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1. Her words


She felt him slide in and out of her, as he lay on top of her, holding him close to her.

“You like that?” he whispered lasciviously into her ear. “My cock is all the way inside your ass. Do you like it like that?”

She shivered with joy, and murmured a tiny “Yes..” into the pillow.

He hugged her tighter, and continued to slowly pump himself into her.

“That’s so good to hear, baby. You’re such a good girl.”


This entire anal sex episode had started some months earlier, on a theoretical level. The subject had come up in conversation, and nervously she had mentioned how she was scared of trying it again.

“I tried it once,” she typed him on an Instant Message application. “It hurt so badly, and only after a long time did it start feeling good. I tried once or twice since, but I couldn’t make it past the pain.”

There was dead air for an ominous and elongated minute and then she saw that he was typing a reply.

“Firstly,” he wrote, “you needn’t worry. The key is to relax. And you are under no obligation to do anything — if you’re not happy, it just won’t happen. You have to trust me – which I know you do. But i will not — would not — ever force you to endure anything that you have no desire to do. Know that, and relax.”

Reading those words did relax her. Immediately.

“Thank you,” she typed in, gratefully.

He continued.

“It is all about technique. And arousal. And trust. Don’t worry, baby, it will be fine.”

And then he had to go. Much relieved, and feeling unburdened, she breathed easily, and ceased worrying.


As they’d entered the room it had been how it always was with them. Drawn together as if magnetic, she’d revelled in his touch, so strong and sensual and familiar. The expression “melting into his arms” wafted through her head, and she dismissed it as too trite, but it still resonated. It was, after all, exactly how she felt.

The urge to control manifested itself almost immediately. As they kissed, he tugged at her hair and she weakened.

“Get naked, baby. Now. And hop onto the bed.”

She did as she was told.

“Good girl. Lie next to me.”

Again, she did as she was bid. She truly trusted him, which was why she’d allowed him to take control ever since their first meeting. He embraced her, and then shifted himself so that he was Starzbet lying on top of her, as she lay on her stomach. His arms encircled her and she could feel their strength. He whispered to her, and she could feel his lips move against her ear, which excited her all the more.

“I’m going to fuck you so good. So. Damn. Good. Such a good girl you are, baby. And so wet and ready for me. “

He slid himself inside her cunt from behind, and held himself there, impassive. She pushed herself back onto him, and he started to pump into her, slowly. Deliberately.

“That’s it, baby. Give me that pussy.”

The fingers of his left hand found their way into her mouth where she sucked, teased and licked them lovingly. Her hips were angled upwards, giving his right hand access to the entrance to her cunt, where his fingers stroked her slowly, bringing her to a thundering clitoral climax.

As she shuddered beneath him, she felt his right hand move from her cunt to the side of her body. Moments later, she felt a dribble of deliciously cold lube trickle between her cheeks, and his hand begin to play around her tight little anus. A finger slid in, and she gasped. Was she ready? She wasn’t sure.

“Relax, baby. I want you to relax your muscles. All of them. Will you do that for me?”

“I’ll try,” she mumbled into the pillow.

“What was that?”

He pulled her head up by the hair, to improve the acoustics. She repeated herself, only more coherently.

“Good girl. My good girl.”

She felt one finger slide inside her, and then two. His thumb massaged the anus, and she succumbed to the sensation.

Suddenly, sharp pain, and she yelped.

“Ow, fuck!”

“You’re not relaxed enough, baby,” the sensuous voice murmured. “Trust me. Yes?”

She nodded, and made a conscious effort to do just that. The massaging resumed, which felt great. Then she felt him slide into her, and absolutely no pain at all… only the mild discomfort that goes hand-in-hand with that great feeling of having one’s ass ploughed.

It was fabulous. His voice in her ear once more, delighting her.

“You like that? My cock is all the way inside your ass. Do you like it like that?”

Oh god, did she ever.


2. His words


I watch her as she walks in front of me, and opens the door. I see a glimpse over her shoulder of soft lighting Starzbet Giriş and enticing folds of chiffon draped over a high and inviting bed, and i fantasize about how she’ll look lying on it, face down, and ass in the air.

Damn, but i love that ass. Pure and simple. The sight of that soft white flesh makes my heart race, and my cock stiffen until i can barely stand it.

I want her, Jesus fuck! How I want her. And the best thing about it is that I know I can have her. Whatever I want, whenever I want. All I have to do is say the word.

She’s a slut, of course, but no ordinary slut. Obedient and accommodating. Educated, intelligent and charming. A magnificent cocksucker, and a glorious fuck. My fabulous slut.

I grab her by the hair, and growl into her ear:

“That’s right, isn’t it? You’re my slut, aren’t you?”

She nods briefly and murmurs her concurrence. Once we leave the portals of this sweetly-scented chamber, to all intents and purposes we are equals. But as long as we are in here, she submits to my command; to my every whim.

My educated slut. I love it, and so does she.

And right now, my whim is to fuck that glorious ass. It was pre-ordained, pre-discussed and pre-determined — and we both know it.

I motion to her to get naked, and quick. She removes all her clothing, and stumbles a little as her panties catch on her heel, but she recovers quickly, and stands in front of me in all her soft, curvy glory, expectantly awaiting my command.

“Turn around.”

She does as she is bid. I see her tremble slightly. Is it the cold? An unlikley reason, since the temperature in here is beautifully regulated. I presume that the cause of the tremor is her growing excitement and feel my own build inside me — partly at the thought of calming those anticipatory quivers with a touch of my hand.

“Bend over and touch your toes.”

Again, she obeys me. I reach out to stroke across and down her hip, feeling the soft swell of her flesh beneath my fingers… and her agitation fades, as i knew it would. I slide my hand under her ass cheek and between her legs, which she automatically begins to open to give me further access, and then, suddenly remembering herself, she pauses, waiting for me to indicate that this is what i want her to do.

Naturally, I oblige.

“Spread those thighs for me, baby. Give me your pussy.”

Upon slipping two fingers Starzbet Güncel Giriş into her cunt i discover that she is deliciously slippery and wet. I finger her idly for a moment, before suddenly removing my hand and belting a spank across her ass.

Not a hint of flinch. Excellent.

“Stand up, baby, and go lie on the bed. On your stomach.”

I step out of my jeans, and remove my shirt, watching as she positions herself on the bed, on her stomach, with her head buried in the bedsheets. Taking the lube from where i pre-prepared it on the nightstand, I dribble a judicious amount onto her ass.

I massage the lube into and around her anus, and insert two fingers into her, and as i do, I feel her lift her ass towards me. I roll a condom on, maneuver myself into her pussy and hold myself there. Her gasp of joy hangs in the air as I stay where i am, filling her pussy and ass, immobile and impassive. I feel her muscles clench around me, urging me into her yet further but i make no move.

“Tell me what you want.”

“Moof maymee.”

I lean over and grab her hair, pulling her head sharply up from the bed.

“Pardon? Speak clearly, my slut.”

“You, baby,” she repeats. “I want you.”

“You want me to…?”

“Fuck me. Please. I want you to fuck me.”

Once again, I oblige my slut. I slide out of her, and then slam straight back into her. I pound that beautiful pussy hard and fast. Her cries of joy do not go unnoticed, and i remove my hand from her hair, only to stuff it in her mouth, and feel her lick and nip at my fingers.

I lean towards her, and bring my mouth close to her ear so she can hear me breathe.

“I’m going to fuck your ass now.”

She sighs happily.

Swiftly, I add more lube to her already glistening ass crack, and replace the condom on my taut cock. I enter her, and she squeals with pain.

“Relax baby. I want you to relax the muscles in your ass. Will you do that for me?”

She nods mutely. I hold my cock in her ass, just the head, and i wait until i feel her muscles relax around me. Only then do i begin to slide myself into her, feeling that tight peach of an ass surround me as i move.

“Good girl,” I growl quietly. She gives me her ass, and I fuck her hard and slow. I fold my arms around her so that she feels safe and secure, and i feel her snuggle into them contentedly as I fuck her.

“I’m all the way inside your ass,” I whisper in her ear, and she nods. “Do you like that, baby?” She nods again, more vigorously.

I increase in speed and intensity until i groan and shudder as i shoot a fountain of come, for what seems like hours. And then subside as I lie on top of her.

Love that ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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