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Wednesday morning when I wake up, my clit is sore and tender and my nipples are still a bit sore. This week is going by so slowly. What will the pervert have in mind today? I wonder.

My text alert goes off and I’m told I can wear whatever I choose, as long as I wear the new bra. I hate the No-bra. I feel exposed and nervous every time I wear it and though my nipples feel better today, there is nothing that will help this dilemma.

If I wear a light-colored shirt of any kind, my nipples will look like beacons. If I wear light fabric of any sort, my nipples will be obvious and hard all day. If I choose a sweater, the fibers will irritate my nipples all day… I kick the dresser and scream.

Who was this asshole!? This is so unfair!

Most of my shirts were bought to go with my bras and to accentuate my cleavage. Now, with the No-bra if I accentuate my cleavage, it looks like I’m not even WEARING a bra and it’s tacky. V-necks are popular in my closet.

I decide that my red button-up shirt is the least offensive, though it hugs my breasts but it does give more support than my V-necks and lighter fabrics. With black slacks and heels, I feel almost normal.

On the way out the door, my text alert goes off:

“Shelly” -Be sure to band your nipples on the walk to work, slut.

What the fuck!? This shirt is tight enough that my nipples will be like front-facing marbles. What fucking choice do I have!? A painful sweater? Light, airy fabrics that will let my breasts bounce freely and hug my nipples? This is humiliating.

“E-Phone” -Yes, Sir.

A quick trip to the bathroom and there they are, my sore, throbbing marbles. Fuck.

I hurry to work, which as usual now, caused bouncing, and stares from passers-by. What choice do I have? My nipples are on fire and now I’m starting to get wet between my legs. I hate this.

I stand in the elevator next to two men who don’t work on my floor. I feel them staring at my breasts like hungry wolves and my face burns with embarrassment. Why the fuck does it take so long to get to my floor!?

My impatience is about to make me scream when the door opens to my floor and I rush to the bathroom to take the bands off. The blood rushes back to my nipples and I cringe, trying not to scream. I clean the wetness from between my legs and head for my cubicle.

There is a manila envelope on my keyboard. Dammit, I just came from the bathroom.

Inside the envelope are a small metal ball that looks like a large marble but heavier and a 12″ wooden ruler. The note is typed:


This ball is to be held in your vagina today. It was a slight weight to it, which will require your muscles to hold it in place and fight gravity. Every time throughout the day that it slips out, even while you are using the bathroom, you will spank each side of your ass five times Escort Bayan with the ruler. Make it hurt, I want pictures every time you punish yourself. I better see redness.

Hold on tight!


I had never tried to hold anything in before, but it didn’t seem so hard. I went into a stall and dried things as much as I could before pushing the ball into me. It felt nice nuzzled in there and I squeezed as I walked to hold it in place.

For an hour, I sat at my desk, the ball nuzzled right where it should be and did some data entry that I was behind on. This day would be easier than the others and I felt relieved.

My coworker asked me to get coffee with her and I agreed. I kept squeezing as I walked to the break room. I wasn’t expecting what came next.

My coworker and I sipped our coffee and she looked me straight in the eye, “Is everything okay, Shelly?” She glanced briefly at my breasts and continued to drink her coffee.

“Um. Yeah, great. Why?”

“You’ve just been…dressing different lately and some people…”

“Well, some people can kiss my ass.” I took my coffee with me as I left the break room. What the hell!? I had changed the bra I wore and it was the gossip of the fucking week! It made me angry that I had been blackmailed into this and now it was being judged as one of MY decisions.

I had to pee.

In the bathroom, I relaxed my muscles to urinate and felt the ball shift. I tensed my muscles and tried to figure out a way to pee while keeping the ball nuzzled where it belonged. No dice. I finally relaxed and let the ball fall out into my hand, peeing on myself as I did it.

When I was all cleaned up, I left my pants down and slapped my left cheek with the ruler. It stung, but I knew if my skin didn’t look like it had hurt, this jerk wouldn’t believe me and all of this would be for nothing, Matt would have the videos. I brought the ruler down on my skin again and it burned. Determined, I quickly gave myself three more whacks as hard as I could, pretending I was punishing someone else.

My skin was sore, but I quickly did the other cheek and got my phone to take a picture. Ass selfies in a public bathroom are difficult, by the way.

When the picture was sent, I washed the ball and went back into the stall to re-insert it. The weight of the ball was making it harder to hold in place, but I made it back to my desk.

About an hour later, I got a text:

“Shelly” – do your nipples and your clit for fifteen minutes.

I didn’t have time for this shit! Dammit.

“E-Phone” -Yes, Sir.

When I left the bathroom, my nipples were burning and standing at attention and my clit was throbbing delightfully with the pressure and a little pain from being sore. The ball felt heavy.

At my desk, Mr. Starr came into my cubicle and asked where a Bayan Escort contract was he had been waiting on. I explained to him that I was having trouble with the file and IT hadn’t shown up to help me.

“Well, let me at it.” He gestured for me to get up. I stood behind him as he clicked around on my computer.

It seemed like Mr. Starr was taking forever. I squeezed as hard as I could to keep the ball in place, but that put pressure on the clit clamp and made it sting a bit. Time was clicking by and it had been fifteen minutes already. My nipples felt like they would fall off.

“There we go, just a few more… Yup, you can print it now.” Mr. Starr smiled up at me with self-satisfaction. “I need in five. Thanks, Shelly.” He patted my shoulder and headed for his office.

I looked toward the bathroom. I could do this quickly. I grabbed the ruler and walked quickly. I could feel the ball slipping down a bit. It edged out just enough that when I squeezed I actually pushed it out. It fell down the leg of my slacks and rolled across the bathroom floor just as I walked in the door. I chased it down and went into a stall.

The rubber bands came off and my nipples lit on fire as the blood rushed back to their sore selves. I washed the ball and re-inserted it. I made sure I did 5 slaps on each cheek with the ruler and sent the horny bastard a picture. Only then did I realize I hadn’t taken off the clit clamp. I removed it and relaxed a little as the blood rushed back and I eased into the pain.

I relaxed too much and the ball fell out again. SHIT! My ass felt hot and it was stinging.

Five more on each side and another photo. I had to get this fucking contract printed!

I rushed back to my desk, checked my spelling and sent the contract to the printer. I made it to Mr. Starr’s office Just as he was stepping out to leave.

Thank you, Shelly! Always so prompt.” He smiled and dashed for the elevator. But stopped to turn around, “You okay, Shelly? You look a little flushed.”

“Yeah, never better. Just rushing to get that done for you.” I smiled and headed for my cubicle. There were small, minute changes happening here and it seemed as if everyone was noticing.

The ball was feeling weighty, so I returned to my desk and got down to work. Throughout the rest of the day, I had to spank myself with that ridiculous ruler numerous times. Matt had packed my lunch and made the tuna sandwich incredibly spicy. While guzzling water to cool off my mouth, I choked and the coughing fit sent the ball shooting out of me. More hits.

I stood up to peek over the cubicle wall and ask my co-worker about a case and it fell out onto the floor. More hits.

I sneezed three times and it came out once. More hits.

Not to mention every time I had to pee, it would fall out and I would pee on my hand Escort trying to keep it from falling into the toilet. More hits.

By the time it was 5:00, my ass was burning and sore and so tender that the fabric of my pants rubbing my cheeks as I walked made me wince in pain. Of course I was told to wear the clit clamp and band my nipples for the walk home. Whoever this asshole was, he was making sure I was in pain. Or was it pleasure?

The walk home nearly killed me. Everything hurt and my mind was on nothing but taking it all off and laying naked on my cool sheets. I wanted Matt home. I needed him to fuck me.

I got home before Matt did and took everything off, as the clit clamp came off, the ball fell out. Was this technically still during the day? I decided to just do it. I spanked my tender cheeks and sent a photo. Everything hurt but my pussy was soaking wet.

I got a text from Matt saying that he was working late and didn’t know when he’d be home. He missed me, I was sexy, blah blah blah. I needed to be fucked!

I decided against going out, I couldn’t afford any more photos or videos ‘out there’ and I didn’t feel like explaining why my ass was red with welts. I settled for my trusty vibrator.

The sheets were, in fact, cool on my skin. When the vibrator roared to life and I pressed it to my clit, I winced in pain. This wasn’t going to be easy. It took me an hour to make myself cum twice before I gave up. I was usually able to cum 6 or 7 times in an hour. The pain worked my patience and I must say, I have very little.

I fell asleep naked and didn’t even notice when Matt came in. I didn’t wake up until I heard a rhythmic noise and felt someone above me. I slowly opened my eyes to Matt straddling me, his slicked-up cock in his hand, jerking it as he stared at me sleeping.

“What are you doing?” I was still half asleep.

“Shhhhhh…” He pressed his finger to his lips and kept working at himself.

I had to admit, it was sexy to watch him pump his cock in his fist as he stared at me. I started to touch my breasts as I watched, carefully avoiding my sore nipples. Just as I started to lick my lips, wishing he’d take a break and fuck me, he let go and came. Ropes of sticky cum shot toward my face in waves. When he was finished, it felt like it was covering every inch of my face.

Matt looked satisfied and handed me a towel just as some dripped down my chin onto my neck. I cleaned my face and looked over at Matt, who was smiling.

“You looked so sexy laying there, naked. I couldn’t resist. Those nipples of yours are so pink and perky lately.”

“Yes, they are.” I kept waiting for him to get my dildo out or go down on me, but he made no effort whatsoever to please me. We talked for a few minutes and he was snoring.

I pouted for a while and then realized that I’d made myself cum earlier too. I guess fair was fair. But he didn’t know that. Jerk.

My text alert went off,

“Shelly” – Rest up, slut! Tomorrow will be a great adventure!

“E-Phone” – Yes, sir.

What else could this freak possibly force me to do to myself?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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