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First of all, apologies for such a long delay in the next installment! A case of the mundane intruding! This is a short chapter but I promise the next will be longer as Kristy undergoes her intensive week’s training!

Kristy made her way up to the office and was startled to overhear a comment made by the same male colleague who had been so disparaging of her earlier in the week.

“Wow, would you look at Ms McCall!” he exclaimed to his friend. “I don’t know what she’s been doing, but she looks amazing! She must have lost a few pounds and she positively glows!”

“Yeah, you’re right!” his colleague said. “Maybe she is getting laid after all!”

Kristy sat down at her desk with a lot to think about. Despite the arduousness of her changed circumstances she was looking better? How was that possible? When had the pain of being punished started to turn to pleasure? She squirmed slightly, still feeling the heat in her backside and was surprised when the movement stirred up a small feeling of arousal from the rings in her clit and labia. They stung a little as well, but nothing like the other night. She had made sure to follow the after care instructions she had been given. She had also genuinely enjoyed bringing her Mistress to climax this morning and took pride in how well she had done so.

Immersed in tying up the workload before her week off, the day passed quickly and she was surprised when her phone rang with David’s secretary asking if she could meet with him in his office in ten minutes. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was 4pm, she had worked straight through lunch without realising it! She informed Helen that she would be available and slipped into the bathroom to ensure she was presentable. At exactly 4pm she stood outside his office, waiting to be announced.

As the door was opened, Kristy felt a flutter in her stomach as her Master came into view, standing casually in front of his desk. He looked over her shoulder and told Helen that she could leave early. He would be leaving soon himself and had no further work for her that day. Helen smiled and nodded, closing the door behind her.

“Slave, strip!” David commanded.

Kristy tried to comply but was frustrated by being unable to unlace the corset. She looked up at her Master with tears in her eyes.

“Master, I cannot obey your commands. I am unable to unlace the corset!” she said unhappily.

“I understand, slave and you will not be punished this time.” David said gently. “I had not realised that Mistress S had put you in the corset today.”

Kristy looked at him hopefully. Was he going to release her from the dreadful constraint she had been in all day? Unfortunately, this was not to be the case.

“Slave, I want you on your back across my desk,” David commanded. You will raise your legs and hold them beside your head. If you do not, I shall cuff your wrists and ankles together to ensure they are in position. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Master,” Kristy replied, moving to obey his instructions.

She lay back on the desk and raised her legs, using her arms around her knees to hold them in the desired place. David moved to stand in front of her and swiftly unlocked the padlocks on the rings. Kristy caught her breath as the action dragged slightly against the rings. Again there was the mingled sensation of pain and pleasure and she could feel her pussy getting wet. David reached out and started to tease and pinch her nipples. Kristy groaned and her pussy got even wetter. David took one hand away and suddenly she felt something being inserted into her pussy, first one, then another. They were smooth and ovoid in shape and David made sure they were inserted deeply inside her pussy before once more locking the padlocks through the rings.

“Mistress S will be picking you up and driving you to the Keys,” he informed Kristy. “You will behave yourself on the way down and may not touch yourself or climax until told to do so. The car is an extension of the mansion and as such is to be treated with respect!”

“Yes, Master,” Kristy replied.

“You may rise and dress,” David told her. “Mistress S will collect you at 5pm. Make sure you are punctual!”

Kristy struggled back to her feet, a difficult thing to do in the restrictive corset, and put her clothes back on. A short time later she was back in her office, finishing up the last of her work. She called Susan in and told her she could leave at 4:30.

“As you know,” she said, “I won’t be here next week so anything left on the desk can be seen to then. Why don’t you take off early? Oh, by the way, enjoy your weekend, the Fairmont is very good you know!” she said, smiling.

Susan beamed at her boss and left the office on a high. A weekend of pampering and being allowed to leave early! It was like having your birthday and Christmas come all at once!

Kristy smiled to see the genuine happiness in her secretary’s xslot face and was shocked by how good it made her feel. She was starting to realise that it was better to treat people with respect than disdain. She hadn’t realised the feedback loop that was set up in interpersonal actions. If you treated people well, you got good feelings back from them. She hadn’t realised how isolated and alone she had become by treating everyone around her with disdain.

It was a very thoughtful Kristy who made her way down to the underground car park and looked around for her car. She eventually spied it parked on the far side of the car park, away from the cameras and the to and fro of people in the building. As she approached the car Sue got out and stood waiting, her arms crossed in front of her.

“Slave, you will take off your skirt remove your stockings and undo you blouse before entering the car,” she commanded.

Kristy flushed, but knew better by now than to hesitate. Grateful that she was somewhat shielded by the car, Kristy quickly undid her skirt and stepped out of it, handing it to her mistress before unbuttoning her blouse as instructed. She removed her stockings and then then meekly stood waiting for further instructions.

“Very good, Slave,” Sue said. Placing the skirt and stockings in the car, she withdrew a pair of wrist cuffs a short length of chain and a spreader bar. She swiftly attached the cuffs to Kristy’s wrists and the length of chain to her right wrist. Then she commanded Kristy to sit sideways on the passenger seat. Kristy complied, sitting with her legs still outside the car. Sue efficiently attached the ankle cuffs attached to the spreader bar around Kristy’s ankles before lifting her legs and swivelling her into the car, facing forwards. She then undid the catch on the bar and it sprung to its fullest width, ensuring that Kristy’s legs were spread and her pussy displayed clearly. Sue then fed the chain around the back of the passenger seat and attached it to her left wrist. Kristy was now held spread and immobile, and with her breasts thrust forwards due to the position of her wrists, which were held slightly behind her, not so much as to give her pain, but certainly enough to maintain her position on the seat.

Satisfied, Sue closed the passenger door and moved around to the driver’s side. Entering, she started the car and smoothly pulled out of the lot. The parking attendent got a brief flash of Kristy in her exposed state but before he could register who it could be, the car had passed and was swiftly accelerating away. As they passed through town, Kristy had to endure the stares and leers from the drivers of various vehicles that were high enough to allow them to get a full view of all her assets and she steadily grew more red faced and humiliated. She breathed a sigh of relief as they finally turned onto the highway.

Before long, however, Sue pulled over and put the car into neutral. Leaning over, she pulled Kristy’s blouse down until it lay in a puddle around her waist. By now Kristy knew better than to protest, but her flush grew more pronounced. Now it was possible for everyone to see everything on offer. Smiling slightly, Sue re-engaged the gears and pulled smoothly out into the Friday afternoon traffic. She let Kristy settle down and become accustomed to her state of undress. When she finally felt that Kristy had relaxed she surreptitiously hit the start button on the remote device hidden in her pocket. Kristy jumped as vibrations started up deep inside her pussy. She had actually forgotten that her Master had inserted something before he had left and now she knew what they were! Sue kept the level low until she saw Kristy start to squirm. Little by little, she increased the intensity until Kristy started to pant.

“Something wrong, Slave?” she asked with false concern.

“Mistress I need to cum!” Kristy begged.

“Oh do you now?” Sue asked. “So now you think you can dictate as and when you cum, do you? How many times have you been told that your orgasms are now the property of your Master and myself? Did he give you permission to cum today?”

Kristy lowered her eyes. “No Mistress,” she replied.

“Then you will not cum,” Sue responded. “If you do, you will be punished, do you understand?”

“But Mistress,” Kristy wailed, “I don’t know how long I can resist. I’m so close to cumming!”

“Then you will be punished, Slave. You know the price of disobedience!” Sue told her sternly.

She let Kristy squirm for a little longer and then suddenly turned the power up to full. With an anguished cry, Kristy helplessly succumbed to her orgasm, shaking and shuddering with its intensity. The fact that she had tried to resist it for so long had ensured that when she finally gave in, it was stronger than usual and she felt her juices leak all over the seat beneath her.

Sue glanced sideways and frowned at Kristy before switching off xslot Giriş the device in her pocket.

“Slave, you were warned not to cum!” she said. “I will be informing your Master of your disobedience as soon as we arrive. I expect he will be very disappointed!”

Kristy started to tremble. She was still feeling the effects of the last time she had displeased her Master and would do for quite some time to come. Tears leaked from her eyes but she nevertheless accepted her Mistress’s words without argument.

“Yes Mistress,” she said quietly.

Sue could not resist removing a hand from the steering wheel and brushing it lightly over Kristy’s nipples. Kristy drew in her breath with a gasp as the motion stirred up a new set of sensations and she clamped a firm mental control over herself, tensing her muscles as she did so. Sue replaced her hand on the steering wheel and the drive continued for a while in silence. After a while she decided to switch on the radio and tuned it to a station playing smooth jazz. The music helped to soothe Kristy into a relaxed state and she allowed her eyes to drift closed.

Sometime later she was woken as the vibrations once more started up deep within her pussy. She groaned as she opened her eyes and firmly resolved to resist harder this time around. Sue noticed her reactions out of the corner of her eye. They were nearing the outskirts of Key Haven and she stepped up the intensity of the vibrations. Sweat started to appear on Kristy’s skin and her breath started to come in short gasps.

“Please Mistress, I can’t take this! I need to cum. Please let me cum!” Kristy begged.

“Do you mean to tell me that despite what you were told earlier, you still think you have the right to your Master’s orgasm?” Sue demanded.

Hopelessly, Kristy hung her head and shook it.

“Then you will not cum, it’s as simple as that,” Sue replied. “If you do, you incur further punishment, especially as it will be the second time on this journey!”

Kristy closed her eyes in despair and desperately tried to resist the waves of sensation rippling through her body. Finally Sue noticed the tremors running through Kristy’s body and judged it was time. She flipped the intensity onto full and deliberately ran over a bump in the road. The combination was too much for Kristy to resist as the action stimulated her new clit ring and once again she shuddered into a climax, her juices soaking the seat beneath her. Sue reached out and pinched her nipple hard and Kristy cried out, shaking with a second orgasm close on the heels of the first.

She was so caught up in the throes of this second orgasm that she didn’t notice when they pulled up to and passed through the gates to David’s mansion. Sue drew to a halt and stepped out of the car, walking around to the passenger side. She opened the door and reached over to unchain Kristy’s left wrist. Kristy moaned faintly as Sue body brushed lightly against her sensitive breasts and another bolt of electricity shot through her body. Sue withdrew the chain from behind the seat and then detached it from the other cuff. She then detached the ankle cuffs of the spreader bar and commanded Kristy to get out of the car.

As Kristy exited the car a large wet patch could be seen on the passenger seat. Kristy closed her eyes in a combination of shame and dismay that her beautiful car had been marked in this way and by her own actions! She was startled when Sue removed the blouse from her and then attached her hands behind her back.

“This won’t do, slave!” Sue told her. “Your Master demands neatness and cleanliness in all things. You will get down on your knees and clean up this mess!” she commanded.

Kristy looked at her in confusion. “Please Mistress, I have nothing to clean with!” she said.

“You have what nature gave you, slave,” Sue replied. “Do I have to spell it out for you?”

It slowly dawned on Kristy that she was expected to lick the seat clean. Her shoulders slumped but she nevertheless moved to comply. She had already incurred punishment for cumming without permission, she didn’t want any more transgressions adding to what she would receive. Sue watched impassively as Kristy bent to her task. When she was satisfied with her efforts she reached into the glove compartment and withdrew Kristy’s collar and leash. Attaching the collar around Kristy’s neck, she commanded her to rise to her feet. Kristy complied. Sue uncoupled the wrist cuffs and told Kristy to assume Position 3. Once Kristy had obeyed, she started to unlace the corset until finally she drew it away. Kristy now stood completely naked in front of the mansion with the taste of her pussy juices on her tongue and lips.

With a tug on her leash, Sue drew Kristy forward, and as before, the front doors swung open to admit them. Sue led Kristy through the doors and down the passageway towards the library. She moved through the room, depressing xslot Güncel Giriş the switch that activated the doorway to the punishment room and continued on, never once slowing her pace. Kristy teetered along behind her, still in high heels. When they reached the centre of the room Sue stopped.

“Position 1!” she commanded unclipping the leash, and Kristy sank to her knees, dutifully placing her hands behind her head. With her knees spread wide, it was easy to see how wet her pussy was, her juices covered the rings and padlocks holding her labia closed.

Kristy heard footsteps behind her and knew that her Master had entered the room.

“How was the journey?” he asked Sue, letting no trace of the smile on his face appear in his voice.

“Disappointing,” she replied. “Your slave saw fit to disobey your orders twice, and came without yours or my permission.”

“Oh really?” David said with a chill in his voice. “Slave, Position 3!”

Kristy stood and assumed the position, trembling.

“Did I not tell you that you were not allowed to cum without my permission?” he demanded.

“Yes, Master,” she replied in a wavering voice.

“And yet you saw fit to disobey me!” he said coldly.

“I’m sorry Master!” she cried. “I couldn’t help it!”

“That is no excuse!” he replied. “Your orgasms are mine to grant or withold as I see fit. I assume Mistress S informed you that you will be punished?”

“Yes Sir,” Kristy said miserably.

“Very well, move to the frame,” David commanded.

Kristy obeyed, although dreading what was to come. Sue moved to David’s side holding a pair of ankle cuffs and awaiting his instructions. He attached Kristy’s wrist cuffs to chains and drew them tight, pulling them high above her head and spread in a wide V. He nodded to Sue, who knelt and attached the cuffs she was holding around Kristy’s ankles. David attached another set of chains to these and again pulled them tight. He then took a flogger out of the cupboard and returned to where Kristy was standing.

Without hesitation he started laying strokes across her backside. This stung but didn’t really hurt her too much and soon her ass was glowing pink. She tried to squirm away but was firmly held in place by the chains. David worked his way across her ass and down her legs before moving up and flogging her back. Soon her skin was burning and tingling from his attentions. Then he moved around to her front and repeated the process, scrupulously avoiding her pussy and clit rings. To Kristy’s amazement, she could feel the heat tof desire start to match the heat in her skin. Her pupils started to dilate and her breath started coming in short gasps.

David noticed her reactions and moving behind Kristy gestured to Sue, who brought him a thin cane. He switched this for the flogger and brought it down hard against Kristy’s backside, causing her to cry out. He continued until her ass and thighs were covered in long red welts. He then moved to her front and started again, making sure to lay hard strokes across the top of and underneath her breasts. When he had finished Kristy was weeping but she also felt a tingling deep inside her. As she was released from her chains, she almost fell to her knees. Without prompting she looked up at David and said “Thank you Master for punishing me!”

David was impressed. She had come a long way in just one short week and was showing genuine signs that she was becoming truly submissive. He looked at Sue who nodded to show that she too had seen the signs. David allowed his manner to soften slightly.

“Very well, Slave, you have taken your punishment well and shown you are truly sorry,” he said. “To reward you for this, you may sleep in a proper bed tonight.”

“Oh thank you Master!” Kristy said gratefully. She had been dreading the thought of spending the next week on the cold, hard concrete floor of the cell she had been confined in previously.

Sue led her down the now familiar passageway and as the door opened, Kristy saw that her Master had been true to his word. Inside the cell was a basic cot, complete with pillow mattress and covers. She was about to make her way over to it when she was brought to a halt by Sue, who indicated she was to follow her into the bathroom. Once there, Sue unlocked a cabinet and withdrew a jar of ointment, which she proceeded to smooth over the welts. Kristy felt an immediate relief as some of the sting was taken away.

“Use the shower and clean yourself around the rings,” Sue advised. “The last thing your Master or I want is for an infection to set in!”

Kristy stepped into the shower, and this time noticed that unlike last time, the water was not icy cold but luke warm. She gently cleaned around her clit and pussy rings, wincing at the slight tenderness caused, then stepped out of the shower and patted herself dry with the towel supplied. She then followed her Mistress meekly back into the cell and sat down on the bed.

“Try and get some sleep before supper, Slave” Sue advised. “I don’t know what your Master has in mind, but it could be a long night!” she said.

With that she closed the door and left Kristy alone.

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