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She looked into his eyes and saw the long desire there. No wonder! If he were on the up-and-up, he hadn’t had sex in five years! She knew that after their previous times together, he usually jacked-off (what else would explain his long showers?) While that might help his desperate need, she knew it wasn’t the same as fucking and right now he needed a good, fast fuck even more than did she.

Well, she’d wanted to fuck him since that first night they’d spent together. When he made no attempt to seduce her then, getting no more physical than a friendly snuggle when she was sleeping beside him in his own bed, she was afraid he might be gay. Not that she had a problem with gay. Not, unless that is, it was a guy she wanted to fuck. She’d seduced a gay guy once and it hadn’t worked out well. Not at all. For either of them. That encounter defined, she considered, ‘awkward.’

Her thoughts returned to the guy in front of her and the times she’d slept next to him. Next to, not ‘with!’ She had asked him about his past. He told her about it, bit by bit, but she sensed that he’d left something out. Later, he’d explained about his fiancée and she kind of understood. When her own marriage had broken up, her response had been to ramp-up her sexual activity whereas this guy had withdrawn from it. From almost everything, it seemed. It was time he plunged back in!

She leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips. The contact sent an electric thrill through her, causing her nipples to stiffen and her crotch to tingle. She was surprised when he put one arm around her head and drew her closer to him. He wrapped the other around her waist and pulled them tight together. She could feel his own arousal. Much as she needed a good fucking, she knew that tonight would have to be all about him. He needed this so very badly. No matter. There would be more than enough time for her to get what she needed. She had plans to spend a lot of time fucking this guy. A lot.

God! He was so excited he was trembling! She knew she had that sort of effect on her partners but she didn’t fool herself that this was all about her. For him, this had to be as much about sex as it was about sex with her. Still, she loved the inexpert way he mashed his mouth to hers. His tongue was a bit forceful. She would have to teach him how to kiss her properly. All in good time. For now she was content to nibble his lower lip and stroke his tongue with hers.

He broke off kissing and, placing his hands on her shoulders pulled back, looking straight into her startlingly blue eyes.

“Umm, Cin?” he started.

“Yes?” She wondered what he might be about to say.

“I didn’t know what to expect this weekend.” He hesitated.

“And?” she encouraged.

“I’m not . . . prepared. . . for this.” He seemed embarrassed. “I didn’t bring any. . .”

For an instant she thought he meant he wasn’t ready to have sex with her but then she understood. He hadn’t brought any condoms along. Well, no problem. She didn’t know a guy who liked to use them anyway. She was on the pill and she was very careful to steer clear of STDs.

“No worries, I’ve got it covered,” she assured him with a broad grin that showed off her gleaming, carefully cared-for teeth. In that moment she was beautiful.

He embraced her again, smiling as he did so. He slid his hand under her loose blousy top and pulled her camisole from her jeans. Then his broad, strong hand was on the small of her back, pulling her even more tightly to him. She loved the feel of that. She was ready to give him anything he wanted. Well, maybe not anything. She wouldn’t let him hurt her, not intentionally. She drew the line at pain. As far as she was concerned there was nothing sexy about that!

He pulled his other hand away from caressing the back of her head and moved it to the buttons of her blouse. He fumbled for a moment before, in frustration, he ripped the remaining buttons open. She found this unexpectedly arousing so when he reached to pull her camisole over her head she didn’t cooperate. She refused to raise her arms but moaned just enough to let him know she liked what he was doing.

He finally took the hint and grabbing the top of her camisole with both hands gave a mighty yank. What might have been a very erotic moment dissolved into comedy as the camisole firmly refused to rip. Reaching across herself, she grabbed the hem of the camisole in her hands and pulled it off in one smooth motion. Now was the moment of truth. She rarely bothered with a bra; there was simply no need. The soft swell of her chest needed no support. She’d seen the picture of his fiancée, the one who died, and was acutely aware that her own small breasts were not the equal to that woman’s. She had had lovely, large breasts if his drawing was accurate.

He looked at her appraisingly. He had loved his Linda’s large, soft breasts with their very large areolae and big, dark nipples but that didn’t mean that he was hung-up on breasts. The xslot pair in front of him looked beautiful too. These nipples were surprisingly large and feminine atop the slight swell of her breasts. Their bright pink contrasted sharply with her pale skin. He reached and delicately traced a finger around the bumps of her right areola, bumps which made her own excitement unmistakable. She was surprised how carefully he traced around her nipple without ever touching it. Often, she didn’t like to have guys touch her nipples. Most were too rough and in too much of a hurry. For a guy who hadn’t had sex in half a decade, his approach to her body was unexpectedly leisurely.

She was pleased to see that she had been right about him. He was a good guy, if shy.

She reached for the collar of his flannel shirt with both of her hands and pulled sharply, tearing it open in a shower of buttons. At this he laughed. God! She loved his laugh. They stood there a moment, topless, examining each other’s unfamiliar flesh in the receding twilight. Then he fell to his knees and, placing one big hand on each of her buns, he pulled her to him. He softly kissed the curves of her nearly-flat tummy, finally nuzzling her navel, which she loved. She nearly melted when he drew his tongue over the same skin. The warm, broad, wet strokes so close to her hungry pussy caused her to react and she felt the beginnings of the wetness she needed for fucking.

She worked her way down on her knees and began to undo his belt buckle. She had wondered so long what kind of cock this guy had. She had noticed the bulge at his crotch many times and even felt his erection against her buns when she slept in his bed so she had some idea of what she was getting. Still, she had never seen it ‘in the flesh’ and was eager to satisfy her curiosity.

He reciprocated, undoing the button of her designer jeans and lowering the zipper. She wriggled around to help him get the jeans past her hips and he pulled them down as far as he could with her kneeling. She stood to take them the rest of the way off. She stood before him wearing only the simple turquoise cotton briefs that she favored under jeans. If she’d known that tonight would be the night when they finally got to fuck, she would have gone with something sexier, silkier, for sure.

He rose too and had no complaints whatever about her underwear. Her underpants clung alluringly to her gorgeous bottom and hugged the perfect curve of her hips. He started to reach for her waistband but she signaled ‘no,’ and reached again for his jeans. She pulled his down his narrower hips and noted that he was wearing boxers. As the jeans slid down, his eager erection sprang free, poking out from the opening in his shorts. She lowered herself to her knees once more so that she could keep working his jeans down his legs and looked at the dick in front of her face.

Nothing special in the length department, as she had surmised, but it was nice and fat. It looked so inviting right in front of her face that she leaned forward and kissed it. For her troubles she was rewarded with his loud, appreciative moan.

“Oh, Linda!”

She couldn’t expect him to last too long so she just focused on making him feel good. She ripped his boxers open, tearing them down one leg and them the other. Ripping off his clothes was a surprising turn on. She’d had urgent sex many times but this was the first time she’d made a point of ripping clothing and she found it exciting.

She returned her attentions to that nice fat dick and began to run her tongue around the shaft, following along each vein and circling the rim of the head. When she reached the sensitive underside, she just trilled her tongue over it for a while. All of this was done to the accompaniment of his moans of delight. She knew he needed this more than she did. She put one hand on his ass, which was not quite so firm or as small as she liked and stroked and squeezed. With the other she fondled his balls. She ran her tongue around the head of his prick a few more times before opening her mouth as wide as she could and engulfing him, head and shaft.

Involuntarily, he grabbed the back of her head and pressed her forward, forcing her to bring his whole dick into her hot mouth. The sight of his dick once more inside a woman’s mouth was incredible. He loved the way her cheeks sunk in and out as she sucked him. She brought her hand from his bun and grabbed the base of his shaft. She didn’t intend to tease him on this first time but she didn’t want it to be over too quickly.

Once, she’d blown a guy who came in about 30 seconds. He was so humiliated that he left and they never spoke to one another again. She wasn’t gonna let this guy feel humiliated, not tonight. She pumped her head up and down his shaft, faster and faster, taking her cues from the guttural noises he was making. Oh, yes! He was enjoying her ministrations. She was glad that they had each showered shortly before this began. xslot Giriş She liked to be squeaky clean for sex (though a sloppy, sweaty quickie had its own charms) and wanted her partners to be the same.

She quickened her strokes, feeling the underside of his dick slide over her tongue.

For his part, he could not believe how great her mouth felt. He and his Linda had experimented with oral sex but neither had experience and they had precious little time together to gain more. He’d thought that she gave the most amazing blowjobs but this Linda really knew what she was doing. He supposed she should. He figured that she’d had enough guys before, from what she said. That momentary intrusion almost spoiled the moment but the girl at his waist would not let his mind drift too far from the subject at hand. She increased her suction, lubricating the process with her anxious salivation.

He felt the familiar tension reaching the point of no return and was briefly uncomfortable since he didn’t exactly know the protocol here.

“Umm, Cin?” he gasped. “I’m gonna. . .”

She knew exactly what was going on and she was ready for it. She kept her mouth firmly latched on his fat prick as she pistoned up and down the shaft and fondled his aching nuts. She loved the feel of a guy’s nuts in her hand and thought the way they tightened up inside him as a guy was about to come was thrilling. She tightened her grip on his shaft just a little and redoubled her efforts.

He worked hard at holding back. He didn’t want her to think he was a pig who thought only of himself but as she continued her oral assault all such considerations faded. He felt his orgasm take hold and instinctively bucked his hips, fucking her face with abandon as he spewed great gobs of come into her mouth.

She was ready for it but almost gagged anyway at the volume. She couldn’t remember a guy who’d filled her up this way. She swallowed as she continued to suck and he continued to come. Each spasmodic jerk of his hips sent his prick against the back of her throat and spewed a little more jism down it.

She never really cared for the taste of semen, though some of her friends claimed to love it. She simply though that if you were gonna blow a guy you did it right and that meant that you didn’t stop just before he was ready and then finish him off by hand. Not unless that’s the way he wanted it. No. if you were gonna blow a guy, you were gonna swallow his load. She gulped hard to clear some of his spunk away.

It seemed an eternity before he quit grunting and slowly withdrew from her mouth. She swallowed hard to help get the taste out of her mouth and then reached for her glass of Zinfandel that was sitting on the chest table. She swished it around her mouth discretely before swallowing it down. ‘Wine and jizz.’ She thought. ‘Maybe they should throw a wine and jizz tasting party! Now THERE was an interesting idea.’

She was pleased to see that he was still more than half-hard. She liked to see some stamina in her lovers if they came so quickly.

He gave a loud, heavy sigh. “That was incredible, Cin! The best!”

He collapsed onto the couch and stared at the embers in the fireplace, working to catch his breath.

“Your turn. What can I do for you?”

In reply, Linda walked over in front of him and slowly peeled off her turquoise briefs.

He sighed appreciatively as her thicket of honey-colored pubic hair came into view. She kept her crotch neat but didn’t go for the pre-pubescent hairless look that was becoming popular. A woman should look like a woman. She turned slowly in place, favoring him with a fine view of her amazing ass. It was, without a doubt, her best feature, what caused guys to drool for her. Besides, it was her favorite feature too, next to her clit. She loved to have her partners stoke and caress her firm buns.

She came forward and climbed onto the couch, straddling him on her knees. She put one hand on his shoulder as she leaned to kiss him, more eagerly than before, if such a thing were possible. With the other, she reached inside herself and gathered some of the pungent secretions of her arousal. She then brought her finger under his nose and rubbed it across his upper lip.

The aroma of her sex hit him like a shot. It was as though someone had wired his nose to his dick. As soon as the sharp, distinctive odor of cunt hit his nostrils, his dick returned to full attention.

She noted this fact with pleasure and moved forward to position her aching twat over his fat prick. She grabbed him with her free hand and guided him to the slick outer lips of her desperate cunt. As soon as she placed that fat head against her lips, he thrust upward, impaling her on his cock.

She wriggled around until her clit was rubbing just a bit against him as he thrust into her. She worked to match her rhythm with his and soon she was fucking him just as she had wanted to. She loved the way his prick xslot Güncel Giriş stretched her cunt.

He stuck his thumb in his mouth to get it thoroughly slick with saliva and then reached to give her clit some attention. He pressed gently, letting her motion determine the speed and pressure of his attentions. He was amazed to feel how large her clit was. It was a swollen marble of a nub. He bent forward and gently began to suckle her left breast, circling the nipple softly with his tongue. Like her clit, this too was bigger and harder than he had expected before he’d seen her naked.

It was now Linda’s turn to grunt and moan. She truly loved sex and had a fairly easy time achieving orgasm. She knew several friends who had difficulty and she really felt sorry for them. A few, she had taught how to come more easily but some just couldn’t get there no matter what, it seemed and that was a shame. Right now, her mind was filled with the thought that she was finally fucking this guy and it was turning out better than she’d expected for their first time together. She concentrated on the feel of his hard, thick prick sliding in and out of her slippery passage and on the gentle circles his thumb was drawing around her clit. The feel of his mouth on her breast was good too.

He was suckling her eagerly but carefully. Had she been able to think about it, she’d have realized that he had no problem with the size of her tits. He was loving them as much as he had loved his Linda’s much fuller ones. He had both hands on her hips now, helping her bounce all the way up until his head almost popped out and then sliding quickly down his dick again.

She was into the moment and glad that she’d sucked him off before they started fucking. He just might last long enough for her to come. At the thought, she tightened her grip on his dick, loving the feeling. He was so surprised by the force of her contraction that for a moment, he thought maybe she’d squeezed him with her hand. But no, this was hotter and wetter than any hand. This was the cunt of an experienced lover.

In and out, up and down, they danced the ancient dance until long after the setting of the sun had left the living room dark. Even the fire was almost out and still they fucked. Her blonde tresses were slick against her scalp from the sweat of her exertion as she worked to bring herself off. Finally, she began to make those strange, visceral chuffing sounds that signaled her impending orgasm. Although he didn’t know their significance yet, he soon would find that sound both arousing and rewarding.

Though the room was cool, the sweat continued to pour from them as they banged away. Linda at last brushed his thumb aside and brought her own fingers to her engorged clit, rubbing it far less gently than he would have dared. Nor would she have let him treat her so roughly. Only she knew just the perfect combination of pressure and speed to trigger her orgasm, made all the better by the thick rod ploughing up her cunt.

Her breath became more ragged, each exhalation louder and more forceful as she neared the peak she had worked towards for so long.

“Oh! Oh oh oh OH!! YESSSSS!!!” she cried out as at last it came over her. She bucked up and down, clenching him tightly with her pussy muscles as wave after wave of orgasm washed through her. The feeling was so wonderful on his dick that he almost came again, but she had drained him so well earlier that he had nothing left just yet.

She continued to bounce up and down on his lap, slowing as each successive peak grew weaker. At last, she’d had enough and clutching him tightly in her arms laid her head on his shoulder.

It was a surprisingly intimate move for her. Typically, once she had come with a guy, she was through, no longer wishing for company. Somehow, this guy, right now, was different. She let out a long, low sigh. She was content. For now.

“I love. . .this.” he whispered into her ear. He had almost said ‘you’ but caught himself in the nick of time. Telling her that she loved him didn’t work out too well. But whether or not he loved her, he surely loved fucking her.

She turned her head and whispered back, “I love it too.”

They sat that way for several minutes until the chill of the room on their bare skin became noticeable. She was amused that he remained hard inside her. Of course, he hadn’t come that time. All the same, he was as horny as an eighteen-year old and she liked that. She gave his dick occasional squeezes with her pussy as a kind of reward.

At last he gave her a pat on the thigh that she understood to mean it was time to get off him. She rose up on her knees, a little awkwardly, until he was almost out of her. He complemented her motion and his erection made a distinct plopping sound as his head pulled past her lips. She moved to allow him to get up and gazed appreciatively at that lovely prick, now glistening with her juices. The sight was irresistible so she bent over and drew him into her mouth. She swallowed almost the whole thing, continuing down until his pubic hair was tickling her lips. She sucked and licked with a will. She loved sucking a cock fresh from the pussy and found the flavor of pussy juice to be very sexy, delicious even.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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