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As I knelt with my head resting against the outside of your thigh, I could smell the warm, heady odor of your pussy close by. It stirred me to know that I had given you pleasure – that you were now wet and excited. The scent made me want to kiss you again in worship, but I did not dare to do so unless you ordered me. I waited idly, breathing deeply to try and drink in more of that smell that I loved so much. I could hear the mouse clicks on the desk above me and sometimes I was dully aware of snippets of conversation, but I felt intoxicated by what had just happened. I was unable to resist the flow of events, even if I had wanted to.

Suddenly you were urging me to my feet again. “Hi Suzanne,” I heard you say, as if from a distance, as I seemed to wake up again, “I’m glad you’re online. I’ve got a slave here that I think you will enjoy.” So you must know this Suzanne already? Had you done this before with other men? I wondered just what it was that Suzanne enjoyed.

“OK, Debbie” I heard the voice on the speakers say “Hook his hands up nice and high so I can see him.” I felt my hands released for an instant from behind me, but almost as quickly you grabbed my wrists, brought them together again above my head and re-fastened the cuffs overhead on the hook, which was drawn up so high that I could just barely stand flat on my feet. My ribcage was expanded and my stomach drawn in. My body was in tension, making it difficult to breathe deeply.

“Go and get them for me” said Suzanne, and I could already hear a note of enjoyment in her voice. You left the room without a word… you obviously knew what “they” were. You knew what was coming next, and I wished that that someone would tell me. I had to wait silently and expectantly until I heard your footsteps returning, but even then you remained standing behind me. I was wide-awake now, listening carefully, trying to get some clue as to what you might be holding.

You reached round from behind me and ran the fingers of one hand up and down my torso from my throat to just above my already hardening cock. Suzanne’s voice purred in appreciation as she watched you gradually arousing me again. “Pinch his right nipple” she commanded simply, and you took my nipple between thumb and forefinger and squeezed hard. For a man, my nipples are unusually sensitive and I let out a short involuntary cry as I felt the pain shoot through me.

“That’s xslot good. Put the first one on his left nipple,” said Suzanne and I looked down to see you reaching round with a wooden clothespin. I tried to remain still as you put it on but I squirmed uncontrollably the moment the jaws closed onto my nipple. The first sharp pain subsided and I gradually grew accustomed to the hot sensation. “That looks just great,” said Suzanne “Now for the right one.”

Again I struggled helplessly, my hands stretched high above my head, as I tried to avoid the pain that I knew was coming. After a moment, the feeling became bearable again, but the level of stimulation with two clothespins was definitely a step more intense than with one. “Mmmmm, he’s enjoying that” laughed Suzanne, who had noticed my cock growing erect in response to the throbbing in my nipples. “I think we ought to give him some more.” Before I could think, your hand reached from behind me and fastened one on my scrotum, just below my right testicle. The shock forced another cry from me and I tried to move away, but there was no way to escape.

“How many do you think he can take?” asked Suzanne.

“I don’t know,” you replied “I’ve never tried these on him before. Shall we find out?”

“OK, but first I want you to get your digital camera and take some pics for me. I’d love you to email them to me as a keepsake of this session.”

“Fine” you said, and stepped aside for a moment, returning to crouch in front of me and begin taking snapshots of the cruel clothespins on my balls and my nipples.

“Right, let’s add some more then.” Suzanne said when you had finished taking photos. I counted as you attached one clothespin after another to my ballsac – always pausing for a few seconds to allow the first sting to die away, and for me to adjust to the new level of pain. Each time you pulled out a fold of skin between thumb and forefinger, and then closed the jaws on it neatly. Two… three… four… five went on, and I flinched at each new peak of sensation. My cock was rock hard and the feeling of excitement grew within me as each one was added. The pain and the erotic intensity seemed unbearable. But still you went on, only pausing to snap a few more shots from different angles.

Six… seven… eight. You stopped briefly to look into my eyes and check how I was holding up. You could see that my face was xslot Giriş reddened and I was perspiring heavily with the extreme torment.

“He’s good, isn’t he?” you asked Suzanne, and despite my mounting distress, I felt a pride in knowing that you were pleased with me. “Yes, I must say he’s doing rather well” answered Suzanne, “you’d better give him some extra stimulation.”

You stood to one side of me so Suzanne could watch each move that you made, and brushed your hand against the clothespins, first on my nipples, then on my balls. Each movement was agony. Then you begin to flick them one at a time with your index finger, sending sensations like bee-stings through my skin.

Small yelps escaped my lips with each contact, and even when you stopped I hung from my chains, groaning softly, as my knees no longer seemed able to support me. “I love the way he moans,” said Suzanne “Let’s hear some more. I’m sure he can do better than eight on his balls.” So you bent down and added more to my pulsing scrotum – nine… ten… eleven… twelve, until my balls looked like a porcupine and the torture seemed to fill my brain.

“I’ve run out of space here,” you said, sounding disappointed that there was no more room on my balls to hurt me. “That’s no problem,” said Suzanne and expertly instructed you to pinch folds of flesh and add more clothespins under my armpits, on my upper arms, on my throat, my earlobes and nostrils.

By now, the sensations seemed to be building until all my body was burning, but still Suzanne was not satisfied. Under her direction, you pinched the skin on the underside of my cock and added a clothespin. I cried out sharply, and I could hear you breathing heavily with animal excitement. “Another!” she ordered, “and another!” until a line of four clothespins ran up to just under the head of my cock and I was writhing in agony as I hung by my wrists from the chain above me.

“And now, one for his knob” said Suzanne, with a wicked-sounding giggle. I held my breath as I watched you spread the jaws of the clothespin wide and then close them right on the purple head of my cock, which was glistening with the pre-cum that had been leaking from the slit of my urethra. I thrashed wildly to try and escape from this new and still more terrible pain, but all you did was to step back and crouch to take still more pictures of my tortured body.

“Do xslot Güncel Giriş you want her to take them off?” I heard Suzanne asking, in a teasing voice. “Yes” I cried desperately, as I twisted and turned, unable to free myself from the teeth that bit me “Please take them off, Mistress.”

“Beg her” she said, in a voice of quiet superiority.

“Mistress, I beg you. Please, please, take them off, I beg you” My voice was trembling as I pleaded with you over and over again, no longer even thinking whether or not this was the right thing to do.

“OK, that will do,” Suzanne said at last, and I saw you step toward me.

Both your hands went to my balls and you took a handful of clothespins in each hand and plucked them away. I screamed as the blood rushed back into the tissues that had been compressed for so long, bringing a sensation like liquid fire within me. I thrashed and yelled as you swiftly pulled the rest of them from my body, and the shock of each one being removed was far worse than the pain of it going on.

I hung limply from the chain by my wrists, drifting as the waves of agony slowly receded. Tears ran down my cheeks and dripped from my chin. My breath was shallow and labored and I was only half-aware of what was going on.

When you released me from the chain, I collapsed in a crumpled heap at your feet. I lay there helpless and heard you exchanging words with Suzanne, as if at a great distance. Then I saw you move to the webcam and readjust the focus to where I lay. Using one foot to turn me onto my back, you squatted over me, facing my feet, and grasped my cock firmly in one hand. Pumping it insistently, you lowered your snatch onto my face, until my nose was buried in your ass and my lips met your pussy lips.

I nuzzled and nibbled as you ground your groin into my face and you worked my dick furiously up and down, scratching my balls with the nails of your other hand. In reply I extended my tongue stiffly until it penetrated inside you, and I was rewarded with a trickle of your heavenly juices running down into my mouth. I felt you quiver, your thighs tightened around my head, and then you shifted back on to the floor by my side, breathing heavily, and stroking my body in evident pleasure.

“Well done” you whispered to me hoarsely and then rose to your feet.

“Well Suzanne, that was fun, but we’ve got to be going now. See you later.”

“Bye Debbie. So have I. Don’t forget to mail me those pics. Thanks for the show.” replied Suzanne and the line went dead.

“Come on,” you said to me ” We need to get moving.”

Where to? I wondered to myself.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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