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Hunter one of the hottest girls I’ve even seen. I remember my brother and her had a thing at one point (while my brother had a girlfriend.) When I was a freshman and she was a senior, we had a class together. We didn’t talk much, or at all for that matter. But me and my friends drooled over her. She had a really sexy, tan face, insanely sexy eyes, nice legs, a sexy, toned tummy, which for me is good enough. I have a tummy fetish, and once I write my story about Janay, you’ll understand why. But the best part about hunter was her ass. Not only was it a large, bubble butt, but it was toned, not huge and sagging. It was obvious she worked on making sure he ass was nice and fuckable. She flounted it too. She wore the tightest yoga pants possible. It was like she was making fun of us. It felt like she was saying “you know you can never get this ass, you can just jack off.” One night it was late, I went to applebees after seeing a midnight movie. She was the only other person there. That’s when the dialouge started

We talked for a while. She said she has been chasing after a guy from college, but he turned her down. I knew this could be my chance, she was getting drunk and I decided to kick it into overdrive.

“Wanna know something?”


“Remember 8th hour when you were a senior?”

“Yeah, escort fatih why.”

“I thought you were so sexy.”

“Really why?”

“Cause you were.”

“Thanks. She smiled “Sometimes I wish I was a slut. I had 2 real boy friends, but I knew that all the guys thought I was sexy. Once I made it to college guys just didn’t think I was hot. They always went home with other girls.”

“Really, cause I know alot of college girls and they are not even close to being as hot as you are., maybe their more experienced.”

We flirted a little longer until she was full on drunk, then the flood gates opened.

“So, you ever jacked off to me?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Actually, let me rephrase that, how many times did you jack off to me.”

“Honestly, alot.”

“What was so sexy about me?”

“Everything, but my favorite is your ass. It’s like a cushion. And you just loved to show it. You wore the tightest pants possible.”

“It’s true. Hey, when your a tiny white girl with a tight ass, you gotta show it.”

“Very true.”

“You’re hotter than your brother.”

“Thank you.”

“I’m gonna leave.”

“I don’t think you should be driving.”

“I know, your coming with me.”


“I gotta got fuck somebody, and your escort istanbul the sexiest guy I’ve seen, and I can tell you’re horny.”

I drove her home. We entered her room and she ran to her bed. She stripped down to her thong.

“Chris, fuck me as hard as you possibly can, ok.?”


She started to suck my dick. She worked it like a pro, after savoring the feeling, I got rough. I made her gag on my cock for a little.

“That’s all you got?”

“How hard do you want it.”

“Act like your trying to kill me with your cock.”

I shoved her on my cock, squeezing her nose. She loved it for a while but when I wasent letting go, she started to panic.

“Hey, ake it out, I yanched my ind.”

Her eyes started to roll into the back of her head. Tears started to roll down her face, she never felt so vulnerable. She had no control. She though this was it, she was gonna suffocate sucking cock. She kicked and screamed, begging, pleading. She heart gave one more beat and then…..I let her go.

“You……..tried to kill me…..that was…….amazing. You wanna know something?”


“No one has ever fucked my ass before, but you deserve it. Jam it in me.”

I didn’t even think. I just fucked. I fucked her tight butthole so escort bayan taksim hard. Until she stopped me.

“Ow ow owwwwww, daddy, fuck daddy don’t, stop please. Take it out take it out, it’s too fucking big.”

I put my hand over her face and acted like I heard nothing. I fucked her so hard. I was close but I really wanted a shot at her pussy. When I was done ass fucking her, she sat there, weeping.

“Daddy rrrrrraped mmmmme. My beatiful fuckhole, ruined.”

It was an act but I was still so turned on. I fucked her pussy. Not for long because I knew I was cumming soon. My cock was stuck in her. It held me in when I tried to pull out.

“Don’t cum in me daddy, please, no, on my fucking face daddy, please. Fill up my mouth fill your babies, o please! No don’t fucking cum in me, NOooooo”

I came in her. It felt so good. The best load of my life. I even got harder when she reacted. People said she was a bitch, and it showed. It was so hot though.

“You fucker, you came in me, you asshole. What if I get fucking pregnant. I need to get this baby batter out of my cunt. Fuck, I need to now!”

I was fully hard again. I rammed my cock back in her mouth to shut her up. I intended on suffocating her till she passed out. She cried while fingering herself to get the cum out. She screamed so loud. She kicked me. Hit me and fought to stay awake. Her eyes rolled, she sobbed like crazy. Her eyes closed. She passed out on my cock. I left a note saying thanks. A month later the phone rang. It was her. She said……

To be continued!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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