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Big Tits

“Fuuuuuuck…” McKenna moaned.

“Fuck!” Ashley yelped.

“Fuck yeah, give it to me…” came from the porno playing on the TV.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Jessie whispered to no one in particular.

She was right. Given the fact that Sienna was currently occupying the apartment controlling access to my Playroom, my second-story weight room had been repurposed for a more erotic reason.

Following another successful show at Ashley’s bar tonight, McKenna had asked to join us for some dirty fun, and Ashley – friends with the band, not just Jessie and I – had asked to tag along. McKenna hasn’t objected, and Jessie and I never objected, so after a few drinks, a mutual displaying of recent STD tests, and some heated making out, we’d retired to my weight room for some dirty bondage-related fun.

Jessie was cuffed into my squat rack, wrist and ankle restraints clipped to the holes in the metal, standing spread-eagle and gloriously nude. Clamps were affixed to her nipples, and a remote vibrator was clenched deep in her snatch, controlled by the phone in McKenna’s hand. She buzzed it occasionally, making the vampiric girl groan and twitch, setting the clamps and their chain shaking.

McKenna lay on her back, hips propped up on the floor-resting end of my declined weight bench, getting eaten out by Ashley. The Indian woman was doing a pretty fantastic job of it, from the way McKenna was shaking and moaning and swearing. She was lost in her own world of pleasure and was barely remembering to buzz the vibrator for her best friend.

Ashley was lying face down on the declined bench, hips over the raised end and feet cuffed to the supports, hands hanging bound beneath the equipment. She’d dressed up like a cat for our little tryst, drawing whiskers on her nose and face, wearing a set of furry cat ears, and inserting a long, fluffy, buttplug tail. Her glossy black hair was braided and hanging over one shoulder, baring her back for the wax I was dripping on it from a red, low-temp candle. She’d hiss and twist at the minor sting of the wax touching her skin, and occasionally I’d give her a counterpoint of pleasure to the brief splatters of pain, sliding into her glistening, slippery pussy, or pressing a wireless wand vibrator against it and making her buck and groan even louder than the slight burn of the wax.

The scene was incredibly erotic.

I was barely spending any time actually IN a woman, and my dick was rock hard and standing at attention.

McKenna’s cries of pleasure peaked, and she arched her back, pushing her flushed tits into the air as she ground her pussy into Ashley’s face. Her eyes were squinted shut and she kept chanting “Yes yes fuck yes” as her lover kept up the stimulation. When it became too much, when she couldn’t take the continued infliction of pleasure, the little programmer rolled away, hand covering her groin, her sweating, pink body convulsing.

Across the room, Jessie grinned at me.

I grinned back. Group playtime was always so much fun. And I had plenty of ideas left…

I bent and scooped up the vibrator remote from McKenna and thumbed it to a medium setting. The spread-eagle gothic girl immediately stiffened and closed her eyes. Gonna leave that running for a little bit…

Returning to stand behind Ashley’s lifted butt, I applied gentle tugging pressure to her “tail” as I lifted and moved it to the side, awkwardly fumbling to get my erection lined up with her glistening pink hole while holding the dripping candle over her back. Fuck, can’t do it with my hands full. I set the vibrators down on the floor and entered the Indian woman with ease. She groaned and shifted her back, yelped when I tilted the guard on the candle and let a few splatters of red wax fall to her skin.

“That’s not even that hot.” I gave one buttock a spank and kept thrusting. So warm and wet, and the knowledge that this beautiful woman couldn’t move, was powerless before me, was even more of an aphrodisiac.

On the floor, McKenna rocked to her feet unsteady and a little weak from the pleasure she’d endured at Ashley’s lips. She leered at me and then walked over to Jessie. “Hey there, friendo. How’s it hangin’?” Her fingers sought out the black-fuzz covered apex of her best friend’s cunt, rubbing and stroking as she leaned in to flick her tongue over the tips of clamped nipples.

Jessie shrieked and tried to stay still, tried to keep her involuntary shudders of pleasure and pain from swinging the chain connecting her tits.

I smiled and turned my attention back to Ashley. Her golden-brown ass was bumping with each impact of my hips, and I decided to add some wax to it, being careful to keep the quick-drying liquid out of the luxurious fur of her tail. Another hiss and then a groan as her shifting hips stirred her vaginal canal with my prick, I took a moment to appreciate those firm, red-coated globes so perfectly parted by my cock. I leaned over her wax-speckled back. “This is a fucking fantastic view.”

Ashley whined at that.

But xslot not as much as when I straightened and started thrusting harder. I angled the candle so that each slam of my hips against her glutes dislodged a drop of wax, and then I went for broke, seeking my orgasm, reveling in, losing myself in the feeling of erotic power.

Ashley didn’t seem to know how to process the sensations – the pleasure of being fucked, the slight pain of having heated wax rained down upon her back. She gripped the edges of the bench with her cuffed hands and her yelps at every impact turned into a constant rising shriek, and she arched her back like a bow simultaneous with her whole body clenching powerfully. I could see the muscles in her ass and thighs tense as she came, and the slippery wet tunnel I was sheathed in squeezed and released me in time with the contractions rippling through her.

I pulled out and started jerking just moments before I followed her into climax, holding my prick over her asscheek and pumping quickly to maintain the sensation. Bent down as it was, even the first few strong pulses were just thick leaks, white cream dripping to her golden skin to mingle with the red wax before it began slowly trailing down her back.

I held onto the uprights of the weight bench as my body twitched and jerked from the sensation of sexual completion, sucking in air to calm my heaving lungs. Fuck, that was a hard one. I blew out the candles, pinched the wicks to make sure that weren’t going to reignite, and set them on a shelf, walking back to the weight bench on unsteady legs.

Ashley looked up at me and grinned weakly when I knelt to undo the snap-hooks keeping her wrist cuffs in place. “Having fun?” I asked.

“Absolutely.” Her slight accent spiked arousal through my bloodstream, and I hauled her up to sitting by her shoulder, kissed her forcefully, roughly. She groaned and relaxed, arms sliding warmly around me.

I pulled her to standing and guided her over to the squat rack. McKenna was very delicately, very specifically toying her friend’s clamped nipples in time with pulses of activity to the remote vibrator. Jessie’s normally pale skin was an overheated pink, and sweat visibility ran down her nude body, evidence of her exertion. She looked at me piteously through the hair hanging in her face, and I felt power.

“Trade?” I asked McKenna. “Then it’s your turn.”

The tiny programmer smiled wickedly at me and Ashley. “I think I can keep her occupied.”

I reached up and undid the hooks holding Jessie’s wrist cuffs to the top of the squat rack frame, knelt and detached the ankle cuffs from the frame as well. “Go over by the bench.”

She moved precisely so as not to dislodge the vibrator still inside her, or to disturb the chain hanging between her tits, walking a penguin walk to the bench and then delicately leaning herself down onto it.

I gripped Ashley by her braid, applying enough pressure to tilt her head back, then leaned in to give her neck a fluttering kiss that made her giggle. “Where do you want her?”

McKenna cocked her hips and head, tapping one front tooth with a fingernail in a pose that would’ve looked like a pensive scholar if she hasn’t been stark naked. “Standing? Back to me?”

I looked around, decided on a unique approach. I marched that Indian woman over to the heavy bag hanging by the corner and dragged her wrists up to clip into the chains holding it to the ceiling. “Be good.” I leaned in and gave one golden-brown shoulder a soft bite, then slapped her wax-and-cum-covered ass as I walked away. She laughed and tried to dodge, difficult to do with one’s hands tied above one’s head.

“All yours,” I told McKenna as I passed her on my way to Jessie.

The gothic girl had arranged herself reclining back on the decline, head resting almost where Ashley’s butt had been previously. I extended my hand. “Stand up, I’ve gotta adjust this thing.”

It took no effort at all to pull her to standing, and she bit her lip and smirked at me as I struggled to adjust the elevation. The bolts underneath did not want to play along.

Finally getting the bench secured at the regular height, I guided her to it and helped her position herself – head between the uprights, arms hanging behind her, legs parted wide.

I knelt to clip her wrist cuffs together, moved away to retrieve a looped bar for securing her ankles apart. She looked over at me and smiled happily. “How you doing?” I asked.

“Good. Just waiting.”

Another trip over to a cabinet where I’d piled some toys and I returned with a blindfold. Jessie lifted her head and I strapped it over her eyes. She signed contentedly as she lowered her head.

I slowly, torturously slid the remote-activated vibrating egg from her hyper-stimulated pussy, and the moved to stand at the side of the bench. Jessie’s head turned left and right, looking for me despite the blindfold. I think she could feel the presence of something down by her groin, and she jerked when I flicked xslot Giriş on the vibrating wand, slowly lowering it to press against her clit.

“Oh yeah, like that…” Her hips shifted on the bench like she was miming riding a cock, mouth working through a series of grimaces and gasps, achingly beautiful in her pleasure and torment. I held the vibrator firmly against the apex of her slit, driving her mercilessly towards orgasm. Her yell was loud enough when she came that I was glad I’d soundproofed the entire house. I was expecting another when I pinched and removed the clamp on her left nipple, but instead, her mouth opened without a sound, and her back arched off the bench.

I kept the buzzing, bulbous head of the want grinding down on her pubic mound as I removed the second clamp, and Jessie whimpered as blood flowed painfully back to the dark nipple. “Daddy…”

“I’m here.” I reached down and roughly fondled her small tits, cupping them, squeezing them into taller mounds… Delivering a hard slap to one that made Jessie’s breath catch and the muscles in her face flinch behind the fabric covering her eyes.

I pulled the vibrator away and deactivated it, and the lean, pale woman restrained below me raised her head, again looking for me blindly. I walked back to the cabinet, retrieved a bowling-pin-shaped paddle we both knew well, and then moved to stand next to her head. I’d adjusted the bench so it set at the correct height and I didn’t have to bend my knees in order to place my dick near Jessie’s mouth. I reached down and firmly turned her head. “Open your mouth and suck, baby girl.”

She did, and it was incredibly satisfying, empowering watch her fellate me as awkwardly as she did. With her hands restrained and a metal upright between her neck and me, she had to crane her head to get me in her mouth, working neck and chest muscles to move back and forth. She WANTED it, I WANTED it, and I wanted to watch her put in the EFFORT for it. I wanted to make it HARD for her to please me just so I could watch her struggle.

Jessie’s wet mouth engulfed me, lips dealing around my shaft, head bobbing side to side as she tried to blow me. The angle was difficult for her and she settled for less movement of her mouth and more tongue, twisting and squirming it muscularly against my hard meat, at once cool and hot and wet and indescribably, electrically pleasurable.

I reached out and gave the swollen lips of her twat a form slap with the paddle, making her jerk. “Suck, Jessie. You can do better than that.”

She pulled away to gasp in air, saliva leaking out of the corner of her lips. “Sorry, Sir.” Her head blindly quested, open-mouthed, for my bobbing prick, and I let her search for it for a few moments before guiding the crown between her lips. The strain must’ve been difficult at that angle, but she gave me a decent blowjob, sucking back and forth, taking me to the back of her throat once – which given the position – could not have been comfortable. I placed my hand on her head and thrust forward, surprising her, making her gag and yelp as my penis invaded her throat. I pulled away and let her suck in air, leaning down to rub at her swollen labia.

She was incredibly wet.

“Tilt your head straight back and we’ll see if you can deepthroat me like this.”

Jessie instantly obeyed, opening her mouth and angling her back. I had to squat slightly and bend my rod down to slide into her mouth, and the sensation of her snorting and choking as I thrust cautiously but firmly into her throat was less physically pleasurable and more mentally.

This was domination, power.

I held deep as she retched and coughed and then I pulled away, strings of saliva falling to her face. I wasn’t so cruel, didn’t enjoy her discomfort so much that I didn’t wipe them away. I stroked her cheek, and she smiled up at me. “Good girl, Jessie. Good girl.”

Back into her mouth, I thrust, and I held there longer this time, using the hard edge of the paddle to stroke firmly along her spread-open slit, collecting the wetness there on the black silicone.

Across the room, McKenna was running a violet wand over Ashley’s legs, playing with the settings to alternate between an erotic buzz and a moderately painful shock.

I pulled out of Jessie’s mouth and let her gasp in more air, stroked away the spit that had literally dripped off my member onto her face. “Messy, messy.”

She coughed and sucked. “Sorry, Sir.”

“I’m not bothered, just remarking. Do you know why I want you blowing me like this?”

“Cuz it feels good?” Jessie asked with a giggle.

“It does. You’re a great cocksucker. But, besides that?”

She shook her head, black hair swinging.

“Because it’s going on your cunt next, and I want it nice and slippery.”

Jessie moaned at the thought. It was a common statement from me, but it was just descriptively dirty and commanding enough that no matter how many times I said it, she got even more revved up.

I angled down and into xslot Güncel Giriş her mouth again, letting her move as she wished, tongue bathing and sliding against me, wetting and stroking every square millimeter of flesh. I watched McKenna pleasuring Ashley, now with a rabbit vibrator, soaked in the erotic scene the four of us had created. This was a good way to ring in the New Year.

I gave Jessie’s snatch a firm slap with the paddle, snapped it down on both of her breasts. She jumped at the impact, whimpered when I pulled my rod free of her lips. “What… What did I do wrong?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to do that.”

She arched her back, whined, tried to grind her thighs together to relieve the sting and arousal gathered at their apex. I walked around the bench and took in the sight of my restrained, nude lover, waiting for my next touch of pleasure or hurt. Her skin glistened with sweat, pink with the flush of exertion and anticipation. Her vaginal lips were dripping wet with girlcum, open to expose darker pink flesh inside.

I couldn’t wait to slip in.

I knelt and undid the spreader bar, pulled her legs vertical and reattached the metal rod. “You are so spread open right now, Jessie. You are on display…”

I straddled the bench and gripped the bar, holding her legs straight in the air, then angled my erection down, notched the head of it between her heated, wet labia. I rocked forward, filling her completely, and Jessie groaned loudly, shifting on the bench and pulling at her wrist cuffs. Her pussy was tight but slippery, gripping me as I slid back and forth, her noises of pleasure ramping up as I picked up speed.

As Jessie neared her climax, the signs became unmistakable – constant writhing, constant little cries, and yelps of pleasure, further flushing of her milky skin. Fuck, this girl was hot.

I pulled away and lowered her legs to the bench, moved to stand by her head again. “Daddy, I was close…” she whined.

“Suck.” I let her open mouth seek for my prick a moment, then thrust home. A hand on her head kept her in place for me to move slowly but firmly, and she kept her lips sealed around my rod, tongue fluttering quickly over my skin to swipe off the feminine lubricant coating me.

I pulled away and moved back to the foot of the bench, held her legs vertical again and slid in.

“You’re mean…”

I started rutting again, alternating the depth of my strokes, keeping my penetration shallow mostly then throwing in a few deep pushes to keep her paying attention. Jessie gave me a pouty look and pulled her shoulders up to her ears. “Why aren’t you being nice?” she asked in that high pitched little girl’s voice. “I want you to be nice… And dirty…”

I let go of the spreader bar with one hand, pulled back and slapped her ass where one firm glute rested off the edge of the bench. My girl jerked and grunted and gave me a self-satisfied smile. She looked like she was going to purr. “That’s being nice…”

She flinched and arched her back when I slapped her ass again, a loud exclamation of pleasure mingling with a groan of pain, and she writhed on the bench, that feral, intelligent smile I knew so well curling her lips. “Yeah, that’s it…”

Another, harder slap and she grunted. I could feel her cunt tight around me as she tried to bring her knees together, and that inspired me to thrust violently, harder and deeper, making her cry out with pleasure again and again… And finally, pull away when I could sense her impending climax was about to crash down upon her.

Again I withdrew so that she could suck me clean, holding her head in place and driving deep into her throat to make her cough and gag. She looked so cute with her face turning red and her makeup running with tears, the way she dragged her tongue along my shaft and tried to lean forward to take me in again when I pulled back to let her breathe.

We repeated this several more times until my need to cum became unendurable. I could feel the approaching climax, the tightening in my abdomen and scrotum, and I stopped, momentarily in my movements. Hurriedly, I uncoupled the spreader bar from Jessie’s ankles, dropped it on the floor, then pulled her toned legs high and wide and began thrusting again.

I’d kept my woman on the edge the entire time, and now with me going for broke, she lit off quickly. Eyes defocused, her little yelps and squeals of enjoyment quieted, and her body stilled. She jerked violently and grunted, then ground her head back into the bench with a wail. So close, so close…

A few more rolls of the hips driving me into and pulling me back from that incredibly slick, tight sheath, and I pushed all the way forward, letting Jessie’s legs fall to the sides and leaning over her as my body shook and clenched and twitched out a massive load of cum to coat her deepest vaginal walls. Even lost in her post-orgasmic bliss, my gothic lover had the presence of mind to wrap her long, lean legs around my back, pulling me even closer.

I lifted my head eventually, looked into her gray eyes. They studied my face, looking for… Something. Or maybe just looking. Jessie had always seemed interested in people’s behavior around sex, and it was possible she was just wondering what I’d do next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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