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Big Tits

This was a lot of fun when it happened, and a lot of fun to write about. We don’t wear clothes at home, and have many days in a row during which we don’t have to leave home. Admittedly, that CAN lead to horniness. Multiple times per day, we have sex or are doing things of a sexual nature. I pick one instance and write about it. If I wrote about all of them, there wouldn’t be time for sex, and that would be horrible, right?

I appreciate the time you spend reading my stuff. Thank-you.


“Let’s fuck, baby!”

Blue looked at me, smiled and said, “Really? Do you think you’re getting in my pants with “Let’s fuck?”

“Well, you’re not wearing any pants. In fact, you’re not wearing anything at all, so…”

She closed her legs and said, “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to be more romantic.”

“Let’s see here. Maybe this’ll work: I want to suck your pussy to the moon and back!.”

She said, “Oh, sure. I’m not spreading my legs for that. You’re not very good at this!”

“I’ve never HAD to be very good at it…you’re just supposed to look in my eyes and WANT to spread your legs for me!”

She giggled. “Oh yeah? Is that how it works?”

“Sure! And if that doesn’t work, this always does!” With that, and taking her by surprise, I pulled her legs apart and dove facefirst into her pussy…she squealed happily, pulling my hair while I fucking devoured her with my arms and hands wrapped around her thighs.

She yelled out, “THAT WORKS! EAT MY PUSSY, BABY!”

I sucked her outer lips into my mouth and kept them there, tormenting them with my tongue…I pulled them harder and let them pop out from between my lips, then took her clit and squeezed it with my lips, Eskort slipping two fingers deep inside her. “SUNNEEEEEEEEEEE! FUCK ME!!

Baby came so fucking hard with my mouth and fingers riding her, screaming all the way through her orgasm!

I slid on top of her, straddling her tummy and lowered my mouth to hers with our lips softly touching, and speaking softly, “There. That’s how it’s done, my sweet baby.”

She kissed me, fucking my mouth with her tongue, making me whimper for her. She said breathily, “Cum on my tummy, baby.” I smiled and sat up…she gave me her hands and I rested my hands on them, leaning forward a bit. She tightened her tummy muscles and I rubbed my soaking-wet pussy to death on her, cumming within seconds and drenching her.

I slid back down between her legs and smothered her pretty pussy with kisses, purring into her pussy…Baby spread legs wider and purred back to me, her pussy getting more wet by the second. She reached down to take handfuls of my ass-length hair and I tossed all of it up to her.

I kept slow-kissing her pussy with little sucks on her outer lips, loving how they throbbed for me, and loving how her body was starting to tremble, her thigh muscles tensing…

Blue is a very…hot…woman.

Her whimpering with each of my burning hot pussykisses, and pulling my hair a little tighter, were begging me to devour her and fuck her with my mouth…I pursed my lips and rubbed them on her clit…she squealed delightfully, which made my pussy pound hard through my body, lying flat on my tummy with my legs stretched out.

I started giving her long, lollipop licks on her pussy, from the soft spot between her ass and pussy, all the way up to her clit, lapping up her juices and swallowing them between licks…she made sexy little high-pitched whimpers and her pussy was now soaking wet.

I raised my dark-tanned ass in the air behind me so she could watch me waggle it for her, teasing her while I licked her. She said between deep breaths, “Make me cum. Make me cum and I’ll fuck that ass of yours.”

I replied between kisses and licks, “I DO love that, baby, but I’m going to be a while. I want to be your own fucking hot slut who can’t get enough of your body…your pussy is mine, and I’m not letting go of it…”

I placed my tongue flat on her clit…pressed harder, then rubbed her clit with my tongue, holding onto her thighs to keep her in place…

“Sunny…oh fuck…fuckbaby…”

Her juices were pouring from her pussy and her whole body was shaking on the edge of orgasm…she was screaming and pulling my hair harder. I kept my tongue flat on the clit, rubbing it hard with my arms wrapped around her thighs to hold her down…like a wildwoman, she came like crazy, bucking and fucking her clit at my tongue!

At the end of her orgasm, I did not and could not stop…I sucked and kissed her outer lips, keeping my hold on her…she screamed and squirmed and her body went crazy…I pounced my lips on her tender clit and SUCK, SUCK, SUCKED!


Oh hell…did she ever!

Five more times, she came with my mouth riding her pussy, sucking her while my tongue fucked into her, never letting her rest between orgasms and taking her mercilessly!

I immediately followed her last orgasm with a long, purring kiss on her pussy, then wetly kissed and licked her inner thighs while she whimpered and held my hair…she kept her knees tucked back while I slid my wet lips and tongue on her skin. I sucked a little more with my kisses as I got closer to her pussy…with my lips next to her pussy, she squealed and I moved my mouth to her other thigh and purred in reply to her hot sounds while licking her soft, sensitive skin.

My hot baby raised her leg in the air and hotly rolled onto her tummy…she spread her legs and raised her ass in the air, surrendering it to her eager slut…I spread her pretty ass cheeks and pushed my face between them and she planted her forehead in the mattress, screaming, “TAKE MY ASS, BABY! TONGUEFUCK ME!”

Baby pushed her ass back against my face and I wriggled my tongue inside her…she squealed for more…I growled inside her ass and pushed her ass with my face, flattening her, making her growl into the mattress back at me and raising her ass again, fucking it at me.


I slapped two fingers onto her clit and rubbed it like hell, fucking my tongue HARD AND DEEP in her ass…she came like a fucking animal with her ass slapping back against my face with each savage thrust of my tongue!

Completely spent, she lay there, her arms and legs spread and looking absolutely beautiful…

I gave her wet kisses all over her ass, purring to her with each one, then kissed her from the top of her ass up to her lower back and licked her there…I sat up on my knees and said, “Okay! I get my assfucking now, don’t I!”

She just lied there and made an exhausted noise.

I lied down beside her and slid my thigh over her, rubbing my smooth inner thigh on her pretty ass, knowing that if I’d wanted my ass fucked, I should let up on her long before I did! That was fine…I had a lot of fun and so did she!

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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