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Jessica and Julie have had a Mistress/Slave for five years. Three as college roommates and 2 since. Jessica has dominated Julie from the first. Both are 25. Jessica is the smaller and looks younger then she is and has blond hair. Julie is taller and has brown hair. Their relationship is not hard core, Julie is just a pussy pleasing slut.

They kept the slavery in the dorm room. And did not let it interfere with college, both graduated with “Honors” and got very good jobs. They rented a very nice two bedroom Condo, and as the Mistress, Jessica got the bigger bedroom. The Slavery did not interfere with work. The Slavery was only on their off time.

At college as now, there was no dressing Julie to humiliate her, or making her fuck 10 guys or girls, or expose her; none of that. Julie was Jessica’s “girl toy”, her “pussy pleasing slut.” Each morning, Julie licks her Mistress to orgasm, and each night, after work, Julie serves her Mistress. Sometimes, her mistress gives her pleasure as well. Julie eats her pussy, fondles her tits and sucks on her nipples, and fucks her with a dildo. When Jessica does Julie, she always fucks her with a strap-on.

One day Jessica came home, with shopping bags, and tells Julie she has a surprise for her and to wait for her in her bedroom, be on the bed naked. She walks into Julie’s room with a note and is dressed as a character. Jessica does not speak. She hands the note to Julie, who reads it.

The note read, “I am Buffy, your 18 year old Slave Girl. You have one hour to use me for your pleasure.” And “Buffy” started a timer.

Julie looks up at Jessica, smiles and says, “Come here Slave Buffy. Eat my pussy.”

Buffy climbed onto the bed, gets between Julie’s legs and started to lick her pussy.

Soon Julie came and she handed Buffy a dildo and said, “Now, fuck me with this dildo.”

Jessica fucked Julie with the dildo and then ate her out again. The timer went off and the hour was over. Julie loved it. And so did Jessica.

Julie asks, “Can we do that again?”

“Yes, we’ll to it once a week.”

And so they did. But, what started out as a “once a week thing”, over time, quickly turned into a daily thing. After just a couple of week, it was changed to twice a week, then four times and eventually seven days a week. And the one hour time limit got longer. The limit went to two hours, then three, and then all evening after work. And on the weekends, the limit kept going up; one hour, then two, then four, then all day, then it was the whole weekend.

At that point, all of Julie’s free time was spent as Buffy. Jessica really gets into the role. Now it is Jessica, in her role as Buffy that serves. Jessica eats her pussy, fondles her tits and sucks on her nipples, and fucks her with a dildo. When Julie does Buffy, she always fucks her with a strap-on.

After four months had passed since the first appearance of Buffy, their relationship in “real life” changed. They were no longer Mistress and Slave. Now, they were just girl friends. And soon after, almost all of their free time from work is “Buffy time.” After 10 months after she first became Buffy, Jessica tells Julie that she is now the Mistress, not only of “Buffy” but of Jessica as well. The transfer of power is complete.

Julie would take “Buffy” out of the Condo at times. To the Mall, a movie theater, an adult bookstore, the beach, etc. And sometimes, “Buffy” would have an adventure. At the Mall, she may be ordered to seduce a sales clerk, or go into a men’s restroom and offer to suck guys off. At a movie theater she may be ordered to sit next to someone and then play with herself.

At an adult bookstore, she may be loaned as a “model” for bondage gear and be used by the staff and customers. At the beach, she may be ordered to expose herself, to play with herself, to let strangers have her. Julie was always close by so that nothing bad would ever happen to Jessica. They both got off on the Adventures.

After a few months of the transfer of power, “Buffy” is left alone for a short while and the front door is unlocked. A neighbor walks in on “Buffy” playing with herself. The neighbor, a woman by name of Suzanne Wellby, is shocked and tells her to stop, and then spanks the “bad little girl.” Julie comes home and sees Jessica getting spanked. Neither Jessica nor the neighbor, sees her.

The next day, Julie goes to the Wellby Condo to talk with Suzanne. Not letting her know that she had seen the spanking. Julie asks her if she could “baby sit once in a while?”

“Sure I could.”

“She is a handful. At any time she’s likely to start playing with herself, if you know what I mean. You may have to spank her. Is that ok?”

“Oh yes.”

“I’ve found after she is spanked, it is a good idea to use her, if you know what I mean.”

“But isn’t she your daughter.”

“No, a family friend. I’m helping them out by keeping her.”

“Oh. Well call me if you need me.”

So at least once a week, Suzanne babysat Buffy. And Buffy was under orders to be a “bad little girl” so she would get Demetevler Escort spanked and then be made to service Suzanne. And to obey orders. Julie would hide in a closet and watch. She also installed digital cameras through the apartment.

Once, and then more often when Julie did not complain, Suzanne brought her husband, Alan with her to baby sit Jessica. Suzanne let Alan fuck Jessica. When Julie did not complain, Suzanne thought that Jessica hadn’t told Julie about it. So more often, Alan came to. Julie loved watching Jessica getting fucked and made to suck cock and eat pussy.

On one memorial night, the Wellby’s brought along another couple and made Jessica suck each man’s cock and eat each women’s pussy. The Wellbys only did that once. Suzanne loved it. Buffy was so complaint, she just did anything she was ordered to do.

One day Suzanne stopped by, and asked Julie if Buffy could help her out.

She said, “You see, I am having a group of important women over to my apartment this Saturday and the woman I had hired to act as my maid has had an accident and can’t to it.”

Julie says, “You want Buffy to be your maid?”

“Yes, but just this Saturday, for the meeting,” Suzanne replies.

Julie says, “Ok. I guess that will work.” Then she laughs and says, “Who knows, she may do such a good job that you’ll want her as your maid more often.”

Suzanne, who thinks that Julie is still clueless about what she has been doing with Buffy, just smiles and says, “Perhaps.”

Suzanne then says, “Well, thank you. Alan and I are going to dinner now. I’ll collect Buffy at 10am on Saturday.”

Julie walks down to the Maintenance Office and, pretending to be locked out of her apartment, gets a key to the Wellby’s apartment from one of the maintenance men. She then walks up to their apartment and looks around. Julie then leaves and goes to a store and buys a bunch of digital cameras. She then goes back to the Wellby’s apartment and installs the cameras. So, now she can get a live feed, and record, all that goes on. Julie can’t wait for Saturday.

At 10a sharp, Suzanne came and took Buffy to her apartment. Julie turned on the live feed and waited for the show.

When Suzanne and Buffy got to her apartment, Suzanne said, “Now Buffy. You are going to be serve drinks and food to my guests today.”

“All right.”

“Now, you be a good girl and do as you are told. Obey all orders.”

“Always ma’am, I like serving you.”

“I have an outfit for you to wear, come with me.”

Suzanne led Buffy to a bedroom and said, “Strip.”

Buffy took off her clothes.

Then Suzanne handed her the outfit and said, “Put this on.”

Watching the feed, Julie laughed when Buffy said, “I like serving you.”

Nice touch she thought. The clothing was a “Sexy Maid Outfit.” No underwear and it left everything exposed and available. Soon Buffy was dressed, her hair in place.

Suzanne then said, “My, don’t you look nice. You’re so pretty; perhaps I should just steal you away from Julie. Would you like that Buffy?”

“She takes good care of me.”

“Perhaps, but think of all the fun we have together. Well, we’ll see.”

Still watching, Julie thought, “Interesting.”

Suzanne went on and said, “My guests will be arriving shortly. Greet everyone at the door. Then we will begin.”

The guests started to arrive at 11a. When each one saw Buffy, their eyes showed their approval.

One said, as she rubbed Buffy’s ass, “Yes, she’s as cute as you said. And she still obeys all orders?”



Soon, there were 12 total women in the apartment. The guests were seated and Buffy was serving drinks.

The women chatted for a while, then one said, “Suzanne, could your maid rub my feet?”

“Yes, Buffy.”

“Yes ma’am”

“Rub her feet.”

Buffy got on her knees and rubbed the women’s feet.

All the women watched and after a few minutes, Suzanne said, “Buffy. Come here, and stand on the coffee table.”

Buffy did as ordered and then Suzanne said, “Buffy, remove your clothing.”

Buffy took off the outfit and was soon standing on the coffee table nude.

Suzanne said, “Isn’t she a vision.”

One says, “Yes she is.”

Some women take out their phones and take photos.

Another says, “And she obeys all orders?”

“Yes, she does.”

The same woman, Sherry, again, “I’ll buy her from you.”

“I’m sorry, I do not own her.”

Sherry, “On, I thought you did. Who does?”

“No one, she has not been Registered and Certified.”

Sherry, “So why don’t you?”

“She’s staying with a family friend, Julie. Poor Julie, she has not got a clue what I have been doing with Buffy.”

When Julie heard that she laughed but the rest of conversation concerned her.

Then Suzanne said, “Enough talk. To business.”

Soon, Buffy was made to service all the women. Suzanne then took Buffy by the hand and pulled her off of the coffee Otele Gelen Escort table and said, “Now Buffy, get on your knees and service my guests, go woman to woman.”

All of the women wore dresses or skirts, so all they had to do was remove their panties and they were ready.

Buffy went to her knees in front of the first woman when Suzanne said, “Ask each woman permission to eat her pussy, Buffy.”

Julie thought, “Nice touch.” and continued to watch.

Buffy ate pussy after pussy after pussy until all the women had been satisfied. Then Suzanne ordered Buffy to bring herself off. And she did, while women either took photos or played with her breasts. At 3p, all the guests but one, Sherry, had left and Suzanne told Buffy to take a shower and clean herself up.

While Buffy took a shower, Suzanne and Sherry talked about Buffy. Julie listened to the two women talk.

Sherry, “Buffy is wonderful, she would make a great Slave.”

Suzanne, “I know but I have no right to her.”

Sherry, “You say this Julie still has no clue what you have been doing with Buffy. She must be a bimbo then.”

Suzanne, “No, she has never, not once, said anything.”

Sherry, “So Buffy hasn’t told her?”

Suzanne, “I guess not.”

Sherry, “Well I want her. There is a Slave Grading next Saturday over in Greenville. You tell this Julie that you want to take Buffy out shopping to thank her for a job well done. We’ll take her to the Slave Grading. She will be Registered and Certified as my Slave. She will be my legal slave.”

Suzanne, “We can’t do that. We don’t have the rights to her.”

Sherry, “I’m taking her. If you don’t help me I’ll ruin you.”

“Ok, I help you.”

Julie thought, “What’s a slave grading?”

Sherry, “Call me when you have made the arrangements.”

Suzanne, “I will.”

Julie thought, “Better find out what they’re talking about.”

Soon, Suzanne brought Buffy back home.

Julie asked, “Was she good?”

“Oh, very,” answered Suzanne, as she turned and walked away.

Julie pulled Buffy inside and said, “You’re in trouble.”

Jessica, “What are you talking about?”

Julie, “That Sherry wants to take you to a “Slave Grading” on Saturday, whatever that is, and make you her legal Slave.”

They researched “Slave Grading” and were shocked at what they found. The legal slavery had a small following, but more than one might think. One could buy and sale slaves. And they found info on the Slave Grading on Saturday. They also found information on Sherry. She is a rich widow who lives alone and has no family.

Julie thought it out and said, “Well, as much as I love her, Buffy needs to go away for a while. We’ll tell Suzanne that her parents came and picked her up. We’ll make you look older and call you my Mother.”

Jessica got dressed and they left for the mall. They bought some older woman clothing and a wig. When they got back home, Jessica put on an outfit, put on the wig and applied makeup to make herself look older.

When Julie saw her, she said, “Damn, you look great. You look like you’re 45.”

Jessica, “Thanks.”

Julie told Jessica, her “old” looks name would be Betty. When you get home from work, immediately get into the “Betty” character.

On Wednesday, Suzanne stopped by and asked “if she could take Buffy out shopping Saturday as a way of saying thank you.”

Julie, “Oh, I’m sorry. She’s not here. Her parent came and took her home.”

“What! She can’t be, she…” and she turned and left.

Friday evening, Suzanne and Sherry showed up.

Sherry got right to the point and said, “I was most impressed by Buffy this past Saturday. I would like to talk to her parents about sending her to college. Could you give me their phone number?”

Julie, “No, but I can pass on yours.”

Sherry, “I would rather call myself.”

Julie, “Sorry.”

Just then, “Betty” walked into the room.

Julie, “Hi mom. This is Suzanne, she lives in the building. And this Sherry. They were just leaving.”

Julie could tell that Sherry did not like being dismissed.

Sherry said, “You should be careful my dear. I always get what I want.”

Julie thought, “She just threatened me.” and she said, “And you, Suzanne and all the other ladies should be careful too.”

Sherry, “Why?”

Julie, “Because I know what you did with Buffy. You could all go to prison.”

Sherry, “She told you.”

Julie, “Perhaps, or maybe I have other means.”

Sherry. “Nice try. I don’t believe you.”

Julie turned to Betty, “Mother, hand me the file folder.”

Julie looked in the file folder and pulls out a photo, and said to Sherry, “This is you, getting your pussy eaten by a girl, isn’t it?” She went on, “Now get out and don’t come back. Leave us and leave Buffy alone.”

The two women left.

Julie and Jessica hugged and Julie said, “We’ll keep an eye out for trouble and we’ll keep Buffy on ice for a while. You can change Balgat Escort back to Jessica now.”

It was quite for a long time and the girls were not bothered. After 5 months, they began to relax and Buffy returned. Both Jessica and Julie missed Buffy. One Friday, Jessica was home early from work and Buffy appeared. There was a knock on the door, and Buffy answered it. When she opened the door, she was grabbed by two men and a third put a cloth over her mouth. And she was out.

When Julie came home and saw that Jessica wasn’t home, she got concerned. After looking around the apartment, she could tell Jessica had been home and was now Buffy.

“Where is she? I better check the feed.”

Julie looked at the last 2 hours, saw Jessica come home, change and answer the door. And she saw her taken. When Julie saw Buffy getting kidnapped, she almost panicked. But she calmed down.

She thought, “It has to be that Sherry and Suzanne.”

Julie went right up to Suzanne apartment and using her key, walked right in.

She walked right up to Alan and said, “Where’s Suzanne?”

Alan, “I don’t know.”

Julie, “You look nervous. Where are they with Buffy?”

Alan, “I don’t know.”

Julie then kicked Alan in the balls, sending him screaming to the floor. Julie went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and returned.

“Alan, answer me or I will cut your cock off.”

Alan, “They took her to Greenville. There is a Slave Grading tomorrow.”

Julie then tied him up and put a gag on him, and left. After warning Alan that she “had everything that had been done to Buffy on video. So keep quite.”

Julie called up a male friend, Rick, and asked him to come with her to Greenville. After a brief story, Rick agreed to help. They drove to Greenville and found the hotel. With a little sweet talk from Rick to the desk clerk, they had the room number where the three were staying and a room key for it.

They got a room for themselves and at midnight, they entered the room and surprised them. Rick and Julie tied Sherry and Suzanne up and then they checked on Jessica, who said, “I’m ok.”

Julie then saw the bondage gear on the table.

Julie then said, “Strip them both and put them in chains.”

Soon both Sherry and Suzanne were nude, collared, with wrist cuffs and leg irons. With a chain connecting all and their hands were tied behind their backs. And ball gags in their mouths.

On Saturday, they took Sherry and Suzanne to the Slave Grading. Julie signed in as the Owner of two Slaves; Slave Sherry and Slave Suzanne, and she wanted each of her Slaves to be Registered and Certified. Both Slaves go through the process.

Each one has her whole body measured and photographed. Each one is made to suck cock and eat pussy. Each is assigned a Slave Number and it is tattooed on her scalp just above the hair line. And Each is branded with a small Slave Mark on her left buttocks. The entire Grading is caught on video. All the information, photos and video are downloaded into the data base. Sherry and Suzanne are now Registered and Certified.

They are both now legal Slaves of Julie. Slave Suzanne and Slave Sherry are both totally drained. Julie pulls out two forms that she had made up that morning and makes Sherry sigh them. One is a Complete Power of Attorney giving all power to Julie and the other was a new will, naming Julie and Jessica as the sole beneficiaries.

There is a Slave Auction after the Slave Grading. Julie decides to sell Sherry to the highest bidder. Sherry is taken to the stage with the other Slaves to be sold and she is paraded around the stage. She is an older Slave and so does not command much interest. Plus the fact that she is a new, unbroken Slave keeps the bids low. But she does get some small bids and Julie accepts the high bid. Julie signs the Transfer of Ownership of Slave Sherry. And off Sherry goes, with her new Owner. They never see or hear of her again.

Julie turns to Suzanne and says, “Now Slave Suzanne. If you don’t want to be sold, you had better behave and obey orders.”

Julie looked straight into Suzanne’s eyes and said, “Do You Understand Slave Suzanne?”

Suzanne is scared to death and says, “Yes Mistress Julie. I will be a good Slave. Please don’t sell me like you just sold Slave Sherry.”

Julie, “I won’t unless you displease me. I could either sell you or have you send to prison for sexual assault.”

Suzanne, “I will obey you Mistress Julie and Mistress Jessica.”

They all drive home, leaving Sherry’s car in the motel parking lot. When they get home, Rick goes to his place, with many thanks. The three women, two Mistress’ and one Slave, walk up to Suzanne’s apartment and release Alan. Julie tells Alan what has happened and that Suzanne “is now her legal Slave.”

Alan is confused by all the information but when Jules said, “I will leave my Slave with you to use in any way you what. But remember, she is my Slave.”

He smiles and says, “I can use her in any way I want?”

Julie, “Yes. In any way you want to. You can have her fuck anyone you want, man or woman. Turn her into a whore for all I care. Divorce her and bring home a new woman that you can love. This Slave can serve you both. In fact, if you do divorce Slave Suzanne and marry someone new, I will give her to you as a wedding present.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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