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As the temporary GM accompanies Emily into the hotel, she asks him to have the Head of Security prepare a document outlining the current security structure and procedures for her inspection, noting that the document should include details for the penthouse. On the way to her penthouse, she asks for a written briefing on staff that will provide service in the penthouse, adding that the owner’s luxury suite will be required for herself and Sansa and a further suite for Amy. Their 6 personal staff will require 3 twin rooms with en suite. All these rooms to be within the penthouse. He assures her that her instructions will be carried out.

Sansa leads Emily into their owner’s suite. The centre and main part of the floor is laid with highly polished marble tiles that are sunk below the surrounding floor by almost 8 inches. The U shaped surrounding floor is exquisite marquetry consisting of several shades of wood. A few inches in from the steps down onto the marble tiles, at intervals of about 8 feet, are fluted plaster columns. Between each pair of columns hang a pair of heavy red velvet curtains with broad gold strips near the edges, they are gathered by a gold silk rope with ornate braided knots from which cascade multiple threads of gold. On the wall behind each pair of columns is an art decor gold sconce throwing out a soft beam of light, as if pretending to be a distant lighthouse.

The sunken marble tiled area features the lounge that is sumptuously furnished with armchairs, couches and chaises longues with fabric to match the red of the curtains and the woodwork matching the gold. Occasional tables of expertly carved wood, painted with gold leaf, are placed so that every seated position has a table within reach. There are matching gold art decor overhead lights but the effect from the sconces is so special the overheads are unlikely to be used as much.

At he open end of the U shape are glazed bi-fold doors through which is a beautiful view of Old Delhi with its Jama Masjid (mughal styled mosque), Sri Lakshmi Narayan Mandir (Hindu temple) and the Red Fort. The doors open completely in both directions to provide access to the substantial terrace. Unseen until in use, the folding screen can be covered completely with one of 2 light excluding screens. One is a reproduction view of the other 3 sides of the room. The other is a silver screen on which a projector fixed to the ceiling between the centre set of columns projects the image. A computer controls the projector and sound system to transform the whole room into a cinema.

Sansa takes Emily by the hand and leads her to the hidden door, even the door knob is a matching red and only when up close it is just possible to see the outline of the door. She opens it and they step into another world. A beautiful wood panelled room with 2 walk-in wardrobes, double vanity units, all built-in seemlessly to the eye in beautiful teak, inlaid with motifs in sandalwood. Emily walks into a wardrobe to see all her gowns and dresses neatly hanging in line and her shoes, placed in pairs on a purpose built rack, ready to be inspected and chosen for an outfit. She says that she has never seen anything like it and Sansa agrees. Like children in a toy shop they examine the vanity units and find every cosmetic they could dream of, with a range of exotic creams and lotions as well.

They go through a door, opposite the entrance from the lounge, and enter a fabulous en-suite. There’s a huge corner bath with spa jets, a walk-in shower to easily take two people, twin wash Ankara Escort basins and twin Japanese bidet toilets that wash and dry ‘down there’ after the WC has been visited. There are also 2 massage couches and the ladies hope there is a masseuse available on call. There’s a second door that leads to the bedroom. But Sansa wants Emily to enter their bedroom for the first time from their changing room so taking her hand, she leads her back into the changing room and stands her in front of the door. “Don’t move” she says and goes into the bedroom via the en-suite to open the door for her.

Emily gasps as the door is opened and she sees the full beauty of their bedroom. It is decorated to resemble the palace of a Maharajah. On a raised platform there is the biggest bed she has ever seen, a 4 poster with net curtains that close to provide a screen through which one might peer and believe they have looked into the mists of heaven. The ceiling is sky blue with classical Indian artwork in white plaster, reminiscent of the fine china and pottery of the Briton Josiah Wedgwood. The exquisite furniture is probably based on the British Georgian period. Beautifully upholstered in sky blue, the woodwork is carved by Indian master carvers and painted with gold leaf. There is a whole wall of the room, like the lounge, that is taken up with bi-fold doors that also provide, when the curtains are open or when the doors are folded back, a panoramic view of Old Delhi. The girls embrace, loving their new home.

Emily’s mobile rings, it is Sushila so Emily puts her on speaker so Sansa can listen in. She asks if she may meet with the ladies. She has news that she doesn’t want to discuss on the phone and anyway would like to see them all again. Sansa nods smiling saying they’d love to see her again. Emily giggles and tells Sushila that she completely agrees. They are at the penthouse if she has time to visit. Sushila says that’s exactly the response she was hoping for and will be with them soon.

They go to find Amy and find her in the lounge taking coffee. They all exchange their news and enthuse about their new home. The house phone rings and Ranjit answers. He announces that Ms Sushila Mitra has arrived so, with their permission, he will go to accompany her to the penthouse. When Sushila arrives, Ranjit says he will arrange for fresh coffee and biscuits. Sushila approaches with a broad smile and they all greet her with warm hugs. As they sit, Sushila says she would like them to see her tattoo. So she pushes elements of her sari apart to expose the small of her back and her treasured little Monarch butterfly tattoo. The girls clap with delight and rise, turn and reciprocate. Sansa says: “There, we are a unique set of 4” and they all laugh together.

Emily invites Sushila to tell them her news and Sushila responds: “Bangkok Girl remains at her berth in Bangkok having been confiscated by the Thai authorities during the legal formalities. She is the exact sister of ‘Dubai’ that cost $350 million and is owned by His Highness Sheik Mohammed Rashid al-Maktoum (ruler of Dubai) who designed the decadent interior. I have secretly been told that, in view of her history and need of a thorough clean and service, the Thai authorities have had her valued at $200 million, but would accept an offer of $150 million from ‘my client’. They require early confirmation of intention to purchase. On the other matter, the producers of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel have indicated they are willing Sincan Escort to sell to Ms Emily Berkshire the right to use in perpetuity the name ‘The Best Erotic Marigold Hotel of (city name)’ at a price of $100,000″.

The girls thank her and having already discussed it among themselves, Sansa asks if she would like to be part of the Bangkok Girl project with them. Sushila is delighted by the idea, confessing that apart from her joy at meeting the girls, she has found law very dull when she considers their lifestyle here and possibly away for working holidays on board Bangkok Girl. She has considered it a lot, even to the extent of wishing she could put her law career on hold and become a career prostitute like her best friends here present have done. Emily suggests they take a short holiday very soon and visit Bangkok Girl. They all love the idea and Sushila volunteers to make use of a contact and hire his Learjet 75 which seats up to eight passengers. Amy wonders if the Thai authorities would allow them to stay on board during their visit, Sansa and Emily think it is a wonderful idea and they add that as well as the 4 ladies, they will be accompanied by 3 PSOs. Emily asks Sushila to close the deal buying her the right, in perpetuity, to use the title: “The Best Erotic Marigold Hotel” for the sum of $100,000.

In a quiet moment Sushila asks Emily whether she has had a chance to think about applying to join the Delhi High Court Bar, adding that she would be very pleased to sponsor her and that discreet enquiries suggests that her application would be welcomed. Emily thanks her for following up and in view of their possibly wishing to establish their own chambers one day, she would love to have her sponsorship. Sushila is delighted and says she will get things moving on her behalf.

Sushila gets off her mobile and asks Emily how long it will take for her to collect all her legal documentation as her uncle, the Chief Justice, is happy to meet and admit her to the bar at her earliest convenience this afternoon. Emily gasps and asks if she needs to be in her court sari, Sushila says that is not required. Five minutes later Emily has retrieved her brief case containing all her documentation and with Nilesh they excuse themselves.

At the courthouse Sushila is well known and on her pass they are admitted. Sushila leads her up the stairs and takes the opportunity to tell her that her uncle will be pleased to meet such a beautiful young lady. Emily smiles as they walk together along the corridor. The Chief Justice smiles as they are admitted and embraces Sushila then bows to Emily and holds out his hand saying that he is delighted to meet her. She returns his bow and puts her hand into his. Smiling, Emily says that the honour is all hers. When seated, she produces each document as it is requested, then a clerk takes them for photocopying. While he is away, she is sworn in as a Member of the Delhi High Court Bar and he shakes her hand in congratulations and Sushila opts for an enthusiastic hug which Emily returns not knowing how else to respond in that fleeting moment. The clerk returns with her documentation and a bar certificate that the Chief Justice signs and stamps then presents to her. She thanks His Honour for his kind reception and carefully places the documents back into her briefcase before they take their leave.

Back at the hotel entrance, Emily notes the armed security guard with satisfaction. Sushila says she will call for them in the limousine Etlik Escort at 11:00 in the morning. Emily says if she can spare the time, to join them for breakfast at 10:00 and Sushila says with a laugh: “It’s a date!” Emily is also pleased to note the presence of an armed security guard outside the lift to the penthouse.

In the penthouse Emily is greeted by Sansa and Amy and they all take tea together. The conversation turns to Sushila and inviting her to become a member of their family. Emily replies that she is more than happy with the idea, but suggests waiting till they get back from Bangkok before making the decision. This will give them all an opportunity over a few days to experience how the enlarged family might feel. All happily agree. Emily, Sansa and Amy confess to a little nervous excitement over returning to Bangkok.

Sushila arrives at 10:00 a.m. and they commence their adventure together by taking breakfast. By 11:00 a.m. they are all in the black limousine with their 3 PSOs and their luggage in the boot. It is rather early for alcohol so they decline drinks and the car pulls away smoothly to take them to the airport. On the way, Sushila tells them that they are expected and will be briefly welcomed by the Port Admiral. Then they will be conducted, by one of the Port Officers, on board the Bangkok Girl. The vessel has been made ready for them with a reduced staff as they will not be putting to sea today. After settling into their suites, luncheon will be served and the Port Officer will conduct a guided tour of the complete vessel. In the morning a crew from The Royal Thai Navy will board and Bangkok Girl will depart on a 4 day cruise.

The flight and limo ride to the Port of Bangkok are uneventful. As per Sushila’s briefing, they are met by the Port Admiral and his Port Officers. He conducts them to his office and refreshments are served as they stand and talk. The Admiral says that every assistance will be given to facilitate their decision making. He hopes that they will be in a position to decide on their return from sea.

The vessel has been cleaned thoroughly inside and out. All the engines, electrics, etc. have been serviced and where necessary restored to correct and full function. Furnishings have all been steam cleaned, and removable fabrics washed, otherwise the vessel is as they will remember. Emily bows in respect and thanks the Admiral for his kind reception and having Bangkok Girl made ready for them. The Admiral returns her bow and thanks Emily for her courtesy and wishes her, Sansa and Amy a happy reunion with Bangkok Girl. He nods to a Port Officer and says that the Lieutenant will act as their Liaison on board.

The Lieutenant bows and conducts the party to the gangway and on board Bangkok Girl. He says the vessel can accommodate 48 guests in 24 suites and a crew of 88 including staff. The yacht is one of the largest in the world. With a length of 162 meters (532 ft) and a displacement of 13,470 tons. Her top speed is 26 knots.

First Emily Emily arches her back pushing her sex against her face and emits a poorly muffled scream of release as she sprays her fingers. Sansa climbs up Emily’s body so they are face to face, they both lick the nectar from her fingers and French kiss, totally and utterly engaged with each other.

Sansa strips naked to reveal her beautiful body and they take turns to wax each other. They then take a deliciously intimate shower together during which Emily finger fucks her with the ball of her thumb softly anchored on her clitoris. When she hooks her fingers and finds her g-spot it is only a matter of time before Sansa achieves ecstasy. They dry each other, then do each other’s make-up as if young girls playing at being grown-ups. They each choose one of Emily’s saris and help each other to dress for dinner. How much they adore being back on Bangkok Girl!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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