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Sam and Rachel Chambers had been married for 15 years with a pretty average marriage for the most part. Recently Rachel had quit her job of over 8 years and had been reluctant to tell Sam the real reasons for fear of divorce. Sam had his own suspicions that something had happened between Rachel and her ex boss, just what he wasn’t sure, and wasn’t sure he wanted to know. Sam was just happy Rachel had been able to get away from the situation and go on.

Rachel however was filled with guilt as she had submitted at some point and had an affair with the man for 2 years.

Quitting her job had been the only way to get away from a man of such power and dominance and to this day she felt he was still watching her or having her watched.

This bold move by Rachel to make a stand and make things work with her husband had sparked a new beginning between the two of them and things were starting to get better by the day.

Sam had asked that she go out of town with him to a business meeting in Orlando but she had declined thinking she could really use the time alone to think and get her head strait.

Sam left that next Wednesday and on Thursday evening she was checking her e-mail and found a message from Sam.

She smiled silently and opened it immediately.


I have a surprise for you here in Orlando

I have found some tickets on e bay and they are waiting for you at check in

Come to the Hotel room 233 10 PM dressed only in your overcoat

The lights will be off, leave them that way Walk in and close the door behind you.

This will be fun and you will never forget it.

He then gave the particulars on the airline, Hotel and times then signed out Will see you there!!! Rachel couldn’t believe it, Sam was for sure becoming much more adventurous by the day and she was greatly turned on by the whole thing. Rachel spent long hours getting ready, standing in front of the mirror she stood naked thinking at 42 she still had a good figure and men still turned their heads when she walked in the room. This was reassuring when lately it seemed like her breasts had dropped a bit from where they had been at 32 years of age. Rachel was a sight at 42, as She had been able to keep her weight at or around 130 lbs. and stood 5 foot 6 with Red hair and an amazing set of 38 c breasts to boot.

Rachel made good time to the airport dressed lightly under her full black overcoat, as her plan was to dive into the lobby bathroom when it was time and remove all her clothes accept her over coat then head for the room.

In her mind one thing seemed to both bother and excite her as the whole plot was in a way familiar with an act she had been forced into at a motel with her ex lover that had changed her sexually from that point on. He was an evil man for sure and she banished the humiliation from her mind, while walking a mental tight rope to retain the excitement of the event of that night.

The flight was uneventful and she took a taxi to the Hotel with 2 hours to spare. The note had mentioned to have a few drinks at the bar to get loosened up a bit while she waited and that sounded like a great idea to her. The time moved slowly as she waited, attempting to chase the nervousness away with liquor. Finally the time came for her to go and she rushed to the restroom to disrobe. In the restroom she felt as if she was some kind of deviant removing her clothes in this way, but held to the task stripping naked then replacing her black overcoat.

Rachel walked from the restroom to the elevator, up and to the room. As she stood in front of the door she froze for a moment, waiting to hear any movement from behind the door that she saw now was agar. Peering through the crack she could see only darkness as she pushed the door inward to enter the room. Rachel squinted hard as she walked into the room forcing her eyes to dilate only to feel the door moving on its own into the closed position.

Out of the darkness from behind someone reached around her grabbing both of her arms swiftly forcing her arms around and behind xslot her, while at the same time pulling her overcoat open wide and slipping down to her elbows. Rachel halted a scream short of its potential not wanting to make a scene and ruin the whole thing for her husband alerting others of their game. Out of nowhere she saw a flash of light and felt the overwhelming feeling of electricity through her whole body. Rachel’s muscles ceased to hold her upright and with a vision of two men in front of her from the short burst of light she felt herself now supported by the man behind her as her legs gave way. As she slumped and struggled to regain her thoughts she quickly realized two things. One her husband would have no part in hurting her and two, there were three of them and they meant her harm.

As her muscles began to respond the men were forcing a rubber ball into her beautiful mouth and a black hood over her head. The men pulled several straps tight as Rachel’s neck bobbed about like a rag doll. The men now removed her coat then placed a set of handcuffs on her wrists behind her back. Rachel’s mind was reeling with panic as they walked her to a spot, stopped, lifted her arms and lowered her to a chair with her arms behind it.

Quickly as if rehearsed the cuffs were fastened to a lower support while she felt cuffs being placed around both ankles.

Rachel could hear muffled sounds as they quietly spoke to one another as if for a moment they were in disagreement then she felt herself being repositioned in the chair pulling her waist out until her ass was near the edge and pillows being stuffed behind her lower back.

Two men now in unison took each leg and pulled them up and out to the side attaching both to what must have been cords coming from the ceiling or somewhere up high, as it had pulled her into a wide open V from the waist down.

Rachel now screamed through the gag as she felt how wide open and vulnerable she was now at this point as the men now began to handle their prize, cupping her big soft breasts and running their fingers over her pussy and ass as she squirmed in the restraints, her mind exploding.

Sam had taken his time getting back to the Hotel after the last meeting, feeling tired, missing his lovely wife and his own bed.

As he rode the elevator up he fumbled with the card surrounding the plastic door card looking for the room number, Ah room 234, good number 234, well it will be home tonight.

Sam walked down the hall while glancing at the numbers, there 233, 234, OK home sweet home Sam said stabbing the card into the slot.

As Sam entered his room he heard to his left muffled moans from the room next door, HU sounds like someone’s having fun, as he glanced at his watch, well I guess that makes sense it’s 11pm already, lucky guy!

Sam turned on the television and headed for the shower only to hear the sound escalating next door, shaking his head he continued on starting the water and getting to the business at hand.

While in the shower Sam thought of how he may have missed the mark on the Bradley estimate and he may need to sharpen his pencil a bit more after what he had heard in the meeting tonight.

Sam also though of Rachel and wondered what she was up to right now and wished she would have came with him to Orlando. The shower now silenced, Sam deep in thought dried himself making note of the noise again coming from next door, now reaching a feverish pitch. Sam’s curiosity was now beginning to get the best of him as he could now hear a low hum mixing with the other sounds coming from the room next door.

Rachel’s eyes rolled back in her head as a number of men she was not sure of had all taken to task both in and on her body. Two hard vibrators had been slowly pushed further and further into her pussy and ass and were angrily buzzing against each other through the thin membrane that separated one from the other. Some one was also rubbing her clit and another reaching around her from the back pinching and pulling on her nipples. Rachel was at this very moment xslot Giriş becoming theirs as an earth shattering orgasm began to rip through her body causing her to shake her hips at lightning speed and bite at the rubber ball in her mouth, drooling around it.

As she came down from her orgasm she could hear the men speak in muffled sound mixed with laughter. Now more than ever every nerve in her body was alive with sensations as every touch made her jump and convulse her muscles around the still vibrating devises inside her.

The men now untied her legs bringing them down to the floor and removed all three vibrators, as a loud zipping noise came over both ears as the men unzipped an opening over each ear as to restore her hearing. A man whispered in her ear that if she cooperated she would not get hurt and if she so much as moved the wrong way they would shock her again and put three vibrators in her ass at once.

Fearing for her life and ass she shook her head yes and the men leaving her arms locked behind her back carried her across the room. Rachel felt first the familiar softness of a bed and then a mans legs as she was placed on top of a naked man, she then felt his large member being forced up inside her pussy.

He was much bigger than Sam and with a much hairier body.

The cologne was familiar but she could not remember where she had come across it before as her attention was quickly brought back by the man’s sudden movements.

The man reached around her holding her arms tight as he slammed in and out of her as her sensitive nipples raked over the thick hair on his chest. Rachel could feel a cool slippery hard object being forced into her ass hole as two hands held open her cheeks. She felt the hard cold vibrator, wet from before with her own juices being pushed steadily up inside her ass as the man behind her shook it side to side. She was becoming their sex slave now, as she adjusted her hips for the intruding vibrator and cock.

The man in control of her ass switched on the vibrator causing her to convulse and move her hips furiously as she had clenched the vibrator tight in her ass leaving the man’s hands free to slap her ass repeatedly hard one side after another. Rachel’s body flailed about on top of the man as she convulsed in another monumental orgasm. She could feel the man in her pussy shoot a hot load of cum high up into her cervix, groaning loud and biting at her swinging tits. As Rachel came down from her orgasm she was brought back to attention immediately as the man behind her pushed two fingers in next to the cock in her pussy and his thumb in next to the vibrator in her ass. He then proceeded to move all three together inside her as she squealed loudly bucking her hips.

Rachel’s eyes rolled back in her head as her senses reported the perverse act taking place in her most private regions bringing yet another orgasm ripping through her body, this time out of perverse pain and humiliation.

Sam had resorted to putting a glass up against the wall to hear what was going on in the other room and had all but came with the sound of the bed slamming up against the wall and the couples obvious orgasms. He became more turned on when he heard more voices in the room ordering her onto another man and that they would give her this time something real in her ass to squeeze on. After a bit of movement and what sounded like a woman’s muffled protests the pounding began again, this time with the woman squealing with every thump the bed made against the wall. Sam was beside himself imagining in his mind the scene that was taking place just next door.

Sam fumbled with his now hard cock wanting to somehow find a place to get better sound quality. Looking towards the connecting door to the other room he knew that there was two doors there but thought that maybe if he opened his he would have a better listening point. Sam slowly opened the door on his side and placed the glass against the door astonished at how well he could hear every word and movement in the other room now.

What Sam xslot Güncel Giriş heard next forced a cough from his throat as one of the men now said she would be their entertainment until the men were ready to go again.

Rachel could hear the sound of running water as she was carried through the threshold into the large suite’s bathroom. The men lowered Rachel down into the large tub on her knees with her hands still cuffed behind her back.

Rachel moaned as the cuffs were removed lowering her sore wrists into the water. She then felt rough hands pulling her knees apart while others slippery with soap started to wash her all over.

The men told her to place her hands on her ankles and spread open her knees wider as soap and hands now covered almost all of her body, she did so immediately fearing the return of the cuffs.

Rachel began to rock uncontrollably as soapy hands stirred her sex from below while her tits were roughly kneaded with slick hands at the same time.

Sam was quietly listening to the action as he heard the woman yelp and a man said, OK I have 2 in her ass, see if you can feel it when your in her pussy. The woman yelped again and this time continued to whine and moan as a voice said, OH YA Knock Knock, I can feel both.

Now Sam heard a man tell another to go get the toy box and bring it in the bathroom. Sam could hear the footsteps there and back, then in moments the woman began to slosh about making load grunting and whining noises along with the sounds of loud slaps of wet hands on skin as a man said, slap em from the bottom up to see how high they will go. Sam then heard, slosh, slosh, slosh, and smack, smack, smack then a sound familiar to Sam, much like his wife Rachel, the sound of a woman’s pussy contracting in orgasm making a lewd sound of forcing air in and out as the woman sounded out a long animal groan.

This was to much for Sam as he shot his load in his hand and on the carpet near his listening spot.

Sam on shaky legs composed himself and quietly closed the door, cussing a bit while climbing into his bed and tried to dose off, as tomorrow was an early one and regardless of what was going on next door he needed his rest.

Sleep came and went as he again heard the bed beating against the wall next door, and then the woman’s voice more clearly submitting to some kind of demand and then some kind of machine whirring away with more loud slapping as the woman screamed she was coming over and over, begging every so often that they stop it then she would scream again she was coming then again beg them to stop, please, then silence. Sam dozed off into a deep sleep with visions of devious sex acts in his dreams, his mind making up the visual aspect of the evening’s events in the room next door.

When Sam returned home Rachel told him that she had decided to go back to her old job and would not explain why, just that she and her old boss had come to an agreement and that was all she could say.

She also told Sam that she would be going out of town more often on assignments and she hoped it was all right.

Sam could see she was set on it and knew in time she would tell him more, but for now he would go along with it to make her happy.

Sam secretly hoped that someday they could experience a little of what was going on in the Hotel room next door in Orlando, and would sometime soon pick a time to share the experience with his wife.

A week later high up in an office building Rachel stood at attention dressed only in her black thong panties and bra that struggled to contain her large natural tits. An older businessman sitting in a chair to her left was running his hand around her ass and under the thong while watching the video of her riding a sybian sex machine. As she straddled the machine bouncing about her tits waved back and forth to and away from her chest with nipples hard and at attention, while behind her a man appeared to be pushing ether his fingers or something else up her tight ass. Then the camera zooms in on a burst of wetness squirting out from around the agitating plastic cock as Rachel screams she is coming again.

As the movie plays on the older business man’s fingers explore even deeper into her womb causing her to shake and moan as he contemplates when he will be requiring her services now that the deal is done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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