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I lay drifting in half wakefulness, conscious only of the pillowy softness of the bed. Waking more, I turn to where you were sleeping, only to realize you are gone. I hear sounds in the bathroom, and know I must have woken when you got out of bed. The light coming in through the blinds shows it’s very, very early. You come back into the bedroom, climb quickly under the covers and I slide over next to you, my body soft and warm next to your cooler skin. You gather me close and kiss me, murmuring, “Happy Mother’s Day,” then kiss me more. I can feel myself getting liquid hot between my legs and squirm a little against you, wanting your hot dick to just slide in there, but you continue to take your time, kissing me, caressing my sleepy body.

I pull away and mumble self consciously, “Let me go brush my teeth.”

You hold on to me. “Don’t you go anywhere, you soft, warm slut.”

I squirm a little more in your grasp. “I need to pee.”

“Save it for me,” you murmur in my ear, tickling me.

“Kinky guy.” I twist out of your reach and dive under the covers, taking your cock in my mouth just as your hands are grabbing on to me again. Your hands fall away as I suck you wetly, my soft moans of pleasure almost indistinguishable from the sounds you’re making. I love sucking you in the morning… love the feeling of your less-than- hard cock growing in my mouth…starting when I can take the whole thing in the silky wetness of my mouth, just tonguing it, mouthing it as it swells. Sucking you like this always makes me insanely horny, and I can feel the wetness creeping out of my pussy, wetting my thighs.

You know this about me as well and I feel one of your hands find its way between my legs, your big fingers running through the wet folds of my cunt, circling my hot clit, around and around as I suck you harder. I’m on my hands and knees, legs apart, my mouth a wet, dripping mess as I suck you hungrily, moaning like crazy as you manhandle me. This is perfect and for a few head-spinning moments I don’t want anything else… just this…your dick in my hungry mouth, your fingers in my hungry cunt. My cunt is so wet and open, I think crazily I want you to put your whole hand inside me and my legs spread further apart with that thought. Your hand is soaking wet and everywhere on me, circling and rubbing my fiery clit, running back to tease my asshole, moving forward, three big fingers plunging into my sloppy hole.

My mouth is off your cock as I’m moaning, trying to catch my breath. I’m holding onto your legs for dear life, rubbing my face against you, lapping breathlessly at your balls, taking your cock back into my mouth as if in a dream. It’s heaven, but I’m holding back, knowing if I cum, I’ll pee as well. You know it too and are exploiting it, driving me closer and closer to the edge, urging me on. “God, you’re such a hot cunt… such an easy slut. Nasty bitch, just let go… you know you want to…need to…” And I do… I need it. But… I know what I want more is to make you my fuck slut, my bitch.

I manage somehow to drag my body away from that amazing, talented hand. My head is still spinning as I clamber Starzbet over your body, taking your hand as it reaches for me again and pinning it above your head as I lean down to kiss you. I can feel the blood pounding in my clit as I regain my composure. My tits are dangling in your face as I reach above your head, making you pause, as I can feel you about to move, to take charge of my body again. “It’s Mother’s Day,” I say, out of breath.

“I know. I had a present for you.” I can hear the laughter in your voice. Your teeth grab onto a nipple and hang on, biting down until I’m gasping, whispering, “Fuck.” I’ve got your right hand pinned down as I rummage around the headboard, and your left hand finds my cunt and I’m not sure I can withstand your remarkable fingers again and then finally, finally, I find what I’m looking for and handcuff your right arm to the headboard.


I’m dragging the other handcuff over from where I’ve located it, dangling down behind the bed where guests wouldn’t be able to see it. You resist instinctively for a second and then relax and I cuff your left arm to the bed. “Mother’s Day is my day,” I say by way of breathless explanation. “I get what I want.”

“And what do you want?” You’re watching me somewhat warily. You’re used to my resistance melting away when I get that close to an orgasm.

I smile and look at you pinned to the bed on your back. “A new toy.”

I return to your cock. It’s still hard, but not too hard, so I rummage around in the bedside table and pull out a small strap affair. Handling you sweetly, I cinch it tight around your cock and balls. I have plans for your beautiful dick and don’t want you cumming too soon. “Too tight?” I ask at one point. You shake your head no, and I lean down and suck you gently, then tighten it in another place. “How’s that?”

“Fine.” The color is high in your face and I can see you gritting your teeth. The sight of you like this drives me crazy. I move up and kiss your mouth softly, and whisper in your ear as my hands caress your body, “I love having you at my mercy like this…love how turned on you get…love to control your pleasure. I wish I had a whole coterie of sexual deviants to take my pleasure with as you watched…girls to lick, men to fuck, shemales, midgets, dogs…I’d do them all until you were practically unconscious with sexual frustration. Oh well…no others today. I’ll just have to think of some other way to torment you.”

Your cock looks so obscene, red and hard, the balls swelling from the collar. I suck it harder, no longer distracted by your merciless fingers in my pussy. I enjoy playing you like an instrument, getting you to where you’re panting, your voice agonized, then pulling my mouth away completely… leaving you hanging…my mouth kissing lightly across your thighs or belly. Once, I settle my pussy on your foot, letting your toes inside my still steamy cunt and lean in to suck you again, sliding down to suck my juices off your toes when I leave your cock that time. I suck all of your toes lovingly, feeling the blood pounding in my cunt still, as I feel your body jerking, drawing Starzbet Giriş tight with sexual frustration.

As much as I want to draw out your sexual torment, I know I can’t go long without cumming…you’ve gotten me too turned on to ignore my cunt for long. I slide up your body and straddle you. “I need to cum, Tommy,” I tell you. “Not you though.”

“Cunt.” Your teeth are clenched. I have your cock between the lips of my pussy and am rubbing against it and it feels so good, your rigid rod sliding through the wet flesh.

“It’s a sweet cunt, isn’t it?” I reply. I’m rocking my body, the head of your cock rubbing hard against my hard clit. My tits are swaying. I have one hand holding you against my cunt and the other moving back and forth between my tits, grasping and squeezing them. I let the head of your dick just inside my wet opening. “You want to fuck it, don’t you?”

You have your feet pushing against the bed, trying to shove up inside me. “You know you want me to fuck it, you cunt” you pant. I’m crouching over you and raising up as you do, so you never get any further inside me. I have my hand at my pussy, my fingers rubbing furiously over my clit. “Stay right there,” I order, panting and trembling…so close. “Oh my god, I’m going to soak your dick…don’t move… I’m going to cum…I’m gonna cum…I’m cumming…oh fuck…” As it hits, my legs give out and I sink down on top of you. I’m vaguely aware of the feeling of your swollen balls rubbing against my ass as I feel a waterfall of cum and piss soak your cock shafting deep inside my spasming pussy. Somehow I can’t stop rubbing myself and the waves of hot liquid continue spurting as the waves of pleasure keep sweeping over me. I’m aware that I’m screaming, but can’t stop…hearing over the sound of my voice, yours calling me every nasty, loving name I love.

I finally pull my hand away from my cunt…pull my cunt off your raging cock.

My clit hurts from all of the rubbing and the sting of the urine. “Ouch,” I say shakily, as I move down your body until I am between your legs again, my face beside your hard, piss-wet dick. “My cunt hurts.”

“I’ll bet it does, you nasty little whore…fuck…” Your voice trails away as I start to suck the piss and cum off your red cock. Your balls looked painfully stretched as I lick them clean. “Emma…” Your voice is softer now… pleading.

“I like tasting myself on you like this…mmmmm. I love your balls, Tommy.

They’re so full of cum.” I lick further down, pushing your legs further apart. “I love your asshole.” You’re moaning wildly now. “I want to lick my cum and piss off of your asshole, love. Let me taste.” My tongue is licking, reaching in as far as I can reach, teasing lightly as I flick against the sensitive puckered flesh. “God, I need more… let me, love.”

You’re moaning my name, moaning agreement as I reach under the bed, bringing out a rod with more cuffs attached. Moving quickly, I cuff your ankles to the bar and move up to attach restraints to the headboard, cinching it so your legs are drawn back, your legs further apart, your hips drawn off the bed…your Starzbet Güncel Giriş ass open and exposed. I lean over your tense face and kiss your mouth softly. “Not too bad, lover?”

“No. I can’t take it too long though.” Your voice is ragged.

“I know, baby. I won’t leave you long. God, I love being able to taste you like this…” And I am down between your legs again, my mouth soft and wet on you.

I lick your ass as long as I can, knowing the position will become too uncomfortable and the pleasure of my mouth will be outweighed by the discomfort. My fingers stroke your near bursting balls as I lick all the traces of my juices from your asshole…dipping my tongue inside a little, then out to move wetly, softly over the pucker. I think I could cum again, just at the sound of your voice, the way you say my name in that pleading, horny voice.

I release you from the leg restraint, keeping the cuffs and bar on. I reach up and make a switch with the handcuffs, letting some cable out so you can be further away from the headboard. “Do you want to cum, lover?” I ask ridiculously, as I stroke your sweaty face and body. You answer and I direct you to get on your hands and knees.

“I want to fuck your sloppy cunt, bitch,” you snarl as you do as I say.

I have you scoot down toward the end of the bed then lock the cable on the cuffs again. Your feet are still cuffed to the rod, your legs held open and I reach under to secure the rod to the footboard. You are on your hands and knees, tied in place with your feet at the edge of the bed, your hands unable to go further than the restraints allow. Your balls are red and swollen, your dick bigger than I have ever seen it, sticking out below your body rigidly. I come up behind you and reach under to stroke you gently…I know you can’t take much more…and rub my soft breasts against your ass. “Who’s the bitch here?” I say teasingly. I move, pull you open and started licking your ass again. The sound you make is so erotic, I feel juices running down my legs.

I reach under the bed and pull out my beloved basket of toys. “Fuck, what now?”

you pant. “Emma… no more… let me cum.”

“You’ll cum. You’ll give me a face full of spunk.” I dribble lube from a bottle all over your asshole and turn a small wireless bullet on low, rubbing it against the pucker of your ass as your moans get wilder. I start to push it inside you, then back off…slip it in again, then out…finally burying it all the way in you. I angle my body under, through your legs so my face is right below your cock. I turn the bullet on high and release the snaps on the collar and as your cock is released, you start yelling, and I get hit with a huge squirt of cum in the face… feel more hit me as it starts sliding down my throat, down my neck, into my hair. I wrap my mouth around your cock as the spurts begin to slow and suck hard, feeling more cum surging into the shaft of your cock, sucking and sucking, trying my best to drain your balls.

I get out from under you and manage to release you from the restraints and we collapse on the bed together. It’s a mess of wetness and both of us are sticky. I try not to fall asleep again, knowing the bed should be stripped and I should shower. You’re almost passed out too. “Goddamn,” you murmur. “What are you going to do for me on Father’s Day?”

“Maybe I’ll give you a new toy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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