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Back to why I have been recalling that summer so many years ago, to find a birthday present for my brother. I think I’ll just send him this as a surprise. I’d better send it to his office, where he can find it without his wife looking over his shoulder.

I sent the many pages to him, wondering, very curious, about his response. Since I am a writer, he had over the years received large envelopes with texts that I thought he would find entertaining. Sometimes he had, sometimes he had not with comments that I appreciated. He had to find my idea of a present for his 60th birthday interesting, but how would he respond?

I waited, and waited. Was my recital of all we had done now too embarrassing? It hadn’t been 42 year ago – after the first shock for both of us. Then I did get a reply from Tommy. We both still used the diminutive forms of our names that our parents had.

It was a long email, too long for him to have written it in one sitting, also too long for me to read without interruptions, When my husband asked what I was doing at the computer so long, I quickly clicked to my unfinished reply to a more recent one, left unfinished in anticipation of his coming to see what I was doing, since he was retired and around all day, most days. When he wasn’t, getting a wine glass to finish what was in the bottle from the dinner the night before interrupted my reading, more often than I expected, not because Tommy’s email was so long, but because I was always tempted to start at the beginning again. I might have wanted to make some of his sentences clearer, but there was a charming immediacy in his language.

Oh Jessie! What a birthday present that was! I was meaning what you sent me, but that one really was! Better not write the expletive I just thought. It was that. Did I thank you and Ann and Sue as much as I should have? Maybe I did, not with words.

Okay, if you could write about it like that, I hope I did without words, but with my mouth. Had you really helped them plan that, at least known what they had planned? With hindsight, I understood why we all should drink wine. Was I really a little drunk? Were you? Or did we all just need an excuse to let it happen? It sure did! At that age, the unexpected sight of their breasts and then yours would have made any kid do anything girls wanted.

Sure, I had problem looking at yours, but you were showing them to me. Did I really then in the bedroom lick and suck all your breasts. Did I wonder why their open beds had been pushed together? They always were after that, at least, when I or both of us were with them. I don’t think that I wondered about that; I was too much wondering about why all of you – me too – had our shirts off.

And then skirts were off! Remember how their hair could be seen? Oh, a lot more is coming back to me. They had their panties off. No, first, I had to take my pants off. Was I embarrassed, but not yet bare-assed, but then we all were. I was appreciating that you didn’t want to show me yours, but then they insisted. They were right; I could see yours a lot better. Even if was my sister’s, there was nothing else a youngster could think about and want to do with his hand, especially when all of you also were.

Well, you know what happened. Don’t think I had ever came like that before. If you want to know, a couple of times up on my shoulder, maybe some, that I had to deflect under the covers with my hand. You told me that I came five times? Can’t do that now.

Yes, well, don’t really have to tell you any recollections about how it was. Yours brought back memories that I had forgotten, should have forgotten But it was so good; not just what we did, but that you three had known that I needed it.

“Needed it” Of course I needed it, like any male would in that situation. What I mean is that you all understood that a young guy should know what you showed me. My girlfriend – what was her name? – didn’t thank me directly, but when she eventually (wasn’t going to use this language) sucked my cock, it was all thanks to you and Sue and Ann.

I shouldn’t say it, but of those four, I always liked yours best. No, that is bass-ackwards, I was recalling that I had liked licking your pussy best. Now I have said that. Not just because you have so little hair, and because I could so many times at home that summer. And that you could! Have to be honest: when a girl want’s do that – all the way – it is always good.

I was surprised, when you wanted to with Sue and Ann watching. I don’t think they watched for long; wouldn’t have mattered if they had. Would we have gone all the way with them watching? We didn’t, but we sure did at home.

Oh, but I never really told you about my first year in college. You three were very right. Did I thank you later for having helped me so well? I hope so. But if I didn’t, I do now, and will tell you how. I wasn’t a young gentleman, you know: except that I didn’t tell, like other guys were, bragging about having gotten to second base, then usually just smirking to suggest they had şanlıurfa escort gone further. With my experience – thank you! – I didn’t have to brag about that or later smirk.

Of course, some girls were shy, willing to kiss after a date, only after the second one. Well, I think they were all like that, but then some were eager to kiss better. Sounds like I dated lots of girls, not that many really, but after a hand on a blouse, and then inside it, and then … If she agreed to come to my room – single room – or even suggested she wanted to see it, you can imagine what then happened. I don’t think I was ever two-timing, if it sounds like it.

They all expected me to be on top, I guess a little to assuage their conscience, that they weren’t showing the initiative, but they weren’t saying no. Oh, a couple did, wanting to keep their panties on, but maybe only the first time like that. It depended on what they said when they were getting dressed again. Some seemed curious about holding a cock, maybe for the first time, some obviously not just curious, and some shy about doing that. I was, of course, wanting to do more than get to third base with just my fingers, if you understand, but I thought that would shock them, unless one wanted to do more than just hold my cock, but none of them did.

But then I was dating Christie: dinner, then a movie or two. She really wanted to kiss and almost seemed to be waiting for me to hold her breast, then encouraging me when I did on our second date. Not back to my room that night, but the next one, and she really wanted to, telling me she was on the pill. Had to use rubbers with most of the ones before her. She wanted me on top, but was a lot more active than any of the others had been, not just waiting for her arousal to make her rock her hips, drawing up her thighs and locking her feet behind my ass and – guess I’m going to have use the word – fucking with me.

That was just the first time. We still did something before we went to my room, but then …! So I thought that I could venture to suggest what else I wanted to do. She was surprised, shocked, saying: “You want to do that, that’s nasty.” Didn’t she lick her own fingers, I asked myself. I just used my fingers, and we fucked again, the first time we had twice. Did I lick my fingers? Can’t remember.

So then the next weekend, a Friday evening, I went to meet her, planning that we would have a quick burger and return to my room. She lived in an off-campus house with a few other girls. She was waiting for me. As we were about to leave, another girl came out of the house with a couple of books and a notebook. She grinned and at us and looked at Christie and said: “I would.”

I looked at Christie in surprise, who looked flustered, blushing. The other girl disappeared in the direction of the library. When I raised my eyebrows questioningly, about to ask what the girl’s remark had been about, Christie gave me very wry little smile, then nodded back at the door to the house and said she’d tell me inside.

“Inside” was in her room with two beds and two desks. She closed the door and gave me another wry smile and said: “My roommate, Laura. Guess we don’t have to go to your room.”

I immediately understood that we could forgo the pretense of doing something before we would have gone to my room, liking my recognition that she also understood that having sex together was why we dated, as apparently her roommate also did, but why had she said that? I asked.

Christie blushed, then after a moment replied:

“She told me I should.”

“Should what?” I asked.

“Let you do what you wanted to – last week.”

This was a real surprise: girls talked more about what happened on dates than guys did! At least, Christie and Laura did, and Christie had told Laura that! And Laura had said that she would?! She would let me – well – a guy lick her pussy, and had gone to the library to let us! And Christie had said we didn’t have to go out and taken me to their room and closed the door. She could have done something else. Did she want me to; what had Laura told her?

I must have had very quizzical expression on my face. Christie had a very wry one and shrugged and answered my unspoken question:

“Her older sister said it was good, better than what a lot of guys do.”

I nodded; I knew that too. She smirked slightly and added: “I guess you have.”

I nodded again, suddenly with a mental image of your pussy and wondering how hers would be. I knew, of course, that she had more hair. Christie smiled wryly with another shrug and began to unbutton her blouse. As we both were taking off our clothes, she murmured:

“It didn’t sound like Laura has, that anyone has with her.”

I was supposed to know that? Christie was wanting to find out before her roommate did, who had told her she should let me? As we were stepping out of our underpants, she looked at me and asked: “If you want to?”

I nodded again with moan. She threw back the covers on her bed and lay down across it, spreading her thighs. Had Laura’s sister told Laura, and she, Christie, that was the best way to do it? My cock was wagging as I knelt down between her thighs. She gasped when my tongue licked up between her moist pussy lips and then moaned.

My first pussy this way in months. Apologies; I wasn’t recalling yours or theirs from last summer. Don’t have to tell you how good it is to lick a pussy. Licked any since? Shouldn’t have asked that.

Christie’s was delightful, and after her initial surprise, she was moaning, trying to muffle the sound with her wrist on her mouth. I reached up and grasped her breasts and caught her stiff nipples between my fingers. I wanted to prove that Laura’s sister had been right – better than guys’ just fucking for their own orgasms. Hers had been very good, so that was a challenge.

There had been quite wet spots on my bed after our fucking, but if the one on the edge of her bed wasn’t even wetter, it was because I had tried to lap up as much of her spurting pussy juice as I could. She had grasped my head with both hands, as she gasped and tried to stifle her moans without having her hand on her mouth. I could only hope that all her housemates were in the library with Laura.

Oh, I forgot that I was telling you about this. You know what happened then. Like so often with you, I rose up and plunged my cock in her dripping pussy. She gasped, but her pussy was clutching my cock. I fucked, and she moaned, sounding like she was resigned to the unexpected intrusion, but then her feet were locked behind me, her hips slapping up against mine. Sorry, it was like the best times with you, Jessie. But wasn’t that what you and Ann and Sue wanted?

That wasn’t the end of it, however. Was it the following week or the next one? I ran into Laura on campus. She smirked. Sure, Christie had told her what had happened. If it was the second week, that we had again. She smirked, and I asked – this is now hard to believe – I asked: “Want me to?”

Her eyebrows shot up, as she stared at me, then blushing. Then she murmured: “You want to?”

I don’t think I nodded directly in reply, just that we should walk together. We hardly looked at each other until we were away from others coming out of the building. Then we did look at each other, both with quizzical expressions. We both must have nodded; I don’t think we repeated our questions. She said something about Christie’s going to sports that afternoon. I said I had a single room, which she must have known. She nodded with almost a moan. I suggested two o’clock. She nodded again. As I began to tell where my dorm was, she said that she knew. We looked at each other and nodded with deep breaths and went our ways.

I spent the rest of the time till then wondering what Christie had told her, rationalizing that if they talked that much about it, what Christie and I did wasn’t emotional we-love-each-other. And if she had confirmed that pussy-licking was better than what lots of guys did, she should also want Laura to enjoy it, who had talked her into letting me show her. Was it two-timing to have sex with roommates who shared that much about what they did?

I’ll try to keep it short. I met Laura outside my dorm and took her to my room. With sniffs and snorts, we almost grinned at each other and took off our clothes: aroused nipples, engorged cock. She glanced at my washbasin, and we both washed. She recognized that I wasn’t circumcised and smiled, saying that Christie hadn’t told her that. I was trying to compare the hair on her pussy with yours, Ann’s and Sue’s – also Christie’s, of course, and a couple of other girls’. I flung back the covers on my bed, and she lay down, grinning at me. Of course, her sister had told her to do it like that, and she had told Christie, and she must have told Laura that she had. Had Laura’s sister told her to spread the lips of her pussy? Christie hadn’t done that.

Her freshly washed pussy soon tasted as good as Christie’s – and yours and all the others’, of course. Leave it at that and forget further comparisons. She came and was delighted – to avoid a comparison – and was just waiting for me to start fucking her. Didn’t have to wait, of course, just let me wonder what Christie had told her.

You probably think I am making this up or combining a couple of experiences to make a good story, like what all we did that summer. No, it was really like that. Thanks for bringing back my recollections of my misspent youth. “Misspent”? I spent a lot of something else, where it belonged, so not that misspent.

Laura wanted to play with my cock, telling that her sister hadn’t mentioned one like mine, but then, when it was enjoying her playing with it, she snickered and said that her sister had told her that men liked women to do something else with it. She looked up at me, as though she wasn’t sure I knew what she meant. I grinned and licked my lips. She smirked and said:

“I guess you do.”

“Um-hmm,” I responded, then asking:

“Does she, did she, your sister?”

“She didn’t say, just that it tastes very strange.”

“Didn’t have to do that to discover that.”

Laura snorted and replied:

“I guess not. Hmm? I didn’t, when I could have. Wow! I made it shoot up all over him.”

Her hand suggested how that had happened, and we both chuckled. I murmured: “Men do like it.”

That was the first time I had referred to myself as a “man.” She looked up from my cock in her hand and asked:

“You know?”

“Um-hmm, but it still feels good, if you don’t want to taste it.”

“Hm-hmm! She said something like that, too.”

“Nice, having an older sister to tell you that, and that you should let me do it.”

“Oh, I am glad that she did, and Christie is too, now.”

“And I am. Guys are lucky that girls all taste so good.”

“And we are. I already knew, but apparently she didn’t.”

“Never licked her own fingers?”

“I didn’t ask her.”

“I hope she does now.”

“Hm-hmm! Me too. Do we all taste the same?”

“The ones I have tasted.”

“Pity other guys haven’t.”

“Their problem. … Maybe like the girls who haven’t.”

“With their fingers?”

“That wasn’t what I meant.”

There was a long pause, while her hand jogged on my cock, and then Laura murmured:

“You want me to?”

“If you want to. I’ll try to warn you, before you have to taste it.”

“You would?”

“I’d try to. Maybe you’d know when I was about to.”

“But if it was being that good, …? I wouldn’t have wanted you to stop. God, that was good!”

“It sure was! I wouldn’t have stopped.”

This was being almost too much. This girl, whose first name I only knew, whom I had only seen twice for a few moments – before we got our clothes off and she had wanted me to lick her pussy and fuck her – was wondering if she was willing to suck my cock.

“You want me to?” she asked again softly, looking at my cock in her hand, watching it roll my foreskin up around the aroused head of it. It surged in her hand. I moaned softly and replied:

“It sure does.”

“Mmmm! It does. … If I’m ever going to, … I guess I have to try.”

Her hand jogged down, and her thumb rubbed where I was most sensitive. My cock surged again, and I moaned and muttered: “If you do that with your tongue …”

She rubbed there again, looking up at me with a grin, and said:

“What I was thinking. It sure worked that time, but I didn’t know about this, think about tasting it.”

“Before it happens again like that,” I murmured, hoping I wouldn’t come too soon again after fucking her, after we had fucked.

“Better try with you, before I fall in love with some guy and he wants me to.”

I loved her attitude; we didn’t love each other; we both were just enjoying the sex, and she already knew what aroused a cock the most. She scrambled down between my legs, still holding it. She looked at it, and then up at me and licked her lips, and then looked down at my stiff cock.

Was it pink or purplish? Shit! Sorry! I keep getting carried away in my telling, forgetting that you knew it better than any of those girls. Don’t think it could now be as shiny – whichever color – as it was back then, and it was, before she murmured: “Just try to warn me; I think I want to.”

It disappeared between her lips. Had her sister told her what to do, or was it her natural talent? Thinking back, remembering my first time, licking Ann’s pussy, I guess it just comes naturally if one wants to. I had, Laura was. You three already had, but she was doing it just as good, and it was so arousing that she was. Too arousing! I managed to blurt out: “Soon! … Stop!”

She hesitated for a moment, but then moaned and continued. She wanted it. She got it! Was it so good because it was the first time like that since you had the last week before we went back to college, or because it was her first time, so eagerly wanting my cock to spurt in her mouth? Whatever, it was that good, and she just gulped, and her tongue wanted all it could find.

Sue’s and Ann’s and yours did to, but I knew it hadn’t been your first times, like it was hers. Whatever she was thinking about the taste, she was obviously savoring it, her tongue swilling around on my cock in her mouth. Then she dove up over me. I knew what to expect, the taste of my semen as her tongue plunged in my mouth. I caressed it, enjoying the taste – like when you did that – not just you, Sue and Ann too. Laura chuckled and retrieved her tongue and murmured, almost triumphantly:

“I did it! However it tastes, I did it!”

“And as good as it could be, thank you!”

“Mmmm! And that was just the first time, I hope.”

It wasn’t, and not just with her. I don’t know what Christie thought about Laura’s telling about what we had done, but then she also wanted to. After I had again with Laura, and we were lying, recovering, I remembered how it had been with you and Ann and Sue, and chuckled and said something about her and Christie not having to need me, if they liked having their pussies licked. Laura was surprised and asked if I really meant it. I nodded with a smirk, and then she did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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