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Her day had begun just the same as any other. She awoke around 10 am to find Master gone and his daily note for her folded neatly on his pillow.

“Today my little girl is to be a relaxed kitten, be sure to lock the door first and foremost, behave your self and the rewards shall be great.”

She set the note down, made the bed and headed off to soak in her morning bath. She glanced at the clock which read 11:15 am, and decided it was time to get out of the bath and begin her day of relaxing. She dressed in the clothes Master had laid out for her, white thongs and a tight white tank top, collected the book he had left for her and assumed her place curled up on the floor in her special place beside the bed that Master allowed her to share with him.

Suddenly she realized that she had neglected to lock the door, glancing at the clock she could see that it was 3:46 pm, she had not followed the one instruction Master had left for her and he would be home in a little over an hour. She practically ran to the door and breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the “click” of the deadbolt. She decided that she would tell Master upon his arrival that evening that she had forgotten to lock the door before her bath and had then gotten wrapped up in her book.

Little did she know that Master had decided to take the day off and surprise his little kitten for following his instructions, he was already in the house, waiting. Except now instead of rewarding her for being a mindful, responsible pet he was going to have to teach her a lesson. His pretty girl should never be so careless about locking the door, bad things could happen.

He was admiring her from a darkened corner, the way her nipples could be seen through her tight top, that tiny waist and flat stomach. He especially like to watch her ass when she walked, so tight and perfect.

“Nice,” he spoke just above a whisper, enough to startle her and spin her around.

“Is someone there?” She scanned the room but saw nothing and heard nothing.

“Kitten’s eyes must be tired from reading that book, now she’s hearing things!”

“Is she?” The voice was a little louder now and froze her with fear.

She could feel her heart begin to race, her breathing quicken and to her amazement her pussy began to tingle, all her senses were in overdrive. Slowly she turned sure that someone or something was behind her but still she saw nothing. She calmed herself as best she could and settled with the fact that her mind was playing tricks on her. But it wasn’t her mind at all, it was Master and he’d only just begun.

“A cat nap, that’s what this kitten needs,” she clicked off the light and began walking back toward the bedroom.

“Grrrrrrrrrrr” this time she spun around quickly to the sound of the deep, throaty growl.

The mere sight of the dark figure standing at the end of the hallway took her breath. She stood staring at him, unable to move, unable to breathe, unable to scream! As her body began to shake uncontrollably she felt the fear like an electric shock travel to the core of her soul.

As he slowly approached her she noticed that he was wearing a mask over his face. “No!” She wasn’t sure if she had said it out loud or if she had said it in her head. Time was standing still, and he was all that could move.

He was enjoying the look of fear on her face, like a mouse searching for a way out he thought, absolutely delicious. She tried to slowly back away from him but he caught her when she backed into the wall at the end of the hallway. He grabbed her firmly around the waist, spun her around, and pulled her as close to him as he could. He could feel her body begin to tremble.

“What do you want?” She spoke just above a whisper, her voice trembling with fear.

A few moments passed, and then in a blinding jerk he grabbed a fistful of her hair xslot and pulled her head back.

“Owww!!” The intensity of the pull made her cry out.

“Just to teach my pretty girl a lesson, leaving Masters door unlocked, bad things could happen to my pet!”

Then it sunk in that the masked man was Master, he knew she had disobeyed him, her heart sank, what would he do to her.

“You will obey me now young one or the consequences will be severe, do you understand?” She did not reply right away so he tightened his grip on her hair and pulled harder.

“I said do you understand?” She could feel tears escaping her eyes and beginning to run down her cheeks.

“Yes, Master.”

“Good girl.”

He released her hair and she could feel his hand move to her breast, down her belly, tracing the outline of her slinky thong. His touch was soft and deliberate, meant to turn her on and it made her pussy moist with excitement. As he began to walk her toward the bedroom she made the mistake of pushing back in obvious reluctance. He reached down and grabbed her moist mound and gave her a firm squeeze.

“You do not want to fight me my pet that will only increase the severity of my little ones punishment.” The feel of his firm grip on her pussy made her juices begin to flow.

“Mmmm…Master didn’t think so”.

She had never been this scared and excited at the same time before, her head was a whirlwind of thought. She relaxed as he loosened his grip on her lips.

“Very good my little pet”.

For her all of this was frighteningly erotic, and again he began to push her to the bedroom. He picked her up and tossed her on the bed. He then crawled on top of her and straddled her waist pinning her arms down so she couldn’t move. She loved how strong and powerful he was, and her fear was starting to subside.

Her heart sank when she caught a glimpse of the knife he had tucked into the waist of his pants. He noticed her eyes widen, and her breathing quicken yet again, he knew she had seen it but had no intention of telling her what he planned to do with it. As he reached for it she began to struggle a bit.

“My kitten will be perfectly still, understood?”

She nodded in agreement. He pulled the knife out and slipped it under the shoulder of her top, cutting one side then the other. She realized that his intentions for the knife were to strip her, the thought of this made her soaked with fear and excitement. After he had cut away her top, he explored her breasts with his free hand, pinching and pulling at her perky nipples. He then turned himself around on her so that his back was to her face, and her arms were tucked securely by her sides, she couldn’t move nor did she try to. She liked how strong he felt on top of her, they way he had striped her. She knew now he wasn’t going to hurt her with the knife, and in a way she was sort of glad she’d forgotten to lock the door. She was enjoying his “lesson”, so far but had no idea what he had planned for her.

She could feel him run the blade down her belly and gently work it under the strings of her thong, she dared not move, or even breathe. POP…first one side then the other, then he used the blade to push away the fabric, exposing her wet pussy. She felt his fingers slide down, further, further until one slipped easily between her swollen lips. She tried to remain still but his fingers felt so good inside her that she found herself rising to meet them.

“SLAP!!!” He landed it with intensity directly on her swollen clit.


“Sorry Master.” Her tears began to fall as he grabbed her wrist and rolled her onto her stomach, she could feel him fasten the restraints around her wrists, then her ankles.

He stood back admiring the way she looked, arms outstretched, legs spread to his liking, so helpless, xslot Giriş so vulnerable.

“Now you are ready for your lesson my little girl.”

She began to tremble with fear as he put the gag in her mouth and pulled the mask over her face.

“You are not allowed to move, if you do the lesson will get harder for you, understand?” She could feel the tears streaming down her cheeks and soaking the mask as she shook her head yes.

“Good my little one.”

“Now this will hurt, but remember you are not to move, you can scream all you want but DON’T move!”

Usually Master started out light with her punishment, but she had left the door unlocked when she was home alone. She had put herself in harms way, she had to learn to be more careful. The first hit was firm across her ass; she knew it was the whip. Not too bad she thought and managed to keep perfectly still. Every time the whip met her ass or the small of her back it came down with a little more force and she began to whimper, but remained motionless.

“Very good my pet.”

The room fell silent and all she could think about was the burning sensation that now radiated from her ass. Even though she could not hear him she didn’t dare move.

“SMACK!” She jumped at the quickness of the slap, it was his hand and it had caught her off guard.

“I thought I said don’t move; now this part of your lesson will be harder!”

She heard him get up and make his way to the closet. The warm oil felt great on her burning cheeks and she had to remind herself to remain still as he applied a very liberal amount and slipped a finger up her ass.

Tears started to fall as he repeatedly stung his hand across her oil soaked ass and she had to fight the urge to squirm under the pain. She found that even though she could scream into the gag it did very little to relieve the pain.

“My kiten is doing very good.” She felt a smile sneak across her face, she knew now that she was pleasing Master and it warmed her heart. Again the room went silent and she could hear him walking toward her.

What was next she wondered?

The loud snap of the belt caused her to lose her breath.

“Don’t move…please don’t move!” That was the single thought in her brain, she knew she didn’t want this one harder than he was going to give it to her.

First Master applied more oil to her cheeks so she would feel the full effects of the belt. The repeated stings made her cry out over and over. By now her mask was soaked with her tears and her jaw ached from biting down on the gag with such force. She found herself wanting to beg him to stop but knew it would make it worse if she gave in. She was going to take it no matter what. More silence, she was hoping it was over, she had learned her lesson painfully enough.

She flinched when she felt Masters hand on her ankle he was removing the restraints, then her wrists. He rolled her over only to tie her up in the same manner just on her back. Then he removed the gag and the mask, and she was delighted to see Masters face, he had removed his mask and she knew then that her lesson was over, or so she thought.

“Again you won’t move, you may moan and groan all you want but if you move I will stop, do you understand?”

Willingly she shook her head yes. She knew it would be even harder to stay still for this part of Masters “lesson”.

He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her back to expose her neck, his mouth felt unbelievable on her flesh.

“Don’t move.” He whispered into her ear, and goose bumps covered her body from head to toe but she didn’t move, this time she didn’t want him to stop.

His powerful kiss did wonders to take her mind off of her burning ass. She could feel his hands exploring the rest of her body twisting her nipples with one while petting her wet pussy with the xslot Güncel Giriş other. Her body ached with anticipation and she was finding it harder and harder to remain still.

He forced his hands under her back and raised her breasts to meet his mouth. When he began to nibble and bite at them she began to moan. Her breathing became more labored as he nibbled his way toward her dripping cunt. She knew this was going to be pure pleasured torment.

She could feel his tongue inside her pussy now, one hand pulling at her nipple, while the other rubbed her swollen clit. When Master knew he had her close he backed off.

He stood up looking at her, enjoying how resolved she was to remain still. As she watched him remove his clothing she got more excited in anticipation of what he was fixing to do to her. By now she was begging for his attention, and the torture of not being allowed to move or touch him was almost too much for her to take.

“Does the kitten want to move?”

“If Master thinks she deserves to, yes she would love to move”.

He removed one of her wrist restraints.

“The kitten is taking her punishment well so Master will allow her one free hand, but kitten may only use it to touch herself.” She was thankful that Master let her have a free hand but understood that her ultimate punishment was that he would deny her the pleasure of touching him.

He was on top of her now teasing her dripping pussy with the head of his hard, throbbing dick. She fought the urge to thrust her hips up toward him, to beg him to take her, to fuck her and put and end to her torment. He grabbed her hips and slowly entered her pussy, slowly in and out, he knew he was driving her crazy.

“Please Master”

“Please what my pet?” He wanted her to say it he liked to hear those dirty words come out of that pretty little mouth.

“Master please fuck me, please.”

He looked down to watch as his dick fucked her soaking, wet pussy, watched her as she used her “free hand” to rub her clit.

“Master may your pet cum, please she is so close?”

“Yes my pet you may cum as many times as you want, but you must keep your eyes locked to mine as you do so.”

She kept her eyes fixed to his and he could feel the pulsing of her orgasm surround his hard shaft. He began to pound her harder and harder.

As he pushed into her as hard as he could to release his load inside her pussy he could feel her body quiver again with a second orgasm. He looked at her and was pleased that her eyes were locked on his.

As he lay on top of her, both breathing heavily, she noticed quite a painful sensation on her ass, but that it was surrounded by the pleasure she felt through the rest of her body, it made her shiver with delight.

“My pet you may now join me in a shower.”

“Thank you Master.” She was absolutely thrilled that Master was going to allow her the pleasure of washing him, of touching him.

After she carefully and caringly washed every inch of his beautiful body he then washed her from head to toe. They stepped out and took turns drying each other off. He held her tightly in his big, strong arms and stared into her eyes.

“Have you learned your lesson my little one.”

“Yes Master, kitten will always put Master and his instructions first.”

“Very good, now come.”

She followed Master to the bed, and waited for him to beckon her before she joined him.

“I believe the little kitten has earned this.” She smiled as he reached in the bedside drawer and removed her pink collar.

“Thank you Master.” She stretched her neck out to him and was ever so pleased that she had earned the right to wear it.

“Come up here little one and curl up in your favorite spot.”

She quickly jumped up and settled under Masters arm, purring contently and very pleased that Master was happy with her.

As she lay with him he began to stroke and pet her, he was pleased with her and was making sure she knew it.

“Good little kitten.” He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead and watched her drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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