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The whore groans, wrists bound behind her, face down on the carpet, ass up in the air. Strong hands grasping her hips and lifting her ass, dragging her face along the carpet.

Terrified, the whore lays bound face down, on her knees in the middle of the room. The strong hands maneuvering her body, scraping her forehead against the rug, the TV noise loud, the crowd roaring.

Over the din in the room, she hears the voice. “What does it say back here whore?”

His fingers tracing over her ass and down her thigh, she has no idea what Master had written.

She cringes, utterly helpless and terrified in her position.

“I don’t…know…”


He open hands her ass cheeks with a loud slap, “Can’t hear you bitch! Hey! These some bruises back here!”


“Oooohh!” she grunts, wincing in pain at the harsh stinging slaps on her bruised butt cheeks.

Unable to move with her wrists bound behind her, her face drags along the carpet. Then, she feels something poking her anal rim.

She twists, or tries to twist. He roughly lifts her hips and re-centers her.

“Hold still bitch!”

Her face hits the floor with a clump.

“What’s it say back here bitch?”

Slaaap..Slaaap!! She writhes in pain…


She hears muffled laughter behind her. She tries to twists her face to look back.


Her hips lifted again, her face clumping back down on the floor roughly, her eye sockets jolted by the thud. She hears more laughter… and giggling . She groans helplessly, fearful, but having no idea what might come next. Then, she starts, gasping, feeling something cold…against her anal rim. She wriggles helplessly, xslot feeling something cold draining down into her bowels as the round cold smooth thing is pressed into her anus.

‘UHHH…UHHHHHHooooohhhh!!” she groans.

Beer bottle neck, she realizes and then groans, straining to crawl forward, away from the pressure.

“OHHHHH!!” she flinches again, straining as she feels the shock of the cold beer draining into her anus. “Ohhhhh..OHHhhhhh…OHHHHHhh!!”

The blond whore crawls forward on its knees, a three-point crawling on her knees and her face, grinding her cheek into the carpet as she slithers. The beer bottle pushed deep inside its hole, giving the slut a shocking cold enema as well as a rough anal fucking.

Crawling along on its face, trying to escape the bottle draining into its anus, men laugh and slap the whore’s ass as she crawls by. Some wiggle the bottle in her ass. Moaning, she is terrified both of the effect of the enema on her gut and the alcoholic effect on her system.

Already worn down by work and abuse, she is feeling the effects of the beer poured down her throat. Now, the alcohol injected into her anus will be absorbed directly into her blood stream, afraid of what will happen in the room once she is drunk.

Then, her face comes to a halt against a pair of leather shoes. She feels a hand twisting the bottle inside her.

“I think you’re on empty bitch…..”

Laughter. The bottle is pulled out with a pop. She groans in relief, only to hear more laughter and cheers and another cold bottle pressed to her anal lips.

She groans and tries to resist. Trying to raise up and twist, but her head is pushed back down by her neck… until her cheek is on the floor. She moans xslot Giriş loudly, as another shocking jolt of cold liquid rushes in to her anal cavity.


She groans, surrendering, “OHhhhhhmmmigawwwd.. OOoooohhhhh”

Her head is already spinning as she gets drunk, the room beginning to spin. She can only moan and repeat over and over, “Ohhhhhhnooooooooo…OHHHHHhhhhhnooooo…”

Just as she begins to drift off, she feels her hips lifted, and she is propped up on her feet. The dark room swims around in her vision, the dark, the dark faces, the flickering of the large screen television. She is pushed to the edge of the couch and bent over, hands spreading her ass cheeks, as something smooth is shoved into her anus.


She groans. They have plugged her ass! She whimpers pathetically, her bowels bulky and full from the beer enema. She sags face down into the couch. Then feels her hair gripped and yanked up.

“Get back to work whore, we haven’t had service in an hour!”

She feels the cloth loosened around her wrists. The smallish blond girl, surrounded in the dark room by large black men, cowers, nervously runs a hand thru her drooping bangs. Drops her eyes, and timidly squeezes out through the bodies. Forced to bump and squeeze through them, their hands rubbing thru her hair and down the bare back of the dress, cupping and squeezing her ass.

She grunts feeling the plug forcing her to waddle, the ache already growing in her gut. Someone hands her the tray, and she woozily staggers back to the kitchen. Alone for a moment, she leans heavily on the table, trying to control her self.

She shakes her hair back, unable to stop the xslot Güncel Giriş room from spinning.

“We need beer bitch!!” She hears the angry shouts from the other room. She clips to the fridge in her heels, tottering unsteadily, bends, pulls beers out of the racks and sets them on the trays. She looks down, woozily wondering why she didn’t get cans. A wave of cramps hits her gut, doubling her over.


She grits her teeth. As the wave slowly passes, she forces her self up. Taking a deep breath, she clicks out of the kitchen.

Passing back in to the dark, she carries the tray full of beer. Bravely, wading thru the room full of hands and legs…fondling her thighs, her back, her calves, her ass, fingering her anal rim with the plug, her dripping pussy.

She gasps, as another wave of cramps punches her in the gut. Beer bottles waver, but she gasps and balances them. The wave diminishes…she struggles around the room, quickly ridding the tray of beer bottles.

“We need some fucking chicken wings!!!”

She licks her lips, nods, hurries back out to the oven. Sets the tray down, pulls out another tray of chicken wings and slides them into serving bowls. Her eyes rolling in her head, trying to get them passed out before another ——! The cramp hits her hard, doubling her over. She bends over the table, face down clutching her stomach.


The wave starts to pass but this time returns worse than before. She groans and bangs her forehead on the table in agony.


She slips down to her knees, paralyzed by the agony of the cramps, the pressure building on the plug. She squeezes her eyes tight.



The pain so intense she nearly swoons, but, then it passes. She gasps in relief.

“OHh..OHH..OHhhh…” she moans.

She pushes her self to her feet, grabs the trays, and hurries out to the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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