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I sent a large manila envelope, which he received on Monday that contained a blindfold, instructions, and a small envelope. He opened the manila envelope and read through the instructions he found inside.

On Friday, as instructed, he opened the small envelope. After reading the two sentences written on the gray card, he grabbed your keys off the hook next to the door, and hurried out to his car. After stopping at the local store to pick up the items that he was asked to bring with him, he arrived at the hotel specified in the note and went directly to Room 316. Finding the door slightly ajar, he pushed it open all the way. The room, which was pitch black, appeared empty, and he went over to the bed and sat down. After sitting on the edge of the bed for a few minutes, he blindfolded himself, as instructed.

I was standing in the shadows, around the corner from the door, where he didn’t notice me. I could see him sitting on the bed, and as far as I could tell, wearing everything I instructed him to; a long-sleeved, buttoned-up shirt, black button-fly pants (tight), tall socks, and hiking boots.

Instead of wearing his usual boxer shorts, he was ordered to buy a pair of maroon spandex-type underwear…just for this occasion.

I stood there, in the shadows, for a few more seconds, mainly to admire his courage. I slid over to the door and opened it, trying to make it seem like I had just entered the room. I watched as he became aware of another presence, and I laughed to myself at how he seemed to sit up straighter as soon as the door was opened. Compassion entered my heart for a second, and to break the tension I whispered a quiet “Hello.” Then, as I thought of the trust involved on his end, I also murmured a quiet “thank you.”

Next, I asked him to put his hands behind his back, where I tied them with rope…lasso rope, tight enough so he couldn’t get them loose, and suddenly, the tension in the room could be physically felt. As I was tying him up, I told him to let his self-control leave his body and enter mine, because that is where it belonged for the evening.

I then asked him to relax a bit and to just enjoy the sounds he heard around him. I pulled his shirt out of his jeans and unbuttoned it slowly, so his chest was exposed. I also unbuttoned the top two buttons of his jeans, while he sat there with a confused look on his face.

That is when I started laying out the rules. The first was that he may not come until I say, and the fact of him coming is completely at my discretion. It would be based tecavüz porno on how the evening progressed, if he deserved it, and how comfortable I was with the situation. The second rule was that, by him coming into the room, he gave his permission for me to do anything I pleased to him.

I asked him if this was still true, and remembering the first part of my typed noted, he nodded his head yes.

Continuing on, I untied and removed his hiking boots, while leaving his socks on. I slowly, rubbed my hand up his leg, and I could feel him lightly press it into my hand. Knowing that he was looking for comfort, mainly to ease the tension he was still feeling, I stopped with my hand placed directly on his cock, which twitched, as if on demand.

I tilted his head to the left, and lightly began to kiss his neck, just below the ear, nibbling and licking slightly as I worked down to the collar of his shirt. Then, I grasped the collar of his shirt, lowered it slightly, and nibbled on his shoulder. I applied a bit of pressure, waited for a moan…hoping for a clue as to how he were feeling at the moment. He didn’t disappoint me.

I pulled his shirt off his shoulders and down his arms, trapped them at his sides. He tested his new restraints, pulled the shirt even more taunt and showed off his biceps, which were in perfect form. I leaned down and kissed them each, as my way of thanking him for your diligence in working out…like he had done it all for me personally.

I again kissed his left bicep, and then slowly worked my way up his shoulder, across his chest and over to his right bicep. I seemed to be making a mental map in my head, as if I wanted to remember every detail for the future.

I leaned back, still standing in front of him, and began to explore his face with my hands, feeling the contours of his skin. I then ran my fingers through his hair, feeling how thick it was, and then I slid my hands down his smooth back. I leaned my body as close to his as possible, without actually pushing against him, in an attempt to let him feel how turned on I was becoming.

As I pulled my hands from behind his back, I leaned in to softly kiss him. I paused for a second, and he stopped all movement. I leaned in again and startled him with a little lick across his upper lip. Then, after kissing him quickly, full on the mouth, I stopped to slightly nibble again, this time singling out his lower lip. As I leaned in closer to kiss him more fully, I slid my fingernails across his chest and üvey anne porno shoulders. As my hands traveled down and landed in his lap, the kiss deepened and I decided to keep one hand in his lap, while my other caught the back of his head, to guide him through the rest of the kiss.

Bringing the kiss to a close, I started to rub a little bit harder on his crotch, gauging how excited he was becoming. I began paying closer attention to the still-buttoned portion of his jeans. I pressed a little harder, and got him to react. Once I was sure that he was becoming completely involved in the moment, I stopped suddenly. He, slightly panting, murmured something unintelligible under his breath. I leaned in for a quick, rough kiss, dragging it out until he seemed to have control of himself. His mistake in making a noise made me pause.

Ending the kiss, I pushed him roughly back against the bed. My mouth was drawn to his chest, wanting to complete the mental picture I wanted to carry with me when I finally left the room, while trying to determine the right punishment for his forgetfulness. I stood up and admired the body that lay out before me. As I leaned over and touched his chin, I felt his entire body tense up. Deciding to continue with the small punishment, I ran my nail down his neck and across his chest. Taking a nipple in between two fingers, I gave it a hard tug. His body jumped slightly, and then seemed to relax against the bed. I guessed that my point had gotten across to him.

I slowly climbed on the bed, straddling his body, while watching for his arms, which were still trapped in his shirt-sleeves. Once I was securely on him, I rubbed my crotch over the growing bulge below it.

I felt him start to move, pushing his lower body against mine. He struggled with his shirt, and worked his arms free of the rope that bound him, and his shirt.

Grabbing me roughly, he flipped me onto my back, startling me. I grabbed at the bed, trying to pull my body away from him, my mind racing. He grabbed my arms and pressed them into the bed, above my head. His movements stretched my upper body to protestation.

My legs were still free, and I began moving then in an attempt to escape. He quickly pinned my lower body as well. I could feel his entire body length pressed against mine.

Breathing was difficult, talking was impossible. He grasped both wrists in one hand and pulled the blindfold off his head. Smiling wickedly down at me, he raked his gaze down my body.

He moved üvey erkek kardeş porno to the side slightly, and dragged his free hand down my body, following the path his eyes had just taken. I started struggling again. He leaned on me with more pressure, making it impossible for me to escape.

He slid his hand up my leg, moving to the inside, and pushed my shirt up when he reached my torso. Snapping open the front of my jeans, he pulled them off my hips and down to my thighs. He slipped his hand down my boy briefs and cupped my crotch. Putting a bit of pressure on my crotch, he moved his hand in small circles.

Through my fear I felt my body becoming aroused. He pulled his hand out of my briefs and pulled them down to rest on my bunched jeans.

Resuming his attention to my pussy, he slowly ran his thumb over my clit, and my body lurched. He stroked my pussy until I became wet enough for him to thrust two fingers inside me.

A moan escaped my lips and I began fighting my restraints again. He applied more pressure to my wrists and my legs, and began thrusting his fingers into me harder. I could already feel the stirrings of an orgasm starting in my belly. Thrashing my head side to side, blocking out the look he was giving me, I fought against my bodies reactions.

He slid a third finger into me and continued with his ministrations. The fluttering was becoming stronger and I was having more difficulty not raising my hips to meet the thrusts of his fingers. His thumb rubbed more furiously against my clit, bringing me closer to release.

I couldn’t think clearly anymore, and gave into what my body was feeling. I closed my eyes and immediately my hips started to rise, meeting his hand, causing his stroking to become harsher.

I felt my body getting closer and closer to release, my moans were getting louder and louder. I sensed the end was near; the noises coming from deep within me let him know as well.

His pressure on my wrists and legs lightened slightly, and his hand slid from my pussy. A confused look crossed my face, and I opened my eyes, searching his face.

He looked directly in my eyes, smiled, and said, “You’ve made a big mistake, I don’t get dominated. You will have to be punished.”

With that said, he pulled himself off me to stand. His gazed raked down my body; he turned on his heel, and walked out of the hotel room. I lay on the bed, panting, confused as to what just happened. The click of the door shutting snapped me from my thoughts; I jerked my briefs and jeans up and quickly fled the room. I drove around and replayed everything over in my head repeatedly.

Arriving home, I fumbled with my house keys. As I slid the proper key into the lock I noticed a piece of paper taped to my door. I reached up, flipped the page open, and read, “9:00 p.m. tomorrow, same room, bring the blindfold.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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