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Read “Jazz Club Meeting” first!

She walked towards me… looking slightly nervous… as if seeking approval. She had put some higher heels on… making her long, slim, stocking-clad legs look even better. And the Basque made the most of her lovely small tits. I was naked now… sitting on the sofa watching her… my cock starting to grow again. I told her to walk up and down and twirl around… she really did look good… her very pale skin contrasting with that black Basque and stockings. I told her to stand in front of me, facing away and bend over from the waist… keeping her legs straight. I moved her legs slightly apart and slid my hand between them… stroking her bare thighs above her stocking tops. She moaned slightly but stayed still. Her slim buttocks looked wonderful… I knew I wanted to have her bending like this. I felt her crotch… her bones covered by such a thin layer of flesh. I squeezed her buttocks and then I stroked her thighs again… and then undid the single press-stud that fastened the Basque between her legs.

Her pussy lips were slightly open. I could see that she was already wet. She stood silent and motionless… showing her anus and pussy to me. I stroked her thighs again and she trembled slightly… and then moaned softly as I slid my middle finger tip into the entrance of her cunt. She wriggled and started to push backwards onto my finger… but I removed it… I told her that she must stand still if she wanted me to finger-fuck her. I wanted to give her a lot of pleasure before she had xslot her orgasm. She stood still. I asked her

“Do you want something?”

She said “I want your fingers in my vagina!”

I told her that wasn’t good enough. She had to ask nicely… and “vagina” was a word she should not use with me when she really meant “cunt”. She paused and then said

“I want you to finger-fuck my cunt… please!”

That was better. I pushed the tip of my middle finger into the entrance to her wet cunt again. She stood still. I slid my finger in a little more… and paused… a little more… I kept pausing and then sliding it in deeper. I moved it around slowly inside her… and then slowly pulled it out again… and then slid it back inside… again pausing and teasing… before sliding it in further. I kept repeating that for several minutes… she was moaning softly now… and her already-narrow cunt was tightening around my finger… I knew that would feel really good when I put my cock inside her later. She asked me if she could move… I told her to wait… I kept sliding my finger in and out… a little faster now… pushing inside a little harder… moving my finger tips more inside her.

She was breathing heavily now… and her juices were really flowing. I could feel her starting to tremble. I decided to let her cum… I would give her more training when we met again. I also wanted to fuck that lovely, tight cunt.

I told her that she could move… and let herself cum. She immediately pushed back xslot Giriş hard on my finger and wriggled her bottom… and I started to push my finger in and out much more quickly… my finger tips exploring urgently in her lovely wet cunt. Within a few seconds she was shaking uncontrollably… her cunt gripping my finger even tighter… and then she climaxed… her body stiff… and then relaxing… gasping for air. I stopped moving my fingers as she climaxed… I waited for a few seconds and started again… she climaxed again… I stopped again… and I started again… another climax… and then I pulled my finger slowly out… and pulled her gently back to first sit on my knees… and then I lay her back… her head on the arm of the sofa… I kissed her gently on the lips… and put my hand back between her legs… stroking her thighs… feeling her mound… and teasing her cunt. We stayed like that for a few minutes. We kissed and cuddled… and she really smiled at me… no longer that “little girl lost” look. I kept admiring her long, slim legs… I kept stroking them. I wanted her NOW.

I told her to stand and bend again… but facing the sofa now and her hands resting on it… I knew I would want to push hard against her. She smiled and obeyed. Her legs and bottom looked wonderful… my cock bulged again as I looked and saw her waiting there for my pleasure. I gripped her hips and placed my cock in the entrance to her lovely wet cunt. I moved my cock around gently to lubricate it in her freely flowing xslot Güncel Giriş juices. Her cunt looked tiny. I pushed forward… pushing the head of my cock through the entrance… she was really tight… she moaned… and pushed back. Her cunt was very tight… it felt wonderful. I pushed slowly into her… holding her hips firmly. She shuddered and moaned as my cock entered deep into her body. I could feel her cunt wrapped tightly around my cock… as I pushed deeper. And then I started to pull slowly out… and pushed back in… and out again… and in again… my hips twisting from side to side to move my cock inside her. I looked down at her lovely slim buttocks… that made me even more aroused. I kept pushing in and pulling out… moving my hips slowly and twisting inside her… she was trembling again… I knew she would cum soon… and I knew I would too.

I pulled back hard on her hips as I thrust forwards again… and she exploded… it seemed that her cunt was awash. She stiffened and yelled out loud… holding herself still for several seconds as the pleasure rolled over her. Her orgasm triggered mine… I pulled back and pushed forwards again as I felt the first huge spurt of cum shooting into her body. That made her body react too… she stiffened again… as another huge spurt of hot, sticky cum shot into her waiting cunt. I moved my hips again… she shook and moaned… it felt as though she orgasmed again… as I kept shooting smaller spurts of cum deep into her body. And then we both started to relax. It was time to lie down… I motioned her over to the sofa and we lay together… kissing and cuddling. I knew I was going to enjoy training Barbara to be even better.

There is much more… let me know (by voting or feedback) if you want to hear more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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