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“The Marriage of Martin Hastings” is a tale of forced feminization and forced marriage. It touches the rails of many fetishes, dominance, and sexual activities. The story develops many twist and turns, and develops new characters as it progresses. I hope those who follow this story from this point on, will enjoy the helplessness and the strong determination to escape that fills Martin’s day’s, as Mrs. Vargos.

Martin walked down the hallway pulling at his wrist restraints to no avail. He turned around suddenly and there for the first time saw himself dressed as a woman in a wall mirror. He touched the mirror with his fingers.

“What have they done to me?” He looked at the high arched eyebrows and the makeup and false eyelashes. His hair was all a mess from the Baron’s advances, but it was still teased up and curls galore. He took his grandmothers earrings off and placed them on the table. He’d forgotten he was wearing them till he saw his reflection. His bare shoulders added elegance, and………he noticed a dark brown spot on the side of his neck. He looked at the hickey, turning his head as far as he could and still see in the mirror. This man had already left his mark on him.

“Those bastards.” he said softly staring at his reflection.

“Mrs. Vargos!” a woman’s voice startled him. He turned and there stood Leanne.

“Mrs. Vargos, is everything OK? It’s early. I wasn’t expecting you for at least another hour.” she said looking at him. “And what happened to your hair?” she moved his hair around and patted it.

” The Baron wanted to see if it was attached to my head on the way over.” he said in a flippant way. ” Leanne. Can you get me out of these cuffs?” he looked hopeful.

“Well, if your ready to get started. We can start a little early I guess. It will give me time to fix that hair.” she opened the door to a dressing room.

“Get Started? We just finished if I’m not mistaken. I want to get out of these cuffs” Martin looked at her.

“Preparing you for your wedding night of course. You know……sexxxxxxxy.” she smiled “C’mon, Let’s get you out of that dress and get you in the chair, so I can strap you down and we’ll get started.” she pointed at a styling chair already fitted with restraints.

“I’m not setting in that chair again?” he looked hard at her.

“Yes you are.” she smiled not breaking eye contact.

“Leanne, this is nonsense.”

“I can have security come in and strap you in the chair. I can have them strap you in so tight you will be very uncomfortable, and then, I’ll prepare you for your wedding night.” she gave him a look. “Either way Mrs.Vargos it is going to get done.” she said as a matter of fact. Martin looked around the room.

Martin was frustrated. He wanted to lash out at her, but knew it would only make things worse. If she only had a bit of sympathy for what he was going through. She was about to prepare him as some sexy female offering for some guy to have his way with, and she doesn’t want any problems? No complaints? Cooperation? Martin couldn’t understand it. He hung his head as she unzipped his dress and let it fall to the ground. He stepped out of it and she removed his bra, garter belt, stockings and heels. She left his panties on, and helped him in the chair, where she proceeded to strap him in the chair. Straps on the arms and around the waist and chest were cinched tightly.

“Let’s get started now. I’ve decided to shampoo and reset that hair. This gives you plenty of dryer time. Are you comfortable Mrs. Vargos?” she asked.

“Yes. I’m very happy thank you so much!” he said sarcasticly as if he was a starlet.

“Just cross your legs Mrs. Vargos. You can relax and swing your foot back and forth. Wiggle your toes if you like.” she grinned in the mirror at him, right back at him.

“Oh thanks. That means so much to me.” His deadpan tone obvious.

“Where am I?” he looked in the mirror at her.

“This is your house Mrs.Vargos. You live here.” Martin fumed at the ease that she spoke to him as a woman. She reclined his head into the shampoo bowl and lathered his hair. She massaged the shampoo into his hair and worked it much longer than any shampoo he had ever had.

Leanne set the chair upright again and combed through Martin’s hair.

“Tonight starts the “Three Nights of Consummation” for you.’ she said as she finished combing his hair and pulling up the roller trays.

“What the hell is that.” he spat out, but he wasn’t sure he really wanted to know.

“It’s very traditional, especially in the upper class social circles. After you’ve been married, you will on your wedding night begin what is called, Three Nights of Consummation. During the consummation period you will only wear white. Tonight, you and your husband will have your first night together. You will receive his ‘seed’ for the first time and…”

“Whoa! No seed here. He’s not going to fuck me!” Martin said angrily as he snapped his head away from her.

“Please Mrs. Vargos. I am just explaining it to you so…….” he interrupted again.

“Don’t call me Mrs. Vargos. Call me by my real name damn it.” he was xhamster porno ranting a bit now.

“I can only do that in private. It’s not proper otherwise.” she said stepping back for a moment.

“We’re in private. Just do as I say. You work for me now. Right?”

“Yes ma’am I do.” she said sternly.

‘Then you will do as I say.” Martin knew there were limitations on his authority with her, as she had told him earlier.

“As you wish . Where were we now.” Leanne combed a strand of hair up and rolled it down onto a brush roller. She twisted it tighter than normal to make a point.

“As I was saying, you are to receive your husband’s ‘seed’ the first night. After that nobody but the Baron and myself, your personnel attendant, may look directly upon your face till the Consummation period is over. The following day, you and the Baron will meet your parents. In this case your mother. This will be followed by the second night of The Consummation.” Leanne was rolling his hair as she talked.

“The following day you are to meet with the Baron’s parents, followed by the final night of the Consummation. You are to receive his seed each night of the consummation. After the third night you will no longer have to wear all white. There will be a large banquet of family and friends the next evening where everyone will look upon your face as the newly seeded bride of the Baron and you will be introduced to the world as the Lady Vargos.” she pinned another roller.

“You’re kidding me. Sounds like a fairy tale to me.” was Martin’s reaction.

“How am I to meet people when you just said I can’t show my face? Tell me that.” he challenged her.

“You will be wearing a “Bliss Mask” in public.” she continued.

“Of course I will. Why didn’t I think of that. A Bliss Mask” he said sarcasticly.

Leanne worked quickly to get his hair set. This was not a scheduled setting and she had to get his hair done.

“Marcia, I’m going to put you under the dryer now. We don’t have a lot of time.”

“Don’t start that crap. My name is Martin. Use it properly.” he scowled at her.

“No ma’am, your name is Marcia. The Baron picked it for you before you were married so the name changes went into affect at the same time. Your name is Marcia Vargos.” she worked the elastic of the hood over his rollers.

“I’M NOT DOING THIS ANYMORE!” he screamed. “Let me go damn it.” he fought with his bonds. “You just can’t change someone’s name without asking!” he was furious. His name was the last bit of manhood associated with him, and now they are taking that away also?

“Marcia, please control yourself.” Leanne tried to get his attention, but he kept kicking at her. Leanne called one of security who immediately strapped Martin’s knees together then his ankles.

“What are you looking at you big prick.” Martin hissed at him. “You work for me you know. I’m making a new rule for you security guys that brings a whole new meaning to dress uniform” he yelled as the guy left the room.

SLAP!!!! Leanne smacked Martins face hard.

“Mrs. Vargos! Please settle down. I would hate to have to have you paddled on your wedding night. I know it takes time to adjust to all this. I’ve done this before. So please try and cooperate. It’s so much easier that way.” she turned the dryer on high.

“Oh yeah, did the last guy you put through this cooperate?” he scowled.

“Well no, not initially. He was actually worse than you, but Marcia, he spent a long time in control restraints, and was paddled a lot. You don’t want all that.” she tried to make him understand.

“You punished this guy because he didn’t want to be a girl? That’s outrageous.”

“No ma’am. He was punished for not cooperating.” she said with conviction in her view of the difference of opinion.

“But he fought you didn’t he? He didn’t like it huh. Didn’t like being told he had to be some guy’s wife. I wonder why?” Martin looked like as if he couldn’t figure it out.

“Yes…..yes he did. He didn’t settle down and accept his place until he had breast implants put in. I think having large breast just kind of broke the rebellious spirit. He does look very nice with breast though.” she began picking things up.

Martin couldn’t speak initially. His lips trembled as he looked at her in the mirror, the large dryer bonnet on his head. She’s not serious, he thought. She’s trying to intimidate me.

“The Baron doesn’t think I’m going to accept breast implants does he?” he asked meekly.

“It’s not a matter of you accepting them. It would be if the Baron desired you to have them or not.” She looked at him in the mirror.

“I don’t know Marcia. I think it was more for discipline and control on the other young man. That’s the Baron’s decision though, and he has said nothing to me about it. If he is into boobs, he may want you to have them.”

“Oh great.” Martin was nervous. On the way over in the car all his husband did was play with, and suck his nipples. Martin looked at his chest in the mirror. He could only imagine how that other man felt the first time he yaşlı porno had to sit like this seeing his image with large breast. he could understand how the spirit could be broken.

Martin was left alone with his thoughts while the hair dryer did it’s job. Martin was so angry at all this and frustrated that he couldn’t get them to stop. This thing just kept moving forward. The thought of receiving this mans seed Martin found revolting.

“What gives this guy the right to squirt his semen in me?” Martin looked around the room. He was being made to look as sexy as possible, just so the Baron could do just that, and everyone was going to look him in the eye at the reception with knowing smiles. Martin began to weep openly. Setting very erect, strapped into the chair while his hair dried.

“I don’t want to do this” he mumbled though tears of frustration again. “Stop this……please” his voice faded. Martin looked at the ceiling and took a deep breath. “I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!!!!!” he yelled. Then he sobbed for the next 30 minutes while his hair dried.

Leanne returned with the lingerie that Martin was to wear for the evening. She looked at Martin’s tear stained face.

“How we doing?” she asked.

“Don’t do this to me. Please….just let me go.” he was exhausted from the emotional energy he had spent. He realized he was at the last moments. Though still in curlers and his makeup yet to be done, Martin knew what was coming, and soon.

Leanne patted his shoulder. “Let’s clean up that face and get ready for makeup” she pulled the makeup tray over.

“Leanne” he said looking at her “Do I have to do this?”

“Yes ma’am. You have to do this.” she said putting a makeup cape around his neck

“Is there another way to do it? Can we make an agreement? I can’t do this. Not like this. I’ll be an emotional wreck.” he looked lost.

“I’m afraid not Mrs. Vargos. There is only one way for your husband to deliver his seed as far as I know.” she once again set the makeup tray next to him. “You can do this. You look very pretty and will be dressed very appropriately for the moment, and your husbands actions will be appropriate also. This will be a normal evening.” she was looking for something.

“For God’s sakes I’m a man. What do you not understand about that? This is not normal.” he spat out.

“I understand fully. That’s why it is called a same sex marriage. That means two men. Nothing says that, though you are male in gender, you can’t present yourself to the world in a more beautiful form.” she smiled. Beauty is not restricted to females you know.”

“What?” he said as she cold creamed his face.

Martin looked at the sexy little white teddy outfit he was to wear this evening. Leanne had finished his hair and was now putting the final touches on his makeup. His long false eyelashes gave a very seductive look to his eyes no matter what he did. Leanne had artfully used eyeliner to accent his eyes and several tones of eyeshadow from a deep lilac on his lids to deeper earth tones in the creases. She had used a lighter foundation on his face with blushed out cheeks, to make his red lips more even more prominent.

“Mrs. Vargos!” Leanne said sternly, but gently.

“I will be releasing you from the chair to dress you in your wedding night attire. Please understand, I need you to cooperate. If I have any problems I’ll have security right in here. Do you understand me?” she ask waiting for his acknowledgment.

“Do you understand that I don’t want you to dress me in that nightie. I want to be let go, and I want to go home.” he said staring straight ahead.

“You know I can’t do that. Mrs. Vargos, if you struggle while I am trying to get you ready, I will have you secured over that chair, and I will cane your bare butt, and I will cane you hard.” she looked at him and added, “I don’t want to have to do that.”

“This is pure insanity.” he hissed.

Leaanne picked up the cane.

“Mrs. Vargos, Would you like a quick swat across the top of your thighs just so you know how awful it feels to be caned?” she raised an eyebrow.

“What kind of question is that. Why would I want to do that?” he spat out.

“That’s true, but if you know how terrible it feels to be caned, you will not want more. and you will be more likely to cooperate. Doesn’t that make sense to you? she smiled a little.

“No. I don’t want to be caned.” he said in a sarcastic, mocking way. It was a ridiculous question.

“Oh, but Mrs. Vargos, I think you should have at least one really good, hard cut across the top of your thighs.” she looked at the cane, running her fingers up and down it’s length.

“I said NO! Can’t you hear?” He gave her a glare through his heavily made up eyes.

“Well I think we should put a nice cut right across here before we get you dressed.” she putting the cane on top of his thighs and moving it back and forth.

“I’ll wear the nightie, I don’t need to be hit with a cane.” he seemed a bit desperate at the thought now.

“Oh yes. I know you’ll wear it. And I know you’ll cooperate. I think I should give aldatma porno you just one though. Then we can get you dressed.” she raised the cane.

“NO! Just get me dressed, you are crazy………..No…Don’t do it I’ll…..”

“SWIIIISH!!!!!” the cane came down hard on top of Martins thighs.

“OWWW!!!” he screamed out. “Damn you Leanne, that hurt. I told you I would go along with your little game. Why did you do that?” as a red stinging welt developed on his thighs. The burning sensation was intense. He could not imagine absorbing ten strokes from that cane on his ass.

“I KNOW what you said Mrs. Vargos! Now!, I KNOW what you’ll do.” she said undoing his restraints.

“Stand up Mrs. Vargos.” She held out white rhumba panties, with rows of frills across the bottom and lace at the leg openings and bows on the sides.

“I want you to put these on. You will dress yourself tonight for your husband.” she smiled.

He took the panties and stepped into them. As he pulled them up he said. “Why?”

“The Baron likes you in these panties” she said.

He felt the mark on his thighs throbbing as he thought of seizing Leanne and strapping her in the chair till he could figure out how to get out of here. He knew he could overpower her with no problem, but the goons outside were a different story and a scuffle would have them all over him in a second. Then he knew he would be severely caned and in intense pain, then end up right back where he was now. The frustration was mounting.

She said nothing as she held the bra for him to put his arms in. Martin looked at her, then put his hands out with his red fingernails fanned out as she slid the bra up his arms and slid the straps onto his shoulders. She stood back and instructed Martin to fasten the bra himself. Martin tried to fasten the bra, his hands working by feel alone. His nails had been forcibly lengthened and made things even more awkward. Leanne walked behind him and assisted with fastening. He was instructed to set down and one leg at a time point his pretty red toes and slide the white seamed stockings up his leg and fasten them to the white garter belt he now wore. Leanne handed him white 6″ spike heel pumps.

“Put the heels on Mrs.Vargos. It’s time to put the nightie on.” Martin slid the shoes onto his feet and stood straight up and took the nightie as it was handed to him. He slid it over his fresh hairdo and let it fall into place about mid thigh. Leanne held a white satin robe open for Martin to put his arms into, and she tied the sash for him.

“There. Now you can open the robe and present yourself properly to your husband.” she smiled.

Martin was emotionless as he clipped on the rhinestone earrings and choker he was given. Doing all this himself was degrading for him, but it was required by custom that the bride prepare herself for her husband. Of course only Leanne was aware of that fact. She had Martin hold out his hands so she could slip white lace fingerless gloves onto each hand and turning the three tiers of lace over at his wrist. Martin was dressed.

“Mrs. Vargos. Thank you very much for your cooperation. You look very pretty and your outfit is very sexy. I’m sure your husband will be very pleased when he see’s you.” She turned to the door.

“I’m going to have you escorted into the bed chambers now.” She nodded at the door on the opposite side of the room.

“Mrs. Vargos, I hope you have a wonderful evening and memorable wedding night.” she looked back as the two men who had entered the room. She nodded to them.

“He’s ready.” Martin was seized on each arm and Leanne opened the door to the bedroom. Martin began to breath heavily.

“It’s time to consummate your marriage Mrs. Vargos” Leanne said and smiled. She looked to the security.

“You can take him in now and prepare him.” she said as she picked up a few items.

Martin was pushed forcibly toward the room.

“NOOOOOO!!” he yelled, as he struggled. Martin twisted his arms trying to pry himself free of the grip they had on him. He kicked at one of the men with his high heels, hitting him on the shin but they continued to move him toward the door.

“STOP, DAMN IT!!” he yelled trying now to set on the floor so they couldn’t get him to the door. He succeeded in getting on the floor as the men had to redo their grips as he was squirming too much now. Leanne was walking over and Martin knew she was going to cane him, but he didn’t care anymore. To his surprise she walked right by him and opened the door to the bedroom.

One of the men put a knee in Martins back, which caused his to grunt loudly. His hands were pulled behind him and secured behind his back. His legs were crossed at the ankles and were being tied together.

“Let me go you bastards” he tried to look back at them. Martins ankle and wrist were then attached together, and Martin lay on the floor tightly hogtied. Each man put a hand on one of Martins calf’s and one on his forearms. The lifted Martin off the floor and once again walked to the door with Martin cussing them out and throwing his head from side to side, but he could do nothing else. Yelling loud “NO’s”, Martin was carried into the bedroom, hogtied, wearing a white robe, and teddy and high heels. His head now hung toward the floor as he was taken to the bed. They stopped while Leanne checked his stockings and amazingly they were undamaged after all that scuffle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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