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My name is Linda Morris, and I live in Redwood City, California… AND I’m an employee of the San Mateo County Women’s Correctional Center on Maple Street. Oh yeah, and I’m also a lesbian.

No, this isn’t going to be an inspirational story about my life… you know what I mean, a tale about a girl born on the wrong side of the tracks who pulls herself up by her bootstraps to become a success in life. No, nothing like that. It’s just a simple recounting of the sordid fun I occasionally have in my capacity as a self-described predatory-lesbian-guard with plentiful access to pretty women behind bars!

Now, I must confess that some of my lesbian friends seriously HATE IT when I talk about engaging in sex with women who are supposed to be in my custody. I’ve been accused of promoting “male whack-off fantasies,” and my writing-style belittled for its “run-on sentences, abrupt POV shifts, and time distortions,” to name just a few criticism, none of which matters to me!

What I want to do here is simply share with my readers the kind of opportunities that a woman with a taste for pretty young female flesh can enjoy working at a jail designed exclusively for women!

First, a little background about myself… I’m 41-years old… I’m tall, have short dark-hair, and I regularly work-out. I was born & raised in San Francisco, 27-miles to the north of here. I’ve liked pretty girls for as long as I can remember. I still spend a lot of my free time up there in the golden city by the bay, regularly frequenting a dyke-bar known as ‘Charli’s Place’ which is a wonderful hang-out for women like myself who prefer the company of other, preferably submissive young women!

I regularly work a four day shift at the women’s jail. Most of those housed here have been busted for narcotics, prostitution, drunk-driving, and even some gang-related activity. Female gang-bangers are a scary bunch, but once they’re in here we keep them under strict control using the ‘carrot & stick’ method… rewards for following the rules, and severe punishment when they don’t. I really don’t like dealing with gang-bangers very much.

Prostitutes are more fun, except that they’re really not as attractive as films and television all too often make them out to be. Also, most of the hookers housed here have often been busted for drug-use-&-possession, and there’s really nothing sexy about a crack-or-meth-whore drying out behind bars.

My own personal favorites are those pretty young girls busted for innocuous activities like shoplifting or failing to pay their parking tickets. The really cute ones are understandably terrified when first brought here, and they want to be protected. And that’s where I come in.

I could easily write twenty or more pages about some of the more memorable escapades I’ve enjoyed in here with pretty, incarcerated women, but it doesn’t get much better than last Friday night, just as I was wrapping-up my ten-hour shift.

I spotted the pretty young thing at the booking desk, where Sarah, one of our rookie deputy-jailers, was taking down the newcomer’s vital information. The girl being booked was dressed in a short, tight-skirt, with fishnet stockings showing off a pair of dynamite long legs. I interrupted Sarah, telling her to go take her break – that I’d handle this one myself. Sarah obligingly handed me her clipboard and was gone.

The pretty young thing had a cute pouty-little-mouth just made for kissing, a slender body, shapely legs, sexy little butt, and short-stylishly-cut-beach-blonde hair… she was exactly my type… anyway, she glanced towards me with surprise and a flicker of recognition.

“Don’t I know you?” she asked.

“Yes, you do,” I smiled. “You were out ‘slumming’ a few nights back with your college girlfriends at a lesbian bar called ‘Charli’s Place’… I was there… I asked you to dance… and you told me to get lost.”

“Oh, yeah,” the long-legged beauty answered, wide-eyed. “I remember now… I’m sorry if I was rude.”

“Yeah, that wasn’t very nice,” I smiled.

She looked both frightened and embarrassed.

“And what brings you here tonight?” I asked, glancing down at the clipboard. “Let’s see… Maddie Olsen… 20-years old… driving under the influence… oh, my… you’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you?”

“Please… I was at a party… I only had two drinks… I wasn’t driving drunk!”

“Yeah… well, it says here your car was weaving when they pulled you over… and you blew a one-point-one on the breathalyzer… that’s just over the legal limit, sweetie!”

“Please… can I call my lawyer now?”

“In time… first I have to book you.”

Although she had already been searched by the arresting officers, I couldn’t resist a chance to run my own hands over her lovely, tight little body. I ordered her to put her hands up against the wall and then proceeded to glide my own hands everywhere and anywhere… along her breasts, sides, ass, & legs. She felt good!

“OK, sweetie… arms behind your back.”

I hand-cuffed her and then quietly informed Martha behind the desk that I Eskort Bayan was taking this one to the ‘special room’… our code-name for the ‘playroom’ we keep on the second floor. Basically, it’s a former-cell-turned-storeroom that we’ve kind of converted into a ‘lounge’ to relax in… and engage in an occasional bit of fun with pretty female inmates. Only Martha, myself, and two other guards here are even aware of its existence.

I gently gripped the pretty girl by her arm and firmly steered her past the regular holding cells, occasionally stopping to pretend that I was considering leaving her in one of them. Of course, she looked horrified at the prospect of sharing a cell all alone with one or more tough-looking biker chicks.

“Please… don’t put me in there,” she begged. “Isn’t there an empty cell somewhere you could leave me that doesn’t have scary dykes in it?”

“Well…” I answered, smiling inwardly, but outwardly showing reluctance. “We do have a special overnight cell that we sometimes use to house pretty young women like yourself… you know, women who might attract undue attention from lesbian gang-bangers and that type.”

“Yes… could I please be put in that cell?”

“Well, I’m not sure,” I replied. “After all, you were kind of a rude bitch to me when I asked you to dance the other night…”

“I’m so sorry,” she begged. “Let me make it up to you now… I’m really not a rude person… I just didn’t want my friends to think that I was gay!”

“So what were you all doing at a gay bar?”

“We were just curious, is all!”

I feigned reluctance, but finally agreed to give her a break, escorting her upstairs to the entrance of our little ‘playroom.’

“You owe me for this,” I told her, and she nodded back gratefully.

I unlocked the door, and motioned her inside.

“Oh my,” she gasped. It was clearly not at all what she’d been expecting. Instead of a cold, unwelcoming cell with a metal bunk and a stainless steel toilet, this one was carpeted wall-to-wall, and with a comfortable queen-sized bed, covered with pillows and a fresh-looking quilt. Right up alongside the bed was a bathtub, and near it was a regular sink & toilet. It all resembled the kind of room you might expect to find at an upscale bread & breakfast, and not at all like a jail cell!

I unlocked her handcuffs.

“Do you think you’ll be comfortable staying in here for the night?”

“Oh, yes,” she smiled with relief, turning to face me. “And thank you so much!”

“Not so fast, pretty girl,” I told her. “I’m not finished with you just yet… this may not look very much like a jail cell, but that’s still what it is.”

“Oh, yes ma’am… I understand!”

“I hope you do… I’ve got to go turn in some paperwork… in the meantime, I want you to get undressed and get into that bathtub… I’ll be back in a few minutes with a towel and something for you to sleep in!”

I was tempted to remain and watch while she undressed, but that was entirely unnecessary, as I’d be seeing all of her soon enough!

I walked back to the front desk and signed out for the night. I certainly wasn’t going anywhere this evening… my fun was going to be right here! I then went to the linen cabinet for a fresh towel, and then into the evidence room where I found a sexy, skimpy little nightie that had been confiscated from a shoplifter who’d stolen it earlier in the day from Victoria’s Secret. And finally I went to my own locker where I kept my toy collection.

When I returned to ‘the playroom,’ Miss Maddie Olsen was nude and comfortably soaking in the bathtub. She looked up in surprise as I entered the room, locking the door behind me. I smiled and then sat down alongside her, announcing that I’d finish bathing her. Before she could protest I pulled out my handcuffs and manacled her wrists to the plumbing fixture.

“Is this really necessary?” she asked.

“As a matter of fact, it is,” I replied. “I can’t risk having you trying to escape while my back is turned, now can I?”

“But I wouldn’t…”

“Of course you wouldn’t,” I interrupted. “Look, sweetie, you’re in jail now, and you might as well get used to taking orders… I’m in charge here, get it?”

“Yes, ma’am… of course.”

I then grabbed the bar of soap and began running it all over her gorgeous young body, gliding it over her smooth wet skin, along her shoulders, back, ass, & legs. She looked uncomfortable the entire time, but trust me, it was heavenly.

“Get onto your elbows and knees,” I ordered. “And arch your back… I want this pretty butt of yours up in the air so that I can give it some special attention.”

“But why…?” she started to protest, her argument cut off in mid-sentence by the palm of my hand sharply slapping her luscious derriere.

“You will do as I ordered, understand?”

“Yes, ma’am,” she responded, looking back at me with big, soulful eyes as she arched her back and positioned herself as I’d directed. I licked my lips and smiled.

“You’re trembling,” I murmured. “There’s no reason for you to be afraid.”

She nodded, as I then proceeded to sensually bathe her gorgeous body, running my fingertips up her legs and along her beautiful butt without any further objections.

“You know, you could be in that holding cell downstairs right now with a big butchy dyke,” I reminded her. “And I seriously doubt she’d be bathing you like I’m doing. You really need to show me some appreciation.”

“Yes ma’am,” she whimpered, in a little girl’s voice. “What would you like me to do?”

“Just be obedient,” I told her. “Do whatever I order you to do… and I’ll protect you.”

“Yes, ma’am… I will.”

I then leaned over and began licking her thighs and ass, my hands possessively grabbing her body as my tongue and lips explored her silky-smooth wet skin. She moaned aloud but didn’t move.

“Good girl,” I said, before then unlocking the handcuffs, freeing her wrists. “Kneel down, facing me.”

She did, and I proceeded to begin kissing and sucking on her pert, nicely-formed breasts, kissing and licking her tits and nipples.

“You’re… you’re not going to hurt me, are you?”

“Am I hurting you now?” I smiled. She shook her pretty head no, and I then gently grabbed her head. “Kiss me, Maddie!”

Her arms tentatively moved to my shoulders and around my neck while we kissed long & passionately, my own hands sliding down her back and coming to rest on her curvy little derriere, which I squeezed affectionately.

“Stand up,” I then quietly ordered. She obeyed immediately. My hands then gripped her bottom, pulling her towards me so that I could run my tongue up and down along her soapy wet pussy. Her hands came to rest on my head as she steadied herself, while my tongue found its way inside, licking and sucking on her clit.

“Oh, please…” she whimpered. I laughed, continuing my exploration of her sweet vagina.

“Turn around,” I then ordered. “I want your ass!”

Again, she obeyed, looking over her shoulder at me as I began kissing and licking her beautiful curvy butt, my hands firmly gripping her now by her upper thighs.

“Bend over a bit for me,” I ordered, and when she complied I ran my tongue up her ass crack, eliciting a full-body shudder from my beautiful blonde captive. I then followed that up by biting on her left ass-cheek. Her loud moaning was music to my ears.

“Let’s now get you dried off and ready for bed,” I announced, allowing her one last brief soak to remove my saliva which now covered much of her beautiful nude body. I then grabbed the towel and began tenderly drying her off, afterward dabbing a bit of perfume on her, before then finally handing her the flimsy lingerie I’d brought.

“Put this on.”

She took the tiny bit of fabric from me, and as she stepped into the skimpy light blue panties, she got up the courage to ask, “Are you going to have sex with me now, ma’am?”

I laughed before replying. “Very likely… why do you ask? Does that not appeal to you, Maddie?”

“Well, you see… I’m… I’m really not a lesbian.”

“No… and I never said that you were! But I just so happen to be a passionate lesbian, and I find you to be incredibly attractive… and so yes, I’m probably going to be fucking you shortly!”

“Please… don’t.”

By now she had put on the sexy sleepwear I’d brought for her, and she looked incredibly hot standing there in the amazingly skimpy little outfit.

“Turn around for me, Maddie… and let me look at you.”

She obeyed. Her ass looked especially delicious. So did her long legs, slender waist, & those luscious breasts. I licked my lips as I sat down on the bed.

“Come over here, Maddie, and sit on my lap,” I ordered.

She obeyed, but at the same time appeared terrified. As my arms went around her waist, I began kissing her neck and shoulders.

“All of this beauty,” I whispered. “It’s a shame to have it go to waste… and if not me, then it’s going to be somebody else… wouldn’t you rather have me making love to this gorgeous body of yours than some bull-dyke downstairs?”

“I suppose so,” she whimpered, starting to cry.

“Shhhh…” I whispered into her ear. “There’s no cause for that.”

“I’m afraid.”

“Don’t be,” I murmured, nuzzling her neck with my lips.

Meanwhile, my hands began running up and down her legs, gently caressing her thighs, before then squeezing her lovely bottom.

“Kiss me, Maddie,” I murmured. “Pretend that I’m your boyfriend.”

“But you’re a woman,” she whispered back, as we kissed again. Her lips felt wonderful. This girl knew how to kiss.

“Maybe so,” I smiled. “But I’ve got something that I’m sure I can make you appreciate.”

I then reached over and grabbed my strap-on-dildo, which I’d brought up from my locker for exactly this kind of occasion. Her eyes widened in fear as she saw it.

“Are you going to use that on me?”

“Yes, I am… do you think you’re ready for it?”

“I… I really don’t think so…”

“Well, I do,” I smiled, continuing to kiss and caress her. “You want to make me happy, don’t you?”

I could see her eyes once again welling-up in tears.

“Please… no!”

“It’s too late for that, Maddie… I’ve got you here with me in this room… I’ve bathed you and perfumed you, and now I want to fuck you!”

“But… why?”

“Well, let’s go over the reasons together, shall we? First of all, you broke the law tonight, drinking & driving…”

“I only had two drinks…”

“Quiet!” I ordered. “Secondly, you showed up here looking incredibly hot in that short, tight-little-skirt…”

“Thank you…”

“I’ve got to have you now… it’s your own fault… and lastly, I never got to dance with you that night at ‘Charli’s Place’… and so now that I’ve got you here all alone with me I’m going to take full advantage of it!”

“But I’ll dance for you now!”

“Too late for that,” I laughed. “But… tell you what… if you want to give me a sexy lap-dance right now I’ll take it!”

“Does that mean that you won’t be raping me afterwards?”

“Who says anything about my raping you… I’ve just gotta have this gorgeous ass of yours, is all!”

“You’re… you’re crazy,” she objected.

“Yes… I suppose I am… crazy like a predatory-lesbian-fox,” I laughed, pulling her down onto the bed and wrestling her over my knee where I then proceeded to slap her gorgeous ass a few times while she struggled and screamed.

“Nobody can hear you screaming down here,” I laughed, eventually pinning her arms over her head and kissing her. Again, she tried to resist, unsuccessfully. “You’re all mine, sweet-cheeks!”

While holding her down with one arm I then grabbed my handcuffs and swiftly manacled her wrists to the bedpost to keep her from escaping. I then rolled her over onto her stomach so that I could slap her ass a few more times before then leaning down to bite and nibble those gorgeous ass cheeks. This seemed to calm her down. She eventually stopped struggling, and actually began softly moaning while I repeatedly kissed her curvy behind.

“You like this…” I murmured. “Don’t you?”

She didn’t reply, but wiggled her butt ever so slightly.

“Do you want me to continue kissing your beautiful rump, or not?”

“I don’t mind it too much…” she whimpered. “You really have an experienced mouth… it feels wonderful.”

I laughed and continued smooching her gorgeous derriere, covering it with wet kisses. She’d do a little appreciate wiggle whenever I stopped.

“OK, Maddie… we’ve seemed to have reached an agreement of sorts,” I said, my face resting on her curvy ass. “Are you ready to take our relationship to the next level?”

“Will you promise to be gentle?”

“I promise,” I murmured, before then biting down once more on her curvy butt cheek, eliciting a yelp and a seductive wiggle.

I then got up and began pulling off my uniform, undressing down to my black sports-bra and matching spandex briefs, before then putting on my strap-on while she watched me with widened eyes, still lying on her stomach.

“You look incredibly beautiful in that skimpy lingerie,” I told her. “You’ve got a really gorgeous body, Maddie.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

I then returned to the bed, lying down behind her so that I could once again start kissing her beautiful butt, as that seemed to relax her. She responded with a moan and a slight wiggle.

“I’m going to mount you now doggy-style,” I informed her. “So I’m going to want you to raise that gorgeous ass of yours… arching your back… yes, just like that… damn, your butt looks good!”

I leaned down and began smooching it some more. Then I gently pulled down the girl’s flimsy panties and positioned myself directly behind her, playfully slapping her butt with the dildo before then gently easing it into her awaiting pussy from behind. She immediately moaned, and then began bucking as I began rocking her back & forth, my hands firmly grasping her by the hips while I fucked her.

Her moans turned into bleats as I then began to rhythmically spank her ass while rocking her back & forth. This is what I’ve always loved doing to pretty young girls, whether they’re handcuffed to the bed or not. But yes, I generally prefer them handcuffed.

Her body looked amazing from my vantage point, and her hips and ass felt both silky-smooth and deliciously firm under my tight grip. I slapped her ass a couple more times, delighting in her submissive bleats, as she acknowledged my control over her gorgeous person. She was mine.

Upon eventually rocking to a halt, I continued fondling & caressing her body before then leaning down to begin kissing the back of her neck & shoulders… eventually sliding the strap-on out of her pussy and lying down on top of her, gently grinding her while doing so.

“Now… that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

She moaned, pushing her ass up against my groin, wiggling it ever so delightfully against my pussy.

“That was wonderful,” I heard her whisper.

I then gently turned her over onto her back so that I could then begin kissing her passionately. As her wrists were still manacled to the bedpost she couldn’t move very much, but she raised her head to meet my lips with her own.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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