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That earned me another slap beside the head, I could feel my ear burning and turning red.

“Damn boy, I told you it’s Master Leon.” he says, “I know you’re in a hurry to suck my nigga dick and show Master Leon what a great cocksucker you are, but I think you need to get more into your role.”

Role? God, I hope this wasn’t being filmed.

Leon went over to the dresser and opened the top drawer and pulled out a black and white garment.

“Put this on, bitch boy, maybe it’ll help remind you of your current status of being my servant.”

He dropped it on the floor in front of me and I picked it up. I immediately recognized it as a French maid outfit, well at least the top, no white stocking or shoes anyway. I slipped it over my head, the bottom half barely covered my ass.

“Now if you want to pleasure my black dick, ask me again, this time correctly,” he said.

“Master Leon, may I please remove your boxers?” That came out way too quickly.

“Better, bitch.” he replied, “You best be looking me in the eye.”

The way he was glaring at me now actually made me feel afraid of making another mistake. I kept my head up looking him in the eyes, which seemed to please him, and slowly slid his boxers over his ass and down his legs.

“Look at it, cocksucker,” he demanded.

I leveled my head looked his cock in the eye so to speak. I must admit, I’d been hard the entire time and finally I got to look at his black dick. I hate to say it, but it was magnificent. Wasn’t a big as Terrence’s or as black, but it was still big and more of a brown chocolate I’d say. It was beautifully sculpted, circumcised and hanging flaccid directly over his nicely shaped black balls. Almost parting them.

Ugh, was my mouth watering?

“I see you are impressed, bitch,” he was pretty sure of himself, “You’re going to have to get me hard if you want to suck it though.”

With that Leon turned around, placed both hands on the back of a chair and stuck his ass out towards me. He looked back at my confused face like he couldn’t believe how stupid fatih escort I could be. I just stared at him knowing what he wanted, but not bold enough to make a move. I mean, I was new to all this and technically didn’t sign up for any of it. Sure I’d blown Terrence a few times, but he never took it this far. And what the hell was I supposed to do anyway, snap photos of Leon’s awesome body?

“C’mon faggot, get me hard, I know you want to feel my cock in your mouth.”

I was truly frozen, it was obvious what he wanted, but I just couldn’t volunteer and do it. I was waiting like a submissive little bitch for an order.

“Ok, if you don’t start licking my ass like a good little bitch, I’m going to get dressed and leave. Is that what you want?”


Like I said, Leon was conceited. As for me…

“No, Master.” That seemingly came from very far away, but I had said it.

I leaned forward and started licking his ass cheek and he let me do it. I licked the whole thing up and down and continued on the opposite one. I had started to think this was easier than I thought when I felt Leon’s hand swing around to the back of my head pushing it towards the crack of his ass.

“Keep your tongue out, bitch, you’re just getting started.”

I did as I was told and let him guide my head up and down the top half of his ass crack. He let go of my head and I was still licking.

“That’s it baby, now spread Master Leon’s cheeks…do it!”

Did he just call me baby? What the…

At some point during all this I had given up fighting the fact I was servicing a man, a black man, and started to really want to please him. I spread his cheeks and darted my tongue into his asshole. In the beginning I was preparing for the worse thinking ‘it’s his asshole and it’s going to be nasty’, but somehow it wasn’t. I mean the guy was clean and it didn’t taste like anything. His pushing back into my face like he was enjoying it, drove me to lick harder and push my tongue into him. Hell, I think he moaned and I’m çapa escort pretty sure he was stroking his dick. With one hand anyway, his other hand found the back of my head again which, I believe, he was trying to shove all the way up his ass.

“Oh that’s good, faggot, you really like Leon’s asshole, I can tell.” He grunted. “Kiss it boy, French kiss it, get that tongue all up in there.”

He let go of my head, which I took as a signal to stop. Leon turned around and his hard black dick slapped me in the face.

“I think we’ve discovered your secret talent, cocksucker.”

He grabbed a hold of his cock and slapped me in the face with it some more.

“Stick that tongue out, boy”

I stuck my tongue out and he started to slap his big black pole up and down on it.

“Open up that mouth”

I opened my mouth and as patient as Terrence was, Leon was not. He shoved his dick into my face as far as he could, forcing me to open my mouth as wide as I could to keep my teeth from touching his manhood. The penetration caused me to gag immediately and Leon pulled out probably to keep me from throwing up on him.

“C’mon now, boy, I know you’ve had black dick before, you got to relax that cock holster,” he laughed.

Tears were running down my face as I tried to regain my composer and get ready for Leon’s second attempt.

“You want it don’t you, bitch,” he taunted me, “you want to suck my black dick, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master Leon.”

Embarrassed as I was that I had gagged, something inside me wanted to show him I could handle it. I opened my mouth and hoped for the best.

This time when he entered, he took it slow, slowly pushing it in and out, until I started to bob my head up and down on it. I could feel him stop, just standing there as I continued sucking him further into my throat. I reached up to grab the base of his cock and he push my hand down to his balls and let me cradle them while I slobbered all over his shaft. I drooled on his cock like I couldn’t get enough and felt sarıyer escort him get close to cumming. Instead, he push my head back; wrapped his hands around his black hairless balls and held his dick to his stomach.

“Never forget the balls, bitch, show them some love.”

I not only licked them, I kissed them and when he let go of them I held them in my hand and sucked each of his black balls into my mouth and gently massaged them with my tongue.

“Mmm, damn bitch, T was right, you are good,” he said, “natural born black cock loving machine.”

He directed his dick back to my mouth and grabbed me by the ears and started pumping it in and out of my throat. Hard and fast, which caused me to choke, gag, and drool all over the place. Leon didn’t seem to care if I could breathe, he fucked my mouth to his own pleasure. I could tell he was going to cum because he suddenly slowed to a stop. Both my hands instinctively grabbed his ass cheeks and dug in as he started spurting his black cum down my throat. And cum he did, maybe more than Terrence even had. I swallowed hard trying not to bite his dick and got most of it down, he pulled out and wiped his dick all over my face.

“Not bad, boy.”

“Damn, Leon, no wonder you can’t get any of us black girls to blow you,” we were not alone, “now I see why you get these blow job boys to do it. You mean as hell.”

With all the excitement of licking Leon’s asshole and sucking his black cock, I hadn’t seen anyone come in, but there she was, the same girl who had spit in my face.

“Fucking queer was happy to do all that shit, too.” She said.

“Oh, hey Kenisha, you like the show?”

She motioned at me, “That cocksucker loves sucking your cock, maybe licking your asshole even more. Just look at his hard little white dick.”

I stared at the floor in shame. Kenisha was a hottie, hell, she had a face like Left Eye from TLC, phat black ass, nice tits and great legs. And here she had seen the whole thing.

“Don’t be afraid, bitch, you’re no match for me. ‘Sides your Black Daddy told me to let you alone, says you love black people…I say you just love being a slave to black cock.”

Leon laughed. “Same thing to me…clean this shit up, boy.” He shook his dick at me as I crawled over to him.

Kenisha booted me in the ass and said, “Faster, faggot.” And laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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