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Author’s Note: I deeply apologize for the delay of this chapter, I have been working on another writing project with a strict deadline and had to get it finished, fingers crossed it works out. I ask for a lot of patience as I am juggling writing projects so I can’t do weekly updates. Also, a friend of mine who has read this story has suggested I expand this story into a kind of novel which I am strongly considering, until then please enjoy this chapter.


Shelly arrives at the office early; she has a few bits and pieces to finish off before Dr. Sanderson arrives to work. She walks to her desk and checks the time, it is 7:30, and Dr. Sanderson won’t be in till 9. She just needs the extra time to file away various invoices and client forms as they have become disorganized over the past couple of days.

Shelly puts her briefcase down and is turning on her computer when she notices that the door leading to the try out room is open ajar. Shelly is always the last to leave and she always double checks that the door is closed. Maybe Dr. Sanderson is already here? Shelly gets up but as she does, she opens her desk draw and pulls out her stun gun, just in case there is an intruder. She walks towards the door slowly and peers inside, it is dark and she can’t see anyone. Her heart pounding like crazy she pushes the door open and steps inside.

The light from the hall way lights up the room from the door, she can only see the large double bed at the end of the room with a padded armchair next to it. She can’t see anyone but she steps in and looks around, she then notices something on the bed, Shelly walks closer to the bed and sees a lingerie set, a black corset with cups, matching stockings, spiked black high heels and black thong. She would have guessed that a client left them behind except a note is attached, it read: “For Shelly, for my enjoyment!”

Shelly didn’t hear Candy coming up behind her as she is barefoot, she is right behind her with a cloth in hand dossed in Chloroform. Shelly looks at the set of clothes confused. “What the hell?”

“Good morning.” Candy says and before Shelly can turn and react she clamps the cloth right over Shelly’s mouth and nose. In the shock Shelly accidentally drops her stun gun. She tries to fight but the fumes from the Chloroform are already starting to affect her, she slowly starts to feel dizzy and the strength in her arms are beginning to fail. She tries to talk but it comes out muffled. “Shh, it’s OK; we are going to have so much fun together today!”

Soon her eyelids flutter and she falls limp in Candy’s arms. Candy smiles and pulls the cloth away and drags her towards the bed. As she lays her down she reaches into her pocket and pulls out the Earrings, as she opens the box, the bottom comes out a bit and a note flutters to the floor. Candy gets curious and picks the note up and reads.

Dear G. Walsh,

Here are the prototype mind control earrings you requested. These are a prototype and not the final product but a WARNING: Be careful how and when you use them as they burn out after 6 hours, so make sure your subject is programmed to forget once they burn out to avoid any legal complications, unfortunately permanent Mind Control is not possible with a device so small for long periods of time but we are working on a solution, but please use these as a test run and let us know what you think. Hope you enjoy their use as this is the first step to Project J, yours,

Dr Phil Thompson.

“Great, thanks for the warning Master!” Candy says in frustration, obviously Walsh never told her about that and thank god she just didn’t attempt to find Sara and just use them, which would have been a disaster. So now she had a time limit to work to, brilliant. Candy just shakes her head and leans in to Shelly and removes the Earrings she already has on and puts the Mind Control Earrings on. Candy waits for a bit then checks the inside of the box again, on the top of the lid it says “Once on Subject, say a command and they will start to work.”

Candy looks at Shelly, clears her throat and shouts, “Wake Up!” Shelly’s Eyes instantly open in a trance. Candy smiles and feels her Cock twitch in excitement. “Stand up.” Shelly stands before her totally still and at attention. “Can you hear me Shelly?”

“Yes.” Shelly replies.

Candy smiles. “Good, from now on I am your Mistress and you must follow all my commands without question, do you understand me?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Candy feels her heart pounding and breaths in and out slowly to calm herself down as she needs to concentrate to get the commands right. “Good Girl, now everything I say is now your truth, you will repeat and it and it will be true, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good, now repeat, I love Shemales.”

“I love Shemales Mistress.”

“Shemales make me wet.”

“Shemales make me wet Mistress.”

“My Sexual fantasy is to be a Shemale’s Sex slave.”

“My Sexual fantasy is to be a Shemale’s Sex Slave Mistress.”

“I will help you seduce and fuck Dr Sanderson.”

“I will help you seduce and fuck Dr Sanderson Betturkey Mistress.” Replies Shelly.

Candy walks up to Shelly and starts to run her hands over Shelly’s body, she squeezes her C Cup Breasts and she walks behind her and squeezes her ass. “Shelly, when I say awake, you will awake from your trance and be my sex slave as instructed before, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good, and when I say sleep time, you will go back into a trance, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Candy leans in to Shelly’s ear and whispers. “Awake.”

Shelly blinks a couple of times and feels Candy hugging her from behind, Candy leans her erect cock up Shelly’s ass and Shelly then begins to get wet and groans. “Oh God.”

“That’s right slave, you’ll do everything I say won’t you?” Candy asks.

Shelly gets wetter and closes her eyes in pleasure. “Yes my mistress.”

Candy turns her around and kisses her, Shelly returns the kiss and lets Candy’s Tongue enter her mouth. As they kiss Shelly can feel Candy’s hand sneak up Shelly’s skirt and pushes her finger past Shelly panties and into her most pussy. Shelly convulses slightly in surprise and pulls away from the kiss. “Oh mistress.”

“So wet aren’t we? We need to get you ready for Dr. Sanderson. See the clothes on the bed?”

Shelly looks and sees the lingerie she saw earlier. “Yes.”

“Put it on for me.”

Shelly goes to the set of clothes and starts to take her business suit off. Soon she is removing her boring white underwear and bra, then she picks up the corset smiling. Candy comes over to help her as it’s placed around her body. Candy starts to do up the strings behind her tightening it. As it gets tighter Shelly’s bust goes up and out making her cleavage look much bigger, it gives her a sexy hour glass figure. “This looks so hot on you.” Candy tells her.

Once it’s on, Shelly picks up the stockings and starts to slide them up each leg, loving the feel of the silky material. Once they are on, she puts on the black thong and begins to put her heels on. As she is doing this, Candy goes to a window at the end of the room and sees an above view of the room with the Transformation device inside. Candy looks curiously at it as she realises that her last memory was coming out of that thing. She can’t remember her childhood, parents, school, nothing. She remembers being inside getting pleasure and training for her master, but not anything before that. “Shelly?”

“Yes mistress.” She replies.

“What is that down there?”

Shelly turns to see what she is referring to. “Oh, that’s the Transformation Device mistress.”

Candy turns looking confused. “What does it do?”

“Well mistress, you came the other day to get a Love slave.”

“Yes, I did.”

“Well, to fulfil that request we would put your slave inside that device to meet with your specifications of what you want from a slave. To have bigger boobs, different color eyes or hair, we also use it to alter personalities.”

Candy felt a little cold to her stomach now, she was altered? But she always looked like this, didn’t she? Candy could feel a tear roll down her cheek. “Who was I before?”

Although Shelly is programmed to obey her, she tries not to tell her. “Mistress, I don’t think…”

“I’m your mistress, tell me who I was!” Candy says angrily.

“Sorry Mistress, you were someone in Dr. Sanderson’s employ, we found out you were a spy sent by a feminist group to gather information on the device you see. Gregory Walsh wanted someone and you fit the bill of what we needed, so we made you what you are.”

Candy wipes a tear away not taking her eyes off of the device. “What was my name?”

“Carl, your name used to be Carl.”

Candy closed her eyes to try and compose herself, she really felt sick now. “I was a man?”

Shelly now feels sad for her mistress and tries to sound reassuring as possible. “Yes, I’m sorry.”

So many thoughts are running through her mind now, so many questions and doubts about herself. “So the love I feel for Gregory, loving being fucked by him and loving being his sex slave, it’s all fake, it’s not real?”

Shelly put her hand on Candy’s shoulder to try and comfort her, Candy welcomed it. “No, do you love him Mistress? Do you feel love for him?”

Candy sniffs and wipes another tear away. “I do.”

“Then its real, it’s real as long as you want it to be real. The Carl I knew always seemed lonely, he had no one and seemed so distant, I saw you yesterday and I have never seen you so happy Mistress, it’s like we found the real you suppressed within him. I didn’t see a fake happiness, I saw a true happiness Mistress.”

Candy turned to look at Shelly. “Really?”

“Really.” Shelly said smiling. “I even envied you, I have two love slaves at home and I still feel miserable, I hope to find a kind of happiness that you have, right now I feel happy being your slave, it’s a wonderful feeling Mistress.”

Candy now felt a bit of guilt. “It will only last about six hours.”

Shelly shrugged. “Then, let’s make it Betturkey Giriş count.”

Candy smiles and hugs her, she returns the hug. “Thank you.”

Shelly kisses the top of Candy’s head. “You’re welcome Mistress.”

Candy pulls away and looks back at the device through the window. “I bet he has a lot of people trying to get information on that thing.”

“Yes, but we are always prepared. After you gave some stuff away we planted fake files for people to find.”

Candy seemed interested, she had overheard someone at her masters party talking to Philips, he said “I have the files, they are locked in the safe at the office.”

“Any problems?”

“No, they didn’t suspect a thing, got in and out quickly.”

“Excellent, I’ll tell Gregory.” Then he went to her Master so she continued playing the Hostess while her Master spoke to Phillips. What was that man’s name again?

“Did you have someone recently try and steal some plans Shelly?”

Shelly thought for a moment and nodded. “Yes, two days ago, he said his name was Randy, came to do maintenance.” Candy recognized the name; he could have been the man at the party. Was Gregory after his secrets? He had these ear rings, maybe he is trying to compete? “We knew he was a spy, so we made sure he would only get the fake files.”

Candy smiles and turns back to Shelly. “Do me a favour, get me the actual files on a memory stick for me, I mean everything even stuff I missed before.”

“Yes mistress.” Shelly says and walks out of the room towards her desk. Candy slightly laughs hoping no one comes out and sees Shelly wearing her lingerie set. Several minutes go by and Shelly returns holding a Memory Stick out to Candy. “Here Mistress, everything about the Device and its workings.”

Candy takes the memory stick then walks over to her hand bag and puts it inside. “Sleep time.” Shelly goes into her Trance. “When you awake again, you will forget telling me about my past and you will forget giving me the memory stick, do you understand.”

“Yes mistress.” Shelly replies in a monotone voice.

“Awake.” Shelly wakes and looks at Candy. “I’m ready mistress.”

“Well, then I am overdressed aren’t I?” Candy smiles and starts to take off the clothes she is wearing, underneath it all she is wearing a pale blue lace lingerie set, a bustier on top, a pair of panties and matching stockings. Shelly sees the bulge and licks her lips. “Do you like what you see?”

“Oh yes Mistress, I love what I see.”

Candy walks over to Shelly and stokes her hair; she seems to lean into her hand like an animal being stroked would, eager to be touched by her Mistress. “When does the good Doctor turn up to work?”

“Nine o’clock. Please let me touch you Mistress.”

Candy looks at her wristwatch; it is already 8:15. “We have things to prepare, but if you want to touch it, I would love a blowjob to get me going.”

Shelly goes to her knees shaking and she puts her hand over Candy’s panty covered cock, slowly rubbing and feeling the heat coming off of it. She feels herself get wetter and more aroused just from touching it like this. As she rubs Candy groans. Shelly then puts her hands up and pulls down on the elastic of her panties and frees her cock. Shelly breaths in and smells a masculine musk mixed in with a feminine kind of smell giving it a sweeter kind of smell that just sent her mind reeling. “Oh mistress, it’s so perfect.” She sees a small amount of pre-cum on the tip, she sticks her tongue out tasting it and making Candy shiver. Shelly loves the sweet taste of it and is eager for more, she goes forward and wraps her mouth around her cock and starts to suck and bob her head slowly up and down along her shaft. She uses her tongue along the tip which makes Candy groan more. Shelly uses her other free hand to finger her pussy as she sucks on her Mistress’ cock. Soon she can feel it twitch in her mouth and Candy’s groans getting louder, she is about to cum. She sucks harder and starts to mover her had fasters and her tongue it teasing it away.

Candy couldn’t believe what a pro Shelly is being, she really knows how to give a blow job. Her cock feels tighter as Shelly uses her tongue to tease her, her sucking making her cock feel more and more pressurised. She can’t take it, she grabs Shelly’s head to hold her in place and cums right into her mouth, she can feel loads of it coming out and Shelly is greedily swallowing very bit of it. Candy knows she has to stop otherwise it could go on and on with her constant arousal. But part of her wants it to continue. Candy comes to her senses and pulls Shelly off, and as she comes off a splatter of cum shoots out of Candy’s cock onto Shelly’s face.

Shelly smiles and licks the sweet cum on her face, and uses her fingers to get the unreachable places. “Thank you Mistress, when is it my turn.”

Candy smiles and strokes Shelly hair. “When the good Doctor arrives, let’s get ready, go to the phone and cancel all of his appointments while I get ready in here.”

* * *

Dr. Sanderson gets out of the elevator and walks towards Shelly’s Betturkey Güncel Giriş desk which acts as a welcome area and is surprised to find it empty. He goes to the desk and sees the computer is on; all his appointments for the day are now down as postponed. “What the hell?”

“Is that you boss?” He hears Shelly call from the try out room.

“Shelly, what is going on?” He asks confused.

He waits looking at the slightly opened door, why is it dark in there?

“Why are my appointments postponed?” He asks now.

“Sorry boss I had to, I came in here to clean up a bit and saw smoke coming from the Device from the window.”

Dr. Sanderson felt his heart rate drop. “What?”

“Yeah, it was about fifteen minutes ago so I didn’t bother calling you as you were on your way in anyway, so I just postponed your appointments first, then I waited for you to come in.”

Dr. Sanderson looked at the door with a little suspicious look on his face. Why won’t she face him? Why is she still in the room? “Then why are you in the room again if you have already seen it smoking?”

“To see how bad it is now, come and look it’s not good.”

Dr. Sanderson didn’t want to go in, but if the device is broken maybe she is in shock, or maybe she is being held hostage and is being made to say these things. But he has always had a backup Q & A set up, if she answers one way she is being held hostage, if she replies another way she is fine. “Ok, I’ll check in a minute, but I’m going out to buy my lunch today, do you want me to get you anything?”

There is a brief pause, if she orders lunch she is fine but if she says no thanks, she is in trouble. “Yeah, a chicken salad please, with a diet coke.”

He seems suspicious but she answered correctly. “How bad is the smoke?” He asks walking towards the door.

“Pretty bad.” He opens the door and sees Shelly standing by the bed wearing the black lingerie set. “I’ve been really bad.” She says rubbing her body seductively.

“What the fuck?” He asks aloud, suddenly a sharp pain is going across his body from his neck, his body goes rigged and he falls to the floor unconscious with Candy behind him holding Shelly’s stun gun. She shrugs at Shelly. “He could have fought me off with the Chloroform!”

Shelly shrugs back. “Fair enough.”

They both go to his unconscious body and drag him towards the bed; they lift him and throw him down. They both then begin to undress him. Off with the white lab coat, off with the suit jacket and shirt, then they undo his belt and Candy slowly pulls down his pants and sees a boring pair of “Y” front underwear. “These will never do.” She says and goes to her purse and pulls out a red leather male thong. She goes back with Shelly in giggles and they pull down his pants to see a limp cock surrounded by pubic hair. Candy smiles and puts her hand on it an rubs it till its erect, she feels it go from limp to hard in her hand, and when it’s at its fullest, she quickly slips a cock ring on it. “That should keep him hard.” Then she puts on the thong with it only just covering his erect cock.

Shelly then produces four pairs of cuffs, and they then cuff his wrists and ankles to the bed so he is lying in an “X” shape on the bed, as the last cuff goes on he is coming too. “Someone is waking up.” Candy says smiling.

Dr. Sanderson comes to feeling a pressure on his cock and a chill going across his body. He then sees he is spread eagle on the bed with a red thong on with an erect cock, he can feel something attached to his cock as well which isn’t helping his aroused feelings. “What the hell is going on?”

He is blinded as Candy turns the lights on in the room, then he sees Candy wearing the baby blue lingerie and Shelly wearing a black lingerie set. “We just want to play Doctors and Nurses. As you’re the Doctor I guess that makes us the Nurses.”

He is momentarily shocked to see Candy and then he is further shocked to see Shelly dressed as she is in co-hoots with her. “Shelly, undo these cuffs or you’re fired.”

Shelly looks down for a second before Candy looks and shakes her head to reassure her. “I’m afraid Shelly is not herself today.”

Dr. Sanderson looks confused. “What?”

“Sleep time.” Candy says and sees Shelly go into a trance.

“What the hell?”

“Awake.” Shelly blinks and is awake.

“How did you…”

“We all have secrets Dr. Sanderson, don’t we? The real question is how turned on are you right now?”

“I… what?”

Candy smiles and walks forward with Shelly in tow. “You have Shelly here at my control willing to do anything I say, and there is me.”

“I’m not into Shemales.” Dr. Sanderson says.

Candy pretends to look sad. “Oh what a shame. Because I can be the greatest fuck you ever had.” She goes right up to him and holds his head and leans in to whisper. “You’ve never been curious? The only reason you are not into us is because you have never fucked one of us. Shelly and I are going to give you the greatest sexual experience of your life. All I want in return is one thing, but we can discuss that later. Look at her, she is all dressed up with no one to fuck, except me, and I need someone to fuck me and poor Shelly here doesn’t have a cock in which to do it. I will beg and groan and be the greatest you ever had, think about it, I’m the best of both worlds.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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