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The room with its opulent four poster bed was dimly lit by the candles that lined the top of the dresser. The three candles cast reflections into the mirror backdrop making the flickering light seem so much more magical than it would have been. Lynn stood at the end of the bed. Her pale blues looking innocent and helpless yet John knew better. Her eyes sparkled in the light as she stepped away from the end post and walked up along the side of the bed. One long tapered finger eased its way along the bedding then moved as it approached his leg. She watched his gaze as it followed her finger and a small smile found its way to caress her lips.

That finger moved over her taut belly and down over the lace covered hip. As she approached the top of the bed she stopped and turned to face him. That innocence from her eyes had somehow managed to make it to her lips. Innocent was something she wasn’t but she sure could look the part and she made you believe her, until you got to know her that is. One black stocking covered leg lifted and the three inch black heel found its way to press into the plump mattress.

The tip of her shoe moved down and pressed against John’s chest. Leaning forward she smiled that helpless smile as her fingers curled around her ankle and moved up along her calf then over her thigh and stopped at the lacey top of her stockings. Fingers teased at the flesh as they moved under the lace then back to caress it. They continued along the thin strap of her garter and she snapped it, all the while watching his expressions.

What he had thought was going to be a night of fun exploration with him testing the limits of her once again had changed. He had come home to the house lit with candles, little notes leading him to find her naked on their bed. Just looking at her made him hard. He knew tonight he would test her limits. He had bought a new crop and was so eager to use it. John had waited for the right time and looking at her pale skin glowing as the light from the candles kissed her flesh he knew that tonight would be the perfect night to redden her ass and take her any way he wanted.

It seemed Lynn had other plans. John had taken off his belt and moved towards her, watching as she bit her lip and moaned softly. He felt himself throb as she moaned and what a sweet sound that was. Grabbing her wrist as he approached the side of the bed and pulling her into him he kissed her hard and deep.

He moaned as her hands moved up his back and she pulled him to her like the needy slut she had become. The grip on her wrist tightened. She had let go of him as he moved to straddle her. He had paid no attention when her arms slid behind her back and she arched those perfect breasts up into him. His eyes were locked on hers. So wanton, needy and lust filled. He knew she wanted him right now and he would savor each and every moment of her teasing and torment.

He moaned just a little as her hands moved and slid along the bed and up his back, her fingers caressing and massaging as they made their way along his arms. Then all too quickly she struck. He couldn’t tell you how but she had managed to flip him. This he thought was just her teasing aggressive foreplay. His eyes widened as he heard the click click of the cuffs as she attached them to his wrist and the posts of the bed in mere moments.

“Lynn, what are you doing?”

She didn’t answer, merely smiled at him then moved off the bed and out of the room, leaving John there with his thoughts, wondering what his little vixen was up to. He had called her name a few times only to be ignored. His voice had grown harder, the tone he usually used to let her know he was serious.

Then the door opened and she stood in the doorway dressed in a new black silk corset, black string bikinis and black stockings. As she walked he knew she was wearing heels. How he loved her in stockings and heels. He licked his lips as his eyes took in each curve of her body. This new corset pressed her full breasts together making that curve look so inviting. He tugged at the cuffs as he had been doing off and on for as long as he had been secured to the bed. God he wanted her and looking like that he imagined just how he would fuck her.

His eyes took in her face and he laughed as he caught that innocence. She played it so well, but he knew better and knew she was up to something. Something that not only excited him but made him want her more; made him tug and pull at the cuffs to try and get at her. He was already plotting ways in which he would make her pay for cuffing him to the bed when he suddenly realized she was at the side of the bed. He watched as her foot lifted, he saw those three inch heels and felt himself throb as he imagined how she’d look in the same outfit bent over the sofa in the living room with a nice red ass while he took her from behind.

John moaned in spite of himself as her foot hit his chest. He wanted to reach out and touch her, take her and make her moan but he couldn’t and found himself pulling at the cuffs as he watched her hand move up along the fikirtepe escort black stocking covered thigh. A moan escaped him as she snapped the garter and he pulled at the cuffs again, this time harder.

“Un-cuff me Lynn. Now.”

“And if I don’t?”

Lynn watched him as he seemed rather shocked for a moment that she wasn’t about to un-cuff him. She couldn’t help but laugh as it seemed to register that she would not un-cuff him, not yet anyway.

“I don’t think you want to know what will happen if you don’t.”

His tone was firm and yet he was still excited, wondering what she had in mind for him. He had wondered from time to time if she was dominant enough to switch roles once in a while, though he also found with her he had liked the dominant role more than he had ever thought he would. There were things that he wanted to do to her that he had never imagined doing to anyone, yet she was so open, so trusting of him he found more and more he wanted to push the envelope of what she’d let him do, of what he ever thought he would do.

That innocent little smile curled up on her full petal soft lips. He found himself gazing at them and wanted to feel them wrapped around his cock as he fucked that hot little mouth of hers. Her eyes were defiant and she shook her head, and then nodded.

“Perhaps I want to know,” pausing with a devilish smile, “perhaps I’m counting on it John.”

Her voice had grown sexy and sultry as she let out one of those moans that makes you want to rip her clothes off and just have your way with her. Blinking he found himself looking up the long line of her leg as she stood straddling him. When had she moved? He hadn’t even realized, so lost in what he wanted to do to her that he wasn’t even paying attention. Though now with her straddling each side of him, the heels of her shoes pressing against his sides he was quite aware.

Looking up he met her gaze for a moment before realizing she had slipped off the panties. When had she done this? Was he so lost in thoughts of fucking her that her movements went unnoticed? He noticed now as he tore his eyes from her gaze and found himself staring at those already glistening wet nether lips.

“Fuck Lynn.”

She smiled as she watched him. He moaned as she lowered, her tight wet pussy hovering just above the bulge in his pants. Her fingers slid up his chest and reached the top button began undoing each one slowly as she moved in closer. Her lips brushed his ear and she whispered with the sweetest voice he’d ever heard.

“Now John, I am going to undo your shirt, then your pants. I will pull them off along with your boxers and socks. Then I am going to lick every inch of you that I can, taking my time to savor every bit of you.”

Looking at him as she pulled away she smiled again, that innocent little smile, but now he knew better.

Her hands moved inside his shirt now that the last button and been undone. Her nails scraped across his skin and he pulled hard at the cuffs actually making the wood of the posts creak.

“Listen to me, my slut. Undo these now and maybe I will go easy on your…”

He lost concentration for a moment as she leaned in and nipped at his chest, her tongue moved like warm silk across his flesh and all he could think about was her. He moaned as he felt her hands undo the button and zipper and snapped back to reality as she moved her lips off his flesh and began tugging his pants down.

“You were saying Master?” Her laughed was soft, teasing almost mocking as she moved to pull everything off.

“I’m not just going to punish you, I will use you in ways you never thought possible.” Would he really do it, he had to ask himself. Yes, he would and he’d enjoy every moment of it too.

She crawled up between his legs a little and he moved. Reaching her hand out she grabbed his thigh, her nails sinking into the flesh slightly as she lowered her lips and began doing as she said. Her tongue was so warm as it slid along his leg. He moaned as she made her way higher along his thigh then rocked his hips up as she let her tongue slide down lower along his inner thigh just grazing his balls.

Lynn laughed a little as she moved from between his thighs and purposely avoided that throbbing cock that she so wanted to take in her mouth. No. She would tease him as he teased her so many times. Part of her knew she would be in some trouble for this and that excited her a little, the other part of the excitement came from knowing that in the end she’d ride him till he came deep within her.

Her lips moved along his stomach, then worked their way up to his chest. Her soft purrs and moans filled the room and he knew she was as excited as he was. He rocked his hips up and moved her slightly as she rose with the movement. Her eyes met his and she pushed herself down onto him in a more forceful way. That forcefulness and the look in her eyes excited him even more. He could tell she was enjoying every moment yet he could see inside and knew that if he could get free she’d let him gebze escort take her right now and not fight him. That knowledge made him pull and tug at the cuffs again.

Her head lifted from his chest and she purred as she moved to let her lips hover just above his lips then she moaned as he bucked up and caught her off balance which made her lips meet his. The kiss was passionate and needy. Both of them eating each others desire as she let the kiss linger while her hands moved down his chest and over his stomach and down across his skin till her fingers curled around his hard cock.

He let out a soft moan as she began stroking him slowly. The kiss deepening as he lifted his head and pushed it against her, he moved quickly and bit her lip gently at first then harder as she whimpered softly against his mouth. The grip she had on his cock tightened as she squirmed against his body. John gave a low rumbling moan as she pulled away from the kiss, his eyes closing as she slid down his body till her lips reached the head of his cock and he could feel the warmth of her breath floating over his manhood.

Lynn looked up to him and smiled the most innocent of smiles then she parted her lips and took him into her mouth quickly as he let out a soft cry. She knew exactly what he wanted, how he liked it and what drove him to the edge faster than anything.

Lynn worked his cock with her hot little mouth, her lips wrapping tightly around him as she pressed her head lower sending the head of him almost down her throat while her hands massaged his balls ever so gently.

His eyes opened and he watched her as he always did and that always made the excitement grow even more. He wanted to reach down and tangle his fingers in her hair when he heard the rub of the cuffs on the wood and remembered he was cuffed. “Fuck.”

Lynn looked up at him and smiled her most wicked of smiles as she knew exactly why he said what he had, she knew how he liked to hold her, help her to fuck him this way and now he couldn’t and she was rather enjoying every moment of it.

With that wicked little smile making its way to her eyes she paused for a brief moment as she whispered, “Something wrong my love?”

She even managed a small laugh before she lowered her head and this time her tongue slithered down along his manhood, circling it, savoring each bit of it while her fingers stroked the length of him slowly. As she reached his balls she suckled at them, teased them and took turns suckling each into her mouth then both all the while her fingers wrapped tighter around his hardness and she began stroking him faster.

John moaned and pressed his hips up into her. He continued to pull at tug at the cuffs but only slightly as he began to be lost in her movements, her touches and the fact that soon he’d cum in her mouth.

Lynn heard the changes in his breathing; felt the throbbing under her fingers and felt those dribbles of precum oozing over her fingers. She looked up at him and stopped.

It took only seconds for John to realize she had stopped everything. Looking down at her he saw that defiant look, shooting her one of his own looks, the one that lets her know she’s going to be in trouble he spoke as calmly as he could.

“Un-cuff me and finish me off now.”

Lynn didn’t speak instead she shook her head, a sinful school girl smile curled upon those fuckable lips as she moved away from him and slid off the bed. He was now too angry to say anything. His head dropped onto the pillows as a low rumble escaped him. When he looked up she wasn’t anywhere to be seen and yet he knew she hadn’t left, he would have heard the door wouldn’t he?

Little did he know Lynn and slid down to sit on the floor and lean against the bottom of the bed. Her heart raced and she was flushed. Her body was excited and it was telling her to un-cuff him so he could take her, but her mind was telling her to let him squirm till he begged just as he had done to her so many times.

And then there was her heart, which was telling her to just go back up and make love to him as she knew he would like. She was completely his and this was the hardest thing she’d ever done in her life that she could remember. Never had she thought of doing such a thing, taking charge the way she had. Even though it was exciting she was still afraid.

What if he didn’t enjoy what she did? What if she hurt him or something worse? She wondered if this was how he felt when he took charge over her. Yet in her mind she knew he’d never truly hurt her. She trusted him with not only her body but her heart and soul as well.

She stood back up and met his eyes. The surprise showed on her face, it was as if he knew exactly where she’d be, like he was waiting for her to stand up. John just watched her, his eyes holding no anger or frustration, just desire. He wanted her like he always did, only this way it was so much more intense. The fact that he couldn’t touch her made him want her more, the fact that she hadn’t continued to use those fuckable lips to continue içerenköy escort to bring him to ecstasy made him more sensitive and want her more and in these moments he knew this was what he did to her each and every time and in some way it opened his eyes even more to the trust they both shared.

Lynn walked around the side of the bed, her fingers moved along the toned muscles of his legs; toned for all those years of walking through woods and over moors and so many other places. She moved her hand some in order to be able to let her fingers graze his cock. She purred as she felt it grow a little harder at her touch and felt his hips press upwards. Her eyes moved again to his as she continued to walk to the top of the bed. She watched as his head turned as she picked up the set of two keys and they clinked together. Turning her body to face him she leaned over him and set the keys on his chest then left them there.

John growled at her as he felt the cool touch of the keys and then looked back up at her eyes. She was planning something, but what?

Lynn climbed onto the bed then moved to straddling John’s chest. She knew the moment she lowered herself down that he would sense her excitement, feel the wetness that had now covered those silken nether lips as they pressed against his chest.

“A little wet aren’t we pet.” He looked at the heaving of her breasts and knew she was nervous, but why?

“Being with you always makes me wet, you know that.”

Her fingers moved along his chest, careful not to touch the keys, instead she circles his nipples, moved her fingers down over his sides and back up. Her body moved slightly as she lifted off him and leaned down so her lips were moving towards his. At the exact moment her lips touched him she lowered herself down so that her warm inviting sex could envelope his hard cock fast and hard which made her body tremble against his.

John moaned into her mouth as he felt her cunt wrap around his cock. His hips pressed upwards sending himself in deeper as his tongue forced its way into her mouth and mingled with her own. He tugged against his bindings, god how he wanted to put his hand on her waist and guide her, or moved his hands up along the curve of her waist over that corset and tug it down to expose her full breasts so he could capture one of the bouncing nipples in between his teeth.

It was as if she could read his mind. Her hands moved from his chest and disappeared behind her back. One by one she undid the hooks of her corset till the last one was free and it fell from her body exposing those full pillows and hard tender nipples. She leaned down over him, her nipples just out of reach of his lips.

Slowly she began to ride him. Each movement was slow, deliberate, she knew just what she was doing and just how to make his experience even more pleasurable as she rose off him, letting his hard cock slide nearly all the way out before she lowered again slowly feeling each and every tight inch of him as he stretched her. When he was fully inside her she rolled her hips and rocked against him, the feeling had her voice filling the room with the soft whimpers that he loved to hear.

John was pulling at the bindings without even thinking about it now. How he wanted to guide her hips down and lean up to take her hardened nubs into his mouth and bite down knowing she would let out the sweetest moans. The way she was now, she had managed to lean just a little over him, enough that he could almost get her nipples but she was just out of reach. It was perfect for the little tease she was. What had he created? She was his dirty little slut, now more than ever as she teased him, knowing perfectly well just how to do it. He was pleased yet at the same time he was angry that he couldn’t take her his own way.

“Mmmm God, mmm John…,” Lynn’s words trailed off as she shuddered, her tight pussy clenched around his cock and he moaned. She rose up slightly then sat back and they both moaned as he slid in deeper and she came hard all over him.

He looked up at her and spoke softly. “I didn’t say you could cum.”

“I didn’t ask, and I wasn’t going to.” Her smile was both sensual and impish and her eyes sparkled with lust and mischief. She wasn’t done, no, not yet. She started to move again, that slow rocking motion, making sure to lift enough that she could feel the head of his cock slide out just slightly but still feel it stretching her tight hole before she lowered once again.

John didn’t know whether to be angry or enjoy it. She had always asked, well okay except once, but that had been dealt with. And now he was not sure how he felt about it, about being cuffed any longer and not the one in control. He pulled at the bindings and rocked his hips up sending himself into her as hard as he could. He smiled when she whimpered and lost her balance and had to lean forward

In one quick second he had grasped one succulent nipple between his teeth and he bit down. Lynn shuddered hard against him and cried out softly as she froze. John bit down harder still, and then smiled as she shuddered again. He let her lean in closer to try and ease some of the tension, he wanted to suck a whole mouthful of tit but knew if he did she might pull back and she would slip from his mouth then he wouldn’t have any leverage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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